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Bearly Midnight (Midnight, Mississippi Book 1)

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Bearly Midnight (Midnight, Mississippi Book 1)

  Colm McCreary has left his home in Bear Mountain and come to the shining paranormal city of Midnight, Mississippi. Bound in magic, only paranormal beings can see the portals that bring them inside the boundaries. Humans see nothing but a vast field and wood.

  First on his agenda is a new job. With the help of fellow transplant, Eilam, Colm seeks a job on the King’s Guard. While in an audience with the king, he comes face to face with one member of his triad—a shifter named Theis. Theis isn’t prepared to accept that he has a mate. He’s worked too long and hard to rise to the ranks that he has to let something as stupid as lust get in the way.

  But he can’t resist the ache his fated partner causes in him. He hopes one heated night of passion will make the desire fade. When it doesn’t, he only pushes Colm away.

  Not long after, Colm meets the last member of their triad—a human. Refusing to let the human go, he illegally smuggles the man into the city. Little gets past the Midnight Security Team, and they quickly come face to face with a king’s guardsman tracking him down.

  Theis is faced with another mate when he didn’t want the first. Will he choose Midnight over his mates?

  Bearly Midnight

  Midnight, Mississippi, 1




  Twisted E Publishing, LLC


  Bearly Midnight

  Midnight, Mississippi, 1

  Copyright © 2017 by Kelex

  Edited by Marie Medina

  First E-book Publication: August 2017

  Cover design by Cover by K Designs

  All cover art and logo copyright © 2017, Twisted Erotica Publishing, LLC.

  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED: This literary work may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, including electronic or photographic reproduction, in whole or in part, without express written permission.

  All characters and events in this book are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead is strictly coincidental.

  All characters depicted in sexual acts in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.


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  Table of Contents

  Author’s Note














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  About the Author

  Author’s Note

  Yes, Midnight, Mississippi is a spin-off of the Bear Mountain series. No, you DO NOT need to have read the Bear Mountain books in order to read this series.

  Midnight does show up in a few Bear Mountain books toward the end of the series—and Colm’s history is delved into in detail via his brothers’ stories in that series—so reading those books could improve your enjoyment of Midnight stories to come, but it’s totally unnecessary.

  Midnight will be a world of its own.

  Just know that Colm came from a terrible childhood, his fathers were mentally and physically abusive, and they ended up six feet under for a VERY good reason. He and his brothers worked hard to rise above and move on from their past.

  For those who HAVE read the Bear Mountain series—for ease of reading for our newcomers, brother bears are written as mates/one part of a triad in this story. I will explain the whole brother bear concept in a later book.


  To all my Bear Mountain fans.

  Who knew one book with three bears would spawn a twenty-book series and two spin-offs? Definitely not me.

  Your love for my bears has been one of the great joys in my life.

  Chapter One

  Colm McCreary stood at attention, his whole body tense as he awaited notice from the king. Beside him, Eilam stood just as tall and proud as the fae-looking monarch sat silently upon his throne, appraising them both. Luckily, it was only the king and a handful of his guards, not the full court within the room. Colm wasn’t prepared for the attention of a group of royal wingnuts and hangers-on quite yet.

  If he got the job, he’d have enough of them to look forward to. Why he’d let Eilam talk him into this, he wasn’t sure.

  From the corner of his eyes, Colm noticed one of the guards on the dais staring. Not that they all weren’t staring, but there was something about this male that felt… different.

  Colm’s gaze moved along the guard’s golden armor that was molded over what Colm could only assume was a muscled form. Almost every inch of him was covered with the metal that looked so out of place in the modern, shifter city. Skyscrapers on par with New York City rose high into the sky outside this chamber. Inside, it was as if they’d stepped into the past.

  Marble columns rose at least twenty feet overhead. Tapestries covered many of the walls. Velvets and brocade gave the space a medieval feel—as did the golden King’s Guard with their golden suits of armor and flowing red capes.

  When he met the guard’s stare under that heavy-looking helm, he could barely see much more than a pair of darkened eyes and a set of full, lush lips. Then he saw a glow come to the male’s lavender eyes. Lavender… he’d never seen the likes of it before. But that glow could only mean one thing.

  Colm felt his own body react and respond to the signal. He fought to force his attention to the man they’d come to see—the king.

  “And why do I need another member of my king’s guard?” the king finally asked, an expression of boredom on his elven, beautiful face.

  “Your guards work long hours. It drains them and makes them less efficient… and less focused,” Eilam answered.

  “They’re dedicated to me,” the monarch spat.

  “I never questioned that fact,” Eilam responded. “I only suggest they rotate out more often to remain fresh and focused on your protection.”

  “Am I under threat?” the king asked, tilting his head slightly, his long, silky black hair sliding over his shoulder.

  “You placed me in charge of your security, yet question every suggestion I make,” Eilam declared, irritation barely masked in his tone.

  The king rose from his throne and made the five steps down from the dais, his robes sweeping around him gracefully as he moved. Once he stopped, Eilam and Colm stood a good head and shoulders over the king’s small frame, but there was still no mistaking the power the monarch held. He was born of a witch and was considered to be one of the most powerful warlocks of the netherworld. He and his ancestors had created this place—a free city where paranormal creatures could be who they truly were without repercussion.

  A city of shifters of all kinds, vampires, witches, and all the other things that went bump in the night laid their heads in the towering city, hidden from human eyes—unless a human was a mate, of course.

  Only those tied to the netherworld could see the entrances. Entrances Eilam’s family’s security force protected, along with policing the city and guarding the monarch. It was a huge task. A burden Colm wouldn’t want to have.

  “I didn’t place you in charge of my security. That privilege was handed to your brother, not you. He deemed you fit to serve me, not I—and not a day goes by when I don’t quest
ion that decision,” the king spat at Eilam before turning his attention to Colm. Colm lifted his chin slightly and tried to stand even straighter, if that was possible. “Now you bring me this bear shifter… one of your own kind… and wish to put him on my guard. It causes many questions to come to mind. First and foremost—will this be your little spy?”

  Little? Colm arched an eyebrow. He was easily the biggest male in the room. Clenching his hands and biting his tongue, he remained silent. He’d heard rumors of just how deadly the warlock king could be. Might was little match to magic.

  “What reason would I have to send a spy?” Eilam asked baldly. “I know all I chose to without one.”

  The king glared at him.

  Eilam sighed, relaxing. “I have no desire to do anything but protect you. I have no wish to spy on you.”

  Yet that was why Colm was there. Of sorts. Eilam had wanted someone he trusted on the inside—someone who could monitor the king and ensure the man was protected, that much was true. But Eilam thought there was a traitor amongst the King’s Guard and wanted Colm’s help to find out if it was true.

  So Colm wouldn’t be spying on the king, but on the king’s guard.

  The warlock took a step closer to Eilam, lifting his proud head to stare. “That’s all you wish to do? Protect me?”

  Colm suddenly felt out of place, the waves of sexual energy coming off the two males potent. If he’d been capable of it, he’d have slunk from the room and let these two do whatever it was they needed to do. He tilted his glance slightly and could see the strong set to Eilam’s jaw.

  “That’s all I wish to do,” Eilam stated, without emotion. “As that’s all His Majesty will allow.”

  Colm lifted a brow to that news. It must be why Eilam had been so adamant Colm help him with this plan.

  The king took one step closer to Eilam, nearly touching the bear shifter. “And if I allowed more?” the king whispered. “What would you do if I permitted you to do your worst?”

  Eilam was silent a moment, but there was no doubting the heat coming off him. “You wouldn’t be able to handle my worst,” Eilam murmured.

  “You think not?” the king murmured lowly as he lifted a finger to trace up Eilam’s abdomen. “I think you might be the one unable to handle me.”

  A low growl rose up Eilam’s throat seconds before he reached out and grabbed the king’s wrist. “You know well what I want to do with you,” he snarled, his voice bordering on animalistic.

  All of the king’s guard took a step forward, hands on their weapons.

  The king lifted his free hand to stop them in their path.

  Eilam leaned down. “Stop playing these games or you won’t have a choice in the matter.”

  The king yanked his hand back as if he’d been burned. He took a step back, appearing shocked by Eilam’s reaction. The smug confidence he’d worn since Colm arrived was gone… but there was a hint that the monarch was reacting to the obvious need in Eilam’s voice.

  Soon enough, that confidence returned.

  The king lifted his regal chin arrogantly. “Luckily, you’ll never get what you want.”

  Colm cocked a glance at Eilam and saw rage in the male’s profile.

  Rage? Perhaps that wasn’t the best description of the emotion he saw on the shifter’s face.

  “And this bear of yours,” the king continued as he took a step to face Colm. “He’s new to our city?”

  Silence hung between them. “I am,” Colm answered when no words came from Eilam.

  The king’s gaze flicked to Eilam before turning back to Colm. “How long have you been here?”

  “I arrived two weeks ago,” Colm answered.


  “Bear Mountain,” Colm answered.

  The king frowned. “So you’ve likely been shuttered away on that mountain all your life. This city must be a shock to your system.”

  “It takes a lot to shock me,” Colm answered, knowing full it was a lie. The city had been one wonder after the other since he’d arrived. Two weeks hadn’t taken the full shine off yet… but it wouldn’t take long for him to acclimate to the place.

  The king turned to Eilam. “You wish to place a hillbilly mountain bear with no knowledge of this city on my guard?”

  Colm’s teeth clenched at the title hillbilly, but it was no worse than he’d been called in his lifetime. He’d hoped coming here would allow him to be free of assumption and insinuation. Apparently, he would only wear a new label.

  “Sometimes it takes an outsider to this world to be able to see the problems within it,” Eilam said. “Was that not the reason you brought my family’s security service to the city? Because you’d lost control of the chaos in your own court?”

  “Lost control?” The king narrowed his gaze, his hand lifting to form a fist. A charge of electricity formed around that closed fist all while the king’s face turned red. Colm widened his stance some, ready for whatever was to come.

  After a moment, that hand fell to the king’s side, but the anger remained in his stare. He glared at Eilam, his nostrils flaring as he steadied himself. The king cast a glance over one shoulder to the guards behind him. “Theis?”

  The soldier who’d been staring at Colm with the lavender eyes began walking his way. He stopped just behind the king. “Your Majesty?”

  “Show the hillbilly what he needs to know. Prepare him for what comes next,” the king said without looking away from Colm.

  “I can handle his training,” Eilam murmured.

  The king’s head whipped to the side. “Do you suggest my guards lack loyalty or skill?”

  “No,” Eilam answered, seemingly careful in his tone. “They are some of the finest warriors I’ve ever seen.”

  “Theis will train your bear. My mind won’t be swayed.” The king turned and began to stride back up his dais. “Leave me.”

  Colm turned along with Eilam and headed for the opposite end of the large room. Guards opened the gilded double doors moments before they reached the exit and were swiftly closed behind them once they were gone.

  Eilam turned to Colm. “Sorry you had to see that,” he whispered before spinning fully to Theis, who’d followed them out. The guard still stood at attention, his gaze taking in everything.

  “What do you plan to show him?” Eilam asked Theis.

  Theis’ gaze turned slightly, and he seemed to weigh Colm’s appearance. The light swirled in his eyes again as he held Colm’s gaze. “Every level of security from the outer edges to the king’s chambers.”

  “Good,” Eilam said before facing Colm. “I’ve got a few things to attend to. If you have any questions, I’ll be available later.”

  Colm nodded and watched as Eilam departed a moment before turning to Theis. The guard was pulling off his golden helm. He tucked it under one arm before lifting his gaze again.

  That swirl…

  Colm couldn’t help but be drawn to those eyes. He knew exactly what it meant, and he wondered what was happening with his own. He had a good idea.

  His body was tight as a bow strong, his cock hard. Theis was part of his triad. Colm licked his lips, his mouth dry. This wasn’t the way he’d expected his day to go. Not by a long shot. Colm met Theis’ stare again, his heart beating a mile a minute.

  Drawing in a breath, he tried to determine what kind of shifter the male was. He got nothing. He drew in another…

  “It’s pointless,” Theis said. “Our armor is bewitched. It masks our scent so we can better hide from our enemies upon approach.”

  Colm narrowed his eyes. If he was responding, not all of Theis’ scent could be masked. “Why? They’d only hear you clanging around in all that metal.”

  Theis waved a hand around. There was no noise. “Had you heard me move when I was inside the throne room?”

  Colm hadn’t, and it hadn’t even registered. “Another spell?”

  Theis nodded. “It’s much lighter than it looks, and just might save your life if you’re given the hono
r of wearing it.”

  “Sounds as if I’ll be wearing it soon enough,” Colm said.

  Theis chuckled. “Is that what you took from the king’s words?”

  Colm frowned. “Why would he agree to train me if I wouldn’t be brought onto his guard?”

  “Oh, you’ll be tested before he chooses you. Be sure of that.” Theis ran a hand through his silky, white-blond locks before returning his helm to his head. “Follow me.”

  Twenty minutes later, they came into the same station Colm had first entered the city. As it was the last time, it was a busy hive of chaos with hundreds of paranormals trying to enter the city.

  “You obviously arrived here through one of the six stations that surround the city,” Theis said.

  “There are five more of these?”

  Theis smiled slightly. “These are just the legal ones. Illegal portals and stations open all the time. It’s part of our job to ensure they’re closed quickly… with severity.” Theis turned to look over the madness surrounding them. “But to know whose breaking the law, you must understand the law itself. Understand how it can be bent… and what makes it break.”

  A train pulled in off in the distance. The doors opened, and more paranormals began pouring out before getting into one of the dozens of lines.

  “These security agents are the first line of defense,” Theis said, walking closer to one of the lines. “They are often treated with disrespect by those trying to gain entry—but they are quite possibly the most important part of our security team.”

  They came to a stop beside one of the uniformed agents—a centaur—as he checked paperwork on what appeared to be a shifter of some sort. With all the people within the station, it was hard to figure out just one scent amongst the hundreds. The centaur waved her in before a large creature who looked to be made of stone approached the gate.

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