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Descent (Inferno Book 1)

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Descent (Inferno Book 1)

  Table of Contents

  Sneak Peek at Book 2 in The Inferno Series



  Ashton Blackthorne

  Drew Sera


  The Inferno Series

  Ashton Blackthorne

  Drew Sera


  By Ashton Blackthorne & Drew Sera

  This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. No person, brand or corporation mentioned in this book should be taken to have endorsed this book nor should the events surrounding them be considered in any way factual. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is coincidental.


  This book contains sexually explicit scenes, adult language and disturbing scenes that may be difficult to read or considered offensive to some readers. This book contains content that is not suitable for readers under the age of 18.


  Please do not try any sexual practice, especially those that might be found within the scope of BDSM/Fetish kink without the guidance of an experienced professional. Author is not responsible for any loss, harm, injury or death resulting from use of the information contained in any of its titles.

  Copyright © 2017 Ashton Blackthorne & Drew Sera

  All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, scanned, distributed in any printed or electronic form without permission from the authors.

  Cover by Mayhem

  Special thanks to Blackthorne’s ARC Angels, Drew’s DARC Siders, the Wicked Wonders Street Team and our fantastic P.A., Krissi Kissain. Thank you to all of our readers for your support.


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  Sneak Peek at Book 2 in The Inferno Series

  Ashton Blackthorne

  Drew Sera



  Sweat glistened on her slender back as I stood poised behind her with my leather flogger in hand. Her delicate wrists were chained to the wooden post and my cock stiffened as I recalled how she’d cried out in pain as I tightened the metal cuffs on her. Her flesh was unblemished and unbroken as she knelt on the floor.

  Running my hands over her smooth skin, a slight smile emerged on my face as I lashed her hard with the flogger. Her screams reverberated throughout the room.

  It was moments like this when I could truly block everything out. All the pain, the rage, the agony all melted away when I struck a woman with the flogger. I could taste her delicious pain and suck the sweetness of it all night. As I lashed her again and again seeing the reddened skin trickle with blood, my cock raged at me. All of my senses were bound in this moment to her seeing her once perfect flesh riddled with whip marks, the aroma of her perfume and her sweat, the taste of her sweet pain, and the sound of the flogger against her flesh.

  “Violet!” She cried out. Upon hearing her safe word, I immediately dropped my flogger with disappointment. I was just getting really worked up. Sighing, I undid her cuffs and helped her to her feet.

  It was the same fucking scenario every night.

  None of them could take all the pain I could dish out. In the five years, I’d been the Master Dom I’d never been able to find a woman who could.

  Glancing at the lovely woman shaken and sobbing, I swept her up into my arms to carry her to the aftercare room. Mindlessly, I attended to her wounds and cleaned her up.

  As she slowly dressed, I knew she’d never return. I shook my head. Slipping my shirt on, I walked back looking at the portraits of my great grandfather, grandfather, and father that adorned the walls of the club.

  Funny, I looked so much like them, but the similarities ended there. They had all been successful Doms.

  Not like me.

  I recalled what my father had once told me when I was very young before my mother left him.

  ‘Be an eagle, son.’

  What my father failed to mention was that being an eagle also meant being lonely.

  And that’s what I was.

  All alone.



  Had I made the right decision?

  I glanced around the room and had begun to second guess my decision-making skills. Today, I moved in with my best friend that I've had since elementary school and her boyfriend. Most of my twenties, up to this point, have been spent living with my parents on and off again. I had hoped this time, I’d be able to stay out. While I had a lot of physical space at my parents, personal space was non-existent. They liked to know everything; where I was, who I had been with when I'd be home. Despite being 28, they still had their thumbs on me.

  It had been time to move on, I decided. And now, here I was. “Here” was a small bedroom with an adjoining bathroom. Though a much smaller place than what I was used to, I had more freedom here than in my entire life. Plus, my best friend was here. My parents didn't hate my best friend, but they didn't like her either. They tolerated her because I liked her and she was the only person that I've remained friends with since high school.

  “What? You're not completely unpacked yet, Leeds? You've been here a whole ten minutes,” Chastity joked as she walked into the room and flopped on the mattress.

  “Leeds” is the nickname she gave me when I first met her in the third grade. Chastity had always been like a sister to me, and I’d finally accepted her offer to move in with her…again. This was our second attempt at living as roommates.

  Our first attempt was right after college, which failed miserably because neither of us had stable income. We had shared a dorm room together at Syracuse where she earned a degree in criminal justice while I earned a degree in business administration. I started as a chemistry major but quickly found that the level of concentration it required was just not in me. Business Administration had been…safe and a good fit for me.

  Chastity jumped off the mattress, took the box out of my arms, set it on the dresser behind me and hugged me.

  “Come on, let's get you all set up and unpacked. When we’ve finished, I want to show you what Wade bought for me.”

  I followed her lead, and we chatted about Wade the entire time we unpacked. Wade and Chastity had a special relationship; a D/s relationship, that I admired greatly. Their relationship seemed so intense and fulfilling to me, and I thought it would be fascinating to be in the same house with them. I'm interested to see how these relationships function in everyday life.

  After my room had started to feel more like me, Chastity had led me down the hall to her and Wade’s room. I sat on the edge of the bed and watched her go into her walk-in closet. She emerged with what I at first thought was a collar. She sat down next to me and held it up to show me. Though I wasn’t oblivious to this lifestyle, I wasn't sure what I was looking at.

  She held it out to me, and I took it, turning it over to examine. It had an adjustable leather strap that had a smooth metal “O” ring where the two leather ends met, and on one side of the “O” were a few tiny metal prongs.

  “It’s a spider gag,” Chastity
said as she pulled it from my hands. “See, these are the little legs.” Chastity pointed to the metal “legs” that was on one side of the “O.”

  Chastity demonstrated the use of the device as she placed it around her head so that the spider legs inserted in her mouth, and the “O” forced her lips to open wider. I laughed out loud and felt the heat in my cheeks flare. She took the device off and said it was to hold her open while Wade fucks her mouth.

  “Yeah, I figured that much after you got it on,” I said.

  Chastity and Wade were members of a very private BDSM club, and I'd heard about her evenings at the club for many years. She somehow had been invited by one of her other friends to a guest night at the club. Wade was already a member and had pursued Chastity. She had always been into darker things and ran with the bad boys in college, so when she told me she was into kinky things, I wasn't the least bit surprised.

  Seven, the club that they were members of, had a particular set of rules. Chastity has only told me about a few of them, and they seemed pretty strict. The only way a female could become a member was if she had been chosen to be an Initiate. And from what Chastity said, the process was tedious.

  “Speaking of your kinky world, when are you taking me to that club?” I asked her.

  “Funny you should ask! My seasonal guest pass just became available at the beginning of the month, which means I can finally take you. Hell, you have no idea how long I've been waiting to take you there, but until this month, I hadn’t earned a pass to bring someone.”

  “I've wanted to go. And now that I’m away from my folks, I think it’ll be better timing. You know how they are. I didn't want the inquisition the moment I walked in the door.”

  Chastity stared at me for a few moments, and I ended up looking away to avoid a conversation that I didn't want to get into. When I looked away, she flung her arm around my shoulder and pulled me into a sideways hug.

  “They just care about you, Leeds.”

  I nodded but refused to make eye contact. Talking about my parents and why they had been so over protective, wasn't on my list of things that I wanted to talk about today…or ever.

  Chastity could read me like a book and knew that she had put a damper on my day. She stood and clapped her hands together.

  “Let's go tonight! Wade and I were going to take you out to dinner this evening, but let's go to Seven instead.”

  “Really?” I asked.

  The excitement in my voice made me sound like an eager child the night before Christmas. Going to this underground club was something I had hoped to do for a while now. I've visited a few dungeons in the area, and they had been okay and have made me curious about different aspects of play. But I had only encountered Service Tops, the Doms that you could just have a scene without any attachment. But I knew enough about myself to know that I need a little more than just a scene. I wanted a play partner. Someone I could build a trusting relationship with. One that wasn't built on bullshit or only lasted the duration of a play scene. It was hard to build what I wanted with a Service Top because he would just be working me into his schedule.

  “Come on, let's go raid your closet and find something for you to wear tonight.”

  She abandoned the spider gag, pulled me off the bed and led me back down the hall to my room. We began putting my outfit together while I was full of questions.

  “How many members are there? Does Seven usually have a lot of people there on any given night?”

  “Hell, I don't know how many members there are, but there aren't a ton.” Her voice trailed off as she mumbled about my skirt for the night. She held it up to a few different tops before she returned to our conversation about Club Seven. “More of the seasoned members typically only pop in on the weekends though.”

  We settled on my outfit and decided on a time to depart. While I was in my room organizing some things, I heard Wade come home. Soon he appeared in my doorway and stretched his arms above to hang on the door frame.

  “Hey, Leeds. We’re glad you're here, sweetheart.”

  “Hi, and thank you,” I said and waved at him.

  “You must be all settled, Chastity said we’re taking you to Seven tonight.”

  “Yes! I'm looking forward to it. I could use a little candy for my eyes.”

  Wade looked at me for a few moments and then leaned on the door frame.

  “Seven is very different from the dungeons you've romped around in. It's a much darker crowd, Leeds. Are you sure…”

  I cut him off, despite his frown.

  “I can handle the dark just fine, thank you.”

  I eyed the night light on the nightstand that I brought with me but hadn't plugged it in yet. Wade crossed the threshold to my room and walked over to me. He bent down and kissed the top of my head before he placed his hand on the back of my head.

  “I just want you prepared for what you might see tonight, sweetheart.”

  I nodded and thanked him for his concern. Ever since I met Wade, he had been nothing but incredibly kind to me. Though I've never asked Chastity exactly what she had told Wade about me, I had a feeling she'd told him everything. There had always been that protective, big brother feel that seemed to radiate off him toward me. And that was all right by me. I had always wanted a big brother. Things might have turned out differently if I had had one.

  Wade announced we’d leave in about an hour and I continued to work on putting clothes into a drawer. I had finished organizing my panty drawer when I heard a loud noise. It was an unmistakable sound of a paddle making contact with flesh. I turned my head toward the wall that my bed was up against. Chastity and Wade’s room was right on the other side of it.

  After hearing the rhythm of the paddle hitting flesh, followed by Chastity’s moans, I moved to my bed to listen. Hearing her get what I assume was her ass paddled, instantly turned me on. I stared at the same spot on the wall and hoped they'd continue. As Chastity’s moans got louder, I ran my hand over my jean clad pussy.

  Shit. I could tell I was swollen and wet as I pressed my hand against the crotch of my jeans. Sounds of the paddle making contact with her skin grew closer together. Wade was paddling her with fewer pauses between strikes. It was turning me on, and in the worst way, I wanted to rub myself.

  I fought the urge for a while but finally leaned back against my pillow, unbuttoned my jeans and kicked them off. I let my hand trace the top band of my panties, and soon had found myself tracing my pussy lips through the damp fabric.

  With my eyes closed, I got lost in the sounds taking place on the other side of my wall. I grabbed the pillow next to me and shoved it between my legs. I humped that pillow while I imagined getting paddled like Chastity. Unsatisfied with the pillow, I kicked it away and let my hand dive into my panties.

  Fuck! I was so swollen and ached. My fingers teased and toyed with my clit as the paddling raged on behind me. I plunged two fingers of my left hand into my pussy, and the middle finger of my right hand had gone to work roughly on my clit. Shit, it felt so good as a rubbed on my engorged nub and shoved my fingers in all the way to my knuckles. My mind soared with images of being paddled, and finally, I hit the cliff.

  “Yes!” I whispered to myself as the implosion within began.

  I pinched my clit as I felt my pussy grip my soaked fingers for all it was worth. I rode that incredible wave until I crashed. I lay limp on the bed, fingers still lodged inside my pussy, and the finger that had been on my clit started to dry. My chest heaved from the increase of my heartbeat, and I took a few minutes to calm.

  As I pulled my fingers gingerly from my pussy, another familiar feeling had set in. Disgust with myself.

  I had glanced at the clock and knew that I only had about thirty minutes to get ready. I had quickly taken myself to the bathroom for a quick shower. Eyeing the faucet, I had given myself a moment to think. Fuck it, I thought and turned the water to a warmer than usual setting, then waited.

  I had been disgusted at myself for having just gotten
off while I listened to my best friend get her ass paddled. My fingers wilted from my loss of control. I felt guilty and disgusted with myself. Steeling myself, I had reached into the shower and felt the water.

  “Shit,” I said and quickly pulled my hand back. It was hot. Too hot. I turned the faucet just a bit to take the edge off.

  Taking a deep breath, I stepped into the hot spray. I swore to myself as I let the hot water do its work and punish me. Mindful of the temperature, I washed quickly. While I hadn’t allowed the water to beat down on one location too long, I made sure my thighs and ass took the brunt of the hot water.

  I stood naked in front of the mirror and looked at the red, blotchy patches of skin on my thighs. With a refreshed feeling, I had begun to quickly get ready for Club Seven. As I pulled up my black stockings, I smiled as the cool sheer fabric soothed the irritated skin on my thighs.



  The wind was howling as I walked into the smoke filled bar. Immediately, I dissolved into paroxysms of coughing as the smoke filled my lungs. I loathed the odor of cigarette smoke. Looking around, I wondered why I’d chosen this particular bar in the first place. It certainly wasn’t my usual crowd.

  Sauntering over to the bar, I swung my leg over a cracked leather bar stool. The TV was blaring in the corner. Instead of the usual baseball game, it was a newscast about a large hurricane brewing in the Atlantic. I shook my head glad to be well north of all that. Still, anxiety churned within me as I thought of my little sister who lived near Miami.

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