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Bad Uncle Too

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Bad Uncle Too

  Bad Uncle Too

  Jordan Silver

  Copyright © 2017 by Alison Jordan

  All rights reserved.

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  Oh-ho little girl! You have no idea what you’re getting yourself into. She swished by me with her ass swinging from side to side. Wait for it!

  There it goes, that sexy little grin over the shoulder as her ponytail bounced across her nape. I gave her my signature smirk but kept my thoughts to myself.

  “Come on uncle Cade, can’t you keep up with a girl?” I squinted, this time wondering if I should accept the challenge. It wasn’t that I couldn’t keep up with my hot young sweaty niece; it was what her ass was doing to me in those shorts.

  That and the fact that she’s been putting my cock through his paces for days now. I jogged off after her, my eyes focused on the sway of her hair. Don’t look down Cade you fuck.

  Of course I looked down. Two seconds after my eyes fell to her ass my dick sprung a leak. I actually looked for a good place to hide and rub one out.

  It was another thirty minutes home alone in the truck with her hot cunt in the seat next to me, and I just knew I wasn’t going to make it. And to think, just a few short days ago I was a sane man, a happy man.

  I spent my days on my boat lazing around in between fishing and fucking around. My nights I spent with my ass parked on a stool at Mooney’s. That’s the local watering hole.

  When I wasn’t doing any of those things I was in front the television or in some woman’s snatch getting my balls drained. I’m on a permanent vacation after years of putting my ass on the line for home and country.

  That all changed though when an old marine buddy of mine called up with a big favor to ask. He and the wife were going out of town and didn’t want to leave their just turned eighteen-year old daughter alone in the house.

  For one thing they had no relatives in the state, and no one they trusted to look out for her. The kid, Sydney I think her name is, argued that she could take care of herself but my buddy wasn’t having it.

  Sam is an old hardened marine like myself. We’d served in the last three wars together and had seen it all. Sam and I were like night and day.

  We were both in our mid thirties, loved and served our country, but that is where the similarities ended. Sam had a wife and kid. I was still looking for the right pussy to settle down with.

  I’d met his family, had spent time with them here before they moved away. That must be five or six years ago, last time I’d seen the kid too. From what I remember she was a timid little thing who always hid behind her daddy’s back whenever I was around.

  She was cute then, bright blue diamond sparkling eyes and the lightest blonde hair with just the tiniest smattering of freckles across the bridge of her nose.

  I used to tease her about those freckles. Now all I want to do is lick them while fucking balls deep into her hot teenage cunt. For fuck sake Cade, she’s just a kid.

  Yeah right! That was my first thought too until she got off the bus. I’d been leaning against my truck, chewing on a blade of grass and wondering how the fuck I was supposed to bring home some strange when I had this kid under my roof.

  I’m no exhibitionist but I like my fucks loud and dirty as fuck. No way was little Ms. Prim and proper going be able to handle me fucking the shit outta some chick in the next room.

  I sighed and threw the blade of grass aside as the bus pulled in, resigning myself to having to go easy on my pussy snacks for the foreseeable future.

  Since I hadn’t done that shit since I was sixteen and fucking for the first time, it was still left to be seen how long it would last.

  But for a buddy who’d had my back a time or two in some sticky situations I could give up a summer to watch his brat.

  My first issue began, when she stepped off the bus. I looked over her head and around the other passengers for my honorary niece. She’d called me uncle since she could talk.

  The girl I’d overlooked had about the right coloring, but that body did not belong to my niece. I was beginning to think she’d missed the bus when the last passenger got off and there was still no sign of her.

  When the hot little number in the sunny summer dress and Marilyn Monroe shades covering half her face stopped in front of me I smiled down at her. Not just any smile; that was my ‘I’ll have your panties off in two seconds flat’ winner. Shit always works.

  “Uncle Cade?” She grinned beneath those glasses and my dick did the twenty-one-gun salute. Oh no-no-no-no, this is not good. I swallowed around the baseball size lump in my throat and peeped over my shades at her. “Little Sydney?” Please say it ain’t so.

  “At your service.” She did a little curtsy thing and I saw down the front of her dress. Aw damn, hell!

  You can’t fuck her Cade, don’t you dare.

  Don’t look her in the eye that’s all and you’ll be fine. It was rumored that all I had to do to get a woman to spread for me was give her one of my smoldering looks with my grey-green eyes and she’s as good as fucked.

  I’m not sure how true that is, but I do know I’m batting a thousand when it comes to drawing pussy my way.

  I reached for the luggage and threw it into the backseat of my truck. “Come on let’s get you home, it’s hot out here.” Yes it was but I don’t think the sun had anything to do with it.

  She walked around to the passenger door that I held open for her and climbed in. She was short I noticed when she had to hold onto my hand to get herself inside.

  I walked around the back of the truck adjusting my dick and hoping it would go down before I got behind the wheel.

  “Did you have anything to eat, are you hungry?” There was no airport near my place and the closest thing was the bus, which took about thirteen hours from her home to mine.

  “No I ate. The bus stopped a few times so we could rest and use the restroom and there were always little diners or something around to get a bite.” She had a little girl cute voice.

  No wonder her dad thought she was too young to stay by herself. Cade what’re you a fucking pervert now? You like little girl voices?

  It wasn’t that, it was the whole package. She had the body of a trained slut and the voice of an innocent, what’s a guy to think?

  She hadn’t taken off her shades yet so for all I know she could look like an electrocuted trout. That would be good, that would help a lot. I can’t fuck anything that I don’t find attractive.

  I don’t care if she has the body of a pin-up, if the face looks like hammered shit my dick would give me the stink eye and refuse to cooperate. Believe me I’ve tried, but he’s a discerning little fucker.

  Conversation was light as we headed for my home. I had a nice little ranch style house out in the middle of nowhere sitting on one hundred and fo
rty acres of prime land. I got it at a steal when the market went down and built the house to my specifications.

  I don’t know what the fuck I needed four bedrooms for, but at the time I think I was still thinking of settling down one day. The thing is I like pussy too much to settle for one.

  But I’d promised myself that if I ever found one that could take my whole twelve-inch length without bitching about pussy pain I’d marry her in a heartbeat.


  “Is this it? Oh uncle Cade this is lovely.” She jumped down out the truck and that little dress flew around her legs giving me a shot of yellow panties to match her dress.

  I looked out the window and up to the sky and shook my head. I wonder which one of my many sins I was paying for now. A whole summer of this shit and I’d be ready to fuck a knot in a pine tree.

  She went ahead of me as I got her luggage and moved as slowly as I could, getting to the door. I didn’t want to go in there. I told myself a second time that I couldn’t fuck her, that she was my friend’s little girl and it would be a betrayal of the worst kind.

  I kept my head down when I walked in but it was no use. She was walking around the living room looking at the pictures on the wall and touching the medals and other shit I had in the display case.

  I walked through and dropped her suitcases in the guestroom she was going to be using while she was here.

  For some reason I’d put her in the room closest to mine. It was the only guestroom with a bathroom, plus I’d had in mind that she was a scared little girl away from home for the first time and might be more comfortable there.

  She came in behind me and that’s when I saw her face for the first time. No-no-no-no, and again no, this is some bullshit. I stared at her like an ass for a good minute before catching myself.

  What the fuck! How could he send her here? Did he forget who I was? I tried to remember if I’d ever done anything to my buddy to warrant him fucking me over like this. The girl was a fucking knockout. Prime fucking pussy and I couldn’t touch.

  That’s what you get for being a cock hound. People always warned me it would happen sooner or later, but they were usually joking.

  I mumbled some shit under my breath and lit the fuck out of there. She said some shit but I didn’t hear. I was too busy hitting the door to get out into the sunlight and some much needed fresh air. She must think I’m fucked in the head.

  I went back out to the truck and looked around the back as if I were looking for more bags of which I knew there were none, just in case she was watching through the huge picture window in the front of the house.

  I used the time to calm the fuck down and have a serious talk with my dick. ‘Now listen; you can look but you can’t touch. No better yet, no looking, you can’t have her.’

  ‘Don’t sniff her don’t brush up against her nothing. You just stay down like a good boy and I promise I’ll find a way to get you fed soon as I can get away.’

  I heard the door slam behind me and gritted my teeth. For all her sex appeal and bombshell body there was still an innocence about her. I needed to protect her from myself.

  She hadn’t flirted, hadn’t batted her lashes or flashed me any skin except for the panty shot which I was sure was an accident. Okay Cade turn around, and try not to look at her like a wolf on the hunt.

  I turned to see she’d put her shades back on to protect her from the bright sun. It was too late though; I wasn’t ever going to forget what she looked like.

  Her eyes were the same sparkling blue I remembered and her hair had darkened a bit but not much. Her lips were full and soft looking, with a slight tilt, and she had the cutest little button nose. She was unbelievably gorgeous.

  Now I was hoping she didn’t look down and see the condition I was in. No doubt she’d be on the first bus back. “Don’t you have any neighbors uncle Cade?” She looked around the front yard and off to the side where all you could see were trees.

  The land went a ways back and there was a lot of it, though only about a hundred acres were clear. The rest of it was nothing but trees and trails. I like to go camping up there when the weather cools down a bit.

  “Not close no, the first one’s about a mile and a half out.” I mumbled like an ass and looked everywhere but at her.

  That had been the first day, the last day of peace for me. By the end of that night I was in bed wanking the fuck outta my cock.

  At first I wasn’t sure what the fuck she was up to. She was still so innocent that when she brushed against me in passing I didn’t think anything of it, nothing wrong with walking into each other while turning around in the kitchen.

  I didn’t stop to think that the kitchen was the size of the whole width of the house and there was no need for her to constantly be bumping into me.

  By the fourth time she did it and my cock said fuck this shit, I was starting to sweat. Was she doing this shit on purpose? I couldn’t be sure because that innocent little girl was always in place each and every time.

  That night she kissed my cheek with a cheery ‘night uncle Cade’ and all uncle Cade could think about was getting her flat on her back legs up. I felt like a monster for my thoughts and went to bed with a hard cock and a heavy conscience.

  Things really heated up the next morning when she came down to breakfast in a short sleep shirt that barely covered the globes of her perfect ass. I could see the edge of her pink panties when she moved for fuck sake.

  If that wasn’t bad enough she leaned over to kiss my cheek giving me a clear view of her smooth firm C-cup tits that weren’t covered by a bra and my cock came fully awake.

  “Good morning uncle Cade.” My ass. I adjusted my unruly cock and croaked out a good morning while keeping my head buried in the paper.

  She moved around the room chattering away about the day ahead as she got the cereal and milk for her preferred breakfast.

  I’d promised to take her out on the boat because she said she wanted to learn how to fish but I was already regretting that shit.

  She reached up in the cupboard where I’d shown her where everything was the night before to get a bowl.

  Her shirt rode up exposing her ass cheeks in the hot pink lace thong that went up into her pussy. She’s trying to get fucked. I adjusted my cock in my jeans and pulled my tongue back into my head.

  No she’s not Cade you dog; she’s just being a kid. This is probably how she dresses at home. She’s so innocent she probably doesn’t know what seeing her dressed like that would do to a man.

  I was still imagining the shy little girl who used to hide and smile at me from behind her daddy’s legs. I tried to convince myself of that but the constriction in my chest was telling me something different.

  I tried not to look honest I did, but it would take a better man than me to do that shit. She had a tight little body.

  All of five one, her legs were firm and shapely as they extended from her slightly flared hips. It was obvious that she played some kind of sport or she hit the gym because her body was compact, her ass high, round and firm, a tiny little waist that was nothing more than a hand span.

  When she turned around her tits did a little bounce under her shirt. Making it that much more obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

  I rubbed my hand over my cock for some relief when she was distracted and wondered if I should say something about her state of undress. I never know what the fuck to say to people’s kids when they act out and this time was no different.

  “Um. Wouldn’t you be more comfortable in a robe or something Sydney?” I said it as paternally as I could while keeping my eyes averted. It wouldn’t matter now anyway. The damage had already been done.

  I know my cock, he’d seen, he wanted and he was going to have. Unless I found a way to rein his ass in and find him some equally impressive pussy and soon.

  “Oh no this is fine, it’s too hot for a robe.” She ain’t lying. I put my head back in my paper and tried to mind my business but I couldn’t tell you one fuck that
was written on the page.

  I noticed movement beneath the glass tabletop and looked over to see her flashing me. She was swinging her legs open and shut as she ate her cereal like an innocent. My ass.

  I had to get the fuck outta there before I did something we’d both regret. Well I might not regret it per se but it was best to light out before shit got out of hand. Besides, nothing that small can handle my snake. He’d bust her little pussy wide open.

  Maybe she was just at that stage where she was trying out her charms on the opposite sex. I know fuck all about teenage girls. Even when I was her age I preferred older women.

  Could be because of the thirty year old neighbor who’d broken me in when I was fifteen. Gave me a taste for grown up pussy.

  I’ve always liked my women a little mature. Virgins scare the piss outta me and if this one wasn’t pure she wasn’t far from it. For some reason this time, that shit only made my cock harder.

  “Where are you going uncle Cade? Are we still going fishing?” I should’ve told her no that it was too late in the day and we should try another day. I don’t know of any teenagers who like getting up at five in the morning unless they had to.

  But the hopeful look on her face changed my mind. She looked so innocent. Like a little child begging to go to the toy store.

  “If you still wanna go. It’s gonna be hot out today so you better cover your arms and legs good unless you want to burn.”

  Please for fuck sake kid don’t come on that boat half naked. Sure as fuck that’ll send me over the edge. Only one night and she already had me sweating. How the fuck was I gonna make it the whole summer?

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