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Camping Swap, Books 1 & 2 Box Set: A College Swinger Romance

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Camping Swap, Books 1 & 2 Box Set: A College Swinger Romance

  Camping Swap, Books 1 & 2 Box Set

  A College Swinger Romance

  Bart Tracer

  Copyright 2017 Bart Tracer


  No part of this work may be reproduced for distribution by any means physical, mechanical, or electronic without the explicit written permission of the copyright holder.

  This is a work of erotic fiction intended for adult consumption only. Unlike real life, characters in books cannot contract STDs and/or ruin their lives or the lives of other people. All characters and locations are fictitious or used fictitiously. Any resemblance to real persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Individuals pictured on the cover are models and are used for illustrative purposes only.

  First digital edition electronically published by Bart Tracer, April 2017


  Bart Tracer is a family man who has a secret passion for writing erotic stories. He specializes in hotwife adventures and sexy group encounters, writing the kinds of stories that he enjoys reading. His narratives pull the reader in and provide an emotional investment in the characters, with plenty of naughty action and sexual tension to keep things lively. Some of his inspiration is drawn from his own personal experiences, but mostly his works are a way for him to explore all of those theoretical “what ifs” that separate the mundane from the extraordinary. Hope you enjoy them!

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  Camping Swap, Book 1

  Chapter 1

  I breathed a sigh of relief as I walked through the massive oak doors of the ancient lecture hall, out into the bright sunlight of a beautiful late-spring day. Taking a seat on a bench near the chapel that was the centerpiece of the campus, I sat watching the surging throng of backpack-wearing students on the sidewalk, scurrying to and fro, nervous anxiety written plainly on many of their faces. I leaned back and closed my eyes, letting the warmth of the sun wash over me, and felt the tension begin to leave my body. That was it, the last one. Finals were now officially over. Time to relax.

  It had been one hell of a week. With the constant studying, I hadn’t touched a beer in far too long, to say nothing of my gorgeous, long-haired girlfriend, Molly. An English lit major, she’d been even busier than I, cramming for a series of tests in classes with names that I barely understood. We’d scarcely spoken with each other for the past seven days. With the spring semester now drawing to a close, all that was about to change, and change in a big way. We were both going to stay in the city and work for the summer, trying to save a little money to get us through our senior year and hopefully have something left over to help us with the inevitable job searching that loomed over us. But for now, we had a week off, and we were planning to make the best of it. We were going camping!

  Camping was a favorite pastime for us. We lived for it. There was nothing the two of us liked better than being outside enjoying nature, and we’d been planning this particular trip for the past two months. There was a national park two hours’ drive west of campus, and we were going to spend a week out in the woods, with no traffic noise and no pollution, breathing fresh air, fishing, and getting our heads straight again.

  Just as soon as classes were over, Molly and I were planning to pack our camping and fishing gear into my truck and head for the hills. My roommate, Jake, was going to meet us at the second campground north of the main ranger’s station just as soon as his girlfriend, Jessica, was finished with her psych final this afternoon. Jake and Jessica (who very conveniently happened to be sharing an apartment with Molly) were also avid outdoorsmen themselves, and they were just as excited about the upcoming trip as we were.

  The four of us were the best of friends. Jake and I had grown up around each other, thick as thieves since earliest childhood. He’d met Jessie when we were in high school and immediately fallen head over heels for her. Not that I could blame him. Jessica was the prettiest, kindest person; the best girlfriend a guy could ever hope for. In fact, it was Jess who introduced me to Molly during our freshman year.

  The girls met at freshman orientation and then found that they shared a social science class together. They had quickly become friends. After they got to know each other a little better, Jessica had decided that she just had to get the two of us together, so she had arranged a double date with Jake and her. It had gone well, very well. We went out again two days later, then again the next night. By the end of the second week, I knew I was in love and finally managed to muster the courage to tell her so, but as soon as I opened my mouth to say the words, Molly beat me to it! Even now, almost three years later, I felt the same. I loved Molly more than anything in the world.

  Neither Molly nor I had been virgins when we met. In fact, I knew that she had been with at least 4 guys before we got together. In my case, there had been one serious girlfriend during high school to whom I lost my virginity, and that was it. I was vaguely intimidated by my girlfriend’s sexual past, but it had never really been a big issue. I didn’t ask, so she didn’t tell. We simply didn’t discuss it.

  I knew for a fact that Jake had hooked up with several girls in our hometown before meeting the beautiful Jessica. Before she came along, he was a bit of a player. What I did not know was whether or not he had seen fit to inform her of this fact. So, I had always played it cool, never mentioning it around her. After all, I reasoned, that was really between them.

  The sound of a city bus screeching to a noisy halt tore me from my revelry. With a sigh, I rose from the bench and, slinging my heavily-laden backpack over my shoulder, started toward my off-campus apartment. Ten minutes later, I found myself climbing the spiraling wooden staircase in the dusty, stately old brownstone where Jake and I shared a three-room apartment that we had managed to get for a song. There was a common area with a kitchen on one side and a living room on the other, where a large television set took up most of one wall. Two small bedrooms branched off on either side of the living room, providing plenty of privacy for each of us.

  The owner of the building was a matronly older woman who thought of us as a pair of starving students and was constantly inviting us down to her apartment for a home-cooked meal. Over the past year, we had developed a real affection for her and we did what we could to help out around the building, making minor repairs, helping tenants move bulky pieces of furniture in and out, whatever needed doing. It truly was an ideal setup and we were quite content living there.

  When I turned the corner, Molly was sitting in the hallway outside my door wearing a plaid flannel shirt and a pair of outrageously short cutoff jeans that really showcased her slender legs. Hers was the slender figure of a long-distance runner, hard and lean with graceful, sinewy limbs and a long, elegant neck. She beamed broadly, rising to give me a quick peck on the lips.

  “Hiya, Babe! How was your last final?”

  “No problem! I’m pretty sure I aced it! You know Stochastic Processes is a piece of cake.”

  “Yeah. For you, maybe, Mr. Engineer!” Molly laughed dismissively. “I’ll take Milton and Donne any day, thank you very much!”

  I groaned dutifully and rolled my eyes. English literature just wasn’t my thing. Unlocking the thick door, I pushed it open and ushered her into the apartment, reaching over to flick on the light as the door
closed behind us.

  “Ugh!” she sighed, wrinkling her nose in disgust as she eyed the piles of dirty clothes and empty beer bottles that were interspersed with crumpled sheets of notebook paper that practically carpeted the floor. “You two live like pigs! Good Lord! It’s a wonder one of you hasn’t come down with the bubonic plague!”

  “What do you mean, Baby?” I asked innocently, kicking an empty pizza box under the couch. “We vacuumed this place just last month!”

  “God! Men!” she shook her head, tossing her bag onto a nearby chair on her way to my room. Our camping backpacks were already packed, waiting in the far corner of my closet next to our tackle boxes and fishing rods. Molly grabbed our two bags, handing them through the door to me, then turned to pick up the nylon bag that held our four-man tent. Bending at the waist, she kept her legs straight, causing her tiny shorts to ride up into the crack of her fine ass and expose half a cheek on both sides.

  I groaned at the sight, instantly hard. It had been far too long! She peeked back at me, a cute little smile on her face. The naughty little minx was doing this on purpose! I reached for her, the palm of my hand cupping the perfect globe of her right butt cheek, kneading the tender flesh. I tried to remember just what Jake’s schedule was today. He should be gone for some time yet. Maybe there was enough time…

  But Molly shut me down, brushing my hand away and standing up straight, the tent in hand. “Not now, Sweetie,” she chided playfully, “We’ll have plenty of time for that later tonight!” And with that, she skipped past me, slipping through the door on her way to the pickup waiting for us on the street below. With a sigh of resignation, I shifted my boner to a more comfortable position, then picked up our two backpacks and tramped after her.

  Chapter 2

  Three hours later, we were putting the finishing touches on our camp. The tent was up and anchored securely. The fire ring next to the massive concrete picnic table had been cleaned out and restocked with fresh wood. The campsite we had reserved was the best in the park, something we knew from prior experience. Already secluded, it had spots for only two tents, we were guaranteed our privacy. It was nestled beneath a stand of old pine trees located in the bend of the river, which was slow and deep at this point, providing the ideal spot to swim and fish. Perfect.

  I looked at my phone to check the time. 2:07 p.m. Even if they drove like maniacs, there was no way Jake and Jessica could make it here before 3. That gave me almost an hour of alone time with Molly before they arrived. And I had no intention of letting it go to waste! I ducked inside the tent, where she was busy unpacking both our packs.

  Straightening up once I was through the opening, I found that my girlfriend had already read my mind. As our eyes met, she smiled sweetly at me, unsnapping her cutoffs and shimmying seductively, working them down her shapely young legs to her hiking boots. She now stood before me wearing only her plaid shirt and a delightfully small pair of panties. Her slender hands moved to the buttons of her shirt, quickly working them open to expose the soft globes of her pert breasts. She shrugged out of the sleeves, letting the flannel garment fall to the floor of the tent. Next, she hooked a thumb in the elastic waistband of her panties and, eyeing me seductively, worked them down over her sleek hips, letting them fall to her ankles. She gracefully stepped out of the panties and, hooking them with her toe, kicked them to the side. Standing before me with a hand on each hip, Molly looked breathtaking, entirely naked now, except for her boots, which at that moment looked sexier on her than any stilettos.

  As I stood, mouth open, staring at Molly’s beautiful body, I suddenly realized that I was still clothed. In a flash, I kicked out of my boots, then whisked my t-shirt over my head, tossing it into a corner of the tent. My hands tore open my belt and unsnapped my blue jeans, easing them down past the now very prominent bulge that tented my briefs.

  “Oooh,” she cooed, “looks like somebody’s happy to see me!” She sidled up to me, running her fingertips suggestively over my aching manhood and kissing me on the cheek as she slipped past me. “Last one to the river is a rotten egg!”

  With that, she jetted through the tent flap and ran swiftly through the short grass toward the water, her beautiful butt jiggling crazily with each stride. I quickly finished disrobing, then put my boots back on before sprinting after her, my iron-hard cock jutting obscenely out in front of me, leading the way on my mad dash to join my girlfriend in the cool water of the river.

  “Took you long enough!” she teased as I eased into the cool water beside her. “I was starting to think you weren’t interested!”

  “Fat chance, you little cocktease!” I put my arms on her hips and drew her too me, kissing her lips hungrily as her hard nipples poked into my bare chest. There was a clear sense of urgency to our kiss, our tongues dueling with one another as our hands roamed beneath the water. She cupped my full testicles, moaning excitedly as I penetrated her with my middle finger, gently probing her folds under the rippling surface of the water.

  She tore her lips from mine, her eyes flashing as her slim hand came up to my chest, pushing me forcefully away from her, toward the bank. At first, I was confused by her actions. Why the sudden rejection? Just a second ago, she’d seemed more than willing… Then, we reached the bank and she pushed me onto my back on the grass and pounced on me, engulfing my hard cock in the warmth of her eager mouth.

  I groaned in pleasure, my hands automatically moving to her head, running my fingers through her beautiful long hair while she swallowed me. The feeling of her mouth was exquisite, causing my heart to beat faster as she bobbed in my lap. But just as I was beginning to enjoy her efforts, she pulled off of me and climbed onto my thighs, guiding me hastily inside her. Molly was in no mood for foreplay; she needed to be fucked. And I felt the same way.

  Her slick wetness enveloped me, hot as an oven. I growled aloud as my hands shot up to clutch her waist in an iron grip, pulling her down onto me, penetrating her to the hilt in a single motion. Fuck, I was turned on! The damp grass of the riverbank scratched against my back as she ground on me, mashing her clit against my pubic bone, panting with excitement.

  “Aaaah! Yes! God, I need this!” she exclaimed, her tight butt now rising and falling, riding me hard. Her lips once more found mine, kissing me fervently, almost sucking the life out of me as she increased the curling tempo of her pelvis. She flew across me, ratcheting her hips against me more rapidly than I could ever remember. I tried to slow her with my hands on her hips, but it was no use.

  She fought me, if anything going even faster. Her hands came up to grab me tightly behind my neck, locking me into place as she rode me. Her tight pussy massaged my cock urgently, bringing me unexpectedly to the brink of cumming. I needed to regain control of the situation, or I was going to be finished before I really got started. I rolled her onto her back, strategically slipping out and dipping my head between her thighs to flick her hard clit for just a second, using my tongue to stall for time, willing myself to regain control before pushing back inside her.

  She spread her long legs wide and pulled me on top of her, her hands grabbing my butt, the nails biting painfully into my skin as she drew me insistently inside her once more. She squealed with excitement, sucking on the top of my shoulder as I sank easily to my balls once more. I’d never seen her so aggressive.

  Usually, sex between us was more tender and gentle. It wasn’t that we were prude or uptight. It’s just that we normally took our time, pleasuring one another slowly and sensually. This was different, raw and animalistic. And extremely exciting.

  Now, it was my turn to control the speed of our coupling, and I initially established a slow, relaxed rhythm, allowing me to settle down enough to keep from cumming immediately. I sawed lazily in and out of her hot pussy, stroking her with my full length, stimulating her, but not providing enough friction for her to reach orgasm. Molly wasn’t happy with this, thrusting her hips up at me angrily, whining with frustration as she willed me to go faster.

Harder!” she growled. “Fuck me, Mike!!”

  Wow! Molly was never this demanding! Excited by her urgency, I relented, driving myself into her deeply, pounding my pelvis against hers. I laid into her like never before, stabbing myself into her clutching pussy like a man possessed. She grunted like a wildebeest, matching me thrust for thrust with a fury that I found outrageously exciting. I fucked her savagely, something I seldom did; so hard that I was scooting her across the damp grass, but Molly wasn’t complaining. I put my hands behind her head, holding her tightly in place and pulling her down hard onto my steely cock. She squealed with delight, her stunningly long legs coming up to wrap around my muscular waist as she climbed ever higher toward her impending orgasm.

  “Harder, dammit! Give it to me! Harder!”

  We were in the home stretch now. Gone were any thoughts of tenderness or gentle lovemaking. We were fucking to get off, and we were both close. I felt my girlfriend’s tender thighs begin to tremble, then suddenly, she stiffened and yelped like a scalded puppy, cumming so hard that tears streamed down her face. Her hands grabbed my straining biceps in a vicelike grip, her nails digging painfully into my taut flesh. No sooner did she reach her climax than I followed her over the brink, holding my dick deep inside her as I began to spurt, filling her noisily there on the bank of the river.

  We lay there, limbs entangled, panting, for some time before slipping back into the cool water to wash away the sweaty signs of our fornication.

  “Whew!” Molly sighed, splashing water on her face. “God, Baby! That was freakin’ amazing!”

  “Uh Yeah! What the hell got into you?” I grinned at her. “I’ve never seen you like that! I don’t know whether to feel flattered or violated!”

  “You complaining?”

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