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Brothers Black 3 : Toby the Protector (Brothers Black Series )

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Brothers Black 3 : Toby the Protector (Brothers Black Series )

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  Toby the Protector

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  Publisher’s Note: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are a product of the author’s imagination. Locales and public names are sometimes used for atmospheric purposes. Any resemblance to actual people, living or dead, or to businesses, companies, events, institutions, or locales is completely coincidental.

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  Brothers Black 3: Toby the Protector/ Blue Saffire. -- 1st ed.

  ISBN 978-1-941924-63-1

  Know who you are above all things. This is when you can change what’s surrounds you. Never relinquish you for second best.

  ―Blue Saffire


  Our Love


  Just look at her. She has no idea how gorgeous she is. She honestly believes I’m out of her league. The truth is, I don’t deserve a girl like her. I’m the one that’s totally out of her league.

  I’ve wanted another taste of Carmen Nash, since she first fell into my arms, at my brother’s wedding. I’ve never held a woman that fit me as perfectly as she does. There is something to be said for that.

  She had on contacts that first time I saw her. When I started digging up everything I could get on her, I learned that she actually wears glasses, fucking hot. So, fucking hot, I want to watch her writhe beneath me with those sexy ass glasses on.

  Yeah, yeah, I have a thing for nerds. The nerdier the better. Just runs in the family. Wyatt would kill me if he knew, I used to have a thing for Nellie in junior High school.

  Carmen will do just fine, with her sexy ass. Speaking of asses, I groan and readjust myself. Carmen has the type of body made to play with for hours.

  I plan to lick and stick my tongue everywhere, and I mean everywhere. I don’t just want to fuck Carmen. I want to savor her in a way that the finest things in life are savored.

  Damn, I need to stop standing here watching her. We need to get this interview started, if I want to finish in time for my plans. Oh, I’m on a mission. Carmen can count herself taken. I’m going to take the shit out of that.

  I lick my lips, as I watch her ass bounce in her sundress. Carmen is the perfect mix of her parents. Her father is Japanese and her mother is Bajan.

  Carmen’s sexy, slanted eyes are one of the things that draw you into her. That sexy bronzed skin is what has my tongue dying to have a taste of her. I’ve seen pictures of her with thick waves of hair, falling to her shoulders, but I’ve only ever seen it straight in person. Still thick, still to her shoulders, it’s just less frizzy, I guess.

  The file I have on her, says she’s five-five. That shit is just sexy. With all those curves, she’s all my wildest fantasies come to life.

  I see the moment she feels my eyes on her. Her hand goes to her soft belly, her back stiffens, and her head turns to me slowly. A smile spreads across my lips and I wink at her.

  Carmen sucks one of those plump lips between her teeth, and I swear my cock twitches in my pants. Fuck, I have to have her. I don’t even care that it could be the death of me.

  I’ve never been afraid of anyone my whole life. Why start now? I know what I want and she’s looking right at me.

  I stroll over to the doe eyed beauty, knowing I have all of her attention now. My eyes roam over her taking in every inch. It’s time to get this day started.

  “Good morning, Sexy. How did you sleep?” I purr, when I stop in front of her.

  I bite back my laughter, when her mouth just flaps open like a fish, no words coming out. She’s so adorable it’s insane. I’m going to go to hell for all the dirty shit I plan on teaching her.

  I do chuckle, when instead of answering me, she turns back to staring at my brother and his wife. We can play that game if she likes. I have all day.



  I’m so nervous. My fingers are sweating. I really wanted this interview, but I don’t know what to do with myself.

  I blink and look up at Ryan, as he squeezes my waist. His close proximity is the least of my worries. At the moment, he’s holding me back from embarrassing myself.

  Ryan winks and dips to peck my lips. I blink dumbly again. I need to pull my shit together. I’m a professional, at least, I consider myself one. I can do this.

  “Relax, gorgeous. Kamara and Toby are just two normal people. My bro hasn’t started smelling himself. Let’s get this over with so you and I can spend sometime together,” Ryan says, with a wolfish grin.

  “I didn’t agree to spend time with you,” I huff.

  Ryan gives me a stunned look. “After all I’ve gone through, you’re still going to deny me. Don’t lie to my face, Baby. You’re body
has been telling me that you and I will spend plenty of time together.”

  I frown up at Ryan and step out of his hold. “I’d like to get started, whenever they’re ready,” I say, looking away.

  My eyes land on Toby and Kamara. They’re a gorgeous couple. The contrast between them is simply stunning.

  Kamara is just short of being ebony chocolate. Her brown skin is just flawless. So smooth looking, with a natural bronze and gold undertone that add a kiss to her chocolate hue. Her skin is the thing perfect skincare commercials are made of. The type of look that makeup artists and retouch designers, dream up in their heads and perfect with contouring tricks and technology.

  When she smiles, her white teeth show more of her perfection. Her slanted eyes draw you in and enchant you. They only add to her naturally regal look.

  Toby is the complete opposite. His copper blonde locks are a hint off of being pure red. Something about Toby and Braxton’s copper hair, adds a fire to their golden eyes. Yet, Toby has this wisdom in his eyes that should belong to an older man.

  You see his eyes come to life, when Kamara is around. It’s in the way he watches her. As if he will always be there if she falls. Not a second too late to catch her.

  These Black men have a way of looking at the women they love. I shift as I feel Ryan’s eyes on me. I don’t look up for fear I may see something similar in his eyes. I’m not ready for the intensity I feel rolling off of him.

  Everything in me is telling me to stay away from Ryan Black and I intend to listen. I have enough trouble going on in my life. My father called this morning, sounding suspicious. Only I would rebel against the world’s strictest father.

  I shake off those thoughts, as Toby’s golden eyes turn on me. A small smile touches his lips, as he takes in me, standing next to his brother. It is a tiny smile, but the transformation to his face is amazing.

  It reveals the playfulness I’ve come to know the Black family for. It puts me at ease just a little bit. I wipe my palms on my sundress, lick my lips, and get ready to move forward.

  “Come on, Lass. My Toby hasn’t changed. He and Kamara won’t bite. It’s the one breathing down your neck, you have to worry about,” Cassidy Black’s voice rings in my ears. I stifle a laugh and look to my left.

  Joe and Cass are standing side by side, watching me closely. I see the amusement dancing in Joe’s eyes. I groan inwardly. I must look like such a goofball to all of them.

  I mean really. It’s not every day you get an opportunity like this. I’m still not clear on all the details that makes this possible, but that’s what I’m here to find out.

  “Relax,” Ryan whispers in my ear.

  I look up at him and nod. Cass wraps her arm through mine, bring my attention back to her. She tugs me forward to Toby and Kamara’s table.

  “If you’re going to drool all over the lass, Lad, for fuck’s sake, pull her damn chair,” she snaps at Ryan, when we get over to the table. “I raised them right, I did. They just be ken on making me and Joe look like zookeepers.”

  I cover my mouth with my hand to smother my laugh. When I chance a look at Ryan, he just shrugs. With a smirk on his lips, he pulls the chair next to his mother’s.

  I’m taken aback at first. I thought this interview would be like the one yesterday. Just me and the couple. I didn’t even invite Courtney along this morning. After the things, Noah and Bean shared with me, I had a feeling I may want to do this one alone.

  I lick my lips nervously. Cass and Joe take the seats to my right. Ryan sits on my left. The rest of the Blacks seem to come out of nowhere. Soon the once empty table is full and buzzing with activity.

  I nearly shrink into myself, as I watch all of the teasing among the brothers, the women in their lives, and their parents. It’s nice to watch, my father can be so strict at times. Teasing like this would never happen at our breakfast table.

  The only missing couple is Noah and Bean. I take in each brother and his choice of partner, in addition to a few faces I’m unsure of. There are so many personalities at this table.

  I’m silent throughout breakfast, only eating and watching. Ryan had said last night that I could do the interview after breakfast. I can feel him watching me, but I’m too nervous to look his way.

  “You came to talk to us, you should not be shy,” Kamara calls, above all of the banter, pulling me from my shell.

  My eyes move to her face. She has such an open face. Toby places his hand on the back of her neck, kissing her temple. He presses his nose to the spot he kissed and Kamara’s eyes close, as she nuzzles into him.

  It’s sweet and so natural how they move around each other. They seem to forget us all for just a minute. When they come out of their moment, they both turn to me expectantly.

  “Go on, Toby, tell her how you got your wife kidnapped the first time,” Wyatt ribs, causing my eyes to widen with shock.

  Wait, the first time? As in she was kidnapped more than once. I lick my lips in anticipation. This family is just full of surprises.

  “Or he could start with how we didn’t know he was a father for almost two years,” Braxton snorts.

  My mouth falls open, I look over at Toby, and find him with red cheeks. I notice his lips are twisted into a frown and his head is hanging a bit lower. Kamara sighs, reaching to rub Toby’s back.

  “I don’t think you all understand how much your brother loves and looks up to you all. It was not easy for him,” Kamara says with such a gentleness.

  “Please explain. This would be the perfect opportunity,” Wyatt says, his words flippant.

  “I know you still harbor some anger for what happened, Wyatt, but I know you would have done the same as Toby. He has always done what he thought his older brothers would do,” Kamara locks eyes with Wyatt.

  “It’s not like I meant for any of it to happen,” Toby says in frustration.

  “Maybe,” Kamara takes a pause and sighs. “I think it is good you are all here. If you hear the story from our hearts then you’ll understand. I owe so much to your family and to my husband.”

  Her last words are directed towards me, as she turns to look back at my face. She then looks around the table. So many emotions swim in her eyes.

  “Place your anger with me. Toby has only ever wanted to protect and shield me. From the day I arrived in America, it has been his sole purpose,” Kamara looks up at Toby and you can see the distant look that takes over her face.

  “He has lied to many of you to tell you what would keep you safe, our children safe, as well as me,” Kamara’s eyes fill with tears. “Some half-truths were told on my behalf. For that, I am eternally sorry.”

  I’m baited in. I don’t even realize I’ve been holding my breath. I wait for Kamara to begin their story, but it’s Toby that speaks.

  “From the moment, I laid eyes on her I knew she was special. In my eyes she was a princess, before I knew she was true royalty. I just didn’t know that she was literally destined to be Queen. My queen, yes, but not a queen that would someday make me a King over regions.”

  Chapter One



  “I need a favor, my friend,” Kwäzē says nervously.

  “What’s up,” I ask.

  Kwäzē has been my best friend, since the third grade. I’m as close to him, as I am my six brothers. I’d do anything to help him out. He knows this. I’m just curious as to what has him so unsettled.

  It can’t be a girl. I’ve seen the way girls fall all over themselves, just to listen to Kwäzē’s accent. When he gives them that big bright smile, they’re done for.

  You could say Kwäzē is a handsome kid. With his chocolate flawless skin, his height, and muscular build. We’re both tall and pretty well developed for ninth and tenth graders. This week we’re the same height. That will change again. It always does.

  I can’t see Kwäzē being worried about classes either. He’s one of the smartest guys I know. I’m sure he’s a genius. He nearly took over teaching his chemist
ry class in ninth grade. I don’t know if his teacher was more annoyed or impressed. Felix thought it was hilarious, they were in the same class.

  Kwäzē was skipped a grade, when we were in junior high school. I thought we would lose our friendship, but I think it only became stronger. Kwäzē became Felix’s friend, which made Kwäzē more of a friend of all of ours. Although, I know him the best. Which is why I’m standing here, wondering what has him looking so worried, as he asks me for a favor.

  Kwäzē licks his lips. “I could not say anything before now, but my sister has moved to be with the rest of the family. She is my twin, Toby,” he pauses and looks away from me.

  I know right away he’s about to tell me a lie, I don’t call him on it because something tells me this is important. Kwäzē has never lied to me before, but I’ve watched him lie to others. I hone in on all the details of his words, once I notice the telltale sign.

  “Kamara has moved here from New York. She was staying with family there. She did not acclimate while there. I’m afraid she will need time to adjust here,” Kwäzē turns his eyes back to me. “I just ask, as a friend, please look out for my sister. She is important…she is important to me. Please, Toby.”

  I note all the details of what Kwäzē hasn’t said. I will bank those for later. I think of Bean, Nellie, and Heather. My brothers and I look after them without question. What’s one more honorary sister?

  I shrug my shoulders. “Sure, man. You didn’t even need to ask,” I reply.

  “Yes, yes, I did,” Kwäzē says, but closes his mouth.

  “Come, I want you to meet her. My parents are in the office with her. She will need help finding her classes,” Kwäzē says, grabbing me by the front of my backpack strap to pull me along.

  I’m surprised by the action, but I follow him up the hallway anyway. I see a few guys from the basketball team and wave. At the speed Kwäzē is dragging me, I’ll have to catch them later.

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