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A Man's World 3: Roxy's Flight Instructors (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)

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A Man's World 3: Roxy's Flight Instructors (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)

  A Man’s World 3: Roxy’s Flight Instructors

  Roxanne Crowe has one goal in life and that is to become a fully-fledged pilot, but it’s really hard to hold her tongue when all she hears from one particular work colleague is bile regarding her gender. She also has a secret. She has been pining over her flight instructors Dusty, Booker, and Stefan Milan for what seems like forever, but she refuses to let them know how she feels. Her career is more important to her. However, when things start to go awry and Roxy is in danger, the Milan men storm into her life and won’t let her go. They take her into their home and vow to protect her with their lives, but who is going to protect her from them? The sparks ignite and Roxy winds up in their bed. There is more than one danger coming and it’s up to the three brothers to keep her safe. But how can they protect her when she’s stolen away from them right beneath their noses?

  Genre: Contemporary, Ménage a Trois/Quatre

  Length: 50,027 words

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  Becca Van


  Siren Publishing, Inc.


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  Chapter One

  Roxanne Crowe stared at the older man with anger, but instead of giving him a piece of her mind like she wanted to, she kept her mouth shut.

  “Stop looking at yourself in the fucking mirror and worrying about your hair. Get this plane on the ground.”

  Roxy ground her teeth down so hard she was scared she would break a tooth. She and asshole Gerard Miller were in the flight simulator and had been for the last hour. They’d had every problem—little and not so small—that an airplane could encounter thrown at them, but she had kept everything smooth and in control. However, every time Gerard opened his mouth Roxy had to control her anger. She wanted to hit him so bad, but knew she would lose her job if she did. She hated the older guy so much she wanted to slap his face.

  Not once had the asshole taken the controls to right the altitude or done anything else for that matter. The prick seemed to take great pleasure in goading her, but she wasn’t about to give him the satisfaction of replying. She glanced back at the control panel and watched the horizon indicator line up and the plane level out. She only had ten more hours of flying left before she would receive her full pilot’s license. She would be in the captain’s seat of a plane and she wasn’t about to jeopardize that by making snarky comments and getting a complaint against her name.

  Just as she had everything under control, once more an alarm on the panel sounded and number one engine stuttered before stopping completely. The simulator was telling her that they were still cruising at ten thousand feet but she checked all the instruments and adjusted the flaps.

  They were coming into land and she was going to have to put the plane on the ground minus an engine. Roxy prayed that nothing else went wrong before she could get the huge metal beast on the ground, but she wasn’t going to hold her breath.

  There were three of her trainers sitting out in the other room behind a large glass window and they were throwing problems at her left and right. After taking a deep breath she tried to push her trainers from her mind. Stefan, Booker, and Dusty Milan were the best eye candy she’d ever encountered, but she couldn’t give in to her attraction now. She needed all her concentration on getting the plane on the ground and in one piece.

  She checked the altitude readout and then banked the plane, pushing the pedals for the flaps, and turned as the plane glided closer to the ground. After checking the speed and altitude once more, she lined the plane up to the runway and eased the yoke down.

  Roxy contacted the tower again, confirmed the runway number, and headed in. Her breath stuttered in her throat when another alarm blared and her heart raced when she saw the landing gear hadn’t stayed down and was now back up in the belly of the plane.

  “Damn it!” her captain asshole said. “Give me the contr
ols. There is no way in hell you’ll be able to bring her down. You don’t have enough hours under your belt.”

  “No,” Roxy replied in a calm, even voice. How she did that when she wanted to scream at the dickhead was beyond her. It didn’t matter that she didn’t have as many hours as he did. She had outclassed all the previous pilots in flying history with her scores and she needed to do this so she could show him she was as good as he was if not better.

  “Pass the controls to me, you dumb bitch,” Gerard was yelling but she continued pretend he wasn’t there.

  “Tower one, this is flight JK350. Mayday, mayday. I’m heading to the grass beside runway 17. The landing gear has failed.”

  “Affirmative flight JK350. We’ll have the emergency services on standby. Good luck.”

  “Fucking stupid bitch,” Captain Gerard Miller yelled. “You need to stay on the runway. The tarmac will help slow the goddamn plane.”

  Roxy didn’t have time to answer him. She was too busy bringing the plane in. If she had she would have told him he was the fucking idiot. He’d obviously forgotten about the leak in the fuselage. She wasn’t going to chance putting the plane down on the bitumen when there was every possibility that a spark would ignite the leaking fuel and blow the damn plane up. If this was a real life situation and she landed the plane on the runway she could be condemning hundreds of people to death, including her captain and herself.

  She once more checked the altitude and speed, lined up with the long strip of grass beside the plane, and eased it down. Touchdown was rough and the simulator shook and shuddered as the plane skidded over the grass and bounced along, rattling her teeth and jarring her bones.

  It felt like forever before the plane came to a complete stop and she was so tense her muscles were aching. In fact her whole body felt like it had been hit by a truck but she had gotten the 747 on the ground in one piece and without any casualties. She inhaled and exhaled with relief before turning off the simulator and releasing her seatbelt.

  Captain asshole was out of his seat and striding away before she could even think about getting her shaking legs under her to stand. She was hot and sweaty and even though she wanted to go and grab a shower she needed a drink more.

  Her instructors had thrown everything they could at her and it was going to take a long time for her to unwind. Hopefully in a few hours she wouldn’t feel like her legs were made of jelly.

  Roxy pushed to her feet, walked the couple of steps to the simulator door, grabbed hold of the bannister, and slowly headed down the steps.

  After moving to the side of the warehouse room, she exited the door and slammed into a big male body. Hands gripped her upper arms to prevent her from falling back on her ass and she looked up into gorgeous hazel eyes.

  “You were amazing, Roxy,” Stefan said. “The prick would have ended up blowing the plane up if you had given him back the controls.”

  “Good call, Roxanne,” another sexy male voice said.

  Roxy cleared her throat and sagged with relief when Stefan released his hold on her arms before stepping back. She glanced to the side and met a pair of green eyes. She swallowed and then licked her dry lips as she looked up at Booker. “Thank you.”

  “Why don’t you report that prick for vilification?” asked another voice.

  Roxy shifted her gaze to Stefan’s other side and met Dusty’s blue green orbs. “It’s not worth the hassle. I only have a few hours of flying left before I’m fully qualified. I don’t want anything to jeopardize that.”

  She glanced down at her feet as heat filled her cheeks. It didn’t matter how many times she saw Stefan, Booker, and Dusty, or how hard she tried to hide her attraction to them. She always ended up blushing and she absolutely hated that.

  “When’s your next flight scheduled and who with?”

  “Tomorrow with Captain Dic…Miller.”

  Stefan burst out laughing. Dusty and Booker chuckled.

  “He is a dick,” Stefan said with a smile on his face.

  Dusty moved in closer and it took every ounce of her control to hold in the moan bubbling up in her chest. All three men were sex on legs and each time they were nearby her body always responded. Her nipples hardened and started throbbing. Her pussy moistened and clenched and began to ache. They were all so tall and muscular and so damn gorgeous she could barely get enough air into her lungs. It didn’t help that they all smelled really nice, too.

  “Is he like that all the time?” Dusty asked with a frown.

  “Yeah. I think he was born in the dark ages.” Roxy crossed her arms over her breasts and hoped they hadn’t seen her nipples poking against her shirt.

  “I still think you should report him,” Dusty said. “You don’t need to put up with his shit.”

  “It’s okay. I’m used to it.”

  “Damn it, Roxy. File a report,” Dusty ordered.

  She shook her head and stepped back. “I don’t want to rock the boat so late in the game, guys. Once I have my captaincy I won’t have to work with him or his fri…him anymore.”

  Booker took a step closer and raised his eyebrow. “Some of the others have been giving you a hard time?”

  “Nothing I can’t handle.” Roxy glanced at her watch before looking at each of them. “I need to go. I have an appointment.” She turned and started walking toward the door.

  “You scored a hundred percent again,” Stefan called out.

  Roxy raised her hand to acknowledge she’d heard him but didn’t look back and kept right on walking. She grabbed hold of the door handle, yanked it open, and strode out.

  Once outside she breathed deeply, filling her lungs with crisp cool air. Now that she was away from the Milan brothers she could breathe easier. She had been attracted to those three men since the first time she’d laid eyes on them, but she’d heard other women talking and knew there was no way she’d have a chance in hell with one of them let alone all three of them. There was no way she could have made a choice between any of them either. All three of them were appealing and fascinated her but she was short and hard dark hair. Apparently they only dated tall blondes with big boobs.

  She had boobs and they weren’t small. She was a good C cup but she wasn’t tall. She wasn’t even in the average height range bracket for a woman and couldn’t see them being interested in her at all. She hated being so small and often got mistaken for a child, especially from the back. Her feet were so small she had to buy shoes in the kids section of a store and it was touch and go getting jeans to fit her properly, too. She was slender with curves and only stood at five feet, and weighed in at ninety pounds. What man in their right mind would find her enticing when he could have a tall busty blonde?

  Every man she’d ever met had treated her like a kid. She hated that because of her size and because of that she’d never had a relationship with any man. The only person who treated her like the intelligent woman she was, was her brother. It pissed her off more often than not that, because she was small and petite, men didn’t think she had a brain in her head. Not that she really cared about not ever having a boyfriend because she had been so focused on her goals she hadn’t really cared to date anyone. She’d built walls around her heart because the opposite sex had treated her like a dim-witted bimbo and shunned any interaction with men, except of course for her sibling. But now that she was so close to getting her full pilot’s license she’d begun to wonder what she was going to do with all her free time. Especially now that she wouldn’t have to study like she had been.

  There would always be academic paraphernalia for her to keep up with and the required regular hours to spend in the flight simulator but nowhere near what she had been doing. And as such Roxy had realized how much she had kept other people at an arm’s length. She was actually beginning to think she had done herself a disservice by being totally focused on her career, but she couldn’t go back and change the past.

  Her thoughts came full circle back to the Milan brothers. She was always thinking about them wh
en she wasn’t working and no matter how hard she tried to push them from her mind, it seemed like an impossibility.

  Those three men were retired Air Force. All of them were well over six feet tall and packed full of muscles. They could and did have their pick of women. Why would they even look at a runt twice, and a black-haired one at that?

  * * * *

  Dusty watched the sexy sway of Roxy’s hips and delectable ass as she walked away. She was such a stunning sensual little bit of femininity, and he got hard every time she was close by. She disappeared out the door and it slammed behind her. He turned to meet his brothers’ gazes and saw the desire in their eyes.

  “When are we going to ask her out?” Booker, ever so impatient, asked.

  “She only has a few hours to go before she’s in the captain’s seat. Hopefully after her flight tomorrow she will relax around us a little more and we can make our move,” Dusty said.

  “What I don’t understand is why she puts up with crap from that Neanderthal.” Stefan sighed as he raked his fingers through his hair. “Why the hell doesn’t she report him?”

  “We all know he’s good friends with the boss. If she went running with tales she could end up losing her job,” Dusty said.

  “That doesn’t make it fucking right,” Booker snapped. “I would love to give that asshole a knuckle sandwich.”

  “Yeah, we all would, Book, but I don’t imagine that would ingratiate us to her if we did that.” Stefan moved to the panel on the wall and began turning everything off. “Let’s get the hell out of here. I don’t know about you two but I could use a beer or two.”

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