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Cowboy Games

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Cowboy Games


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  Chapter One


  Somewhere on a deserted road in Montana…

  “Frack! This can’t be right!” Lana tapped on the GPS screen on her fun little rental car. Pulling to the side of the deserted Montana road, Lana couldn’t help but take a look at the natural beauty outside. It would have seemed more awe-inspiring if she hadn’t felt so lost. A hundred miles from the nearest hint of civilization recognized by Google Maps was not the place to be lost. Lana’s over active mind began to imagine the animals waiting to eat her, out in the forest or other worse fates that she had seen on the news back home in Berkeley. Pulling out her phone, she noticed that she had no bars.

  “Frackity frack frack frack! For the love of Zelda!” Opening the car door, she stepped out to see whether she could get any bars at all. A part of her knew that it wouldn’t make any difference, but it didn’t stop her from trying. No more bars appeared, which led Lana to make the conclusion that she would have to trust the GPS. It was that or turn back. And since she knew there was nothing but a run-down gas station fifty miles behind her, she figured that her bladder would rather she try to move forward.

  She knew that she had been taking a risk traveling out here to meet her longtime online friend, Solar Cowboy. Even now, she couldn’t believe that she had trekked out to the middle of nowhere to meet this person. Who did that? She berated herself for the tenth time in the last hour.

  Lana had met a lot of people through The Celestial Prophesy, but few she had connected with like Solar Cowboy. Not in the romantic sense, but as a kindred friend. She had never met him before, but, but it really didn’t matter. When she had told him of her and her best friend/ teammate, Steph’s plan to make a camp for underprivileged girls to learn coding and experience life, he had suggested that she consider his Montana ranch. He had played up how the girls could learn to ride horses, lasso, and code all in one week. When Lana had mentioned it to Steph, she had loved the idea. So, here she was in the middle of nowhere to scope out this ranch.

  “Great idea, Lana. World-class idea to come out to the middle of nowhere to meet a guy you really don’t know. What if he’s an ax murderer?” Looking over her shoulder at the road traveled, her bladder insisted that she move forward toward hopefully, a bathroom. If she didn’t find civilization soon, she’d be squatting for sure.

  Getting back in the car, she huffed as she resigned herself to trusting the car GPS that she hoped had been upgraded in the last year. “Should have downloaded the directions on your phone before you left, dummy!” She pounded the steering wheel with her palm before she pulled the mustang back onto the desolate highway.

  Chapter Two


  Outlaw Pass Ranch, Somewhere Valley, Montana

  “What the fuck are you doing, Cody?” Jesse couldn’t help but laugh as he watched his seventeen-year-old brother race around the house throwing things this way and that. “Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the cleaning, but why now? What’s your rush?”

  “She’s coming!” Cody let out almost a boyish squeal as he loaded up his arms with clothes and other random junk that had been lying around.

  Jesse followed his brother’s mad dash into their bachelor-pad like kitchen. Jesse rarely understood his younger brother. Cody had always been geeky. Preferring to spend time on his computer rather than riding the range with Jesse. Often Jesse felt bad for Cody. He had been born in the wrong place. He would have been much better suited in the Silicon Valley rather than Somewhere Valley, Montana. After the sudden death of their parents when Cody was fourteen, Jesse had hoped that he could find a way to bridge their gap of personalities, but no such luck.

  “Fuck! She’s almost here and it looks like this?” Cody whined.

  Jesse meandered into the kitchen after Cody and had to admit that the kitchen had seen better days. Half empty glasses on the counter, dishes piled in the sink, and the cabinets left open. Jesse gave a grunt in agreement as he moved to close the cabinets. Cody quickly started filling the dishwasher with the dirty dishes when the roar of a car engine could be heard.

  Cody pulled the frilly yellow curtains that their mother had hung above the sink years ago and let out a dismayed squawk. “She’s HERE!”

  Jesse watched in fascination as his brother loaded the rest of the dirty dishes in his arms, walked across the room to the closed trash can, opened the lid, and threw away the dishes.

  “Hey! Cody? What the fuck? Those are real dishes! We can wash them!” Jesse bellowed as he followed his younger brother, who was obviously going insane, through the small dining room, into the family room, and out the front door.

  Dusk was just beginning to set in, so all Jesse could see was car lights as they bumped their way down the picturesque tree lined dirt road toward the old ranch house. Jesse put his hands through his belt loops and leaned against the doorframe, ready to watch shit hit the fan. He had to smile. It was great to see his brother excited about something other than computer games. And a girl to boot! Who would have thought?

  “Looks like we are going to need a birds and the bees talk if you are this excited over a girl, Short Stack,” he let out a little laugh as the car pulled to a stop and the
lights went out. Cody reminded him of an over-eager puppy. He was virtually vibrating on the porch waiting for the young lady to make her way up.

  The door opened and all Jesse could see was the outline of a statuesque lady. The way her body was framed in the various colors of dusk reminded him of those naughty shadow dances that were so popular in the past. His mouth watered, and his cock sprang. He was proud of himself for holding back a whistle. Jesse had always thought that to be an insulting practice, but a fine outline like this deserved to be applauded. Dipping and curving in all the right places on an adorably compact frame. She was a woman who obviously didn’t pick at a salad at lunch and Jesse approved wholeheartedly.

  “Hi!” she called out as she waved her hand, moving forward. Jesse was surprised as his cock stood up higher at the sound of her raspy voice. He didn’t think it could strain any larger, besides her age was enough to stop him. Stop it! She’s a teenager, he reminded Slinger, his wayward cock.

  Jesse’s mouth dropped open as Cody sank to his knees and began bowing with his hands outstretched, like that Yoga child’s pose that he’d seen on TV one time. On the whole, Jesse’s stomach sank for his brother. It was definitely not the most masculine, sexy move. When Cody started chanting, “I’m not worthy, oh Galactic Queen!” Jesse wanted to pull his brother away from the embarrassingly bizarre scene he was making.

  The young lady let out a throaty laugh and made her way to the porch steps. “Get up, you silly! Solar Cowboy, you always know how to make me laugh!”

  Cody scrambled to his feet as the young lady stepped into the porch light. Jesse felt as if the air had been knocked from him. Her hair was streaked in various colors from purple to blue to pink, but it was the sparkle in her deep emerald eyes that captivated him. His cock only got harder as she gazed his way. Feel free boy, he told himself; she looks to be in her twenties. As Jesse looked at the awestruck look on his brother’s face, he knew that he had another problem on his hands. Before him was not just a Galactic Queen, but his Queen… she and his brother just didn’t know it yet.

  Chapter Three


  Oh my Princess Peach, who is that fine specimen of man? Lana tried to tear her eyes from the rugged cowboy who casually leaned against the doorframe, undressing her with his molten silver eyes. She felt like she should throw her hands over her body to cover herself from his heated, possessive gaze. She had had crazy fans give her the creeps with looks before, but this masculine man made her panties drop.

  “So happy to finally meet you, Galactic Queen!” Solar Cowboy practically yelled in her ear as he grabbed her into a tight hug. Lana felt guilty that she never lost eye contact with the tall, dark, and handsome stranger as her friend greeted her. At least look Solar Cowboy in the eye, you dork! She told herself as she pulled back.

  As she moved back, she noticed that Solar Cowboy was a cute, guy about eighteen or nineteen, she guessed. Maybe twenty at the most. His dark hair waved and curled around his neck in a way that she was sure the girls at his school were dying to get their fingers into. But it was his friendly smile and sparkling blue eyes that made her feel truly welcome.

  “Thank you so much for having me, Solar Cowboy! Wow! You almost had to send out the cavalry to find me.” Lana tried to keep herself from wiggling under the man in the corner’s gaze. “What’s your real name, Solar Cowboy? I can’t believe I haven’t asked you before!” Lana planted her palm to her forehead and rolled her eyes at her lack of manners for not asking before.

  The boy let out a little laugh, “I’m Cody, m’lady.” Cody swept into a deep bow and grabbed the back of her hand to kiss it. The guy in the corner let out a little scoffing sound. As Cody stood he pointed his thumb over his shoulder at the mysterious brooding man. “Don’t mind my grouchy older brother, Jesse. His bark is worse than his bite.”

  Lana’s eyes caught his and she felt like he was pulling her in like a tractor beam. “Ummm… nice to meet you, Jesse.” Lana felt her feet moving toward the sexy, dark-haired man. Holding out her hand to him, she breathily added, “I’m Lana. Thanks for having me.”

  As his calloused hand touched hers, she felt like she had been overtaken by a Supernova. The shock of his skin pressing into hers made her feel things in her panties that should be illegal, or that might be, for all she knew.

  “Nice to meet you,” his deep voice washed over her as he gave her a little crooked grin as he pulled her a little closer, “my Queen.”

  Lana felt her cheeks flare. She let out a little nervous giggle that she immediately wished that she had been able to hold inside. “Thanks for letting me stay here. I’m really excited to see the ranch.”

  Jesse’s molten silver eyes cooled as he looked over her shoulder at Cody, pinning him with a questioning glare. “Staying here? Cody, what’s going on?”

  Chapter Four


  What was going on here? It wasn’t that he didn’t want this woman near him. That wasn’t it at all. His cock was rejoicing at the idea of having her under his roof, he just wasn’t exactly sure what Cody had promised her. He also questioned the sanity of a woman who had obviously travelled a great distance to meet someone online. He couldn’t picture her being the desperate type, but who knew what kind of personality she was sporting under that sexy package. Super Bitch could be waiting for the right moment to strike.

  Cody looked like he was going to have a full-on panic attack. It was clear that his brother forgot to let him know about their guest of honor.

  “Ummm… who wants dinner?” The poor teen’s voice cracked as he pasted on a fake smile for Lana.

  Lana flipped her multi-colored hair back as she turned to look at Cody. “I’m starving, but can I freshen up first?”

  Cody all but jumped as he raced to lead Lana into their pig-sty of a home. Holding open the screen door for her to walk in Cody gave Jesse a pleading look.

  “Oh! How… homey,” Jesse heard Lana exclaim as she entered their bachelor pad.

  Jesse closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose as he could picture the scene that she walked into. Clothes all over the place, dirty dishes on the coffee table, his coffee mug by the lamp, and not to mention the mail that had fallen off the side of the couch to decorate the scuffed wood floor. Yup, it was a dream home.

  “This way,” he heard Cody tell the stunning young woman.

  As he entered the house, he saw that the door to the hall restroom close.

  “Does that bathroom even have toilet paper?” Jesse tiredly asked Cody as he pointed his thumb in the direction of the hall bath.

  Cody turned, his eyes looked huge. “Wha…? Ohhh… shit!” Jesse almost laughed as his brother ran his hands through his messy hair and ran to the back of the house to grab the necessary toiletry. Cody then shyly knocked on the bathroom door, as he placed the roll in front of the door, and quickly backed away like the area was on fire. As he walked back to Jesse, Jesse motioned for him to come into the kitchen.

  Chapter Five


  Lana leaned her hands down on the cold, off-white tile as she looked at herself in the mirror in the dimly lit bathroom. Thank God Cody had come with the toilet paper, but now she was faced with going out into the living room and facing that panty melting man again. Never had she met someone who pulled her in such a way that she felt the need to change her undergarments. Looking around the tired bathroom, she could see the potential in the home. It was lovely but man-ified. All it needed was someone to come along and give it some flare and a deep cleaning.

  You can’t stall anymore, you coward. Get out there! Taking a big gulp of air, Lana turned and reached for the door. Standing in the doorway, she looked down the hall to see that the men had moved on, but she could hear some gruff sounding voices. She felt a little bit like a spy as she peered the opposite direction to what must have been more rooms. Unfortunately, the doors were closed, so she couldn’t get a peek at what they could be. As she had driven up to the house, it was hard to tell in the
dark, but it looked to be a rambling, old ranch house. She had always thought that those sorts of houses begged for a big family to fill them.

  Rubbing her hands up her arms, she began making her way down the hall and into the cluttered family room. Her fingers itched to pick up the strewn mail, but she reminded herself that this wasn’t her home. Following the men’s voices she found herself hearing more than her hosts probably wanted. Instinctively backing against a wall, Lana lowered her head as she nervously bit her lip at their conversation.

  “Where is she from, Cody?” The incredibly sexy Jesse asked his brother. Even now, his voice tinged with anger, still made her tingle.

  “I know her from…” Cody began. Lana must have made a noise because both of the men turned to her.

  Cody pasted on a huge fake smile. “Lana! I hope you’re hungry! I’ve got dinner!”

  Jesse gave him a surprised sneer, “You do?”

  Cody furled his eyebrows, giving Jesse a death stare. “I do. It should be ready in twenty minutes.”

  Lana wasn’t sure what to say. She had obviously come at a bad time. She had confirmed with Cody last week as to what time she would arrive, but it seemed that she had still caught him unprepared. “Great! I’m starving.” She pasted on her own smile. “How can I help?”

  “Please excuse me,” the sexy Jesse grumbled as he lifted his fingers to his hat. Lana tried not to show her body shivered at the sound of his deep voice. “I have to go check on the animals. I’ll be back in a few.” Turning his silver gaze to her, he gave her a little smile, “Miss, I look forward to getting to know you better.”

  With that, he walked by Lana, taking her breath with him. He smelled like a man should in a good way, not the yucky gym funk stench that she usually caught a whiff of. He was a man who worked with animals and his hands and his unique, outdoorsy man scent highlighted his masculine work. The only way that Lana could think to describe it was that it reminded her of Montana’s endless sky. It was so much more attractive than the cologne poured on by the men who she met at Nebula One events, or the ‘au natural’ male gamers who needed a lesson in proper hygiene when not in mom’s basement.

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