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Alien Guard's Mate (SciFi Paranormal Alien Romance) (Vistran Love Book 3)

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Alien Guard's Mate (SciFi Paranormal Alien Romance) (Vistran Love Book 3)

  Alien Guard’s Mate

  April Osirus

  Copyright 2015 April Osirus

  All Rights Reserved

  This is a work of fiction. The characters and stories are all fictional and any resemblance to real life individuals is purely coincidental. In addition, this is a story of adult content. Inside, this story is filled with steamy forbidden acts between consenting, legal aged adults.

  If this is what you are searching for, then go on in. The water is fine!

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  Lady Amara Phillips can’t wait to run away.

  Her father is only interested in marrying her off to the richest family in the galaxy, regardless of his daughter’s happiness or even safety.

  Amara is determined to fight her father’s matchmaking at any cost. Finally fed up with her antics, her father assigns a guard to escort Amara to meet her next potential suitor.

  Amara plans to escape from her escort’s watchful eyes and start a new life somewhere else. That is until she meets her guard.

  A Vistran soldier.

  Well watch out, Vistran. Amara is no ordinary woman and she is ready to teach the alien a thing or two.

  Or maybe the Vistran will teach her a few things—like true love?

  Lady Amara Phillips sat uncomfortably in the tight first class cabin of the ship. Normally such a cabin would be quite spacious and comfortable. Amara should’ve been able to comfortably stretch out with room to spare. She should’ve.

  But she couldn’t.

  Not with a giant Vistran sitting across from her, watching her every move. Topping well over seven feet tall, Loku looked like the perfect representation of the warrior race. Tall, broad chested, and muscular, the man looked like he had never known an ounce of fat.

  Hearing that her accompanying guard was a Vistran, Amara had an image of a thickheaded ape of a muscleman who only knew brute strength and power. But as soon as she had met Loku and had arched her head far back enough to catch a glimpse of his face, she knew she couldn’t have been more wrong.

  The man was gorgeous.

  She didn’t know how this alien warrior could be so brawny and yet so undeniable hot. With a high, almost regal, forehead, sharp nose, and chiseled jawline, this man looked like what every girl fantasized a white knight hero would look like.

  But leaning her head back against the wall of the cabin, Amara sighed. Despite his hero-like looks, this man was far from being her hero. Instead he was her jailor. Her father had called the Vistran her ‘escort’ but she knew better. And judging by her father’s smug face, she was sure he knew better as well.

  As part of the new elite that had emerged in Traxil, a human colony off of Saturn, her father enjoyed his status as a wealthy man of upper society. Several families had recently struck it rich by mining several rare minerals that could only be found on the moons of Saturn. This had paved the way for a new realm of upper class families to emerge. It wasn’t long before one very image-hungry man to declare the reintroduction of titles. Soon, anyone with enough money could essentially buy himself a title. That was how Bill Phillips had become Lord William Phillips and how his daughter Amara had become Lady Amara.

  But Lord Phillips wasn’t satisfied with just incredible wealth and a prestigious title. He wanted more wealth and prestige. And he found the perfect way to accomplish such a task: marry Amara off to another equally wealthy family to join the power of both families.

  So without any regard to Amara’s wishes or protests, Lord Phillips began making introductions to appropriate families and bringing Amara along to meet the suitable son. At first, Amara had felt extremely uncomfortable and awkward. She noticed the way her potential mother-in-laws would stare at her long glowing chestnut hair and her dark green eyes with a calculating gleam. Amara knew they were imagining these qualities being passed down to their grandchildren. The sons would ogle her slim waist and curvy breasts and she could only imagine the things they were imagining. Despite her high title, Amara felt cheap. She felt like chattel in those moments.

  After the fifth family, Amara began to feel angry.

  “Daddy, I don't want to marry yet,” Amara had said for what felt like the hundredth time to her father.

  Lord Phillips busily looked down at the vast screen that covered his work desk. Files upon files of suitable families covered the entire screen. Amara grimaced just looking at it.

  “Nonsense,” he said, not even bothering to look up. “You’d be marrying into one of the wealthiest and most elite families in the outer colonies. What more could a girl want?”

  Love, she immediately thought. But she knew she could never say that to her father. Lord Phillips would only snort and call her a silly girl.

  “But Daddy, couldn’t I at least choose who I meet?” Amara asked, trying a different tactic. “The more compatible I find the potential suitor, the better the match, right? And the better the match, the happier everyone should be.”

  Her father looked up and paused in thought. Amara bit her lip, hoping she had finally reached him. But he soon shook his head.

  “No, daughter,” he said finally. “You won’t know who has the most stocks in the mines or who has the best prospects off colony. No, it’s best to let your father find the best match.”

  Amara knew her father had always valued profit above all else. But this was her future he was playing with here. He was auctioning off her heart and she knew she couldn’t just stand by silently. There was no one who would fight for her happiness but herself. So if it was a choice of marrying unhappily for money or to be a forever spinster with some independence, Amara knew exactly what she wanted.

  From then on, Amara became the rudest, most ill-mannered girl any respectable family had ever met. She put her feet up on tables, glared at her potential suitors, and made as many rude comments as she could. She had never seen her father’s face turn so red before.

  And this was only during the times her father could find her. Amara would also devil her father by hiding or running away right before they were to leave to meet a family. Hiding on the edges of the Phillips’ vast lands on Traxil, Amara could hear her father roar with frustration as he tore through his huge mansion trying to find his stubborn daughter.

  It wasn’t long before her father had brought her around to nearly all the eligible families on Traxil. And any families left had heard about Amara’s terrible antics and were not interested in marrying off their son and their fortune to such a girl.

  When her father got the message from the remaining elite family on Traxil declining a meeting, it was the only time Lord Phillips had struck his daughter. Amara had fallen to the floor, her cheek burning from the hard blow. She had looked up at her father, unable to comprehend the violence that had just occurred.

  “Selfish girl!” he had cried. “Here I am trying to secure your future and you are being as ungrateful as possible!”

  Secure her future? Amara would’ve scoffed if her jaw hadn’t been so bruised. He was only interested in how much more his own fortunes would increase by marrying her off. It was then Amara knew that not only would she never marry but she would also leave her father as soon as possible. She could care less about a title or money. She just wanted her independence.

  Almost imme
diately after Amara had come to this conclusion, her father received a message from the Lincolns, an incredibly wealthy family on the colony off Soong, a distant planet. The Lincolns had visited Traxil many months ago and had just heard that Lord Phillips was searching for a husband for his daughter. They wrote their interest in meeting Amara again for their son.

  Lord Phillips nearly hooted in triumph after reading the message. He had found his daughter and glared at her. “You will marry their son, Amara,” he had threatened. “This is the last chance at a good alliance and luckily this family lives so far away they haven’t heard of your horrible antics. And as fate has it, this family is wealthier than any of these small colony bumpkins here!” Lord Phillips eyes gleamed with the image of all the new wealth he would soon be coming into. “I will make sure this marriage happens.”

  Amara couldn’t imagine a worse family to marry into. She remembered the Lincolns vividly. Their son Milo had been the most vicious man she had ever met. Although quite tall, he was thin with a very long face. He had had a constant expression of boredom during the ball he had attended on Traxil. It was only once he had been introduced to Amara that his expression had flickered any hint of interest.

  For the rest of the night, Milo had kept Amara by his side. She had watched him harangue the servants for the merest infractions. He had even had some of the servants fired that very evening. Several of the maids had run off crying. Amara had never been so disgusted with a man.

  Milo had refrained from dancing the whole evening. Then towards the end of the ball, he turned to Amara and asked in an incredibly bored tone, “Care to dance?”

  Amara shook her head, unable to bring herself to touch bodies with such a cruel man. “No thank you,” she said, trying to take her leave.

  Milo’s long fingers shot out and grabbed her wrist. Twisting her arm behind her back, he pushed her hand upwards, making Amara cry out. “Care. To. Dance?” he asked again, emphasizing each word.

  Amara nodded quickly, afraid he would soon dislocate her shoulder. After another cruel twist, Milo released her. Her forearm was glowing red as they danced.

  No. Of all the men out there in the galaxy, Milo Lincoln was the last man she wanted to meet, let alone marry.


  The week before their trip to Soong and the Lincolns, Lord Phillips had received a message from his mines about problems that required his direct attention. Knowing he would not return in time for their trip, Lord Phillips had raged in frustration at the timing of the universe.

  Amara secretly couldn’t have been more pleased. She saw this as a sign of fate finally favoring her.

  Until the next day.

  That was when her father informed her she would still be leaving for her trip. Amara had asked if she was going on her own. This would be an amazing opportunity. She could easily change her ticket and fly off to a different colony or planet and escape her father and his terrible matchmaking for once and for good!

  But Lord Phillips had shaken his head. With a mysterious grin, he said, “Oh I’m not so stupid to let a girl like you leave this colony by herself. You’ll have yourself a proper escort.”

  Amara had no idea what her father meant. But she knew if the escort was anything like a servant or a man similar to her father, she could easily escape him. So with that in mind, Amara carefully packed her trunks. Instead of packing beautiful clothes for a meeting with her intended, she packed for a life of adventure and freedom somewhere in the universe.

  Feeling quite confident and nervously excited for her future, Amara had quietly ridden to the ship port as her father had ordered her to. But waiting for her was not a timid servant or a blustering old man like her father.

  Waiting for her at the port was a seven and a half foot tall Vistran with muscles to spare.

  Amara gulped.

  Perhaps escape would not be as easy as she had hoped.


  Loku had been a soldier of the Vistran Army for a long time. His hard muscular body spoke of countless nights of rough and merciless training and battle. But in recent years, a lull of peace had fallen across Vistra. After opening the planet to the rest of Federated space, the planet had become less about war and more about technology and progress.

  That was all good and well with Loku, except it meant that he didn’t have much of a job on Vistra anymore. The Army soon became more of a symbolic occupation with a few soldiers chosen for palace guard duty and the rest doing more menial civil occupation like simple policing of small cities.

  While many soldiers had fallen into this easier lifestyle with some readiness, Loku had not. He had wanted more than just guard duty or the overseeing of petty civil disputes. He had joined the Army because he had wanted action and adventure. And with the lack of females on Vistra, Loku had specifically spent all of his mating energy on training and fighting.

  But now these skills had become obsolete.

  So Loku had left and found work as a mercenary. He had worked to train other soldiers in other planets and colonies. He had fought with smaller groups to put down invaders or thieves. He still got his fill of fighting and adventure. The only thing missing was having his one true mate by his side. But Loku had resigned himself to a mateless life long ago. These days, it seemed all females wanted to settle and put down roots somewhere. They were tired of the thrilling, unsure future space provided. Even many of the Vistran females who had left Vistra for adventure had settled down with mates on different planets and colonies.

  But the problem with mercenary work was its inconsistency. Loku was in between work and it was getting too quiet and boring. He was in the middle of considering a stop by Vistra to see if there was anything interesting there to keep his attention (he had heard of the new human Queen), when he had gotten a request for his services.

  It was to escort some human girl to planet Soong.

  The message had detailed just how bratty and terrible the girl was and how she needed constant surveillance throughout the trip. Loku would be required to escort her to the planet, watch her throughout her stay, and then return with her to Traxil (marriage proposal secured). Only then would he be paid.

  With nothing else to do, he had agreed. Escorting and guarding some brat was usually not a job he would consider but he was bored and in need of something to do. And he hadn’t yet visited Soong. So he agreed.

  But when he had seen Amara approach him at the Traxil port, Loku knew this would be no ordinary trip.

  He couldn’t take his eyes off her arresting green eyes. They glittered and glowed. Although at the moment they glittered with suspicion and surprise. Loku’s lips twitched. Apparently she hadn’t been told her escort would be a Vistran. He watched her crane her neck to look up at him.

  He had never seen such fair skin before. With full lips and a curvy body, Amara was a walking temptation. Loku wondered why such a girl would need to go so far to get a marriage proposal. He would think she would have men batting down her doors for her hand.

  But far be it for him to decide how or who she should be marrying. Loku shook the thought from his head and nodded towards their particular ship gate. “Our ship is a little late. We can wait by our gate,” he said, his deep voice rolling clearly through the crowded port.

  Amara nodded silently. Loku carefully looked over the girl. He wondered again why her father had sent such a specific message of her disobedience and rebellious behavior. She seemed like the quiet type.

  Walking a pace behind her, Loku let Amara lead them to the gate. As they were walking, Amara suddenly started patting her chest, as if searching for something.

  She turned around towards Loku. “Oh no!” she said, her brow creased in distress. “I think my necklace broke! It was a gift from Milo Lincoln and I had sworn to wear it for him. I can’t lose it!”

  Loku was sure she had not been wearing a necklace when she had met him but as a dutiful escort, he turned around to look around for her missing necklace.

  “Can you tell me what kind of
stone might’ve been in the necklace?” he asked, scanning the floor.

  “An earth diamond,” Amara said from behind him. “It’s quite large. It should be easily visible.”

  Loku searched for the diamond, thinking if it really was that large, it probably had been stolen. Loku turned around, wanting to warn the girl to brace herself for the possibility of having to go to Soong without the necklace. But when he turned around, only the milling crowd greeted him.

  “Amara?” he called out.


  Just the busy crowds shuffling to their assigned gates.

  Loku couldn’t believe this girl had just pulled the easiest slip ever on him. He was glad no other Vistran soldiers were present to witness his gullibility.

  “Amara?” he called out again.

  Of course, no one came forward. Loku had to give the girl credit. She hadn’t had much time to get away and yet it looked like she had made a clean job of it all.

  But it was clear Amara was not familiar with Vistrans and their physical abilities. Not only did they have incredible physical strength, they had heightened senses.

  Immediately upon meeting her, he had been able to take in her sweet, floral scent that was unique to her. He could recognize that scent anywhere without mistake.

  Loku walked through the busy port, parting the crowd easily with his looming height and broad build. He carefully scanned the busy port. Any Vistran soldier worth his salt could take in the height and build of anyone within the first five minutes of meeting someone. And unless Amara had found a way to alter her height and weight within the past few minutes, Loku could zero in on her.

  In the far end of the port, near another gate heading towards Mars, Loku caught a capped head trying to duck behind another large passenger. Loku began walking towards the gate from an angle so his intended target couldn’t see him unless she looked over her shoulder.

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