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Daddy Plus One: A Single Dad Secret Baby Billionaire Romance

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Daddy Plus One: A Single Dad Secret Baby Billionaire Romance

  Table of Contents

  Daddy Plus One, A Single Dad, Secret Baby Romance

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  Big Daddy on Top

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  18 Inches for Christmas

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  Daddy Plus One,

  A Single Dad, Secret Baby Romance

  By: Brooke Valentine

  Daddy Plus One

  © November 2017 – All rights reserved

  By: Brooke Valentine

  Published by Passionate Publishing Inc.

  This is a work of fiction. All names and characters in this novel are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or events is entirely coincidental.

  This book is for your personal enjoyment only. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form without written permission from the publisher.


  This book is intended for adult readers, 18+ years old. Please close this e-book if you are not comfortable reading adult content.

  Chapter 1

  Linda Davis strode into the sleek executive suite of Davis Enterprises, her choppy brunette bob held perfectly in place as if by magic despite the gusty winds outside. Las Vegas never got too cold, but today was unusually frosty and Linda wore her long fur coat and stiletto boots. All of the secretaries and receptionists stopped and stared as she walked past, intimidated by her stony expression and impeccable good looks. For a woman in her fifties, she still had the dewy skin of a twenty-year-old.

  “Evan,” she called arrogantly, as she marched into his office. “What the hell is this that I hear about you making a deal with Glenn Falk?”

  Evan sighed and took his feet off of the desk. “Mom, you know that I’m the CEO now, not Dad.”

  “And that’s your excuse for why you made such a foolish business decision?”

  “No. I just mean that I made a decision as CEO. That’s all.”

  Linda pursed her lips and surveyed her son. He was a truly handsome man, just like his father, with a strong cleft chin and square jawline, a striking profile, and beautiful sterling gray eyes. He was also stubborn, another trait he had learned from his father.

  “You are the CEO but you’re a fledgling. I’m just trying to make sure that you don’t run this company into the ground,” she finally said. She softened her tone toward the end of her statement, and Evan narrowed his eyes.

  “Mom, speaking to me sweetly doesn’t make what you’re saying any nicer. I am sorry that you think I will run this place into the ground, but it has been four years and this has been our strongest quarter yet.”

  “Don’t you know that your father and Glenn Falk had a long-standing feud?”

  Evan sighed again. “Yes, and we discussed that over dinner and golf. We decided to let bygones be bygones. I’m not my father. I have nothing against Glenn. In fact, I think he’s a brilliant businessman and could really enhance the health of this company if we partner up.”

  Linda let out a dramatic groan and moved to the cabinet on the side of Evan’s massive oak desk, a relic of his late father’s era.

  “I don’t keep liquor in there anymore, Mom,” Evan informed her.

  Linda flared her nostrils, then flipped her hair back. “Where do you keep it then?”

  “I decided no more liquor in the office. We’re not in the ‘60s anymore.” Evan turned back to his sleek MacBook. “Let’s go out to lunch later. I have a very important meeting with a client at ten.”

  “A client? May I inquire as to who this client is?”

  “It’s for a funding request. For housing orphans,” he admitted reluctantly.

  Linda scoffed. “We’re in the hotel business, honey, not the orphanage business. Tell this client to get lost.”

  “I think it would be excellent for the company’s image to get behind something like that.”

  “And just what do you hope to accomplish? A mention in a newsletter for orphans?”

  Evan fixed his mother with a sharp look over the silver edge of his MacBook. “Maybe I would actually like to help some people, Mom. Now I really need to prepare for this meeting. Thank you.”

  Linda started to leave. Then she paused at the door. “Your father would be so heartbroken to see what you have done,” she addressed the wall wistfully.

  Evan glared at her back but didn’t say anything. Though he was a fierce man with no frills, he also loved his mother dearly. “Love you, Mom,” he said, before going back to work.

  Precisely at ten, Evan’s prim secretary informed him that the client had showed up. Evan straightened his suit jacket and headed to the glass conference room, where he saw a very little brunette woman perched on the edge of a chair. She was dressed in a stiff, square suit jacket that was slightly too large for her and her heels were too low to be stylish, but she still looked like a fair and square businesswoman who wouldn’t take any nonsense.

  “Hello,” Evan said warmly, extending his hand. “I’m Evan Davis.”

  “Lisa Allen.” She stood to shake his hand and he realized that her eyes looked like two topaz jewels, burning with beauty and passion. His heart skipped a beat.

  “Well, shall we begin?” He forced a grin and tried to hide how disarmed he suddenly felt as he took a seat. Lisa Allen returned to her seat as well.

  “I’m sorry, but I specifically requested an audience with Cole Davis,” Lisa objected.

  Evan froze for a second. Sometimes things like this would happen, where a person would not know that Cole Davis had succumbed to a heart attack four years prior. It always felt like a knife had been sunk into his heart whenever he had to recount his father’s passing to expectant people. The world went on without his father in it, but just barely. “I’m sorry, but Cole Davis is no longer with us. I am his son. I’m the CEO of Davis Enterprises now.”

  Lisa looked bewildered. “He died?” Then she regained her composure. “I’m so sorry for your loss. That must be hard.” She flicked her burning eyes up and down his figure, as if mentally comparing him to his father.

  Suddenly, the door clicked open and Linda waltzed in, her fur coat now draped low over her arms. “I am sorry that I’m late,” she said airily, as she took a seat to the right of her son at the head of the table. “I had another appointment that just concluded.”

  Evan gaped at her and tried to mouth, “What are you doing here?” Then he decided not to say anything and to play it off as if Linda was supposed to be present. “This is my mother and the late Cole Davis’s wife, Mrs. Linda Davis,” Evan introduced her. “And Mother, this is Lisa Allen, a representative for Hearts and Homes for Children.”

  Linda could be so gracious when she wanted to be. “Hello, Miss Allen! I am very excited about your proposal. When my son brought it up, I just had to applaud his charitable spirit.” She paused, her fake smile radiating sweetness and enthusiasm. “My, you do look familiar. I am trying to think if I may know any Allens.”

  “I doubt it,” Lisa said quickly as she set a folder on the table. “I want to thank you both for this meeting. I must admit that I am very surprised to learn that Mr. Davis has passed on, but I hope that we can establish an excellent working relationship.”

  “Of course–” Evan started to say, before Linda cut him off.

  “I can assure you that while my husband was a wonderful and apt businessman, my son is just as qualified and proficient at his job. I urged him to take over the CEO position because I knew that only he could come close to his father’s unrivaled business
savvy.” She shot her son a dazzling smile. “Now what is it that you are looking for exactly, Miss Allen?”

  Lisa cleared her throat and laid out the papers in her folder. She began to make her proposal, talking up the orphanage that she was funding and her desire to create a resort-like building in which they could live a life of luxury that they had never enjoyed previously. She appealed to their ethos by showing them some photos of heartbroken orphans, their tragic stories, and lists of medical needs. One little girl Lisa was especially sure to show off; all she wanted for Christmas was a doll because she did not have any toys.

  “As you can see, you would be helping thousands of children. You would also be pumping a lot of wealth into the community from the jobs that will open up. In return, you will gain amazing public image and unbelievable tax breaks. If you choose to join me in this project, we can really make a difference and many people will benefit, including your company.”

  “I see. Now how much will this cost us?” Linda said just as Evan opened his mouth to speak. While she continued to project her angelic sweetness, there was now a hard, greedy glint in her eye.

  “Here are the figures and estimates.” Lisa slid some papers toward them. Evan could tell that she was starting to get nervous.

  “I think this sounds like a wonderful humanitarian project,” Linda said. “You would be best to approach a humanitarian organization. Perhaps write some grants. We wish you the best of luck.”

  “Hold on,” Evan said sharply. “I actually like this idea.”

  Linda glared at him, furious. “I’m sorry, but we are not in the business of helping humanitarian organizations. I do apologize. Your heart is in the right place and I hope that you succeed.”

  “No. I am on board.” Evan picked up his pen. “I’m ready to sign a contract. I think we should expand into the humanitarian industry.”

  “Oh, really?” Lisa looked overjoyed, and tears sparkled in her wide eyes.

  Evan enjoyed seeing her so happy. He looked at the pictures of orphans littering the table and felt glad that he would be helping them too.

  “Do a background check on that woman,” Linda demanded the instant that Lisa Allen left the room.

  “Of course, I already did,” Evan said, still perturbed by his mom’s impromptu interruption. “I always do on new clients.”

  “And what did you turn up?”

  “There isn’t much on her. Just a website. She graduated from a youth and family counseling program in Utah and lives in Las Vegas working with disadvantaged youth and orphans.”

  “And you want to trust someone like that with your money?”

  “I get a good feeling from her. I am very astute at reading people. You have said so yourself.”

  “That is why I am so surprised that you can’t see it,” Linda snapped back.

  “Can’t see what?” Evan tried to maintain an even tone, but his temper was about to snap.

  “It is a bit obvious, is it not? She’s a scam artist.” Then her mother snorted. “I know her from somewhere. She actually reminded me of a bitch who used to work for your father. Spitting image of that whore.”

  “Mom! Even if she looks like that woman, she obviously couldn’t be the same person, could she? She looks younger than me!”

  “I suspect she’s the daughter or something.” Linda stood up and adjusted her coat over her shoulders. “Do a thorough background on her. Find out who she really is. Hire Geno to look into her and he will find out everything you need to know. You want to make a foolish decision like this – fine. But at least do your homework properly beforehand. Your father didn’t start this company from the ground up just to throw his money at any vagrant and scam artist who wants it. Now how about that lunch that you promised me, Evan, dear?”

  Chapter 2

  Jessica Collins threw her purse onto her sofa and collapsed next to it as she undid the buttons on the front of her suit jacket. “Goodbye, Lisa Allen,” she said nonchalantly as she tossed the suit jacket onto the floor. It was always nice to slip into other characters for a few hours, and she liked to say good night to these characters when she took them off at the end of the night. In a minute, she would wash off her makeup, but first she needed to decompress.

  Her favorite victims were the fat businessmen types. Rich, selfish, smug. They did not care about her beyond the fact that she was skinny like a supermodel, with long, perfect brown hair and searing golden-brown eyes. When she did her makeup and wore a pushup bra, they were practically willing to do somersaults over their paunches for her. It was so disgusting, but satisfying to watch. These men led a life that she had never dreamed of, so she was determined to get a bite of the pie for herself.

  But this one today – this Evan Davis – disconcerted her. She usually didn’t bother with the young, rich billionaire playboys. They were especially awful, having had everything handed to them. They would never know the struggles that she had been through. Just being near Evan bothered her. And she was especially disappointed that Cole Davis had passed on.

  Cole Davis had been her real target. She wanted to show that fat, filthy rich man where he could stick his money. After what he and his repellent wife had done to her mother, she was determined to stop at nothing to hurt him where it counted. He was rich, but not so rich that he would not miss a few million leeched from his account!

  Seeing Linda Davis had galled her. But it had also assured her that this was the right thing to do. Linda deserve justice for the ugly past. After all, everything was her fault. Seeing her in that fur coat reminded Jessica of eating pancakes for three meals a day while her mother went without food. Seeing Linda’s perfect haircut reminded Jessica of the bags that lingered under her mother’s eyes as she worked endless hours to support them both.

  Jessica grabbed the fat, black journal from the end table beside her couch. She flipped through the pages, breathing in her mother’s unique scent. The journal was like a lost connection with her mother, but the entries full of anxiety and fear made her feel terrible. There it was, the entry about how excited she was to find out that she was pregnant. Then there was the entry about how her boyfriend had left her, taking the last of her money, never to be a father to Jessica. There was the triumphant entry, where she had been extended an offer by Cole Davis to continue working at Davis Enterprises, despite the pregnancy that she thought would end the hospitality career she had worked so hard for. She wrote that everything would be all right. If only she had known what would happen just months later, when Linda had her fired for some petty jealousy, and blackballed her so that she could not get another high-paying job at another hotel company in the country.

  Jessica slapped the journal down, filled with renewed hatred for the loathsome Davis family. They could have their billions, their mansions and fur coats. That Evan guy probably drove a hot sports car and went through women like water. But Jessica would make sure to bankrupt them and give them a taste of the poverty that they had never had to suffer. Oh, yes, revenge would be hers.

  She turned on Netflix to find her favorite show. It was time to relax after a long day on the job.

  Gary was there, standing in the dim room. Jessica peered through the gloom until his figure took shape and solidified into his familiar appearance.

  “Dad,” she said.

  “Jessie.” He was holding up a hat full of watches. Suddenly the room was full of light. “You really hit the jackpot today, Jessie. I’m proud of you.”

  Jessica started to smile. Then she lost her smile. “And so did you. Are you enjoying all of the fortune we made together? Father.” She said the last word scathingly.

  “We both know I was never your father,” he replied.

  “You acted like it. You know I needed a dad. And that’s how you got to me.”

  “Maybe I got to you, but you let me in.” He turned the hat upside down and the trinkets inside scattered across the wood floor. Jessica realized it was the house they used to live in as they ran scams together across the city.
But now you’re fine on your own. You never needed a dad. You never needed any man. It was just you and your mom the whole time, and now it’s just you. You’re doing fine.”

  Jessica nodded, but she was starting to cry. “I just miss you. I wanted a father,” she sobbed.

  “Stop that.” He put the hat onto his head and adjusted it to make it snug. “You are too good to cry.”

  Some loud bang jolted Jessica out of her sleep. She glanced around the apartment in momentary terror, before realizing that it was her upstairs neighbors being annoyingly loud at three in the morning as usual.

  She went to the kitchen to get some water and clear her mind. That dream was very disturbing; she was still shaking slightly. She hated seeing Gary in her dreams. Seeing him was especially chilling and traumatic. Sometimes her mind liked to torment her, showing her images of the father figure who had betrayed her. This particular dream had seemed to be congratulating her on her strength, but why did she have to see Gary? She hated how she always cried in the Gary dreams. She was too strong to ever cry in real life.

  Since Gary had taken off with her life savings and left her with nothing, she had not shed one tear. Instead, she had become like steel: sharp, fierce, and too tough to be broken. She had hit the ground running, ready to fend for herself with or without Gary. Since he had gone, she no longer had to split her wealth with anyone. She made a killing scamming paunchy businessmen around the city with her sexy yet unassuming façade. Maybe she didn’t have everything a woman could want in life, but at least she had a nice roof over her head, food in the fridge, and a wardrobe that would make a movie star jealous.

  Now she had to prepare for her day tomorrow at David Enterprises. Getting in bed with the enemy, she really needed her beauty sleep. She prayed for no more Gary dreams as she slipped back between her satin sheets.

  Fully made-up and smelling of sweet musk, Jessica left herself at her apartment and stepped out in the gusty Vegas November morning as Lisa Allen. She caught a taxi to the office building and the driver kept staring at her in the rearview mirror. She winked at him as she slipped out of the cab, certain that she looked stunning, like the sort of woman who would be getting off at Davis Enterprises at eight in the morning for a legitimate job.

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