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  By Hiranya Borah

  Copyright 2017 Hiranya Borah

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  Human character may be the most difficult to understand topic in the world. I have come across many people with diverse qualities. Some of their qualities are much above average which may put them at par with any great personalities of the world. But the same person may have a worst habit which may put him at par with a criminal behind the bar. In my poems, I am trying to portray some contradictions observed by me in human characters in dealing with people in my day to day life. However, characters are fictitious and far from reality.

  Thanks to my readers and friends and above all my family for their constant support to write something usual and unusual. I love them all.


  Am I Perverse

  Flunking my cabin door;

  Like a Jalaikatu bull,

  With full of anguish in his face;

  Demanded to know;

  Am I a perverse one?

  Why the hell,

  You have asked me?

  I also demanded to know my sixty-five-year-old friend;

  With a tone of sympathy.

  With same heat in his voice, he said;

  You know my profession;

  You know my capability.

  With a feeble smile in my face,

  I admitted;

  I do know your profession,

  I know your capability;

  However, I did not tell him;

  I hate to admit;

  I always envy your profession.

  I hate to admit,

  I envy you;

  For your capability

  To look beyond the robes of someone.

  I hate to admit,

  I always envy your power;

  To un-robe a beautiful lady;

  Even without touching her body;

  Then showcasing her body to all.

  I know your profession,

  I envy your profession,

  I envy your success,

  As a professional painter,

  For selling your product at a premium;

  To the high-end class of the society.

  Only I did say to my old friend;

  Do I have the guts to tell you,

  A perverse to the core?

  Nay my friend, not in this life!

  His anger on his face;

  Diluted little bit on my re-assurance;

  But not free of anger;

  How they can term me perverse;

  For telling the truth.

  The Truth

  He claims, he can see;

  Beyond what we can see,

  Beyond the cloth,

  Covered the body of a boy or a girl.

  He claims he has seen,

  N number of girls

  And boys without a thread on their bodies.

  Number of boys and girls,

  Queuing up to remove their robes

  Over the time has only been increased.

  He claims, he never touches,

  A single thread-less body in his life,

  Except the body of his wife;

  Whom he loves more than himself.

  Then what makes him so angry?

  Who might have told him perverse?

  May I know what was the truth,

  I asked him with a meek voice,

  Even not audible to me.

  But he replied on his own;

  I told an unknown young lady,

  Shopping at a Mall with her husband,

  She is going to die;

  If she does not consult a doctor.

  The couple asked me,

  How do I now?

  I told them,

  Her left breast tilted more than the right.

  They asked me,

  Am I a doctor?

  I said no.

  They called me an old perverse man.

  They did not know;

  Last night I completed a nude paint;

  Of a rich young lady with a tilted breast;

  Doctor says she has numbered days,

  She did not consult a doctor at the right time.

  The young husband was about to hit me;

  Someone from the crowd said;

  Leave the perverse old man,

  He does not know how to talk.

  I repeated the same thing again to the lady;

  Consult a doctor before it is too late.

  The crowd told,

  Leave the place before you are thrashed;

  You, the old perverse man!

  I comforted my friend;

  You are not a perverse;

  But I did not tell him;

  You lack the communication skill;

  How to talk,

  When to talk;

  And where to talk.

  But I uttered once again to comfort him,

  You are not a perverse man.

  Is He Perverse

  Knocking at my cabin door;

  Like a true gentleman,

  With full of satisfaction in his face;

  Wished me,

  Good morning sir.

  I know him, a suave man;

  With beautiful choice of words;

  With command in communication;

  Both in Hindi and English.

  He is known by the seniors;

  As one of the juniors,

  Any senior can aspire for.

  But as not so suave,

  Not so carried away by sweet talks,

  I am allergic to this junior.

  Why I am so allergic to him?

  He had offended twice me,

  Without his own consciousness.

  Might be true,

  Many would not have been offended by his words,

  But I was offended.

  Once he confided about his own subordinate;

  When she applied for a leave,

  To have her first baby;

  Why should we grant leave to her only to suffer;

  When somebody else had enjoyed!

  I did not comment on that;

  Just I approved her leave.

  Another time,

  He passed a comment;

  About a colleague without any provocation,

  Which may be derogatory for any lady;

  Around the world.

  This time I reacted;

  I told him not pass on any loose comment,

  On any lady whom I know.

  I ask many a times myself;

  Is that suave man a perverse?

  Is He Also Perverse

  He is known to me for years,

  He tells whole world,

  He loves every girl in the world;

  With different lenses.

  He looks at every passing unknown girl;

  As an object, not as a human being.

  Tries to gauge the size of every private parts,

  Tries to visualize shape of every hidden part of a young lady;

  Whom he does not know.

  He is a different person altogether,

  For every known lady to him.

  He never visualizes,

  Size and shape of any hidden part of the lady,

  Who is known to him;

  Or lady with whom he has a relation.

  For him,

  Relation never limits with blood only;

  It may range from office to his neighbour.

  He believes only rel

  Daughters, sisters, mothers as per age distribution;

  All known ladies fit into either of the category;

  Never he thinks ill of them.

  Is he also a perverse one?

  Extreme One

  A regular visitor to the brothels;

  He behaves well with the prostitutes;

  He gives equal respects to her as equal partner on the bed.

  He respects every lady on the street,

  Values equally any of them.

  He is a perfect gentleman in society;

  Maintains all the human relation;

  Never has been threat to the civil society.

  He is a man known for his;

  Availability at the right place for the right cause;

  But he goes to a brothel regularly;

  Is he a perverse man?


  The author is a Government servant and a man of vivid experiences derived from his official postings across the country, travels across India and numerous visits outside India. He is presently placed at New Delhi.

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