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Hot and Sexy Beast Story Bundle (Featuring 9 Hot Beast Erotica Stories)

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Hot and Sexy Beast Story Bundle (Featuring 9 Hot Beast Erotica Stories)

  Hot and Sexy Beast Story Bundle

  Christie Sims and Alara Branwen

  Copyright © 2014

  All rights reserved.

  No part of this publication may be copied, reproduced in any format, by any means, electronic or otherwise, without prior consent from the copyright owner and publisher of this book.

  This is a work of fiction. All characters, names, places and events are the product of the author's imagination or used fictitiously.

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  Stories Included in this Bundle

  A Gothic Romance – Gargoyle Story

  A Load of Bull – Minotaur Story

  An Unusual Vacation – Gryphon Story

  Buried Treasure – Dragon Story

  Legends – Manticore Story

  The Princess and the Warg – Warg Story

  Prisoner of the Orcs – Orc Story

  The Hydra – Hydra Story

  The Lunar Blessing – Unicorn Story

  A Gothic Romance

  Maryann had jumped at the chance to work for the gothic architectural society when they offered her the opportunity after graduation. She had always been fascinated with gothic architecture and she knew that they had a particular interest in St. Mary's church in Brooksville. St. Mary's had always been one of her favorite places to "investigate" as a teen. It lay just on the outskirts of Brooksville and offered plenty of shelter for rebellious teens looking to smoke cigarettes without getting caught. At the time, Maryann had little interest in the architecture of the place, but over the years she had gained a new appreciation for the old place.

  "What we need you to do..." Darryl held his clipboard against his forearm as he explained what the society expected of her. Maryann couldn't help but drift off though as she surveyed the clunky stone walls and the immaculately detailed overhanging gargoyles. They had always reminded her of the gargoyles of Notre-Dame, greyhound like in the length of their necks and slim aerodynamic appearance. As a teen she had sat on the gravestones that surrounded the church, smoking her cigarettes and listening to her friends trying to convince her that at night the creatures would come to life. She never visibly bought in to the idiotic notion that the stone guardians of the church came to life at night, but there was once that she could swear she had seen one turn its head, ever so slightly, in her direction. She had never told anyone, not only for the fact that she didn't want to look like a fool, but also because she wasn't entirely certain that the thing had moved in the first place.

  "Do you think you can have the survey finished by Friday?" Darryl had now obviously caught on that she wasn't hearing a word that he was saying, but to his surprise she nodded immediately.

  "Sure, I can do that." Maryann turned her gaze to him and smiled. "It might take working a little overtime, but I'm sure I can do that." Darryl nodded.

  "Okay then. Well, I need to head back downtown to get a few things finished up, will you be okay here?" Maryann thought it strange that he would ask, and he asked in a way that seemed as though he knew something she didn't.

  "Yes, fine, fine." She brushed him off and began walking through the slightly overgrown grass towards the main building of St. Mary's.

  The fascination that Mary had with the church didn't seem to be shared by any of her colleagues. In fact, it seemed as though none of them wanted to go near the place. It was a prime example of gothic architecture at its peak, but not one of her new co-workers wanted to share the survey and Darryl certainly seemed to be in a rush to leave the site. Maryann laughed to herself, perhaps they had all heard the tales of the wakening gargoyles too?

  Unsure of where to start on a project as large as this, Maryann decided that the first call of order was a cigarette. She found one of the gravestones that she had frequently perched on as a teen, it offered a premium view of the church and in a way she felt as though she and Mrs. Anna King were old pals.

  "Hi Anna, it's me again. It's been a while, huh?" Maryann perched on top of the stone and reached in to her jacket pocket for a well worn box of smokes. She had been sure that she'd quit soon, this pack had lasted her a week already, but she just couldn't seem to let go of the comfort that a cigarette in her hand offered. She lit up and took her first drag, nothing seemed to have changed in this place, the church looked no different than it had years ago and the gargoyles that peered out from its stone walls seemed to recognize her face. At least, she recognized theirs and she liked to think that the feeling was mutual. "Hey there creepy gargoyle guys, good to see you again." She laughed at herself before getting back to her feet and heading towards the back of the church. As a teen, Maryann seldom went to the back of St. Mary's, it wasn't as if anyone was out looking for errant teenagers in a churchyard anyway so there really was no need to hide out behind the towering building. There was also, Maryann noted, always something a little colder about it back there.

  Certainly the lack of sunlight during the day left the back side of the church cooler, but at night there was little difference in the temperature, but the feeling of the place...that was a different matter entirely.

  The church was surrounded on the front and sides by a tall hedge that framed just one entrance, a pair of cast iron gates at the front. The hedge came to an abrupt stop at the back of the church however and aside from the few well worn grave markers the rest of the land was filled with dense trees. It wasn't the type of trees that one would recognize as a beautiful example of nature, rather, it was the type of trees that indicated a very good hiding place for a very bad person. A chill ran down Maryann's spine as she peered out in to the woods behind the church. She was too old for that shit now, at least that's what she told herself, although the truth is that when it comes to creepy wooded areas, she wasn't entirely sure that she'd ever be too old to be a little freaked out.

  As she stepped forward, careful not to walk in to any of the grave markers, these were much older than those of Mrs. Anna King, Maryann heard something behind her move. It wasn't the type of movement that indicated a deer or even a parishioner, it wasn't even a familiar noise, it sounded more like the sound of two concrete slabs grinding together. Maryann turned her head slightly in the direction of the noise, it didn't come again though.

  "You've got one hell of an imagination Maryann Dunn." She chastised herself as the thoughts of a gargoyle gone rogue rampaged through her mind.

  Maryann, determined not to scare herself out of what could be the best opportunity she had been given since her graduation, willed herself to walk in to the woods behind the church. After all, the area on which the church had been built was just as important as the building itself, at least that's what one of her college professors had drilled in to her head. In reality, Maryann still wasn't sold on the concept, but this was a matter of reclaiming something, she wasn't going to let this site scare her off.

  As she stepped in to the tree line, Maryann heard the now familiar sound of concrete on concrete again and this time it sounded closer than it had been before. Her green eyes swiveled to the side as she anticipated someone or something behind her. The wind blew gently through her long brown hair, sending strands across her face and sticking them to her lip gloss.

  "Oh for fuck's sake!" She wiped at the strands of hair and as she did, she felt the wind blowing agai
n, only this time it was blowing directly on the back of her head and she was fairly certain that it wasn't the wind after all. There was a low rumble directly behind her and Maryann could feel her hands beginning to tremble as her heart began to race. Whatever it was that had made that noise was now directly behind her and curiosity battled with a healthy dose of fear to determine whether she would turn around and come face to face with whatever it was, or whether she would run.

  Taking a deep breath, Maryann turned slowly, her flat black boots swiveling in the dried leaves under her feet. When she turned, Maryann saw a great wall of stone before her, she lifted her eyes to see a stone face staring at her, eyes unmoving. Two jets of warm air passed periodically through its flared nostrils and finally, it blinked. Maryann didn't know what to say with the exception of a few expletives that wouldn't even form out of fear. Her breath came fast and her body was paralyzed. As she stood before the gargoyle she could see a transition beginning to take place, its stone surfaces seemed to soften, its dull stone body began to show some color and most of all, its eyes began to show signs of life.

  "What..." This was all Maryann could manage before wordlessness took over. She wasn't entirely sure why she hadn't run away yet or in the very least screamed, but there was something that emanated from this creature, something that held her rooted to the spot.

  "Hello, Maryann." It's voice was deep and seductive, it sent a jolt of excitement through her fear strained body. "I haven't seen you in a while." The gargoyle blinked slowly, it's dark brown eyes fixated on her. In one fluid motion it raised a clawed hand and placed it against her cheek. Maryann flinched, she wasn't sure what she was expecting, she wasn't entirely sure that she was still alive let alone conscious. The creature's hand was still cool to the touch and for a moment it held its fingers against her warm cheek, soaking up her heat. "I have...missed you."

  Maryann felt as though she was having an out of body experience as she stood before the gargoyle. He caressed her cheek again and as he did so he released a satisfied sigh. It was, Maryann thought, the type of sigh someone makes after an incredible sex session, an orgasmic sigh.

  "You..." Her words still wouldn't come but the creature knew what she was saying and he nodded and blinked slowly. Maryann recognized the lean frame with the chipped left ear, it was the same gargoyle she had tried to forget, the one from that night in her teen years that had turned just a little to angle towards her. The creature looked far more intimidating in real life, and standing at seven feet tall as it stood before her, Maryann was certain that it had become much larger after stepping down from its perch on the church's stone wall. Standing at just 5'6," Maryann was dwarfed by the creature; however, she was quite certain that he would be just as intimidating were he the same size or even shorter than she was. There was something about a gargoyle standing before you in real life that struck fear in to your very core, regardless of how tall the creature stood.

  "Yes, it is me, Maryann. I have waited for you." Maryann saw the creature's eyes sparkle as he ran his large clawed hand down from her cheek to her shoulder. He tugged at her jacket in an uncoordinated attempt to slip it off her shoulder and in an automated reaction, Maryann slid the jacket off and let it fall to the ground. "You are as beautiful as you ever were, Maryann." The fluid sound of the creatures voice sent another shock through her body. It wasn't fear though, it was, Maryann recalled, the feeling of being noticed by your crush for the first time. She wasn't entirely sure how fear could turn so quickly to such a feeling of intense attraction .

  "How can you...?" Her voice was still shaky as she tried to question the creature, but still her words stuck.

  "There is a special kind of magic, Maryann. A magic that comes only when someone so beautiful loves someone so ugly." He gestured to himself with his clawed hands. Maryann shook her head, but she hadn't loved him. At least, she was quite sure that she hadn't loved him. Sure, she had noticed him as part of the architecture, part of her passion as she leafed through old photographs, but as a teen she had seen him as nothing more than a stone statue. A creepy stone statue. "In your heart Maryann, you always knew, you always needed me to protect you." Protect her from what, she wondered.

  The gargoyle leaned down this time, his face just inches from hers and slowly blinking he pressed his mouth against hers. His lips were cool to the touch and Maryann couldn't help but kiss him back. As she kissed him she felt his mouth beginning to become more supple, his lips warmed against hers and his large hands guided themselves down to her waist. Maryann had no idea what was happening now, it all seemed much more than surreal, yet his touch, his kiss, there was something magical about it. The gargoyle squeezed his hands around her waist and pressed his mouth harder to hers, as he did he lifted her in one smooth motion. Maryann felt her breath catch as he lifted her from the ground and then came to sit on the ground with a thud. As he sat, he placed Maryann down on his lap and instinctively she straddled him as if riding him. She looked down in to his eyes that once again sparkled back at her and as she did she could feel his girth growing between her legs.

  Maryann felt his stony cock pressing against her as her skirt lifted around her waist. Her knee high socks rubbed against his cool rocky skin, still a half mutated combination of gargoyle and man. Maryann felt her panties clinging to her, whatever this creature really was, she had to concede that it made her feel incredible. As the creature looked in to her eyes wordlessly, he lifted his hands from his waist and tugged at her blouse as gently as his oversized hands would allow. The buttons of her blouse popped open, revealing her ample breasts that flowed over the top of her demi-bra. Again the creature let out a sigh, a deep rumbling sigh that reverberated against her panties and only made Maryann want him inside her even more. She couldn't believe what she was doing and yet, she had no intention of stopping.

  One slow movement of the gargoyles claw and Maryann's bra fell off her, releasing her large breasts and revealing her budding nipples. The gargoyle grunted this time, a deep and guttural noise that pushed Maryann to a point of excitement that she never knew was possible. He lay his hands over her tits, squeezing them together gently with his hands. Maryann licked her bottom lip and closed her eyes, it was as though she had always been destined to be here with this creature.

  As the creature teased her tits and continued to rumble gently in the most primitive noises of pleasure that Maryann had ever heard, she slid her fingers down underneath her skirt. She wasn't entirely sure how she was going to slip off her panties without the creature becoming upset that she might be trying to get away. She wanted to let him know that there was no way in hell that she was going now, her pussy was wetter than it had ever been and the ache between her thighs was almost unbearable. She wanted that creatures cock and she wanted it bad.

  Maryann slid her fingers over her panties, rubbing the small wet spot that was growing larger by the second. She could smell the sweet musk of her pussy and she knew that if the creature kept teasing her like this, she wouldn't be able to take much more. Slowly, Maryann slid her panties aside, flashing a peek of her perfectly trimmed pussy as she did. The creature rumbled again, unable to take his eyes from her pussy and he slid his hands back down to her waist. Maryann felt him lift her gently, making sure not to scrape her with his claws. Carefully and slowly he brought her up and sat her down against his mouth. Her panties that had snapped back in to place were now firmly planted on his mouth and the gargoyle was now licking them slowly with his stony tongue. With each stroke of his tongue, Maryann wanted to reach down and slide her panties aside, but the creature seemed to enjoy the thin material pressed up against his mouth as his tongue tasted her just enough to get him worked up even more.

  "Ahh" Maryann could already feel her orgasm building up inside of her as the gargoyle lapped her pussy rhythmically. His rough stony tongue added a whole new dimension to anything she had ever felt before and she found herself riding his tongue gently, begging him to lap her just so. It wasn't until Maryann could feel herself a
lmost on the peak, that the creature used its rough hard tongue to pull aside her panties. With one slow and deliberate stroke, he touched her delicate pussy and Maryann felt herself beginning to tumble over the peak. Feeling her cum against his mouth, the gargoyle slid his tongue tip just inside her opening, tasting her throbbing pussy, probing her until she cried out in ecstasy. "Ahh ahh ahh!" Maryann's cries carried through the trees and as she began to come down, the creature placed his large mouth around her pussy from her clitoris to her opening and sucked her dry, tasting every last drop of her juice.

  Maryann could barely move as the creature lifted her gently from his mouth and placed her back over his growing bulge. As soon as she felt him against her once more she felt as though she could go again. The gargoyle slid his large tongue between his lips, lapping up the juice that had escaped her pussy and slid over his lips. He blinked slowly at her without saying a word.

  Maryann could feel her pussy throbbing, spent from the warm mouth of the creature, but she also knew that she wanted to feel him inside her. That huge stony cock inside her tight throbbing pussy would feel so incredible, she couldn't wait anymore. Reaching down she slipped her panties aside again, but as she did, the creature reached down with his claw and in one smooth slice he cut off her panties gently, revealing his prize. He wanted her as much as she wanted him inside her now and he watched, mesmerized as Maryann lifted her delicate frame up and placed the tip of his huge cock against her opening.

  The creature had a thick hard cock and Maryann could already tell that it was going to be more than she'd ever taken before, but she was determined to take it all. As she began to lower herself on him, Maryann could feel her pussy begin to protest, he was too big, she was too tight. She gyrated her hips gently working the tip of his cock with her dripping pussy lips. There was no way that she was going to miss out on this after the most incredible orgasm of her life. The creature watched her, his stiff cock standing like a thick flagpole with Maryann perched delicately on top. As she moved her hips she could feel his cock slowly sliding inside her, a fraction at a time until finally the head of his dick slipped inside and she felt an incredible sense of satisfaction. With the massive head of his cock now popped inside her, she knew that she could take him all and that is just what she intended to do as she pressed down, forcing his cock deeper. The gargoyle bore his teeth, grunting as Maryann stuffed him inside her, squeezing his cock shaft tightly and wrapping it with her warm dripping pussy. He watched as she lifted herself again, just to the tip of his cock, never letting the head slip out, and then thrust her body back down on top of him. As she felt her tight snatch getting stretched wide, the creature watched her huge tits bouncing with each thrust.

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