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From circlet to collar

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From circlet to collar
From circlet to collar

  Chapter 1 The fall of Rivendell

  They stood up proudly against the armies of orcs of Mordor but all hope was lost once they received the message. The halflings, Frodo and Sam, had not made it to mount Doom and were killed in a way no one rather wished to know. The ring now was in the dark lord’s possession again which meant they were lost. The armies of orcs only grew and became stronger; hope was lost in Middle earth. First Gondor submitted to them to protect what was left of their city, Minas Tirith gave in as well for they were useless without a leader, Lórien, Erebor, Mirkwood.. They all fell under the power of the ring.

  The armies headed to Rivendell. Many elves fought them back and they were able to keep them away from the borders of their city, until the dark lord himself decided to pay a visit to the city, together with a whole new race of orcs who again were perfected. These creatures were even stronger than the Uruk-hai and specialised in archery, just like the elves but these creatures had way stronger armours which made it impossible for the elves to pierce them with their arrows. Zlajows were what Sauron called these creatures.

  Rivendell submitted to them and the last hope disappeared.

  The elvenlord was badly injured and was escorted to the healing house, where two elves started to take care of him. He was hit by three filthy arrows, one in his upper leg, one in his lower arm and the last one right above his right collarbone. The healing elves had taken off the lord’s armour and after some time they managed to remove the arrows and clean the wounds.

  Sauron got off his huge black horse and walked over one of the small bridges which leaded to the main building of Rivendell where Glorfindel was awaiting him. Glorfindel also just got back from the battlefields and looked in bad shape. His armour and golden hair was all covered in blood of orcs or perhaps even close friends who fought alongside him. He regarded the dark lord with a lot of supressed anger mixed with sadness shown on his face; he managed to make a small bow for him though.

  The dark lord almost smirked underneath his helmet but he knew there was no time for that yet. “Greetings Glorfindel, it is a pleasure to see you again.. I wish to see lord Elrond, I have seen him retreat so telling me fairy tales will be useless..” the dark lord spoke with a low and strong voice which came close to a perfect voice but it was hard for Sauron to not sound disrespectful at the first place for he knew that even in this situation he could not just do whatever he wanted yet, no he would keep that for later..

  Glorfindel felt that he was not the only one who was supressing his emotions and let a sigh escape his lips as if energy got sucked out of him from the moment Sauron entered this room. “Our lord got injured..” he responded with a soft and low voice. “He needs some rest before he will be able to speak to you.”

  The dark lord took a few steps closer to the tall elf, again supressing his emotions. “Lead me to him. I badly want to share my thoughts with him..” he said in a less perfect way because now the anger in his voice clearly was audible.

  Glorfindel knew he could not deny any orders in this position and nodded slightly as he asked two other elves to guide the dark lord to the healing house for he could not move properly himself. The two elves did as they were told and brought him to the healing house where the two healing elves just finished the procedure of healing their lord. The two elves who had guided him to the healing house quickly left again for they both felt terrible around the dark energies of Sauron.

  Elrond had his eyes closed but was not asleep; no he never could sleep in a situation like this. A grin played on Sauron’s lips as he saw the big frame of the elf who proudly had fought alongside his folk but failed to protect his realm. The two elves who sat beside their lord startled at the sight of the tall figure who just came in but they immediately got up protectively.

  The dark lord walked closer to the bed and glared shortly at the two blonde elves, but mostly at the raven-haired one who lay upon the bed. Elrond slowly opened his eyes and stared at the heavy armoured figure standing in front of him, in the first place he thought this was a dream, but once he felt the pain in his body getting clearer again he knew this was not a dream but a painful reality. He had been defeated by the one he had wished never to see again in his life.

  “Greetings, I do not mean you any harm.. I only wish to talk to you Elrond, lord of Rivendell. From now on you only will be called Elrond and nothing more.” Sauron again spoke with the same strength in his voice as he did before, but there was a slight sound of amusement clearly audible.

  A deep frown appeared on the ex-elvenlord’s forehead as he heard these direct words. He wanted to deny the fact that he now just has been released from his tasks but he knew this was useless. He was injured, tired and barely able to even think clear so trying to start a discussion would be foolish right now. “Do not hurt my people please.. I am very sure they will co-operate well i-if you will not harm them.” Elrond spoke softly, hearing the shivers in his own voice which only frustrated him even more.

  “Eärendur, Caranthir.. Lle aa' auta sii'..” he ordered the elves who immediately nodded in response and walked out of the room. Sauron followed them with his eyes and walked closer to the old elf as he sat down beside him on his bed. He almost could taste the miserable feeling of the elf by just studying his face, oh Valar he enjoyed this so much.

  Elrond had closed his eyes again, just sighing deeply for a few times and trying to make his mind clear, think about whatever possibly could happen or what he could to perhaps stop this all. Many thoughts flew through his mind but the only reasonable one right now was to co-operate with him. “Tell me what is it that you wish..” The ex-elvenlord whispered this time as if it hurt to just let these words escape his lips.

  The dark lord turned himself more towards the elf and bended forwards as he placed one hand on the side of the raven-haired elf who shocked in response and widened his eyes slightly. “It is you who I wish, my old friend.. I have been waiting for so long to make you mine, to make you crawl on your hands and knees, constantly begging to be taken.. Long have I thought about the ways I could use your beautiful body.”

  The dark lord licked his lips shortly as he stared at the elf who tried to sit up straight now which almost succeeded until Sauron placed his metal covered hand on his chest and pushed him down again.

  “Y-you are insane.. I will never lower myself to such a level!” Elrond exclaimed but this had not been wise to do for he immediately started coughing. His body was in a too bad condition to come across like he meant it.

  “I heard words about that you had aged.. I now can confirm these rumours were lies. Your body and even your face barely look any year older than the last time I saw you.” The dark lord spoke while stroking over the elf’s broad chest, loving the way the elf’s body seemed to betray him which might showed that his body had changed but not in appearance.

  The elf did not wish to answer Sauron and just closed his eyes, trying to forget his current surroundings but the dark lord easily snapped him out of those thoughts. “I will not harm your people as long as you follow my orders well enough.. I now want you to call those two pretty elves again and let them escort you to your bedroom.”

  Elrond knew he could not disobey him in this position and called for Eärendur and Caranthir, who came back in less than 10 seconds as if they had been listening to their conversation but Elrond knew he could trust these elflings. “Kanu amin a' amin sambe.” He ordered the younger elves. They nodded and shared a worried look at first but followed their orders. They escorted their ex-lord to his bedroom while the dark lord simply followed them and looked around at everything which now belonged to him. This beautiful city definitely was a place where he preferred to stay.

ws – Literally meaning in orcish: shadows. In this story they are perfected Uruk-hai.

  Eärendur – Healing elf

  Caranthir – Healing elf

  Lle aa' auta sii' – You may go now

  Kanu amin a' amin sambe – Bring me to my room

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