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The Realm: Box Set - Parts 1 to 5 (Realm of Angels Series, Book One)

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The Realm: Box Set - Parts 1 to 5 (Realm of Angels Series, Book One)
The Realm: Box Set - Parts 1 to 5

  (Realm of Angels Series, Book One).

  Conrad Powell

  © Copyright 2011

  First World Publishing

  New York


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  Conrad Powell’s Works:

  Realm of Angels Series:

  Book One – The Realm: (All 8 of 8 Serialized Parts) bundled for convenience:

  Box Set: Parts 1 to 5 bundled for convenience:

  Part 1: A fallen angel finds himself in a compromising position.

  Part 2: This explains Victor’s beginning.

  Part 3: Victor is free.

  Part 4: Choices.

  Part 5: Victor’s mission.

  Then complete the story with

  Part 6: The Day of the Fall will never be the same.

  Part 7: A Prophet prophesies.

  Part 8: Will something happen at Twilight?

  Book Two – The Cross:

  Part 1: (Scheduled for May 2013 Release).

  Detective John Start Thriller Series:

  Book One – Start:

  Box Set: Parts 1 to 5 bundled for convenience:

  Part 1: Fall - Joshua Fall, a high level criminal in the seedy world of New York corruption is brought to trial courtesy of then Officer John Martin Start.

  Part 2: Kill – [F r e e on] Captain Cilantro calls Detective Start to a homicide crime scene in Brooklyn.

  Part 3: Plot - The Posse plans to rob the Bank of Jamaica.

  Part 4: Site – The Posse scopes out the bank.

  Part 5: Trip - John Start travels to Jamaica to investigate the plot to rob the Bank of Jamaica.

  (Coming Soon) Part 6: Jail - Someone is unexpectedly detained.

  (Coming Soon) Parts 7 to 12.

  (Scheduled for a 2013 Serial Release) Book 2 – False Start.

  (Scheduled for a 2014 Serial Release) Book 3 – Re-Start.

  (Scheduled for a 2015 Serial Release) Book 4 – Start to Finish.

  (Scheduled for a 2015 Serial Release) Book 5 – Start Over.

  (Scheduled for a 2016 Serial Release) Book 6 – Bad Start.

  (Scheduled for a 2017 Serial Release) Book 7 – Start Up.


  Assurance Trilogy: Red Pill (Book One): Episodes 1 and 2

  Betrayal Series: Betrayal – Part 1 (Part 2 scheduled for June 2013 Release)

  (Short Story) - No Easy Day: A Fictional Account of the Mission That “Killed” Osama Bin Laden.

  (Short Story) – Bloody Shabbat (formerly entitled “The Walking Men”).

  (Short Story) – Red Stilettos: Episodes 1 and 2.


  Hunger is Not a Game.

  Jesus, I Am Ready: Developing a Servant’s Heart (Devotions for Every Day of the Year) – (Released in Monthly Segments): Month of April – April 1st to 15th.

  No Easy Day for Mark Owen: The Legal Brief.

  Sandy Hook Slaughter: Sandy Hook Slaughter: The Newtown Shooting and Massacre in Connecticut - Adam Lanza. Thoughts and Lessons on a Tragedy and the Coming Paradigm Shift.

  All titles are available for purchase wherever ebooks are sold.


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  2. Table of Contents:

  1. Credits:

  2. Author’s Note:

  3. The Main Title: The Realm: Box Set - Parts 1 to 5 (Realm of Angels Series, Book One).

  3 (1). Part 1: Chapters 1 to 4.

  3(1)(a). The Realm - Chapter 1 - The Blues.

  3(1)(b). The Realm - Chapter 2 - Vamp Among Us.

  3(1)(c). The Realm - Chapter 3 - Mayor Trudeau’s Problem.

  3(1)(d). The Realm - Chapter 4 - Vander’s Visit.

  3(2). Part 2: Chapters 5 to 7.

  3(2)(a). The Realm - Chapter 5 - Adonari’s Roots.

  3(2)(b). The Realm - Chapter 6 - Rumors of Rebellion.

  3(2)(c). The Realm - Chapter 7 - Descend.

  3(3). Part 3: Chapters 8 to 12.

  3(3)(a). The Realm - Chapter 8 - Villagio’s Vampire Delights.

  3(3)(b). The Realm - Chapter 9 - Vampirol Lockup.

  3(3)(c). The Realm - Chapter 10 - Vampires Can Be Lawyers? Of Course.

  3(3)(d). The Realm - Chapter 11 - Judges Can Be Vampires? Of Course.

  3(3)(e). The Realm - Chapter 12 - Salvation.

  3(4). Part 4: Chapters 13 to 18.

  3(4)(a). The Realm - Chapter 13 - Vampirology 101. Were You Sleeping in Class?

  3(4)(b). The Realm - Chapter 14 - Mungar’s Rebellion.

  3(4)(c). The Realm - Chapter 15 - Victor, We Missed You.

  3(4)(d). The Realm - Chapter 16 - Heaven At Last.

  3(4)(e). The Realm - Chapter 17 - Love Conquers All.

  3(4)(f). The Realm - Chapter 18 - Zorona Where Art Thou?

  3(5). Part 5: Chapters 19 to 23.

  3(5)(a). The Realm - Chapter 19 - Light at Dawn.

  3(5)(b). The Realm - Chapter 20 - Pre-Day of the Fall Celebration.

  3(5)(c). The Realm - Chapter 21 - Resurgence of Evil?

  3(5)(d). The Realm - Chapter 22 - Siton.

  3(5)(e). The Realm - Chapter 23 - Let’s Get It On.

  4. [BONUS EXCERPTS] – Conrad Powell’s Works:

  4(1). Start (Detective John Start Thriller Series, Book 1):

  4(2). Realm of Angels Series:

  4(3). Betrayal Romance Series:

  4(4). Short Story Series:

  4(5). Non-Fiction Titles:


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  1. Credits:

  God blessed me with a very supportive and understanding family and I dedicate these works to them. Lord, thank you for the strength to persevere.



  Assurance Trilogy: Red Pill (Book One): Episodes 1 and 2 Copyright © Conrad Powell 2011.

  Betrayal: Part 1 of Betrayal Romance Series Copyright © Conrad Powell 2011.

  Realm of Angels Series: Book One – The Realm – A Novel © Conrad Powell 2011-2012.

  Detective John Start Thriller Series: Start (Book One) - Box Set Parts 1 to 5 © Conrad Powell 2007-2012.

  Red Stilettos (A Short Story): Episodes 1 and 2 © Conrad Powell 2012.

  No Easy Day: A Fictional Account of the Mission That “Killed” Osama Bin Laden Copyright © Conrad Powell 2011.

  Bloody Shabbat (A Short Story) Copyright © Conrad Powell 2011.


  Hunger is Not a Game © Conrad Powell 2012.

  Jesus, I Am Ready: Developing a Servant’s Heart (Devotions for Every Day of the Year) © Conrad Powell 2013.

  No Easy Day for Mark Owen: The Legal Brief. Copyright © Conrad Powell 2012.

  Sandy Hook Slaughter: The Newtown Shooting and Massacre in Connecticut - Adam Lanza. Thoughts and Lessons on a Tragedy and the Coming Paradigm Shift. Copyright © Conrad Powell 2012.


  All rights reserved. No portion of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means – electronic, mechanical, photocopy, recording, scanning, or any other-except for brief quotations in critical reviews or articles, without the prior written permission of the author.

  Cover Design by Conrad Powell.


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  2. Author’s Note:

  Thank you for your purchase. My reader
s mean the world to me and I trust that the ideas will keep flowing to provide maximum entertainment. Enjoy.



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  3. The Main Title:


  The Realm: Part 1 of 8

  (Realm of Angels Series, Book One).

  By Conrad Powell.

  © Copyright 2011 Conrad Powell.

  3 (1). Part 1 : Chapters 1 to 4.

  3(1)(a). The Realm - Chapter 1 – The Blues.

  Chapter 1 - The Blues.

  Aurora, MO

  “Don't touch me,” said Little Jenny Johnson to her irritating paramour. He reached across the school lunch table and pulled her long blonde hair. The 7th Graders of Mount Redlock Valley High School were having their lunch.

  “I can't stand you Jenny Jenny,” said Little Tyler Maddox as he pulled her hair again.

  Jenny, turning a whiter shade of pale, grabbed her lunch tray stocked with two hotdogs, a pile of beans, a medium salad and the ubiquitous box of chocolate milk and went to another table.

  “Jenny, don't leave me girl,” said Treesha Downer, her best friend, who jumped up as well and ran with her tray to catch up with her friend.

  “Tyler is such a jerk that's why he a-”

  They formed “L” shapes with their fingers and planted it on their foreheads.

  “Loser,” they said and laughed. The kids at the new table stopped eating and laughed at Tyler.

  They eyeballed him and flashed the “Loser” sign repeatedly. Tyler turned red.

  “Girl, if it wasn't for his ten dollar allowance that you always take from him, we would have gotten rid of him a long time ago,” said Treesha. Jenny flashed a grin.

  “I know,” said Jenny. As they sat a cold wind burst through the cafeteria’s open window.

  Jenny devoured her hotdog and drank her chocolate milk.

  Treesha looked at Jenny who was turning blue.

  “Girl, you're blue,” said Treesha.

  “No, I'm not sad. I can't let Tyler get me down.”

  “Seriously, you are blue as in B, L, U, E. Really, blue as in your face looks like a smurf,” said Treesha.

  Jenny looked at her hands and noticed that she was indeed turning blue. She jumped up and let out a grand sneeze that sprayed a large vapor mist of saliva around the lunchroom. It reached far and wide touching the more than One Hundred 7th Graders at Mount Redlock Valley High. The students inhaled.

  Jenny rushed to the girl's bathroom and Treesha went after her. As Jenny darted for the basin in the bathroom, a shadow flashed past the large bathroom window. Treesha saw it.

  “Whoa,” said Treesha as a cold chill ran up her spine then down her leg.

  Jenny popped her head up from the basin where she was vomiting.

  “What?” said Jenny as she looked in the mirror. She noticed that Treesha, who was standing behind her, was also turning blue.

  “Did you see that?” said Treesha who failed to notice that she was also turning blue.

  “Treesh,” said Jenny looking into Treesha's eyes through the mirror's reflection. “You're blue too.”

  Treesha took her eyes off the window and stared at her reflection in the mirror. The shadow moved from outside the window and formed the image of a man. The man was behind the girls. He appeared as if from nowhere.

  Treesha sneezed and dashed to vomit in the other basin. Treesha regurgitated her beans and hotdog lunch into the second basin.

  The man, if you can call him that, had grey eyes, a smoky white skin that looked pale against his short cropped black hair.

  A gust of wind blew through the open window which flapped the man’s long black cloak in the breeze.

  The man wasn’t a man at all but an 8,011 year-old vampire named Victor Saul who wasted no time sinking his long teeth into Little Jenny's now bluish neck. After Jenny went limp, he laid her gently on the floor.

  Treesha whose head still hung over the basin wiped her mouth.

  “Jen Jen,” said Treesha whose voice echoed in the bathroom. Jenny did not respond.

  Treesha looked up and noticed Victor behind her. She let out scream that shook the foundation of the school. It could be heard from the other side of Aurora, Missouri. This sleepy valley town was is for a shocking ride.

  Victor grabbed her by the mouth from behind to muffle her scream as he sunk his fangs into her soft bluish and caramel colored neck.

  As he dropped her gently to the floor, Mrs. Benoit, the High School’s Principal rushed into the bathroom. Mrs. Benoit glimpsed Victor who wasted no time darting out the window like a stealth vapor.

  “Hey,” shouted Mrs. Benoit out of the bathroom window. It was no use. Victor was gone.

  The girls did not stir. Mrs. Benoit ran over to them and felt their necks for a pulse. There were no pulses. A little bit of bluish blood from Jenny's neck got onto her fingers. She flashed it off and wiped her fingers on her new Donna Karan red skirt.

  Two security guards for the school rushed in.

  “Listen, stay with them,” she said as she got up. “I have to get help.”

  Mrs. Benoit jumped into action running back to the center of the cafeteria.

  Three more security guards for the school ran over to her. All the kids were turning blue in rapid fashion. They looked like a sea of smurfs chucking up their lunches on the tables and floors.

  “Get the boxes of emergency germ warfare masks,” she shouted to them through her hands that formed a temporary human mask over her mouth and nose.

  “Quickly. Quickly.”

  They jumped into gear running so fast they almost dropped their batman-like utility belts complete with flashlights, pepper spray and chrome magnums.

  Mrs. Benoit jumped on top of one of the white lunch tables when Little Gadriella Murphy chucked up her lunch all over Mrs. Benoit's shoes. Mrs. Benoit looked down in disgust but quickly refocused her attention on the children.

  She felt like Rudolph Giuliani in 9-11. Never in her Ten year stint as Principal did an emergency of this magnitude cross her path. The school’s fire alarm and warning sirens started to blare. She felt dizzy as her head started to spin.

  The security guards returned donned in surgical masks. One of them threw her a mask as they gathered around the table where she stood.

  She bent down and shouted in one of their ears.

  “You triggered the alarms but they can't hear a thing. Get me a megaphone quickly. Hurry. Hurry.”

  Dr. Colan's Medical Office flashed in her head. She had to get the children there, she thought.

  The EMT arrived and loaded Jenny and Treesha into the ambulance and sped away.

  Mrs. Benoit yelled into the megaphone, “Everyone to the school buses.”

  The blue children and those still turning blue stampeded out of the lunchroom into the slender hallways like the Bull Run in Pamplona, Spain.

  It was seconds before Mrs. Benoit loaded five yellow school buses, headed straight to Dr. Colan’s office in downtown Aurora.

  3(1)(b). The Realm - Chapter 2 – Vamp Among Us.

  Chapter 2 – Vamp Among Us.

  Medical Complex, Downtown Aurora, MO

  Victor hovered above the speeding buses until the buses pulled up into Dr. Colan’s medical associate’s complex.

  The children screamed. Two teachers, with their breathing masks affixed, herded the children out of the buses into the parking lot of the complex. Some of the kids continued to vomit. Mrs. Benoit rushed into the complex foyer area up to the secretary’s desk. Mrs. Benoit spoke through the mask.

  The secretary seeing the blue children pouring into the foyer grabbed a breathing mask and shoved it over her face.

  Mrs. Benoit did not get a chance to speak to her. The secretary with eyes wide open jumped up and burst through the double swinging doors to the Emergency Room.

  “Dr. Colan, there is a sea of blue children in the-”.

  “I know,” said Dr. Colan, as he stood o
verlooking Jenny’s and Treesha’s bodies that laid on gurneys in the Emergency Room.

  Dr. Colan, clad in medical garb, put the stethoscope in his ears and placed the probe on Treesha’s bare chest.

  He heard a faint heartbeat.

  “Mmm,” he said looking at his secretary. The secretary stood still.

  “Get Volumes one to four of Blackstone’s Medical Dictionaries,” said Dr. Colan. “Stat.”

  The secretary rushed out of the Emergency Room. Principal Benoit ran into the Emergency Room almost knocking the secretary down.

  “Dr. Colan,” said Mrs. Benoit.

  “Hi there,” said Dr. Colan.

  “Doctor my kids are turning blue by the droves,” she said. Dr. Colan looked at Mrs. Benoit.

  “That nasty creature bit them, a vampire,” said Mrs. Benoit. “Look.” Mrs. Benoit rushed over to Treesha and Jenny's bodies pointing to their necks.

  “Look, the teeth marks,” said Mrs. Benoit. I saw that thing leaving the school.

  Nurse Boyer, the surgical nurse, rushed into the ER suited up.

  “Doctor, I have called the B Team to report for mandatory duty. Mayor Trudeau and channel 4, KTLA News are on their way,” said Nurse Boyer. Dr. Colan did not respond. It would take at least twenty minutes before the B Team arrived.

  Dr. Colan stood stoned faced scanning the bodies for a clue. There were indeed bite marks on the girls' necks. Dr. Colan sat at his medical examination desk as the secretary came with the Dictionaries.

  “Here you go Doctor,” said the assistant handing him the small pile of large textbooks. This enigma stumped the good doctor. Howard University Medical School had not prepared him for this.

  Certainly no medical school could have prepared him for the day he was having and the certainty of a long long long ill-fated night. Dr. Colan asked Mrs. Benoit to step out. She complied.

  “Something is causing them to turn blue,” said Dr. Colan stating the obvious. Nurse Boyer smirked.

  “Draw two vial of blood from each girl,” said Dr. Colan.

  He knew as much that something was robbing their blood of oxygen, hence the deoxygenated blood not only looked blue in appearance, it was causing those infected to faint without proper oxygenated blood flowing to their brains. The victims had no trace of red blood.

  The only question was causation. The culprit was Thermophila Derimedius but poor Dr. Colan had no clue because Thermophila Derimedius was a derived mutated strain of Salmonella poisoning. It was in the bad batch of chocolate milk, the children drank at school.

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