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My Wish For You

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My Wish For You

  My Wish for You

  By S. Daly

  Copyright 2016 - All Rights Reserved – S. Daly

  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form whatsoever, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any informational storage or retrieval system without express written, dated and signed permission from the author.

  Table of Contents


  Chapter One 4

  Chapter Two 11

  Chapter Three 18

  Chapter Four 25

  Chapter Five 31

  The End 36


  Chapter One

  Chantel Williams waited for what seemed like hours. She had never been more insulted. Out of all the drivers she had, this one decided to be late. She had places to be and didn’t have the patience to deal with this. She tapped her foot as if that would bring the driver there faster.

  Finally, the town car pulled into the circle driveway of Chantel’s parents’ estate. The car stopped in front of Chantel. She stood there waiting for the driver to get out and open her door for her. When it seemed the driver was just going to sit there and not get out, Chantel pounded on the driver’s window. The window rolled down.

  “Hey, that window costs more than what I’m being paid. If it breaks, then I get the blame!” James Weston found himself staring at a pair of dark blue eyes. She is stunning! Those eyes are spellbinding. Maybe I should not have yelled at her. She is, after all, a client. Besides dad would have a shit fit if he saw that.

  “Are you going to stare at me or are you going to get off your ass and open my door for me?” Chantel could not believe this guy had yelled at her. Where does he get off doing that? How rude!

  “I’m sorry ma’am. Here, let me open the door.” James opened the driver’s door and stepped out of the car. He opened the back passenger door for Chantel. She got in with a huff in his direction. He closed the door behind her and got behind the wheel. He pulled out of the drive and headed down the road.

  Chantel stared at the back of James’ head. She noticed that his black hair was messy in the back. She wrinkled her nose in disgust. Not only was he late and rude, but he also showed up a mess. However, she did have to admit that she liked that he was taller than her. Most guys that she had been with had been only an inch or two taller than her. But this guy seemed to be at least six foot tall.

  “I forgot to ask where you wanted me to take you.” James looked at Chantel in the rearview mirror. He watched as she jumped slightly at his voice.

  “Take me to NorthPark Center and make it snappy!” Chantel opened her one-of-a-kind Gucci purse and took out her IPhone. She tapped on it and put the phone to her ear. James pushed a button and the partition closed. He figured that she would want privacy while she was on the phone.

  He still couldn’t believe that he had to drive this woman around. It was just yesterday that he had been fired from his last job. Boy, did his dad yell. He had told James that if he didn’t straighten up, he was never going to make it in life. James had argued, saying that once he was making money writing, he wouldn’t need a job. His dad had sighed and said that he would give James a second chance to redeem himself. And that was how James came to be this woman’s chauffer.


  Once James got to NorthPark, he parked close to the entrance. He got out and opened her door. He offered to help her get out, but she ignored his outstretched hand. She got out and started walking to the door of the mall.

  That seemed a little rude of her. She must be upset that I was late. It wasn’t my fault. The alarm didn’t go off and I slept in late. James was closing the rear passenger door when he heard her come back. He turned to her and saw that she was scowling.

  “You don’t expect me to carry my own bags, do you? Your job entails that when I go shopping, you have to carry what I buy. Got that?” Without waiting for his answer, she walked back to the entrance of the mall. He shook his head, closed the driver side door and followed her.


  Several hours later, they exited the mall. James was loaded down with her purchases. He couldn’t believe she went into every store. In some of them she didn’t buy anything while in others, she seemed to buy up the entire store. He was tired. While he put all that she had bought in the trunk, she stood there texting on her phone. Once that was done, he opened her door. She got in without so much as a thank you. He rolled his eyes, closed the door, got in the car and rolled down the partition.

  “Where to next, ma’am?” Chantel ignored him. He repeated the question a little louder. “Where to next, ma’am?”

  Chantel looked up from her phone. “I want to go dancing. Take me to the Aura Lounge.”

  James shook his head. He remembered her parents telling him over the phone that their daughter was not, under any circumstances, to be driven to a club. “I’m sorry ma’am, but I was told that under no circumstances was I to drive you to a club.” He waited for her to explode. He could see that what he had said made her mad.

  “If I say I want to go to the club, I want to go to the club. You are my driver, not my parents!” James shook his head and pulled out of the mall’s parking lot. He drove toward the Williams Estate.

  Chantel looked out the window and noticed that they were heading back to her home. “I told you to take me to the Aura Lounge. Turn this car around now!” James ignored her and continued driving.

  “Take me to the Aura Lounge now or you’re fired!” James looked in the rearview mirror and saw that Chantel was serious. She was scowling and red in the face. Wow. I didn’t know she had freckles on her nose. They really stand out when she’s angry.

  He took a deep breath. “Ma’am, I am only telling you what I was told to do by your parents. I think they have your best interests at heart.”

  Chantel snorted. “Yeah, I’m sure they do.” James shook his head at her sarcastic tone. He continued driving to the Williams Estate.

  After a few minutes, she sighed. “Fine then. Take me home.” Just you wait, I will get you to take me to the club. I’ll just bide my time and then when you least expect, I will get you fired. She smiled to herself.

  James looked in the mirror again and saw that she seemed calmer. He smiled. Boy, was he glad that she was in a better mood. He sure didn’t need to lose another job. If he could keep this job, it might inspire him to write a novel about driving a town car and the trials thereof. Not only that, his father wouldn’t cut him out of the will. He grinned. This job might be the best thing for me after all. At least it is better than my last job at the factory.

  The rest of the drive was peaceful. Of course, that might have been because James had put the partition up when Chantel answered her phone. While the partition was up, James turned on the radio to a baseball game.

  When they reached the estate, Chantel was much happier. Her best friend Stacy had called and promised that they would go to the Aura Lounge later. She didn’t have to worry about having her driver take her and report to her parents about what she did. However, she looked out the window and scowled. In the driveway in front of them was a tan town car much smaller than the one Chantel and James were in.

  I can’t believe he showed up. I hope my parents aren’t home. They hate the Morton’s just because they are only millionaires. I think it’s plain stupid for them to hate his family just because they are not as rich as us. She sighed just as the partition lowered.

  James was smiling when he lowered the partition. His favorite team had just beat the St. Louis Cardinals. He planned to celebrate with a few friends later. His smile faded when he saw the look on Chantel’s face. Did something happen? She looks like she just smelled something nasty.

s something wrong, Miss Williams?” Chantel looked over and saw James looking at her from the rearview mirror.

  Why does he want to know? It’s none of his business. She scowled. “It’s nothing. Just let me out. I’ll have someone get my things out of the trunk.” James nodded and got out. He opened her door and Chantel got out. She walked toward the front door just as it opened. A maid stood in the doorway and was about to say something.

  Chantel interrupted whatever the maid was going to say and pointed to the town car. “Take my bags and put them in my room. If I find anything missing or disturbed, I will have you fired. Got that?” Without waiting for the maid’s response, Chantel entered the house and slammed the door.

  James shook his head, helped the maid carry some of the bags and drove home, thinking about the events of his first day on the job.

  Chapter Two

  The next day, James made sure that he was there on time. He hoped that she didn’t want to go shopping again. He waited outside for Chantel to show up. He had been surprised when he got a call last night from a servant in the Williams household. The servant told him that, as he put it, “Miss Williams has requested that you pick her up at eleven-thirty sharp. She is having lunch with some friends at Red Lobster and wants to be there early.” James had agreed and so here he was waiting at the Williams Estate at eleven.

  It was almost noon, by the time Chantel came out. She looked stunning in a short black Prada dress with black Louis Vuitton heels. Her makeup was perfect. She stopped when she saw James staring at her with his mouth open. I knew I looked great but does he have to stare like that?

  “What are you staring at!?”

  James closed his mouth, wiping the drool from his chin. No girl that beautiful would ever go for a guy like me. I feel stupid for staring at her but damn if she isn’t smoking hot. “I’m sorry, Miss Williams. I didn’t mean to stare.” He opened the door and she got in. He went over to his side and got in as well. He pulled out of the driveway and headed toward the Red Lobster. He stopped at the entrance, opened her door and helped her out. He opened the restaurant door for her. Once she was inside, he pulled around the building to where a sign with the words “Town Car Parking” had pointed.

  James parked next to a white limousine and got out. He saw a few men mingling over by a black limo and walked over to them. He introduced himself and asked if he could hang out with them. One of the men who had introduced himself as Johnson clapped him on the shoulder.

  “No problem. You must be a new driver for that Williams woman. I would recognize that town car anywhere. I heard that she goes through drivers like they are shoes.” The men laughed.

  “That seems a bit extreme, don’t you think? There is no way she has had that many drivers.” The men looked at James and burst into laughter again.

  Johnson looked at James and shook his head. “That woman has gotten every one of her drivers fired. She has done everything from getting her drivers drunk to making them take her to places she is not allowed to go. So, I would watch your back, my friend. You never know what she will do to get you fired.”

  “I’ll remember that. Thanks for telling me.” James spent most of the wait, listening to the men talk about the people they worked for. He learned that most of the men liked who they worked for while some of them wished they had different jobs. James just shook his head at some of them and went back to the car to wait for Chantel to be ready to leave.


  Hours later, one of the waiters came out the back door and asked for the driver of a Miss Williams. James went over and said that he was her driver. The waiter told him that his employer was waiting at the entrance for him. James thanked him and drove to the front. He found Chantel tapping her foot. Why is she impatient? She was the one who was taking so long. He pulled up and stopped. He got out and opened her door. Once she was in, he pulled out of the parking lot.

  “Where to, Miss Williams?” James looked at her in the rearview mirror.

  “Just take me home.” He nodded and drove toward the Williams Estate.

  Chantel was glad that lunch was over. She really didn’t like the girls. She thought that they were too superficial. They wanted to talk about what guys were cute and about how drunk they got at the club last night. Not that Chantel didn’t talk about the same things, she did. However, she was only friends with them because their parents ran in the same social circles.

  Though one good thing did come out of lunch. The man she was flirting with at the Aura Lounge last night, who had introduced himself as Camden Michaels, had called Stacy earlier and told her that he would like to see Chantel again. Stacy promised to set him and Chantel up. While eating lunch, Stacy called the guy up and had him talk to Chantel. Chantel gave him her number and said she would call him when she arrived at the restaurant for their date.

  There was a hitch in her plan, though. Jacob Morton was coming over again and was hoping she would have dinner with him. She knew she had to break it off with him but had to first come up with a plan. That was why her foot was tapping when James had pulled up. With every idea of how she would break it off with Jacob, she would find flaws with them. She thought about a few more on the way home, but none of them would work either.

  Just as they pulled into the driveway of the estate, she came up with the perfect one. She was smiling when James opened her door. James was glad to see that she was in a better mood than she was on the drive back to the estate. Just before he was going to get in the car and drive home, Chantel turned to him.

  “I’ll need you to drive me to Fogo de Chao in a few hours. Do you know where that is?”

  “Yes, I know where it is.” He remembered going there for his father’s birthday.

  “Good. Wait here at the house for me.” With that, she went inside to call Jacob. James got in the car and called his father, telling him that he would be late getting home. After he had hung up with his father, he set an alarm on his cell, leaned back in the seat and closed his eyes.


  An hour later, James’ alarm went off. He shut the alarm off and looked out the window. He didn’t see Chantel, so he got out of the car to stretch. As he was stretching, another car pulled up. Another driver got out of the other car and opened one of the passenger side doors. An older woman got out of the car with the help of the driver. The woman looked like Chantel, but her hair was brown instead of blonde. After the woman had got out, an older gentleman who had Chantel’s hair color with a little gray on the sides got out of the car.

  They must be Miss Williams’ parents. I can see where she got her looks from. James smiled at them and the man walked over to him.

  “You must be Charles’ son, James.”

  “Yes sir, I am. It is a pleasure meeting you, Mr. Williams.”

  The older man laughed. “Please call me Carl. This is my wife, Evelyn. Evelyn, I want you to meet Charles’ kid.” The woman came over and smiled at James.

  “I have heard so much about you from Charles. He is the best driver anyone could ask for. When he told us that his son needed a job, we jumped at the chance. So how is Chantel? She isn’t giving you any trouble, is she?”

  “No ma’am. She is a little stubborn, but I’m getting used to it.” Both of them laughed and James smiled. Wow, they are nothing like their daughter. They’re actually pretty nice. No wonder dad liked working for them.

  “Well, we better get ready for the fundraiser. It was nice to meet you.” Mr. and Mrs. Williams entered the house just as Chantel was leaving. She ignored her parents as they walked past her. James opened her door and she got in. He then drove off to the restaurant.


  Once they got to the restaurant, he opened her door and helped her out. She stood there for a few minutes as if gathering her thoughts. Why isn’t she going in? Is something wrong?

  Chantel turned to him. “Do you have a piece of paper and a pencil?”

  “Let me check.” James looked in the car. He found a notebook he had forgotte
n he had put in the car last night along with a pen. He tore a page out and handed it and the pen to her. She wrote something down, tore the page in half and handed the blank half to James.

  “Here is my number. I need yours so that I can call you to pick me up or to tell you that I am getting a ride from someone else.” James nodded and wrote down his number on the half she gave him. He handed it back while she handed the other half to him. Then, she turned on her heel and entered the restaurant.

  James sighed and got back in the car. He put her number in his phone and waited to get her call. Finally, a cute girl gives me her number. Of course, it is business related but still. Awesome.


  Two hours later, James was startled awake by his phone ringing.


  “I was calling to let you know that I am catching a ride with someone. You can go home now.” Before he could respond, Chantel hung up.

  Well, that was a bit rude. But at least I’m off the clock now. James smiled, started the car and headed home to get some sleep.

  Chapter Three

  It had been two weeks since James got the job driving Chantel around. This had been the longest he had ever held a job down. Chantel still didn’t know his name, but he liked the job.

  One day, he was giving Chantel a ride to lunch with her parents when her phone rang. She answered it and James could hear the man that she was dating yelling at her on the other end of the line.

  “Where the hell are you? I told you to meet me a few minutes ago!”

  This time, Chantel wasn’t sure why Camden was yelling at her. “Babe, I told you I was having lunch with my family. It is a very important lunch.”

  “I don’t give a damn if you were meeting the Pope! When I tell you to meet me, I expect you to meet me! Now get your ass over here in one minute or you’ll regret it!” The man on the other line hung up.

  Tears welled up in Chantel’s eyes. This wasn’t the first time Camden had yelled at her. He was always yelling at her for one reason or another. Not only that, he liked to hit her. She managed to hide the bruises underneath makeup, but her friends and parents were getting suspicious.

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