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Legacy of the Darkness

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Legacy of the Darkness

  Written by Connor prior, edited by Connor prior, Jacob white, and Jake Prior.


  (The following pages are journal entries, I, Connor Tenshi Yami, am currently narrating, however my friend, Jacob Varg, will take over later on, for now enjoy the story.)

  My name is Connor Tenshi Yami; I woke up today feeling… a bit odd. I can’t explain why, but I can’t stop feeling like everything is within my grasp. I also can’t seem to stop feeling thirsty, no matter how much water I drink. I must leave for school so I will write again later…

  To Whom It May Concern, my handwriting is shaky at the moment from the fear, and excitement that is coursing through my body. At school I couldn’t seem to stop feeling uneasy in the sunlight, then in P.E. we were doing dodge ball, and not a single person, student or teacher, could hit me. I dodged everything they threw at me, even when roughly twenty of them ganged up on me, I caught each ball and in the same movement returned the favour, not a single one missed my enemies. I don’t know why, but these changes began today, my 13th birthday.

  Hey everyone, Jacob Varg here, Connor’s given you his account of that day’s events, well here’s mine. I woke with a pounding headache and a coppery taste in my mouth. As I went to turn on my phone so I could play some music I felt as though my head would split into two. Once I got the music on it seemed to blare out of a cinema’s speakers. At that moment I thought, this day is going to piss me off. Okay so basic recap of the day, I could hear things I couldn’t, I could smell it when someone was frightened, and I was a great deal faster, 100 metres was over like that, *clicks fingers*. I don’t know what’s going on, but I like it.

  (Connor) Throughout the rest of the weak I began to get used to the… frightful changes to my body. Actually I’ve begun using them to my advantage. Like the day after it began, I noticed I had lost pretty much all of my imperfections. My eyes also had a strange enchanting look to them (at least that’s what I’ve been told by my… admirers), and not only that but I was able to win a national karate tournament, this included adults. My personal opinion is that these changes could mean that I am a vampire… no that’s ridiculous, or is it?

  (Jacob) Days past and I became used to my power. I know I should be using this for justice, but I think using it for my own means is much more fun. However even with this kind of strength I couldn’t overwhelm the law, I tried and let’s say I’m glad that they didn’t get a clear view of my face. I needed to take almost five bullets out of my abdomen, so, you know, it was very painful.

  (Connor) Weeks have past and I now know that electric fences hurt like hell. I was trying to escape the company of someone who was… different, very similar to me, he was nearly as fast as me and equal in endurance as well. I now rest in a hospital, no one visits and no one sends gifts, not even my grandmother, all I’ve had for now is my books. I must stop for now; someone’s walking towards my door.

  (Connor) The person from earlier, his name is Jacob Varg. He came with nothing, but his company. I didn’t want it at first, but he seemed like someone I could speak with, about my abilities. As we spoke we came to a quick conclusion that our minds were very similar, except on the superiority of vampires and werewolves. The simple thought of the heated argument is enough to make me smile. Life has dealt me a strange hand, but I have moulded it into my own.

  (Jacob) I met a boy today who could actually out run me. I chased him when he tried to walk away, eventually he ran into a high voltage electric fence. Days later I went to visit him in the hospital, he may be able to outrun me, but no one could get away from that uninjured. Anyway we talked, had a lot in common, became friends, now are we going to get on with the damn main story or not?

  (Connor) Since my friend is so eager I’ll let you read the rest. By the way the rest is written in a third person text.

  (That is both of our stories of when we first began to experience this… change. Now I shall let you read of our struggle to retain a small semblance of our humanity.)



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