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TAKEN (Five Hardcore Rough and Reluctant Sex Shorts)

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TAKEN (Five Hardcore Rough and Reluctant Sex Shorts)


  an erotic short collection by

  Jane Kemp

  All rights reserved copyright 2012 by Naughty Daydreams Press

  Cover image by Russell Marleau






  TAKEN AT THE BEACHDouble Penetration by Two Lifeguards

  by Jane Kemp

  All rights reserved copyright 2012 by Naughty Daydreams Press

  Cover image by Russell Marleau

  She had had the worst day imaginable. Training had started off well enough with simple swimming exercises to determine their endurance and their speed and form in the water. She had had no problems there. In fact, she was a shining star early on, winning many of the timed events and showing amazing lung capacity and strength in the other tests. It was no surprise, really, since she had been in love with swimming from the time she could walk. She had been a competitive swimmer since she was five years old and every summer she had lived with her uncle in Oahu, swimming the clear blue Hawaiian waters while helping him with the tourists on his diving tours. So, she didn’t shy away from demonstrating those skills as a lifeguard trainee.

  And that seemed to be the problem. She was one of the few females in the group and she was very aware of the leering stares of her fellow lifeguard trainees. She knew there was a lot of jealousy and outright anger that a girl should be one of the top in the class. As for the other two females, they were doing so poorly; she doubted they would still be around next week. They definitely were not on her side. They often sat with the boys at break and talked about her while flirting so obviously it made Keilani laugh.

  So, it wasn’t the training exercises themselves or the other girls that frustrated her. It was the outrageous behavior of the boys, and two in particular, that was making her want to quit. They hooted at her and called her names every chance they got, which wasn’t anything she couldn’t deal with, having grown up with four older brothers, but today, they had sabotaged her performance in the timed rescue and she was beyond angry with them.

  Of course, she had no proof that it was them that had messed with her suit, tying it in so many knots that she had been forced to ask her instructor for a loan that ended up being too big on her petite athletic frame. She had been angry with that, but it had been manageable. It was the blatant lies about her performance that had made her furious. The moment she had raised her hand and signaled she had finished the test, Tru Merrick, ignoring his name, decided to tell a bald-faced lie and get her time disqualified.

  It just wasn’t fair. She had worked long and hard to get to this point and now a couple of morons were going to take her dream and trash it. She hadn’t cried, but she had been close and she was pretty sure that Tru and his accomplice, Jarret Mallory, knew it. Their smug looks as she climbed out of the water had been all she needed to see to know the truth.

  Now, she sat in the locker room and felt a wave of hopelessness attack her. She had always been tough, a tomboy, a fighter. She had had to be with four big brothers at home. Now, though, she didn’t know what she could do to deal with these boys who seemed determined to see her fail. Was there anything she could do? If she went to her instructor, she would be branded as a tattler and, even if she passed, it would follow her, especially if she had to work with any of her fellow trainees at future jobs.

  She also couldn’t punch the shit out of them, though she thought she might just win a fight against their pansy rich boy asses, since she would probably end up kicked out of class for it. So, she was stuck. She probably could leave this class and find another somewhere else to try, but what would that do? She would know in her heart that she had let them chase her off and she would just be likely to run into the same moronic behavior wherever she trained. No, she had to finish here or not finish at all.

  Standing up, she grabbed her towel and her soap out of her bag and headed for the showers. At least in here, she was left alone. The other two girls, surviving on their last legs, always packed up their stuff and headed home to shower, driving together out to their rich little homes beside the bay. Keilani had to shower right after each class because she had to race off to her job as a waitress immediately after.

  As the warm water jetted out of the shower head and massaged her tense muscles, she sighed. God, it would be so good to make it through all this and finally be able to work as a lifeguard. She knew the initial pay wasn’t stunning in some people’s minds, but it beat the hell out of waitressing. She soaped up and felt her resolve returning. She would stick it out and be better than ever tomorrow and in every class after that. She'd get a good job and then she would tell all these losers to just fuck off.

  She laughed out loud at the image as she soaped up her long black hair. She thought of being the only one to pass the class and be certified as a lifeguard and then passing Tru or Jarret in town one day and telling them about her exciting new job. Then she thought of an even better scenario, where she was the lifeguard at the beach they were visiting and when she suddenly heard the cry of help, running down to the water and discovering that it was one of their lame asses she would be rescuing. She pictured herself just turning around and letting them drown.

  She laughed a bit at that and then she felt guilty and forced the thoughts away. No matter what they did, she didn’t want them to die. At least in her more rational moments she didn’t. She chuckled again and shut the water off, reaching for her towel and wrapping it around her body as she headed to her locker to get dressed.

  She was thinking of her upcoming training tests and how she could prepare for them when he heard the sound of voices. Slowing down and turning the corner quietly, she spotted Tru and Jarret rifling through her gym bag, pulling out various items and playing with them before tossing them to the side. She wasn’t sure how she lost her head in that moment, she only knew she saw red and she ran toward them, screaming bloody murder. “What the hell do you fuckers think you’re doing?”

  The two guys turned around and grinned big at the crazy chick in the towel headed their way. Tru stepped out to block her path, grabbing her by the arms as she stopped to take a swing at him. “Well, hey, beautiful, you’re just the person we were waiting to see.” He pulled her close and held her tight in spite of her struggles.

  She stared up into his grey eyes and snarled a response. “You assholes better get the hell out of here or I’m going to report you and then you can kiss the program goodbye.”

  Tru laughed and turned to his buddy. “Hey, do you think Coach Drew is going to kick us out of the program, Jare?”

  Keilani looked at him, confused. Coach Drew? Did they know their instructor from somewhere else? As if reading her mind, Tru answered while he turned her to face away from him, pulled her tighter and began walking with her toward his friend. “Yeah, Coach Drew has been our swim coach since we were about six years old. He’s an old friend of the family, really.”

  Then, he spun her around to face him and gave her a hard kiss, yanking at the towel she was clutching and pulling it away from her body. She had a natural swimmer’s body, long torso, narrow waist, strong legs and arms. Her breasts were a bit small for her frame, but they were round and pert and her ass was curved but taut, a nice heart-shaped package.

  Being suddenly naked in front of her tormentors did something to Keilani. She began to struggle hard, whipping her hair back and forth as she tried to shift right and left and pull out of his grasp. Her feet came up and
kicked at his shins and aimed for elsewhere, but he was quick to block her every move. Both of them just laughed and then, he pulled her to him again and kissed her harder, thrusting his tongue into her protesting mouth.

  She could clearly feel his excited bulge in his swim trunks and she realized that her struggling was making him even more excited, so she forced herself to calm down and, as she did, she felt his kiss more and suddenly, her body responded despite her feelings about him. She felt a flush of heat run through her and center between her legs as she settled down and felt his tongue explore her mouth. His body was hard and muscled, but his hands were strangely soft as they gripped her bronze skin.

  She became intensely aware of every contact point between the two of them as their bodies moved against each other. He was tall and had to bend down to reach her mouth, so he pulled her into the curve of his body as he kissed her and she felt her breasts shift up and into his chest as the kiss continued. When he finally broke away, his grey eyes were unfocused with his lust and she felt a wave of panic assault her even as she felt a strange desire drawing her to him.

  He moved his hands over her then, letting them trail over her breasts and using his fingers to circle her nipples before giving them each a pinch, making them hard and causing her to jump and cry out. Then, he pushed her backwards and she felt a new set of hands grip her biceps and she began to struggle again as she was hit anew by her situation.

  As Jarret held her, he pressed his body into hers, grinding his hips against her ass and laughing as she reacted to the feel of his hard cock pressing into her ass cheeks. She suddenly realized that Jarret was naked and she stopped struggling, shock settling in as she watched Tru remove his trunks, letting his cock fall free. She gasped as she saw him, staring at the large dick as it stood at attention and seemed to obscenely point to her. She also felt the warmth between her legs increase and wetness begin in her pussy.

  Now, Tru walked over to her again and she tried not to be afraid, but she shook as he took her back into his arms and kissed her briefly again. But, she was surprised to sense a sudden tenderness as his hands roamed over her again, though they didn’t stop at her breasts but continued down until they slipped between her legs. She felt his fingers probing her folds, and she shuddered as they pushed in and slid into her wetness, thrusting into her even as he held her upright against his body. His mouth moved over her neck and shoulders and she shivered at their soft touch.

  She had begun to forget that there was anyone but the two of them. In fact, she had begun to forget how this whole scenario had started. Her body was reacting faster than her sensible mind and she was beginning to move against Tru independent of any urging he was giving. Her mouth moaned against his when he brushed his lips over hers and his fingers inside her moved faster as they hit her sweet spot, making her cry out.

  But then, she felt another pair of hands on her, stroking her back and cupping her ass, and she remembered Jarret. He was shorter than Tru and his face was on a level with hers, but she could only briefly glance at his blond hair and green eyes as she tried to awkwardly turn her head. Then, he gave her ass cheeks a hard squeeze and she yelped again, moving up against Tru and forcing his fingers deeper inside her.

  Then, he pulled his fingers from her slick pussy and gripped her hips as he positioned his cock between her legs. She felt his hard shaft rub against her bare pussy lips and then, as the head of his cock slipped inside and found her sweet opening, he thrust up hard and filled her.

  She had only been with one other guy in her life and that had been a ridiculous mess, with the nervous beau coming seconds after he had entered her. She had never felt so full, or felt how incredible it could be when the thrusts were slow and deliberate. She gasped as each thrust of his large cock stroked inside her tender walls and she felt her orgasm begin to slowly burn harder inside her.

  Now, though, Tru pulled out long enough to shift her around to face away from him and then he bent her over as he thrust into her again from behind. She reached out with her hands for balance as she felt his cock move even deeper within her, ramping up her orgasm again and making her grunt and whimper with the rhythm of his thrusts.

  Jarret was suddenly in her view, then, stepping up to her and picking her up with his hands on the sides of her face. His cock, thick and hard, was pushing against her panting lips and, before she could think to close them or raise her hands to stop him, he had thrust into her mouth, over her tongue and into her throat. She had never sucked a guy off, (again, her only real sexual experience had lasted less than five minutes.) She gagged and choked as she tried to open wide enough around his shaft to breathe, but his thrusts were so fast and deep that she wasn’t able to get much air at all. Panic began to seize her as tears squeezed from the corners of her eyes and she brought her hands up to beat at his thighs in an effort to get him to pull out.

  Finally, he slid from her throat and her head dropped as she gasped and sputtered, sucking air into her sore throat. The moment he pulled out, though, she felt Tru pull out of her pussy as well and her sudden emptiness made her moan. But, she felt hands on her ass immediately after and she shot up, trying to twist away from between both boys.

  Tru held her again and as she felt his hands and his kisses, her body surrendered to the need for him and she calmed down. His hands found her ass again and she felt his fingers slip between her cheeks and probe at her tight hole. She gasped when he suddenly thrust them in all the way and began moving them in circles, forcing her anus to open and relax. The feeling was something slightly uncomfortable, but it quickly became something that excited her and made her pussy quiver and clench as her orgasm grew closer again.

  Jarret stepped up now and took her hand, pulling her forward away from Tru and to the narrow bench before the lockers. Brushing back her dark hair from her face, he kissed her for the first time. He was different than Tru, wilder, rougher, but he also had a more immediate response from her body. She knew she was getting closer, so when he leaned against the lockers and pulled her to him, she didn’t fight his direction.

  Putting his hands under her thighs, he began to pick her up and position himself to thrust up into her throbbing pussy when she felt Tru’s hands on her waist, helping to steady her as she was lowered onto Jarret’s shaft. The feeling was immediate and she cried out as her orgasm broke over her, making her tremble so hard, she would have fallen backwards if Tru hadn’t been there. She began bouncing wildly, pushing Jarret’s dick in and out of her, keeping her orgasm going.

  She was so overwhelmed with the powerful sensations that her orgasm was sending through her that she didn’t, at first, feel Tru’s cock pressing against her asshole, but as her orgasm ebbed, she felt him beginning to push into her tiny opening and she started yelling. She was still on Jarret’s cock and now, her ass was being stretched wide, sending sharp pains traveling all through her.

  Tru didn’t wait for her to get used to the sensation, but instead, began pumping in and out as fast as he could in her virgin hole. She was so tight and the cock in her pussy made her tighter, so that it was difficult for him to get very deep at first. Pain shot through her body, but it was a strange pain that seemed to simultaneously ignite her nipples and her pussy to even more sensitivity. As he moved, in fact, and her pain turned to an intense pleasure, her ass began to relax and he was able to move faster.

  Keilani had never experienced such intense physical feelings in her life and she shook now as her orgasm gripped her and didn’t let go. She could feel the two cocks moving against each other separated only by the thin skin that was the barrier between her pussy and her ass. Their thrusts quickly became wilder as both boys got closer. She could feel their cocks swelling inside her and then, Tru’s hands on her hips gripped her harder and his cock grew and throbbed and he came, burying his face in her hair as he filled her ass with his hot semen.

  Jarret wasn’t far behind, but he wasn’t planning on coming in her pussy. Su
ddenly pulling out of her, he took her from Tru’s arms and pulled her to her knees on the cold cement of the locker room floor. His hand was on her head and in her hair, pulling her head back and then, his pulsing cock head was resting on her lips and pushing into her mouth. She felt him shudder and then he thrust forward and his cock spurted cum, the salty liquid thick and hot on her tongue as he shoved deep, making her swallow the sticky load. She shivered as his cock filled her mouth, cutting off her air again, but in a moment, the last spasms had run through him and he slid his cock from her mouth.

  She was on her hands and knees gasping for breath when she felt Tru’s gentle hold on her shoulders as he helped her to her feet and wrapped her in her towel. She didn’t want to look at either one of them, but he put his hand under her chin and brought her face up to his and kissed her gently. Then, he turned to his friend. “Jare, do me a favor and wait for me outside.”

  “Sure thing.” Jarret leered at her, but she ignored him and, finally, he was gone.

  Keilani sighed and collapsed onto the bench, her body shaking and weak. Tru sat down beside her and took one of her hands between both of his. “You know, none of this was planned. We were just going to come in here and mess with your stuff, but, “ he paused and licked his lips, then he looked at her, his grey eyes staring into hers, “you were so beautiful.”

  “Beautiful? I was angry as hell!”

  “And it made you beautiful. Look, Keilani,” it was the first time he had ever used her name and she felt a strange thrill in hearing him say it, “I’m really sorry, for everything. I’m going to pull myself out of the program. You’re right; I don’t deserve to be here.”

  She sighed and clutched the towel around her with her one free hand as her other hand remained captive between his. “I never wanted you guys out of the program.”


  She laughed. “Well, okay, there were moments, but, really, I just wanted you to leave me alone or, even better, accept me.” As she said it, she knew it was true. “I think I should get dressed now.”

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