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Trinity: Heart of the Shifters

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Trinity: Heart of the Shifters

  Trinity: Heart of the Shifters

  Book 9 Denver Pack

  By Jana Leigh

  Editing: Kerri Good

  Published by JLK

  Smashwords Edition

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  This is a work of fiction. Names, places, characters, and incidents either are the product of the author"s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to any actual persons, living or dead, organizations, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

  © Copyright 2012 Jana Leigh. All rights reserved.

  No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by any means without the written permission of the author From the Author: Thank you to all those who have sent encouraging email and messages.

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  Cami rolled over and looked at her mates. They were everything to her. Over the last few months, they had become closer and closer. With the birth of their children and moving the Pack to Milliken, there had been little time to be alone. They needed to rekindle the magic she decided. Not that they were lacking passion, no the opposite was true, it was just the stress and turmoil that had surrounded the New Council in the last few weeks had worn on all of them.

  Cami and her friends had talked and agreed that this was needed. This morning, no one was allowed to call, text, email, or knock on each other"s doors. They were all taking a much needed break. There was a meeting scheduled already for lunch. The nannies had been notified and the doors had been locked. Cami slid from the bed silently to plan her little morning of fun.

  She looked at her mates sleeping and smiled. They had been so busy in the last few weeks she had not had time together with both of them. It had always been one or the other, not that she minded it at all. On the contrary, strong relationships were built when they could each have separate time with their mates. But Cami liked it when they were together and lost control. They were passionate, sometimes even a little rough.

  She felt the wetness between her legs and grinned.

  The rest of the women on the Council had planned similar mornings. She wondered if the males were going to be in for some ribbing later on. Usually Quin or Jaden were up at the crack of dawn handling things in the Pack. Oh well, at least they would have a smile on their face.

  She went to the closet and pulled the box down that had come in the mail yesterday. Jo had been so distracted lately, but she had agreed that she and Tey needed to connect this morning. So the best friends had gone on a website, then they had called the rest of the women and it had turned in to a great night of sipping wine and discussing sex with friends. All in all the order had been expensive, and rush shipping had been essential.

  When the Enforcer who brought the box to the main house had called her yesterday, she had been thrilled. They had all rushed to the door and practically mauled him for the boxes. Then they had had fun showing each other what they had bought.

  Cami smiled and pulled the red corset teddy out of the box. It had matching thigh high stockings and pretty lacy panties. She quickly slid the outfit on and then went to the bathroom. She combed her hair and put on a small amount of makeup. Looking in the mirror, she grinned to herself and fluffed her hair one last time. Her shape had returned after having the triplets. In fact, she wanted another child. She had always wanted a large family; maybe today would be the day, she thought and then went to the doorway and stood.

  She put her arm up along the frame of the door and posed as sexy as she could. Shit, she thought, she looked stupid, before she woke them she wanted to look irresistible. Cami looked around the room and decided that she was going to use the chaise. It was a wonderfully sexy piece of furniture, one that made her men hot when she laid on it naked. In this outfit, it should burn them up.

  She tiptoed to the other side of the room wanting to be ready when they opened their eyes. Quin stirred and rolled over letting his arm flop where she had been laying. She had to hurry. When one of them felt she was not in bed, they would wake up. She reached the edge of the chaise and flung herself into it, quickly arranging herself in a sexy pose. Quin made a noise and she knew they would be waking up now.

  “Jaden?” Quin said sleepily and pulled at his other mate. “JADEN!” He said louder when Jaden did not move.

  “What?” Jaden grumbled and buried his head in the pillow, rubbing his face and growling from being disturbed. Cami wanted to laugh, they were just too cute.

  “Where is Cami?” Quin muttered.

  Jaden popped up out of bed like she knew he would. They had been very paranoid about letting her go anywhere by herself, even to the bathroom. It was getting annoying.

  She saw him look around the room and finally his gaze fell on her. He rubbed his eyes and the grinned. “Found her.”

  Cami giggled and remained in her pose until Quin looked up from the pillow. “Holy shit. Cami, where the hell did you get that?” Quin said.

  “This old thing? Do you like it? I thought maybe I would wear it under my clothes today.” She said smiling and ran her hand up her side until she cupped her own breast.

  Jaden and Quin jumped from the bed and came to her eagerly. “Hell, I would have a woody all day.” Jaden said and knelt next to her.

  “Oh, poor baby, we can"t have that now.” Cami crooned and then leaned over and kissed first Quin and then Jaden in a seductive, lingering way.

  “Cupcake, you are gonna make us late.” Quin growled and buried his head in her neck.

  “Nope, everything is covered until the meeting. I thought we needed a little „we" time.” Cami whispered.

  “Nice.” Jaden said and joined the cuddling.

  “Seems we have a present to unwrap, Jaden.” Quin said into her neck and nipped her a little. Cami shivered and sighed at the feeling of peace that was descending over her.

  They would bond again, and then she would feel more comfortable. The feeling of impending doom had loomed over her for weeks.

  Quin and Jaden carried her to the bed and laid her down gently. She smiled up at them and held out her arms and they both fell into her embrace. She smiled and kissed them both on the neck.

  Quin began to palm her breasts and Jaden reached lower. Her panties had little white bows on each side that untied. He leaned down, kissed her hip, and then used his teeth to untie one side. Then he kissed his way back up her body and took over for Quin who did the same thing on the other side. She writhed under their hands, feeling the need to move a little fast.

  “Oh no you don"t. We are in charge this morning. You just lay here.” Jaden said and then kissed her deeply. She felt Quin finish with the side of her underwear and then slide them off. He kissed her toes slowly as he positioned himself between her legs.

  Jaden pulled the tie on her corset and released her breasts for him to play with. He tweaked and pinched at one side while he suckled and licked the other, switching back and forth slowly driving her crazy.

  Quin continued to kiss up her legs, first her calves, and then the inner side of her knew, her thighs, her inner thighs until she wanted to scream. Finally losing her patience, she said, “Fuck me, damnit.”

  Quin laughed against her mound and Jaden looked at her with his eyebrows raised.

  “Hey, you will take what we give you and like
it, get it?” Jaden growled and then bit the side of her neck. She was going to have a mark there now for a while. She smiled; well everyone knew what they were doing anyway.

  Quin nuzzled between her pussy lips and slowly used his tongue to taste her growing juices. “Nice and sweet.” Quin said and Jaden chuckled against her breast when Cami moaned.

  Quin found her little clit with his tongue and began to tease her, circling it but not quite touching it. She squirmed a little and raised her hips hoping to get the slightest touch, she was going to go off like a rocket she was so close. But they would not let her.

  Quin sat back and said to Jaden, “Pussy or ass?”

  Jaden looked down at Cami whose eyes were swirling with desire. “Pussy.” He said and kissed Cami.

  “Yee haw.” Cami laughed and said, “Saddle up.”

  Jaden laughed and lay back in the middle of the bed. Cami crawled to him and pulled down his pajama pants as Quin got undressed to the side. She looked at their cocks and her mouth watered. They were huge, and all hers. She stopped for a moment looking at them.

  When she had first met Quin, she thought he was crazy. A wolf? Like those existed, but then he showed her his wolf. She had freaked out. Cami had sat in a chair for hours trying to come to terms with what Quin had told her about mates and wolves. But she had come to accept it. Then Jaden came along, and she was knocked for a loop again.

  Two mates? She had thought and had been scared and hesitant. But they showed her how much they loved her. She could not resist.

  Theirs had been a fast courtship and a dangerous one. But Cami would not trade it for the world. She had grown into her title as Female Alpha and was one of the strongest wolves of the Pack. When Quin had changed her, she had been doubtful because of her size that she would be able to do much. She had worried about being challenged for being small. But she quickly figured out that for a wolf, size does not always matter.

  She was fast and smart, and only had to kick one woman"s ass to make the others follow her.

  Looking at her mates and knowing all they have been through, she wondered if given the choice she would take it all back. She got her answer when she looked into her men"s eyes. They loved her completely and without hesitation. What could compete with that?

  Cami straddled Jaden and smiled. Quin crawled behind her, cupped her breast from behind, and whispered in her ear, “Ride „em, cowgirl.” Cami smiled and then situated herself over Jaden"s straining cock. Quin held it for her as she lowered herself bit by bit on his shaft. When she was done, she leaned over and kissed Jaden. They did not move, waiting for Quin to enter her from behind and join them all together.

  She heard the click of the lube bottle and then shivered when she felt it dribble down her crack. Quin used his fingers to make sure she was ready and slick before grabbing her hips and holding her still. She felt his large cock on the outer rim of her back hole and she tensed a little. No matter how many times they took her this way; the feeling of being stuffed with their huge cocks always drove her nuts.

  She felt him push through the outer rim and relaxed. Soon he was fully seated and he tightened the grip on her hips. “Fuck us, baby.” He whispered into her ear and she began to move. They set up their rhythm with one sliding in while the other slid out.

  Soon the friction against the membrane that separated them had her heating up. She moved faster and faster, trying to get the first tingle of an orgasm but it was just out of her reach. She growled and Jaden laughed and raised his hand and separated her pussy lips a little until her found her clit.

  He did not touch it; instead, he teased her circling it driving her passion higher and higher.

  “Jaden!” She cried.

  “Shit, man, coming.” Quin said.

  “Me too.” Jaden grunted and he pressed his finger right on her clit and she exploded.

  They fell into a heap piled on one another, whispering their love to each other in between breaths.

  Finally, their hearts returned to a normal beat and Cami smiled in satisfaction. She had gotten what she wanted. Lifting her head, she looked at the clock. “If we hurry we can shower together before we have to leave.” She teased.

  “Your wish is my command.” Quin said and scooped her up from the bed so fast she squealed.

  “I love that sound.” Jaden said, “I bet we can make her do that again in the next twenty minutes.”

  “You"re on.” Quin laughed and carried her into the bathroom.

  Chapter 1

  Trinity looked out the window in amazement; she was actually in the United States. She never thought she would be here, let alone out of her small Pack. Since she was small, all she remembered was her parts making sure she never went too far from home.

  When she was old enough to move out of her parent"s home, she had already been working for the Old Council member. Therefore, instead of leaving and striking out on her own, her boss had insisted that she move into the servant"s quarters.

  Trinity worked and lived in the servant"s quarters for the last seven years. In all that time, she had never had a vacation or any type of time to herself. She never thought it was odd; she was a servant after all for a very prestigious wolf. She was honored to do her job. Many wolves would be bored to do what she did.

  Suddenly, a few days ago, Trinity had been called into her boss"s office and told she had to pack her belongings. Her parents had been adamant that she not ask questions, only telling her that it was time to fulfill her destiny. She did not question them, she never did and nodded, then went to pack her meager belongings.

  Now here she was, in the United States, and she had flown on an airplane. It had been very exciting, so much so she had forgotten to ask where they were going. Now that they were in a huge car driving next to beautiful mountains, Trinity finally decided it was time for some answers.

  “Father, mother, Mr. Spencer? Can I ask where we are going?” She asked quietly and waited while they looked at one another. Her parents and the older Council member had been whispering and talking since they left. Whatever was going on it was huge.

  “Trinity, I know you have a lot of questions and we will answer every one of them as soon as we get where we are going. For now, I will tell you we are on our way to the New Council compound. They are in Milliken, Colorado and we should be arriving soon. I am sorry for all the secrecy, but for now it would be easiest if we wait.” Mr. Spencer said. She trusted him; he had been her boss and confidant for the last seven years.

  Trinity had received all of her education from tutors he provided. She had a degree in Public Relations. Not that she had been given a chance to use it. Trinity always figured that when the time was right she would approach Mr. Spencer for a job with the Old Council. She had not heard anything about the New Council starting. Of course, she knew what it was. Everyone did. She had just not been aware that they had been found.

  The stories of all the Chosen were the things fairy tales were made of. She loved to dream about being one of their mates and being part of something so important. Trinity of course knew that would never happen. She was not stupid. She could see in the mirror. She had mousy brown hair that hung to her waist. She was not that skinny or pretty. She decided she could pass for cute if the guy was not looking very close. Her eyes were too big. She thought it made her look like a frightened doe. The only thing nice about them was they were green. She had common looks and was rounded in all the wrong places. Her hips were to wide and her breasts too big. She was also tall and awkward. She had never been on a date before, because either all the younger wolves in her Pack went to other Packs or they were interested in the slim and cute wolves.

  Trinity did not mind. She figured one of these days a nice wolf would wander into their Pack and see her for what she was. A nice calm wolf that would look after the house and children just fine. She wanted a calm life with her mate and a nice little house she could be proud of. Her dreams were interrupted when she felt the car moving to get off the interstate. She frow
ned a little when they moved away from the mountains.

  Like any shifter, she preferred to be surrounded by the outdoors. Why were they headed away from the perfect spot? She glanced behind her longingly and then shrugged. Who was she to question anything?

  Trinity tuned out the people in the car that were discussing how they were going to handle their arrival. She really did not care, she was just tired and wanted to get where they were going so someone would explain to her why she was here.

  They pulled through a quaint little town and she watched as neighbors talked and raised their hands in greetings to one another. It would be nice to live in such a friendly place, she thought. Although Mr. Spencer had made his home very comfortable, the shifters and people who ran the house were not close. They tended to keep to themselves and do their jobs. The small village that was closest was about the same way. The shifters who were in the area did not promote the fact that they were shifters. Humans had discovered their little paradise many years ago, and because they moved in the area, everyone was very hesitant to make friends.

  She frowned when they came upon a large gate that was an entrance into enormous walls. The walls were made of brick and looked like they were ready for a siege. She sucked in a breath when five large men, obviously shifters, opened the gate slightly and walked to their car.

  “State your business.” One of them said softly. Trinity was certain if the shifter did not like the answer they would be torn to pieces. She shivered and sank lower in the seat, trying to make herself look small.

  “Mr. Spencer, of the Old Council, to see Quin and the New Council. I have important information that he needs to hear.” Her boss said. The man held up a small phone like device and spoke into it. Leaning down he looked at everyone in the car. When his gaze fell on her, his eyes widened and then he raised his head and sniffed. Well she had been traveling for a whole day without cleaning up. But it was kinda rude for him to point that out. Trinity frowned, raised her chin a little, and turned her head.

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