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  By Jasmine Starr

  Smashwords Edition

  Copyright © 2013 Alison Jordan

  All Rights Reserved

  This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each reader. If you’re reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.


  I hear him coming and I'm off and running, it's the same every evening at this time.

  "Where are you little girl?"

  I'm trembling with excitement as I hide, this is our game, we play it all the time but I still get so excited.

  "I have something for you, I'll give it to you if you're a good little girl and show yourself."

  Nuh uh, I know that trick, but he needed to hurry up because my kitty was really wet and she was so thirsty, she'd been waiting all day.

  I can feel him breathing on my neck, he always finds me, I know how though, it's my scent, that's what he said, 'I can find my pussy anywhere cause I know her scent.'

  I was about to get up but his big hand stopped me.

  "No, stay right there, why didn't you come when I called?"

  Concentrate Katerina, not yet, not yet, but I couldn't help it, my body moved on its own.

  "Um, I, I." I arched my back as he ran his hand under me, feeling all my wetness, until one of those long thick fingers came inside and I whimpered.

  "Fuck pet, you're soaked."

  He moved his finger so good, it went so deep.

  "Fuck yourself; good girl."

  I felt the collar as it came around my neck, tight enough so I knew it was there, but not too tight, though it could be. I don't like when master puts the tight ones on, but he only does that when I'm bad and I've been good.

  I kept up my movements back and forth taking his whole finger all the way in.

  "Ummm, nice sweet cream." I heard him sucking my pussy juice from his finger just before he gave me what I wanted, what I needed.

  I yowled like the pet I am when he raised my leg and buried his tongue in my pussy.

  My eyes crossed as he licked me deep his fingers digging into the flesh of my ass. There was no warning before he was fucking me hard and deep, his Prince Albert hitting all the right places. The little bell in my clit jingled as he pounded me, my nails dug into the walls as he attached the clamps to my breasts.

  Master pulled out just as it was getting so good, but I knew better than to complain, so I whined and laid my head on the floor, ass lifted up into the air, just a little twitch because I can't help it.

  "Hush pet." He attaches the leash to my collar and pulls my head up, up, up.

  "Feed." I take just the head of his beautiful cock into my mouth and suckle, don't suck yet Katerina, have to do it just right for master.

  I know master likes the way my tongue ring feels against his cock piercing; it always makes him grab my hair extra tight.

  "Throat me."

  Aah yes, one of my favorites, I can feel the juices practically pouring out of me as I take him deeper into my throat.

  He reaches down, down and flicks my clit bell and I see stars, I swallow around his thickness as he pushes not one but two big, long fingers into my weeping kitty.

  I move my hips the way he likes as he finger fucks me to orgasm, my first of many I know because master likes lots of kitty cream.

  We're not done yet, after I massage his cock head with my throat he cums, pulling back slowly so that I can taste his essence on my tongue. He speeds up his finger thrusts, drawing my sweet nectar out of me.

  Pulling his still hard length from my mouth he turns me fully to the wall and enters me slowly. Even though he's cum already, his hardness is still that little bit too much for my tiny kitty and I whimper as I raise up, almost but not quite trying to get away from his dick. ”Stay." His hand squeezing around my throat guarantees that I obey.

  I've been fed my cream for the evening until later anyway and I'm a happy pussy; master sits at the table where I will serve him his meal. I get to eat with master at table though some said it was just not done that master should let me eat from a bowl at his feet and sleep on my cushion in the corner, but master says that's a sick fuck thing to do and he's not doing it, unless as punishment. I've only had to eat from my bowl once or twice and sleep on my cushion a little more than that for being a bad pussy.

  "Sit kitten and tell me about your day."

  I smile wide because I love sharing my accomplishments with him, he's so supportive of everything I do, so completely different from my other life, and although I'm not allowed to play outside in the big bad world when master isn't there, I get lots done in the big marble and glass castle master keeps me in.


  I like that smile on my kitten's face, it warms my heart; she's been through so much already in her short life, but that was in the past, I was here to make sure it stayed there.

  "Come on little kitty cat tell master what you did today."

  Look at her she's trembling with excitement just from that little bit of attention.

  I think my little pussy might be in need of a special treat this evening.

  "And afterwards I think I'll give you your special treat will you like that hmm?"

  I saw her eyes glaze over; she did so love my pierced cock.

  I ran my hand over her beautiful flaxen hair that I made sure was done once a week to my specifications, long and loose with big fat curls that I loved to wrap my fists in.

  "I got an A on my test." She clapped her hands and beamed at me.

  "Did you do it all by yourself or did the tutor help?"

  "No, no, I did it, all by myself."

  "Okay kitten, I'm very proud of you, do you remember what I promised if you did well on this test?"

  "Uh huh, I get the white one."

  "That's right, I have it already."

  "You do, but?"

  "I knew you could do it."

  I know my praise meant more than the new fox fur I'd bought her, though being fucked raw on a fur coat was her all time favorite.

  I think her special treat might have to wait, it never fails, I have yet to make it through dinner without taking her, of course the fact that all she wore was her collar and her piercings with little fur cuffs around her wrists could have something to do with it.

  "I think my little kitten needs more cream, are you finished eating?"

  "Yes master." Her body trembled with excitement, was there any wonder I loved her so? Always so eager to please me.


  She climbed down from her seat at the table and on hands and knees crawled over to me. I'd already taken my cock from my lounge pants and was stroking my meat to its full ten and a half inches. Her eyes were glued to the piercing at the top her mouth watered and her legs twitched.

  She covered my cock head with her hot, eager mouth and licked me with her tongue. I twitched in her mouth as she played with the little round balls on each side of my dick.

  Reaching down I grabbed her leg and moving carefully so as not to hurt her I pulled her up and over me, her mouth still sucking away on my cock.

  Placing her knees on either side of my head I dove into her waxed pussy with my tongue.

  "Uhmmmmm." I love the taste of her pussy juice, always so refreshing, of course that had a lot to do with her diet, no over processed foods for my kitten, strictly fresh fruits and veggies with whole grains and seeds. When I'd found her she'd been severely malnourished and her special diet was one of the ways I'd personally brought her back to health. Now my kitty was a
ll gloss and shine with a taste that made me thirsty always.

  She sucked on my cock in her upsides down position, hands on my legs, head bobbing up and down as I ate her little pussy to my heart's content.

  I can't wait to delve into her depths again.

  When I'd had my fill of her sweetness on my tongue I flipped her again in a gymnast' split and sat her on my throbbing cock. It never ceased to amaze me how one so tiny could take my length and width inside her little body, so deep, I could see where I stretched her and yet she enjoyed.

  "Oh, oh..." She bit her lip as she rocked back and forth, up and down, my hands held tight around her hips, fingers biting into the flesh of her magnificent ass.

  She leaned her head to the side the way she knows I prefer when she's riding me like this. It was an invitation that I gladly accepted. Finding the pulse I bit down as she flooded my cock head with her sweet, hot juices.

  Kitten is asleep finally, she gets over excited sometimes and it's hard for her to fall asleep unless I place her on my chest over my heart, my sweet girl then drops off into the night like a newborn babe.

  I tapped my fingers softly against her skin as I reminisced about the night I found her, the night my life and hers changed for the better I hope.

  It had been a long as fuck day at the office and I had quite uncharacteristically decided to take a walk, something I hadn't done since my teens I think, multi billionaires hardly ever walked anywhere but this night I needed to get away from myself if that makes sense.

  My life had become nothing but business deals and board meetings, my private life was a joke, I'd been playing the field since my early twenties with fluttering socialites looking to climb that ladder by way of my dick, but I was more sinister than any of them could ever be, the latest one Melissa Spalding was sure she'd be the one, even my family had been pushing for her and who knows, maybe they would've worn me down eventually if I hadn't found my kitten.

  She stirred on my chest bringing me back from my musings.


  "Yes my love?"

  For an answer she rubbed herself against me like the kitten that she was, this usually happened when we ended up sleeping like this, that's why I hadn't gone to sleep as yet.

  I pulled her body in place so my stiffening cock was touching her just where she needed it, at the apex of her thighs. She rolled her hips before spreading her legs, rubbing her wet slit up and down my cock until it was hard enough to satisfy her. On her last upward glide I held her hips and brought her down slowly until I was entering her tight pussy. She mewled and stretched until she took me all in and then the fun begun.

  Lifting her body up she sat fully on my cock and with hands firmly planted on my chest she used my cock for her own satisfaction.

  I wet two fingers in her pussy by forcing them in next to my cock before pulling them out and pushing them into her sweet ass.

  "So full...." She twitched and fucked me harder as I worked both holes at once, making her purr.


  I love my new white fur I love all my furs in fact, who would've thought that I'd one day own such things, from homeless to fur s in less than a year. My master is so good to me always everything I could ever want he brings to me as well as some things I wouldn't ever have thought of too. Only a short year ago he had found me in that alley burning up with fever, the rats swarming just waiting for my eyes to close so they could start nibbling away. I had given up caring at that point, I'd done the best I could in the months I'd had to live on the streets after running away from my mom's latest live in. I'd been dodging his fast hands for months scared to say anything to my mom for fear that she'd blame me. She'd changed so much since dad had passed, the woman who had baked me cookies and braided my hair was long gone by the time she hooked up with Giorgio, it was only when I overheard them planning to sell me for their next high that I knew she was aware of what had been going on and not only did she not care, she was willing to prostitute me to his cruddy friends so she could lose herself in a chemical induced haze.

  I'd packed my few meager belongings in a backpack and climbed out the window of our little house and never looked back. Hitching had gotten me as far as a few states over with an elderly couple who had begged me to go home because I hadn't told them why I was running.

  I'd been on the streets, surviving by my wits and cunning, I'd tried to find work but without experience and no physical address it wasn't easy. Some of the other kids on the streets had given me some pointers like which places threw out food at night, where were the best places to squat and things like that. I'd been doing pretty good until I got caught in the Seattle rain, it was always raining in Seattle but my usual spot had been taken over by this mean guy who I had no intentions of tussling with and so I'd ended up in the alley, it was a week later that Alexi Cullen found me and brought me home, sometimes I still pinched myself to make sure it was all real and not a dream from which I'll awaken, back there in that nightmare.


  She's bustling around the kitchen this morning; outside of sex I think cooking is her favorite thing though I have to caution her on her culinary delights, if left up to my kitten I would be eating rich foods for every meal. Breakfast was never on my agenda but since it will be hours before I see her again I usually gave in and sat with her over a bowl of fruit and wheat germ, I'd gotten her into the habit of eating healthier as well, only on weekends I allowed her to make her special waffles or pancakes as a treat.

  “Did you sleep well kitten?" She stopped with the spoon halfway to her mouth and a look of worry across her face.

  “Tell me."

  She put her spoon down and hung her head; I knew what was coming next but waited for her to tell me.

  “I stayed awake most of the night I was worried again, I'm sorry."

  “Head up little kitty." She lifted her head and looked at me.

  “I told you not to worry because I don't want you to but that doesn't mean I'm going to get mad at you if you do, you know I'll never punish you for something as silly as that, now tell me, what has you worried now?"

  “What if it's just a dream?"

  “What us; come here kitty."

  I pulled her down into my lap and hugged her close; I know the only way to settle her mind when it comes to this. Opening my robe I lifted her slightly before settling her back down on my rod.

  “Does that feel real?" I watched as her eyes crossed and she bit into her lip, already gone with pleasure. It always amazes me how little effort it takes to get her going and it was a heady thought to know that it was only I who could do that to her.

  I kept her close as I pulled her hips back and forth, grinding into her for now.

  “Answer me."

  “Yes, real...." Her head hung back on her neck as she fucked herself on my cock enjoying the fullness that invaded her.

  I opened her robe and bit into her nipple hard making her scream and spasm around my flesh.

  I pulled her up and off bending her over the table before driving back into her from behind. Now the pounding begun, as I showed no mercy for her tight little pussy that I knew could barely handle my thrusts.

  I held her hips in a tight grip as I pummeled her pussy with long deep strokes, she pushed back against me, as she held tight to the table's edge, keening and moaning with each thrust.

  “I think it's time I bred you little kitten would you like that?" I growled the words in her ear.

  She came hard and long at my words, as I knew she would.


  I've had a silly grin on my face all day, I'm so happy, master loves me, I know he does.

  "Uhhh...." I could just cry at my good fortune; that first night he'd found me sick and half dead he'd knelt beside me in that alley in his obviously expensive suit. He'd pulled his phone from his silk shirt pocket and called someone to come pick us up. I'd since learned it was his personal driver and bodyguard Garrett, someone who had since become a friend, in fact he was the only other
person master let near me ever.

  That first night he'd brought me home and called his father to come take care of me, I'd been a little scared at first after all he was a stranger, but he'd been so gentle and kind as we waited for his father the doctor to arrive. He hadn't asked any questions just my name and that's it, but he'd sat next to the bed and held my hand until I'd drifted off from sheer exhaustion.

  I'd almost slept through his father's examination and diagnosis so tired was I but the hushed tone of their voices had jerked me awake. I'd awakened to see his father frowning down at me with a look of concern, no wonder, he probably thought I would kill his son in his sleep after robbing him blind, but whatever had passed between them the doctor had left and Alexi, that was his name he'd told me, had brought me hot soup which I'm ashamed to say I'd inhaled in two minutes flat. He'd brought me more and fed it to me himself, so I wouldn't make myself sick by eating too fast he'd said.

  It wasn't much longer after that night that I'd become his pet and he'd become my loving master.

  I'm so excited, I've seen the pretty clothes on the bed, they’re for me it must mean we're going out somewhere. Master doesn't like to be around others too often he says he likes being alone with his kitten best of all, besides we can't do the things we both enjoy when we're around others, well we could if we wanted, master had told me about some who enjoyed that sort of thing but he wasn't one of them. "I never learned to share well with others Katerina." I remember him saying that to me in his sweet voice.

  "Come here kitten."

  I walk towards him now on excited legs, I know he can see the excitement in me I can barely keep the grin from my face.

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