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Training His Pet

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Training His Pet

  Training Pet


  Jasmine Starr

  Smashwords Edition

  Copyright © 2013 Alison Jordan

  All Rights Reserved

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  I decided to take some much needed time off to accord the necessary attention to detail required in order to train her the right way; in the ways that were pleasing to me. She didn’t know what I had in store for her; so far her training had consisted mostly of keeping her journal and seeing to my baser needs. I’d taught her how to take my cock into her throat, how to massage me with her pussy walls when I was buried balls deep inside her, but her more formal training I’d put off until now. She had been given a list of things to follow in the beginning, things I had negated of late, that fault was mine; again I can only blame my compassion for her former plight.

  “Come.” We’d just finished breakfast together on the balcony of my penthouse apartment. There was a three hours drive ahead of us at least in the chauffeured car and it had been three hours since I’d fucked. Way too long on a day when I hadn’t gone into the office and had no pressing matters to attend to.

  Truth is that had been the biggest part of her training so far, it’s not so much that I’d been negligent as much as it was that I couldn’t keep my hands off of her long enough to do anything else. That old world innocent air she wore, coupled with those wide sensual lips and sloe slanted eyes, each time I took in her exotic beauty with that mane of wild black curls my guts knotted at the thought that she could’ve been lost to me forever. Had I not gone for a walk that evening all those months ago I would never have known the joy she brings me.

  I led her from the balcony by her soft gentle hand and into the foyer; pushing her against the wall so her back was to me I started a slow sensual glide up her thighs with my fingertips. Already she trembled at my touch.


  She spread her legs wider so my hand could gain access under the flimsy robe she wore which was all the covering she will be wearing for the next few days.

  Sniffing the skin behind her ear where I’d only just decided in the wee hours of the morning to mark her I nipped her with my teeth while letting my fingers slide into her.

  “Fuck my fingers like a good little pet.”

  Her hips moved slowly back and forth as I rubbed her clitty with my palm.

  “Don’t cum.’

  She stopped for the barest of seconds at my command but soon carried on. Reaching into my pocket I pulled out the clamps I’d kept there throughout the morning as I’d watched her bustling around the kitchen in her usual manner. While she’d been chattering away in excitement about our trip to the country estate I’d been contemplating just how I was going to go about bringing her completely to heel. I attached the tight clamps to her erect nipples making sure they were just a little too tight. Her pussy clenched around my fingers at the pain.

  I deliberately sped up the thrust of my fingers inside her still tight cunt; no matter how often I’d taken her she still stayed nice and tight around my cock and fingers, even my tongue.

  I heard the mewling sound my kitten makes when she’s about to come and hoped for her sake that she didn’t disobey a direct order, I really didn’t want to start the weekend off with a beating; and that’s what it would be. No soft love taps, direct disobedience calls for severe punishment and I could no longer shirk my responsibilities. If she was going to be mine forever and I would damn well make sure of it, then she’d have to learn.

  I pushed her limits even more by biting down on he ear and rubbing my leaky cock head against her satin covered ass. She lifted up on her toes as her over stimulated senses begged for release.


  She fought her body’s movements to obey me, good kitten.

  I pushed my robe aside so I could let my cock free; she hadn’t been quite prepared fully for what I was about to do but this too was one of the things I liked, needed from her.

  Without warning I bent her over slightly, her face pressed against the wall and using her own juices I buried both fingers in her ass before pulling them out and replacing them with my now fully erect pierced cock.

  I knew from reading her journal that this was sometimes hard for her; she was much smaller in her little ass than in her pussy and with my Prince Albert and Apadravya piercings together they just added a little sting. No lube this time either.

  “Please Master.”

  “Quiet pet, from now on you may only speak when I’ve given you permission, each time you break the rule you will receive five lashes with the cat o nine.” Understood?” I said the last with a deep thrust that lifted her the rest of the way off her toes. She bit into her lip to stifle the screams and that’s when I pulled on her nipple clamps.

  I used the chain to pull her nipples taut as I fucked deeper into her ass that was now stretched nicely around me. I loved the look of my cock going in and out of her body, the way it forced her orifices, open it made me feel powerful to dominate her, to overtake her this way, to bend her to my will. On that thought of her complete submission to me I emptied my balls in her ass. I still had my fingers stuffed inside her while I used the other hand to torment her clamped nipples.

  She didn’t dare make a sound as I left my still hard cock inside her until the last pulse of cum had left me.

  “Your clothes are laid out for you on our bed, go get ready to leave you’ve got thirty minutes.” I looked at my watch to relay the fact that I would be timing her. She gave me an odd look one that I clearly understood. My poor little kitten was in for a few surprises this weekend. She was about to meet her true Master.

  Not the well mannered CEO that had brought her home from that dark damp alley, not the Master who was ever careful of her though that would never change; but no, she was about to meet the man who was going to own her completely.

  I had her wear her diamond studded collar and leash, which I locked around the overhead handlebar in the back of the limo. She fidgeted around uncomfortably not quite sure what was going on; I’d never been too forceful with her in the past, never exerted any type of dominance over her except in the most aesthetic of ways. Always in the back of my mind was the way I’d found my Katerina, my kitten, half starved and almost frozen to death. She was a long way from that girl now though, I’d seen to that.

  It would appear that I’d miscalculated a few steps along the way, in my leniency towards her I’d caused her to commit a very serious faux pas, something that could hardly be overlooked in the world I played in, the one I’d introduced her into. Sharks like that fuck Vladimir Solov were always testing the waters, unsavory characters that excelled at poaching on another man’s playing field; the thing is he and I both know that I’d kill him if he ever touched what’s mine. I had no doubt still that the fool would seek to test me farther by trying for her once more; you see her reaction in front of him had shown a breech between master and pet, it had in a sense undermined my authority something that I cannot let stand. So to preserve our union, I must now introduce my sweet girl to the harsher side of life.

  “Come Katerina.” Her leash allowed her enough room to move around in the back of the limo but barely.


  She knelt at my feet her head down in submission the way I’d taught her.

  “Release me.”

nbsp; She unzipped me her bottom lip caught between her teeth in anticipation.

  “Stroke me to fullness with your hands and with your mouth…but…” I stopped her just as she lowered her head to my straining cock.

  “You may only take my tip into your mouth, just the crown down to my piercing, do you understand?”

  “Yes master.”

  “Good kitten, begin.”

  She lowered her head and did as ordered, her small hands came up and wrapped around my width that took almost both of them to cover.

  “Remember how I showed you I like it done.”

  She pulled back and teased the slit of my cock with her wet tongue making me thump against her lip; when she’d gathered enough pre cum on her tongue then she took my crown into her mouth pulling forcefully even as her hands massaged my trunk.

  Resting my head back against the headrest I enjoyed the sensation of her tiny mouth wrapped tightly around my ever hardening cock. With my mind once again clear I could focus completely on what she was doing, her technique, and where more instruction was needed.

  I watched her through the slits in my eyes as she tried valiantly to please me and found my first smile of the day. I had no doubt that she would learn her lessons well, her need for me was great, she would go above and beyond to please her master I am sure.

  “Get ready.” My seed rose up inside me but I held off long enough to issue a warning.

  “ You will not swallow until I have given you permission.”

  I jetted my thick hot sperm into her mouth in a huge burst; it was as if the morning’s fucking never was so strong was my ejaculate. It promised to be a long weekend if this kept up.

  She did as instructed and held my hot cum in the confines of her mouth.


  She opened her mouth wide enough to show me what she had gathered there but was careful not to spill a drop.

  “Good kitty, now close your mouth and taste just as you’ve been taught to taste fine wine and keep your eyes on mine as you do.”

  I watched as she rolled my cum around on her tongue her eyes looking into mine as she enjoyed what she was doing to please me.

  “You may swallow.”

  I ran my thumb down the column of her throat following the path of her moving throat.

  Picking her up I sat her bare crotch directly over my semi hard cock making sure her clit came in direct contact with my piercings.

  “Ooh.” Her head fell back on her neck as she pushed her needy pussy harder against me, but no, I will rein her in, this was not about her pleasure, this was about her learning to please me, from that she will gain her pleasure.

  I smacked her ass hard with the flat of my hand.

  “I did not give you permission to speak neither did I give you leave to move against my cock, be still.”

  She looked at me once more with that look of utter confusion on her face; this too was part of her training’ I had no need to discuss my actions with her, her only concern should be pleasing me, following my instruction in all things. I looked into her eyes with none of the softness I usually held there for her. The slumping of her shoulders and the look of dejection almost had me giving in but in the long run it would be to her benefit. This was the only relationship I wanted, the only kind I found any pleasure in, a vanilla arrangement held no appeal; the fact that I waned it only with her said a lot, but if I was going to be happy and in turn make her happy, I had to carry out what I had started.

  “While we’re here, you may only cum on my command, any infraction against this rule will be punished severely, you will wait for my command in all things, what you eat, what you wear, when you sleep; you may only use the restroom after you’ve asked my permission; understood? All of this was covered in that little book I gave you when I first made you my pet do you remember?” She gazed at me for the longest time without an answer then slowly nodded her head.

  ”Answer me.” The slight raising of my voice seemed to jolt her out from wherever she had gone in her mind.

  “Yes master.”

  “Good pet; now lay your head here and sleep you have a long day ahead of you once we reach the estate.”

  “Yes master.” Did she have any idea what that little submissive voice did to my libido? I’m sure she could feel it in the rising of my flesh. I lifted her slightly by her ass cheeks and sat her back down on my once again hard rod.

  “Remember, you may not move.”

  I flexed inside her and felt her stiffen against the onslaught.

  “No, no kitten relax.“

  She eased by increments but I could still feel a slight tension in her.

  To test her resolve I started a slow thrusting up, with my hands on her round firm ass I pulled her up and down on my hardened cock meat.

  With every bump in the road I went deeper and just to add a little torment I inserted one finger into her sphincter. She clenched initially but soon relaxed around both my cock and my finger.

  “Feed me my tongue.” One of her first lessons will be to understand my ownership of her, to understand that even her thoughts belonged to me.

  She lifted her head and closed her mouth over mine her tongue coming inside to play, all the while I kept up a steady grinding into her pussy, her juices flowed down onto my legs but no matter; I’ve had pussy stains in my thousand dollar suit pants before. My pet was a spring whenever we fucked.

  The kissing proved almost too much for her as I knew it would though she tried very hard to stifle her movements.

  “You may squeeze me with your cunt but only with your cunt, nothing else must move.”

  I bit into her ear as she started clenching down around me; my finger moved in and out of her overly tight little ass, I cold feel each movement against my cock through the thin membrane that separated her. She forgot in her pleasured haze that she wasn’t allowed to cum; so she did, beautifully, pulling her mouth away from mine, eyes rolled back, lip caught between her teeth to stifle the sounds that threatened to escape. Too bad I was going to have to punish her for it.

  I emptied inside her and placed her on the seat across from me, it was then she realized what she had done as she looked at me with regretful eyes. Good the first thing a good submissive must accept is that nothing matters but pleasing her master.

  “Leave your legs open I want to watch my seed leak out of you, in fact force my seed from your body.”

  She strained to do as ordered, using her stomach muscles as well as her pussy to expel the thick viscous cream from her cunt. Reaching over I took some on my two large fingers.

  “Open.” She opened her mouth like a baby bird so I could feed her my cum from her weeping pussy.

  “Swallow, good little kitten, keep your legs open, and keep your eyes on mine.”

  “Do you know what’s going to happen here little kitten?” She shook her head no until she caught my stern look and swallowing nervously corrected herself.

  “No master.”

  “Then I shall tell you, this weekend you will learn all the ways there are to please your master, you will follow my every instruction to the letter, there will be no room for mistakes every infraction will be punished. Do you know why?”

  Once again she shook her head but remembered to add the verbal answer, good kitten.

  “Because if we are to carry on together there are things I need from you total obedience being just one of them. It is my aim that once we leave here you will know that you are owned like any good pet. Do you wish to be owned by your master?”

  She nodded her head vigorously as her eyes stayed on mine.

  “Yes please master.”

  “Good, there are some the things I will introduce you to this weekend, things I’ve yet to apply to your training thus far, like taking walks around the grounds on your leash.” I could see that gave her pause but she’d get over it.

  “Nothing I do is to be questioned understood? You will obey me in all things with a yes master, your every sentence must end with master, w
hen you want something you must ask it of me, especially my cock. You must always be ready and at my disposal no matter what, do you understand?’ She gave the affirmative ‘Yes sir’ once more, her eyes having lost some of their apprehension.

  I had no doubt she will try to obey but I must confess to wanting to redden her sweet ass with my special paddle before fucking her raw.

  At last we’re here, I’ve had her adjust herself for the walk from the car to the house as no one but I was allowed to behold her charms; she’d bee a virgin when I took her that first time, pure, untouched, solely mine, my property, my possession.

  I led her by her elbow into the cavernous entryway as the driver brought in our bags.

  “That will be all you may head back to the city I will let you know when.”

  He nodded before turning away and leaving; I had left strict instructions with the staff as to what I wanted. Food and drink was to be stocked but I did not wish to see hide nor hair of anyone for the next two days.

  I checked to make sure my dictates had been carried out exactingly before taking her up to our room. The room was set up like a master’s chamber, my St. Andrew’s cross was here, so was my bench, paddles, whips, all the things I would need this weekend were on hand. I didn’t use a special room for training as for me indeed for us, this was not about two people playing grown up games, this was real life the way we would live from day to day. There were no safe words, no timeouts if you will. No this was Alexi and Katerina the real story.

  Her eyes went immediately to the chains hanging from the high vaulted ceiling; this may be the hardest part of her weekend being spoilt as she was by always having her freedom, she will be chained there a lot in contemplation and meditation a very important part of this exercise as far as I was concerned.

  I watched her eyes wander around the room taking it all in, the heavy brocade curtains hanging from the large mahogany canopied master bed, the cross against one wall, the table that was set up neatly with whips and paddles. There was much to take in so I left her to it while I went about getting things ready for her first punishment of the long weekend. She’d cum without my command after all and I could not go back on my word; that would only serve to confuse her even more.

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