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Sophie's Menage

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Sophie's Menage

  Sophie’s Ménage

  Jan Springer

  Published by Spunky Girl Publishing at Smashwords

  Copyright 2014 Jan Springer at Smashwords

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  Cover Art by Melody Simmons - Ebook Indie Covers

  Edited by FA DeWylde

  Smashwords Edition, License Notes

  This ebook is licensed for your personal use only. The ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share your ebook with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

  This is a work of fiction. Characters, places, settings and events presented in this book are purely of the author’s imagination and bear no resemblance to any actual person, living or dead or to any actual events, places and/or settings.

  It’s Spank-Me Ménage Night at the Key Club and Sophie is finally taking the plunge back into the spank scene. She didn’t count on her two hunky ex-flames to be there or for their renewed interest in her. They’re the only men who could ever make her climax, but she’s determined not to submit to her naughty desires where they’re concerned, especially after the way they’d left her. Surely a bit of harmless teasing wouldn’t hurt in order to show them what could have had…

  Oil rig workers Steve and Eric are back in Alberta and they can’t wait to bend the sweet, timid hairstylist over their knees to give her the sensual spankings she craves. But the surprise is on them when they catch her wearing a sexy spank dress while auctioning herself to the highest bidder. Who knew the shy little firecracker could be such a sultry tease? Or that she wasn’t going to be easily led back to their bed…

  Chapter One

  Sophie Bennett liked being spanked. She enjoyed the sharp sting of a man’s bare palm slapping her sensitive flesh. Craved the fiery pain as a whip snapped against her blushing butt cheeks. She’d read up on her fetish. Knew the pain created by a cane, or a paddle, or whatever a man used on her, released endorphins and formed the naughty pleasure she was addicted to. She just wished she didn’t need to be spanked before she was able to orgasm. With the boring guys she’d been dating lately it was so damned inconvenient to pretend she was climaxing, when she truly wasn’t.

  “This daring spanking attire just came in,” Jewel, owner of Jewel’s Toy Shoppe, broke into Sophie’s thoughts.

  Jewel held up a blush pink diamond-patterned lace dress. Around its waist dangled a pretty silver chain. The dress was virtually see-through and when Jewel turned it around to let Sophie see the back area, wicked tingles swept through her. The back was low down to the waist and there were two large cut outs where her ass cheeks would be fully exposed. If she wore this, no man would doubt why she was at the Key Club during the Spank-Me Ménage Night festivities this weekend.

  “Beware, no undies. All a guy has to do is lift the front area of your skirt and he can slide his asset into you. The behind area is open as you can see, so he can paddle you or just take you from behind whenever he wants. And if you want your breasts paddled…this low cut elastic collar allows you to slip the top down and the built-in push-up bra will allow the material to snuggle beneath your breasts, accentuating your assets for him. The dress is designed in such a way as to give your men a clear invitation to spank away.”

  Sophie shook her head as shyness chased away her momentary boldness.

  “I…I can’t.”

  Jewel frowned. “Don’t you like it?”

  “It’s too revealing,” she admitted.

  “Sweetheart, you haven’t been to a Spank-Me Ménage Night at the Key Club lately, have you?”

  Sophie’s cheeks grew warm. Oh crap, her secret was out!

  “It’s been more than a couple of years since I went on a spank night. I hear it’s changed big time.”

  Jewel smiled warmly.

  “Yes, that’s true. The Club attracts groups that are very serious about their fetishes. Everyone wears spank wear on that particular night. Trust me, if you don’t go with the flow, you’ll stick out like a sore thumb.”

  “The dress really is gorgeous,” Sophie admitted as she touched the soft pink lace. She wanted her fetish to be taken seriously. She wanted to orgasm over and over, but to show up wearing a dress with her ass cheeks visible for everyone to see? She was desperate to have a hot spanking, but she wasn’t sure if she could dress this provocative way.

  She inhaled a sharp breath as visions of the only two men who’d ever made her climax shot through her mind. The erotic sounds of her moans and harsh slaps of palms against her sensitive ass cheeks was as clear now in her mind as the times they’d fucked her.

  Oh boy. Would she ever find their equivalent at the Key Club?

  “The dress comes with silver chain earrings and black leather wrist and ankle cuffs. If you wear this with all it’s accessories, you’ll look like a pro and catch the eyes of a couple of men heavy into spanking…if that’s what you are looking to do, I mean it isn’t called Spank-Me Ménage for nothing.”

  “Um…well, actually, yes.” She wasn’t used to talking with Jewel about this. She barely knew the woman.

  Normally she’d go to her two best friends, Claire and Marley, for advice. Lately though, they’d been ultra-busy with their ménage relationships and Marley had her baby daughter taking up alot of her time now too. The last thing she wanted to do was intrude on them about her unsatisfactory sex life.

  She wished she could be so lucky to have a couple of hot men who loved her like Claire and Marley did. Even Marley’s sister, Kelsie had snared two hot hunks over the Christmas holidays.

  Unfortunately the men Sophie had allowed into her bed lately weren’t into paddling her ass. They thought they would hurt her and they made her feel embarrassed for asking them to do the naughty spanks on her. Damn them, didn’t they know that’s what she wanted?

  In the past, she’d had the perfect men to do that for her. She hadn’t realized how good she’d had it, until they were out of the picture. Anger rushed her as she remembered they had chosen being transferred to another province over continuing to paddle her ass at the Key Club. They’d probably moved on with their lives anyway, thinking her just another conquest.

  Without warning her late foster mother’s words rang in her ears.

  If you want something, you will have to go out and fight for it because no one will do it for you.

  A burst of boldness chased away her shyness about the dress and Sophie shook her head. Her foster mother had been right. Sophie would have to fight for what she wanted and she wanted to be spanked and double-penetrated.

  “I’ll take it,” she stated before she even had a chance to think twice about her decision.

  “Why don’t you try it on first?” Jewel asked with a wink.

  Sophie glanced at her watch. Darn. This trip to the adult toy shop had taken longer than she’d expected. She was booked with clients through the afternoon. Her one o’clock perm was probably already waiting for her. She was running behind and she always prided herself on punctuality.

  “No, I’ll take it.”

  “Are you sure?”

  “Yes, with all the accessories.” Hopefully, when she saw the dress on herself, she wouldn’t chicken out from going to the Spank-Me Ménage night as she’d done so many times before.


  “Um, Sophie, I need to interrupt,” Sophie’s new part-time assistant Rachel Davenport’s soft voice speared through Sophie’s concentration and she silently wished Rachel hadn’t interrupted her. The spank dress she’d purchased earlier this afterno
on was burning a hole in her shopping

  bag and she couldn’t wait to get home and try it on.

  Reluctantly she forced herself to stop working on her sales figures and looked up to find Rachel standing in her office doorway. Despite wearing makeup, she always had dark circles beneath her eyes and Sophie knew it was because she worked several jobs in order to pay for full-time private caregiving to her dad who had advanced Alzheimer’s disease.

  The dark circles wasn’t what captured her attention at the moment. It was the pretty shade of pink flushing Rachel’s cheeks as she nervously twirled a string of her auburn hair around her finger. Past experience proved that Rachel was self conscious when she did that twirl thing with her hair and she wondered what was going on.

  “Yes?” she asked as she put down her pen and gave Rachel her full attention.

  “There are two men here who have asked specifically for you to give them each a haircut.”

  Sophie glanced at her watch. Closing was in ten minutes and she wanted to get home and into that dress. For a split second she thought about turning away the clients but then her late

  foster mother’s words whispered through her mind.

  Remain professional at all times. No matter what time of the day or how bad you feel you must do your job if you want to keep your clientele growing and happy. Stacey had taught her everything there was to know about the world of running a beauty salon and being a hairstylist. It had come as a horrific shock two years ago when Stacey had literally dropped dead right here in the shop while working on one of her clients. To Sophie’s surprise, Stacey had willed her the salon and her house. Since then Sophie had made it a point to emulate Stacey and never disappoint a client.

  “No problem. I’ll be out in a few minutes.

  “And Sophie?” Rachel prodded.


  Rachel gave her a rare smile and waved a hand in front of her face as if to indicate she was hot.

  “They are so cute.”

  Sophie chuckled and nodded. So now she knew why Rachel was self-conscious. Hot looking men were lurking about and Rachel always acted out of sorts near sexy men or any man for that matter.

  “That’s always good to know. How about you place the closed sign on the door, leave early and I’ll see you in the morning?”

  Rachel looked relieved.

  “Sure thing. Thanks!”

  After Rachel left her office, Sophie gave her neck and shoulders a few good stretches and then stood.

  Owning a business and pleasing people all day was tiring work. But it was well worth it to have some money in the bank and a home to call her own, because security meant everything. She’d spent most of her life jumping from foster home to foster home and never truly feeling like she belonged anywhere until she’d come to live here with Stacey. Here in this small town she’d finally found genuine friends and a place to call home.

  She gazed into a small mirror on the back of her office door and gasped at the messy blonde strands cascading around her heart-shaped face. Undoing her mid-back length hair from the clasp that held her curls in a ponytail, she then swiftly ran a brush through her hair until it shined beneath the lights. A moment later her hair was bound again and she was hurrying down the hall toward the public part of her salon.

  Two tall familiar men in black leather jackets and tight blue jeans stood in her empty waiting area looking out onto the nearby street. The instant Sophie saw them, she froze.

  Shit! What were they doing back in town?

  Shards of anger mixed with unwanted whirls of excitement as she stared at the only two men who could ever make her orgasm. Her knees melted into a puddle of weakness and she grabbed the back of a nearby salon chair to steady herself.

  Memories cascaded over her. Incredible pleasure fused into her. She remembered her ass cheeks being hot and sweetly painful from a spanking. The tender flesh on her breasts flaming from the quick whips of a cane. Her pussy creamy wet from slaps…without warning her pussy clenched and her ass spasmed. She forced back an unwanted moan.

  She should be pissed off at them for coming back here and creating a vortex of erotic feelings she’d long thought buried. But as she gazed at them all hatred dissolved. They’d been tender and patient with her despite her sexual inexperience. They’d made love to her so passionately and so thoroughly, she’d been ruined for any other man, or men.

  Damn, they still looked good.

  Steve had brilliant blue eyes, wavy black hair, broad shoulders and a breathtaking five o’clock dark shadow lining his cheeks and chin. Eric had a piercing brown gaze, golden brown hair and full kissable lips. Lips that could wrap so snugly around her nipple or a labia and cause such a wicked pressure that she creamed warmly with remembrance.

  When they saw her, both men frowned and her arousal shattered like glass. Obviously they had no interest in her anymore or they would have been sweeping her into their arms.

  “We’re sorry to hear about Stacey…” Eric growled.

  A blade of sadness speared into her, but she shrugged it away. She’d gotten used to Stacey not being around, yet there were still times when her foster mom’s name was mentioned that she was taken aback about her being gone.

  Despite with the familiar angry undertone to his voice though, Sophie’s arousal suddenly snapped back to life and her pulse sped up with incredible speed. Damn him for always making her feel so…sexy, even when she was ticked off at him.

  “She passed away a couple of years ago. Her heart finally gave out.”

  If you’d hung around or kept in touch then you would have known she died, you bastard.

  “She was a really nice lady,” Steve mumbled. His brows were scrunched with what she recognized as a look of disbelief. Rachel must have told them about Stacey because he looked a bit pale and shocked. Good old Steve was always the emotional one of the two, and his sensual spankings were fantastic foreplay.

  “We truly are sorry to hear about Stacey,” Eric replied.

  He looked calm and cool and she knew she should be acting that way too, especially since they’d been out of her life for more than two years and not a word from either of them.

  “Rachel said you wanted your hair cut?” She was pleased her voice sounded professional. Not a hint of huskiness or shock at seeing them back in town. But boy, her tummy was doing some mighty sensual flips as she inhaled their scents.

  Eric smelled of dominant spice that made her want to keep inhaling. Steve carried a gentle manly fragrance that had always captured her attention and lured her close to him. Their smells mingled with the leather scent from their jackets. It was a very intriguing combination.

  “Maybe we should go somewhere else?” Steve said quickly. He must have picked up on her hostility despite her believing she’d covered it up.

  “Why? Are you afraid I might cut off something that shouldn’t be cut off?”

  Both men’s eyes widened at her comment. A couple of years ago she’d been timid and visibly non-emotional to their news they were leaving town but she’d had some time to get pissed off over it.

  She forced herself to smile, although what she really wanted to do was ask them their reason for coming back to this town. Before leaving they’d made it clear they preferred to make big bucks on the dangerous newly built oil rigs off the coast of Newfoundland over staying here in this small town and keep spanking her.

  “Don’t worry, gentlemen. No matter how much I’d like to do it, it would be very bad for business. So consider yourselves in safe hands. Who wants to go first?”

  Wow, her voice sounded unnaturally perky.

  Neither men said a thing and they appeared confused. Did they really expect that she would welcome them back with open arms? She did like the way their Adams Apple bobbed precariously as they swallowed. Hmm, was she making them nervous?


  “Steve will go first,” Eric said as he nodded at Steve, who looked anything but relaxed as he shrugged out of his jacket and left it on a nea
rby chair and then reluctantly strolled toward her to sit in the chair she indicated.

  She grabbed a neck strip and wrapped it around his neck, maybe a bit too tight, but who cared. Then she placed the cape. In the mirror, she spied Eric watching her with a coolness that unnerved her. She knew he lost that calm exterior when he was in pleasure mode and she fought to keep herself from remembering the hard contours of his body as he pushed his immense cock inside her.

  Heck, it made her jittery just touching Steve’s velvety thick black hair. Gosh, he’d let it grow quite a bit. She’d never seen him with this much hair. How many times had she speared her fingers through his strands while she’d kissed him? Other times she grabbed his hair when she’d lain on him, his cock impaled deep in her pussy while Eric spanked her ass.

  Heat swept through her. She cleared her throat and tried to concentrate on her job.

  “How much did you want off?”

  “The usual,” Steve replied.

  “Short and sweet,” she said with a burst of happiness as she remembered how he and Eric used to come into the salon for their haircuts. It was how they’d first met and how they’d recognized her at the Key Club. That’s where they’d picked her up for a night of spanking sex her first night there.

  But as Jewel had said earlier, the Club was more intense now. The owner had renovated the Club, making it more modern and bringing in more customers.

  An awkward silence fell between the three of them as she swiftly dampened Steve’s hair using the spray bottle. Her fingers moved swiftly through his thick strands with an familiar expertise. She’d always loved the softness of his hair and how easily it fell into shape. From the counter she picked up her scissors and comb and set to work. She slid the comb through his hair and angled the scissors this way and that and quickly cut and snipped to give him the perfect cut.

  Thankfully Eric moved to one of the seats in the waiting area and Steve said nothing as she worked.

  Yet their eyes followed her every movement like she was the prey and they the daring predators. Steve’s scent continued to wrap around her, teasing her senses and keeping her inhaling deeply as she wanted to breath in every succulent inch of his smell. It was as if he’d never been gone. As if more than two years hadn’t passed. Instinctively she knew if they snapped their fingers, she would climb right back into bed with them and have her heart broken all over again when they left.

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