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The Ultimate Erotic Short Story Collection 29 - Paranormal Edition: 11 Steamingly Hot Erotica Books for Women

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The Ultimate Erotic Short Story Collection 29 - Paranormal Edition: 11 Steamingly Hot Erotica Books for Women

  A Lustful Faerie Winter

  A Lustful Faerie Winter - The Birth of the Gatekeeper

  A Woman Scorned

  A Woman Scorned - Summoned by the Dark

  Love Spells and Wolf Lore

  Love Spells and Wolf Lore - Illusions and Loyalty

  Dark Lust

  Feral Hearts

  Succubus Redemption

  The Wolfy Side of Me

  Stay Close My Angel

  The Ultimate

  Erotic Short Story Collection 29

  Paranormal Edition

  11 Steamingly Hot Erotica Books For Women

  *** As a Special Gift for buying this collection you are entitled to another EIGHT GREAT FREE EROTICA BOOKS not related to any story in this collection and not available for purchase anywhere! For information on where to download these books instantly please see the last page of this book, right after the LAST (11th) story ends ***

  Disclaimer: The material in this book is for mature audiences only and contains graphic sexual content and is intended for those over the age of 18 only.


  A Lustful Faerie Winter


  Susan Woodward

  My wings fluttered as Joseph kissed my stomach. His lips were soft against my skin and always left me wanting more. I smiled as he kissed his way down my body. I parted my legs giving him an invitation to go even lower. He kissed my mound and my wings fluttered again sprinkling faerie dust on the sheets. I watched as flowers bloomed and died quickly for lack of soil. I should have felt bad about it, but I didn't. Spending the winter with Joseph had granted me freedom. I had thrown the fae rules to the wind and was living for the first time. I loved the reckless feelings Joseph invoked in me.

  His tongue flicked back and forth across my clit. With each lick a new flower was born. My giggles and moans entwined as my pleasure built. Joseph nibbled my clit and the giggling stopped. I tangled my fingers into his short hair and pressed his face hard against my sex. It felt so good. Almost too good.

  Joseph laughed and it vibrated through my body. I moaned again louder this time. My body was hungry for him, it must have known our time together was coming to an end. Even my body was protesting the changing seasons.

  “Come here.” I giggled.

  I grabbed his hand and pulled him up to me. His face was wet from the juices of my desire, but I kissed him anyway. His lips tasted of peppermint and me. I savored the kiss not knowing how many more we would share. The sky called for snow, but sometimes the sky is a liar.

  Joseph's erection throbbed against my body. I grabbed him and squeezed. His eyelids fluttered and I smiled in satisfaction. I loved how he felt in my hand. His organ was long, thick, and powerful. It reminded me of the sturdiness of the oak trees in the fae forest. They were strong, but easily over turned if the winds were strong enough. When it came to Joseph, I was that wind.

  I guided him into my body. Before meeting Joseph I had never had sex. It's not something the fae do, or if they do someone forgot to tell me about it. As our bodies connect I feel like a flower waiting to be pollinated. It makes me wonder if the flowers have little orgasms when the bees spread nectar around. I giggled at the thought of flowers silently moaning out their pleasure.

  I think it vibrated through my body, because Joseph moaned when I did. He always moans if I laugh during sex. I leaned up and kissed him. His tongue darted into my mouth and danced with mine.

  My hips arched to meet his letting him know I was ready for our lovemaking to begin. His thrusts were slow and steady, causing me to writhe in pleasure. The satin sheets caressed my wings with every move I made. My wings are very sensitive. Sometimes I can climax just from Joseph touching them.

  I squeezed his manhood, caressing him with my sex. He moaned. I love the noises he makes when we make love. Outside the bedroom Joseph can be so stoic, so to see his walls come down always makes me weak in the knees.

  I squeezed again to urge him on. I wanted more. I wanted it faster and harder. Joseph got my hint and his thrusts became more frequent.

  “Oh, Joseph!” I called out.

  He was deliberately brushing against what he calls my g-spot. My eyes rolled back in my head and my wings were fluttering uncontrollably. The bed around us looked like a garden constantly renewing itself. Flowers grew from the sheets, the pillows, the blankets, and even our flesh.

  “Joseph!” I called out again as the heat rose in my belly.

  He was thrusting frantically now. In and out, in and out. His manhood was hitting all the spots that made my toes curl. I was lost to pleasure and unable to control my body. My limbs twitched and my hips moved to meet his. My screams of pleasure were echoing around the room and overwhelming my senses.

  My body shuddered as orgasm carried me into the abyss of pleasure. All that existed in my world was Joseph, the flowers, and myself. There was no need for anything else. Winter would never end. We wouldn't allow it to.

  Joseph's manhood twitched inside me and I felt his sticky seed cover my womb. Joseph was panting, but he leaned down to kiss me anyway. I warped my arms around his neck and returned the kiss. My skin was glowing gold like it always did after we made love. At first it was novelty to both of us, now it was merely proof that our lovemaking had been mutually pleasurable. That he had taken me to new heights.

  “You're so beautiful when you glow.” He said looking down into my eyes.

  I smiled up at him and giggled. Joseph was always saying things that made me blush. I looked up into his forest green eyes and kissed him again. Joseph used to close his eyes when we kissed, but I told him to stop it. I like to watch his eyes when we're kissing. The color subtly changes as pleasure and love dance through them.

  Not long after we finished our post sex kisses Joseph fell asleep. I don't sleep. I've never met a fae that has. I slipped out of bed and walked into the living room. The world outside the big picture window was white! It was snowing!

  I cheered loudly. Quickly I covered my mouth with my hand. I had to be quiet. Joseph needed to sleep. It's something all humans need, or so Joseph told me. I sat down in the chair and looked outside again, just to make sure I wasn't imagining things. Before I met Joseph winter had always been boring. I didn't know if things would work out, but I wanted to spend every winter with Joseph.

  As I watched the snowflakes fall my mind went back to the first snow of the year. I'll never forget that day, because it was the first time I met Joseph. The summer fae are supposed to leave as soon as the harvest is done. We come out in the spring to midwife new life into the world and leave when it begins to fade. It's always been that way. The older fae tell me that it can't be changed.

  I've always been told that I wouldn't want to stick around for winter. That thick fluffy white stuff falls from the sky and freezes the Earth. For most summer fae that was enough to keep them on schedule, but it made me want to know more. What was this white fluffy stuff? What was cold and frozen? Why couldn't our flowers grow in it? I wanted answers.

  So while the others prepared to leave I hid. Usually we can't be seen by mortals so I ran into the nearest human house and hid under the bed. No one ever thought to look for me there. It's against the rules to go inside human homes. Eventually the others gave up their search and returned to the fae forest for the winter.

  When I was sure that they were gone I looked around the house. It was filled with odd and interesting things, but I refused to be distracted. I needed t
o go somewhere I could watch the sky. After I made sure that the humans weren't home I went back outside and lay on the brown grass. I was tempted to sprinkle it with faerie dust, but didn't want to break any more rules. So I tried to ignore the cries of the dying grass as I watched for the sky to drop the white fluffy stuff I had heard about.

  I didn't have to wait long. Soon the sky was sprinkling frozen water. I caught one of the small flakes and licked it. It dissolved on my tongue, and I decided that it must come from the winter fae freezing the rain. I played in it for a while, but then I began to go numb and tingly. I was beginning to understand what cold was.

  “What are you doing out here?” A male voice called when the snow was up past my ankles. In my excitement I hadn't heard his big metal box approaching. Later, he would tell me that it was a truck.

  I froze like a deer who had just caught scent of a wolf. He shouldn't have been able to see me. My mind raced for answers. This was bad. Panic was quickly building in my belly. I tried to fly but found that my wings wouldn't move.

  “This must be what frozen is.” I thought to myself.

  Unable to fly I ran as fast as my cold body would move. He followed me. I slipped and fell in the snow. The impact hurt and tears began to swell up in my eyes. The man caught up with me while I was trying to regain my footing.

  “Don't hurt me!” I begged covering my head with my hands.

  I had been told horror stories of what humans would do if they ever captured me. They would cut off my wings to steal my faerie dust, or cook me for dinner. I didn't want to lose my wings or be eaten and I told him so.

  “I'm not going to hurt you.” He said.

  I dared a peek at him. The human was tall and handsome. He had shoulder length brown hair and forest green eyes. He was bundled under many layers of clothing. Looking at him gave me the sense that I was under dressed. I was only wearing my thin fae silk orange dress. That was why the snow had frozen me. This was my first epiphany about the human world.

  “You can see me.” I said sitting up.

  “I've always been able to see the fae.” He said gently. “I watch you guys year round.”

  “Have you told anyone else?” I asked.

  My eyes grew wide with fear. It would be bad if the humans found out about us. The queen had told me so.

  “No.” He said laughing.

  They laughed! Humans laughed! I thought that only faeries could laugh. I giggled. His laughter sounded beautiful. If humans could laugh they couldn't be as horrible as the others had told me.

  “Good.” I said trying to stand up. “But how can you see us?”

  “I don't know.” The man said offering me his gloved hand. “I just know that I've been able to since I was a little boy, and don't worry even if I told others they wouldn't believe me. Humans are odd creatures.”

  I stared at his hand a moment. I couldn't decide if I should trust him, but I was almost immobile. Deciding that he didn't want to cut off my wings I took hims hand. He gently pulled me to my feet.

  “Doesn't your kind usually leave before the first snow?” He asked. “Did you get left behind?”

  I shook my head. “I wanted to see the snow.”

  He laughed again. “Well, now that you've seen it are you ready to go home?”

  I nodded. I had seen enough. Panic surged through my veins.

  “Oh, no!” I cried out. “I won't be able to get home! The doors only open when we're switching places!”

  Tears rolled down my cheeks and quickly froze to my face.

  “It'll be okay. I'll help you figure out something.” The man said. “Let's get you inside in front of the fire before you freeze to death.”

  I followed him. “Are you going to cook me?”

  He didn't find my question weird, or if he did he hid it well. Joseph has always hidden things well.

  “I don't eat faeries.” He told me. “Do you eat humans?”

  I crinkled my nose and shook my head. “I think you would taste bad.”

  He laughed again. I decided that I really liked his laugh. I wanted him to laugh forever.

  Once inside he sat me down in front of the fire-place and went to work on starting the fire. He had tried to wrap a blanket around me, but I stopped him. I feared that my frozen wings would shatter if something that heavy touched them. Instead I sat with my back to the fire-place and laid the blanket over my front.

  The fire slowly thawed my frozen wings and body. My heart was heavy and I was afraid of what the winter would do to me, but for a moment in time I felt safe.

  “What's your name?” He asked me after he got the fire started.

  “Belladonna.” I answered shyly.

  “It's nice to meet you Belladonna. I'm Joseph.” He smiled at me.

  That was the beginning of our beautiful winter. We spent long hours talking about the differences in our worlds and what we believed. Joseph made me feel weird. Being around him made my heart as warm as the fire had made my frozen wings. Over time the heat began to spread to other places. Lower places.

  “I think I like you too much.” I told him one night as we sat beside the fire.

  “Why do you say that?” He asked laughing.

  “Because you make me feel like I'm on fire.” I told him.

  “I love you too.” Joseph smiled.

  “Is that what it is?” I asked him tilting my head to the side.

  “Well, I don't know what faeries call it, but when a human feels that way about someone we call it love.” He told me.

  “Okay, Joseph.” I said laughing.

  “How old are you anyway?” He asked me.

  “Let's see. This was the one hundredth and fifth time I've been in your world. We have to live a thousand summers before we can leave the fae forest. How old does that make me?” I asked.

  “Really old.” He said laughing.

  That night was the first night we made love. At first I thought he was trying to play a joke on me. The summer fae played mean jokes on me in the past, so I'm always weary of things that sound odd. I'm always afraid it's going to turn out like the time Poppy told me that the bees would work faster if I moved their hive closer to the flowers.

  Joseph was patient with me though. When his lips first touched mine it felt as if little bolts of lightning had struck them. It felt strange, but delicious. I still vividly remember the first time his tongue darted into my mouth. Startled I pulled away. Joseph laughed and pulled me closer to him.

  “It's a kiss.” He told me gently.

  “Oh!” I said looking up into his eyes.

  He leaned down and gently kissed me again. This time I didn't wait for his tongue to invade my mouth. I plunged mine in his. My eyes rolled back in my head as Joseph's tongue twirled around mine. It felt so intimate and made the heat in my belly rise.

  As we kissed Joseph gently touched my wings. They fluttered as a shiver traveled down my spine. It was the first time anyone else had touched my wings. It was a taboo amongst the fae and I was quickly learning why. The more Joseph's fingers traveled over my wings the wetter I became between my legs. I rubbed my thighs together and moaned. I never imagined anything could feel this good.

  Joseph kissed my neck down to my cleavage. I was still wearing only my orange dress because nothing he had accommodated my wings. It was okay though, because fae silk never gets dirty or wears out. Fae magic lasts forever.

  My body instinctively arched towards him pushing my breasts closer to his face. Joseph gently slid my dress down and freed my large bosoms. He gently cupped them and my wings fluttered again bringing up a layer of flora on the carpet.

  I was glad that Joseph didn't say anything about the flowers. I didn't want to explain that I had no control over my faerie dust when something felt this good. His strong hands massaged my breasts and I became lost to the touch. No one had ever touched my breasts before. I never knew that they could be a source of pleasure. I watched wide-eyed as he rolled my nipples between his fingers. Goosebumps traveled over my b
ody and I felt my clit twitch.

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