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Alien Probe (An Erotic Short Story)

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Alien Probe (An Erotic Short Story)


  Tiger Lily

  Copyright © 2013 by Tiger Lily

  All Rights Reserved.

  This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either products of the author’s imaginations or used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

  No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, without permission in writing from the author.

  Table of Contents


  1 – Spaceship Abduction | 2 – Anal Probe | 3 – Enemy Approaching | 4 – Alien Invasion

  Don’t want to read the story? Just want to jump straight to the sex scenes instead? Alrighty then:

  Sex Scene 1 – Anal Probe

  Sex Scene 2 – Teaching Smith Biology



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  Chapter 1 – Spaceship Abduction

  I bristled as I heard Jack and Paul outside laughing. I knew they were laughing at me. They always laughed at me. I pushed my nose further into my book and slunk down on my chair, hoping it was enough to get them to move on. The smell of the pages…real paper…gave off a musty smell that usually relaxed me. It wasn’t enough today.

  I glanced over the top of the book at the same time the door to the rec room opened, squealing as it did so. Damn it.

  “Hey Penny,” said Jack, walking in my direction. “Tug of war is about to start. Wouldn’t want you to miss out on another team building exercise.” He nudged Paul in the ribs. “You can be on our team if you like.” Yeah, right. Like last time when they deliberately let go of the rope and I was pulled into the dripping mud puddle. I never did get the stains out of my top from that trip.

  I shook my head. “I’ll catch up with you later, at dinner.”

  “You know you are supposed to participate. All Max employees’ have to. You don’t get special treatment.”

  Max was the name of our company. We sold sporting equipment to department stores. Our boss, Mr Michaels, was the whole reason I was even here for this ‘team building’ weekend. He did them every six months and it was required that you attend.

  You’ve probably guessed already that I have no sporting skills whatsoever and would prefer to chew my own arm off, than be here with a bunch of jock-wannabe-salesmen, but I like the job. I’m in accounting.

  I touched the edge of my glasses to straighten them before standing up, attempting to look like they didn’t intimidate me. “Go ahead. I have some work to do first.”

  “Nerd.” Paul coughed the words into his hands. Jack snickered.

  I pressed my lips together, trying hard to keep my composure.

  “Come on,” said Paul as he nudged Jack toward the door. He turned back to me just before he opened the door to leave the room. “We’ll see you later tonight, Pen, won’t we? How about we go star gazing together. Maybe I could show you how aliens probe their girlfriends. I bet you’d like that.” Both of them doubled over in laughter as they left the room.

  Idiots. If such a thing did exist, real aliens would be far nicer than these cretins. That I was sure of.

  Employee activities were over for the day. I had participated in as few exercises as I could manage without my boss noticing. Thankfully, this retreat would be over tomorrow and I could get back to my nice quiet life. One that didn’t involve douche bags like Paul and Jack.

  “I’m going to bed early,” said Amber, my roommate for the trip. “Are you coming too?”

  “Not right now,” I said. “I’ll let you get to sleep first.” There was no way I was going to bed at the same time as Amber. Her idea of going to bed early meant taking someone from management for some nighttime frolicking. The higher up the corporate ladder, the longer they got. That was certainly something I would never do. How she could let someone touch her like that without being in love, was something I didn’t understand.

  Don’t get me wrong. I’m not opposed to sex. I’ve had it twice. I dated a guy in high school, who seemed very pleased with it, both times. But I didn’t really see the big issue. It was okay, I guess. Personally I’d rather read a book. Probably why it didn’t last. I haven’t had another boyfriend since then. Not because no-one asked me out again, but because I couldn’t be bothered. I got lonely sometimes but my cat, Dickens, was great a keeping me company.

  I walked away from the main building toward the fields at the back of the retreat. Dusk had settled into the night but it was not yet dark. I looked up searching the tiny stars in the sky for Venus. You could only see Venus for about half an hour at sunrise and sunset. I’d probably missed that window, but I searched for it anyway.

  A flash of light to my left distracted me. A comet? I squinted trying to see it more clearly.

  It darted to the left and then down, and back over to my right.

  Holy crap. What was it? A helicopter? I didn’t think they could move so quick.

  Maybe it was a drone. I’d heard some government organisations experimented with flying drones from time to time. How cool. I’d always wanted to see one. I looked around to make sure no one saw me and walked closer to the fence, climbing over it and walking further into the field.

  The light got larger. The object was getting closer. I was going to see a real government drone. Butterflies erupted in my stomach. This was awesome.

  It flitted to my left again and then forward. The light increasing in size. Wow. This drone must be bigger than my car. Then it disappeared behind a row of tall trees.

  I ran toward the tree’s trying to keep out of sight, but close enough to see the object. I was panting when I reached the base of one tree and took a moment to catch my breath before looking around the trunk.

  If this was a drone, it wasn’t what I expected at all. I pushed my glasses back on my nose.

  This was a flying vehicle of some kind. Probably another government secret that no one wanted to release for fear that our enemies would see how our technology was advancing. My heart was beating, probably from running over here, but also from seeing something I knew I shouldn’t be looking at. Surely, someone else saw it too? I looked back at the retreat. No one was coming, everyone was inside.

  The lights on the vehicle throbbed and a hissing sound from the base made me jump. I lurched forward and twisted my ankle. Pain seared up my leg and I fell to my knees. I was in full view. I looked up, knowing I could be clearly seen by the vehicle, as a panel in the side slid open.

  A clang of a metal ramp hitting the ground made me scurry backwards toward the trees.

  Mist and smoke rose around the vehicle so that I couldn’t see at first, what, or who, was exiting.

  I attempted to stand, to run, to get away from here as fast as I could. But my legs were numb and my ankle still throbbed. I pushed up with my arms, but they shook as tiny terrified tremors run up and down them.

  All I could do was inch back into the cover of the trees, hoping no one had seen me, hoping that whoever was about to come into the clearing was as blinded by the smoke as I was of them.

  I pressed my back against the bark of the tree, and hunched down trying to make myself as small as possible. The smoke swirled around me, fogging my glasses. Now, even if the mist did clear, I couldn’t have seen anything anyway. I wanted to take them off, but resisted moving at all. I held my breath instead.

  This was the stuff of bad horror movies. But my logical mind pushed that away. It was just a person. A person in an experimental vehicle. I didn’t want to call it a spaceship. Spaceships weren’t real. Spacemen weren’t real.

  Footsteps clanged against a metal ramp
and then onto the softer ground. They paused for only a moment before walking in my direction. They’d seen me. They knew I was here.

  Please be a person. Please be a nice person who is coming to help me.

  The footsteps stopped in front of me and I heard breathing as the thing, no the person, stood in front of me as if examining me.

  I reached up to remove my glasses since they blinded me from my foe, and were of no use now.

  “Hello,” said the thing in front of me. “Nice to meet you.” It was small, thin, with an elongated head and large dark eyes. Its skin was a pale, insipid grey colour. Its voice was high pitched, almost squeaky. “My name is Smiteowghrty07xyz. But you can call me Smith.”

  It was the last thing I remembered, before I fainted.

  Chapter 2 – Anal Probe

  My head ached and I struggled to open my eyes into overly bright lights. The lights were hot, and warmed me like the sun did on the few times I dared sun bake outside in the summer. The only relieve from the warmth was the coolness of smooth metal under my body.

  I was lying on my stomach on some kind of bench, or table. I wasn’t sure what yet. I tried to lift my arm to shield my face from the brightness but my arms felt heavy and difficult to move.

  “Give it time to wear off,” said a voice. “You’ll be awake again before you know it.” It giggled, which I thought was odd, but given the situation, nothing would surprise me now.

  I blinked a few more times, as a head poked above the top of the table, its large dark eyes staring at me, unblinking.

  I wanted to scream but my throat was dry, and all that came out was a weak whimper.

  “No need to be frightened,” it said. “It’s me. Smith. Remember?”

  Someone was playing a trick on me. Was this Jack or Paul’s idea of a joke? They had made the figure seemed so lifelike. I looked desperately around for strings, mechanics, or something else to explain what my eyes couldn’t.

  It stepped backward and I could see more if it. It had two arms, two legs, like a regular person, but this was definitely not a person. Its fingers were long and thin, about twice the length of a regular human hand and the end of each finger was round and bulbous, about the size of a large cherry.

  It wasn’t wearing any clothes, its skin, smooth with a hint of shimmer, like it had oiled itself with lotion.

  “You like?” it asked as it noticed me looking at it. It held its hands out and swayed from side to side. “I chose this colour, especially for you.”

  Colour. Then it was a costume, perhaps?

  “Grey.” It said. “Fifty shades of it actually. I’ve heard earth women like that.”

  I was sure this was a joke now. I looked around the room, searching for a camera, or something that would give the game away.

  It sighed. “I’d like to chat more. I love a good yarn, I really do. But I’m in a bit of a dilemma which I need your help with.”

  I stared at it blankly.

  “You see,” he continued, “I need you to have an orgasm. All in the name of science of course.” It held its hands up. “I know, you probably don’t do that on the first date.”

  Date? What was it talking about?

  “But I’ve left it a bit too long this time, and I’m almost out of fuel.”


  “So if we can get this moving, I’ll start the probing, and we’ll be on our way.”

  Probing? What? Shit. I attempted to get up of the table again, but was stuck, my limbs still heavy. I’d been drugged obviously. “Let me go. Please. I get the joke. But please don’t hurt me.”

  “Oh no. I won’t hurt you. I never hurt anyone.”

  “I can’t move. Let me go.”

  It sighed. “I don’t have much time. Otherwise, we’ll probably crash, and then we’d both be dead. I really need that orgasm.”

  “I don’t understand.”

  “Your orgasm. Orgasm’s fuel this ship. It’s how it runs. Clever, right?”


  “Anyway, I’d say we have about fifteen minutes before the ship crashes from space and we all die.”

  Space? Crashes? What?

  It walked to the side and wheeled a stainless steel trolley over to the table. It had a row of different metal implements. Some were long, some were thick. One was double ended.

  “What are you into?” He picked up clipboard. “I almost forgot, you’ll need to sign this first.”

  I shook my head. “What are you saying? We are flying in space, and this ship will crash unless I have an orgasm?”

  “Yes.” It smiled brightly at me. “I know it sounds unusual, but it’s perfectly reasonable. If kids laughter can power a whole monster town, then it doesn’t seem a stretch that orgasm could power my ship, could it? Anyway, you’ve got it exactly. Now if you’ll just sign here and here.” He tapped a pen at two places on a form he held in front of me. “And hurry. Only fourteen minutes before we all die. Here, see for yourself.”

  He banged his fist on one wall and a screen appeared from nowhere, showing us hurtling through space toward a red planet in the distance. A clock in the corner showed how much time there was until impact. We were definitely going to crash if something wasn’t done fast.

  “You want me to sign something first?”

  “Of course. You need to give your consent.” He leaned in. “We wouldn’t want anyone to think this wasn’t mutual consent. I’ve heard some places look down on that. All above board here.”

  I looked at the sheet of paper again.

  He tapped the pen on it. “Hurry up. Only thirteen minutes before the ship crashes.”

  “But…I can’t move my arms.”

  He put the pen in my mouth and I signed the paper using a very crude signature before spitting out the pen as I watched us getting closer and closer to our deaths.

  “Wonderful,” he said. “Now. Let’s get started.”

  “Will it hurt?”

  “Oh heavens no. I read somewhere that one in ten humans like it. I’m hoping you are one of those, otherwise, I’ve chosen incorrectly.” He shook his head. “I do not want to end up like my brother Jo50007x&neees, or Jones as we called him. He chose someone that couldn’t climax at all. We all miss him, dearly.” His smile brightened. “Well let’s get started, shall we?”

  I closed my eyes. I wanted this to be over as quickly as possible. Or at least within twelve minutes.

  I heard something chink against the metal tray and Smith, or whatever the thing was calling himself, hum a strange melody.

  “Hurry up and get it over with.” I couldn’t believe he was dawdling. At a time like this.

  I opened my eyes to see him place on plastic gloves, snapping them in place. He held up a long metal object that looked like a stack of marbles one on top of each other, on the end of a stick. He continued to hum as he squirted clear jelly like goo onto it. He seemed pleased with the consistency.

  “Yes, yes. Eager little thing, aren’t you? That makes my work much more fun. Are you ready?”

  I nodded and he walked behind me.

  My legs were reefed apart and he pulled my hips up so he had a good view of my ass. He ran his gloved finger around my puckered hole, adding more of the clear jelly there. It was warmer than I expected, much warmer and it tingled pleasantly. It smelled faintly of peppermint.

  He placed the object made of smooth balls at the base of my anus. I clenched, getting ready for the assault, hoping it wouldn’t hurt. Hoping beyond hope, that I’d climax in time and save us from our fate.

  I expected that there would be some pain. I’d never had anal sex before, and wasn’t even sure I could climax that way, but what choice did I have now?

  The first ball entered me smoothly. Then the next, followed by the third. I could feel each ball clearly, as the small metal rod entered my ass. Sensations erupted through me, sensations of pleasure, of pain. Sensations that I never felt before. Every inch of my skin suddenly woke up from a slumber.

  It wasn’t as painful as
I expected at all. Just a little pop as my anus opened and closed over each bump, swallowing it whole inside of me. Another one entered, and then another. The smooth coolness of the metal, mingled with the warmth of the jelly. It was hot and cold altogether, all at once.

  I felt another ball enter me. That was six. Six little balls on a metal rod all jammed up inside me. I felt full, thinking there was no way he could push more of the rod into me.

  I gasped as I felt a seventh.

  It was too much. My breath quickened and I gasped as Smith began to twirl the rod. Each of the balls inside my ass twirling, twisting, and dancing. Oh god, oh god. I didn’t expect this. I didn’t expect a million tiny nerves alive with excitement. I could feel my pussy start to throb, to protest that my ass was getting all the attention. I’ve never throbbed like that before. But then again, I’ve never been probed before either.

  Smith began to pull out the rod, each tiny ball stretching my opening as it exited. Deliciously slow and excruciatingly frustrating at the same time he tugged it out of me.

  I was gasping now. I didn’t expect that I’d want it back in. But I did. I wanted it back inside me. I wanted someone to touch my pussy. I wanted someone to touch my clit. Oh god. I wanted it.

  Smith thrust the rod back inside my ass. Not slowly, this time but fast and forceful. I screamed out. It was too much, too much. He pulled it out again just as fast as it had entered me. Holy fuck. I cursed. I never cursed. What was he doing to me?

  I was panting now. Groaning and panting as he continued to fuck me with the metal rod. My anus stretching over the balls like it was riding a wave, sucking them into my body and then spitting them back out.

  I still couldn’t move. My ass high in the air, my legs spread wide apart. I was dripping now. I could feel my own juices running down my legs in streams. But I didn’t care. It felt so good.

  I looked up to the screen. We had six minutes. The problem was now, I didn’t want it to end. I didn’t care if this was the last thing I’d ever felt, because this was the best thing I’d ever experienced.

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