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 часть  #4 серии  The Doms of Genesis


Saving My Submission BN

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Saving My Submission BN

  Saving My Submission

  The Doms of Genesis, Book 4

  Jenna Jacob

  Saving My Submission

  The Doms of Genesis, Book 4

  Jenna Jacob

  Published by Jenna Jacob

  Copyright 2014 Dream Words, LLC

  Edited by: Riane Holt & Kasi Alexander

  Cover Art by: Dee Allen

  ePub ISBN 978-0-9885445-7-4

  Print ISBN 978-0-9885445-8-1

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  This is a work of fiction. Names, places, characters and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination and are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or establishments is solely coincidental.


  To all you,

  amazing readers who




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  ~Thank You~

  As always,

  To my rock, my anchor, my love… my life, Sean.

  It may take a village to raise a child,

  But writing a story takes a lot of Kleenex

  and a ton of special friends.

  Thank you

  Shelley, Pearl, Donna, Angel, Lindsey

  Dee, Rhonda, Riane, Kasi, Rachel, Brea,

  and a whole bunch more

  for your

  Motivation, compassion, and love.


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  Joshua Lars stroked my lips with his own as if he’d known them forever. His capable hands—those of a master sculptor—swept over my shoulders and shoved my red Alexander McQueen dress past my hips and over my feet to puddle on the floor. Languid and thorough, he made me feel as if I were a masterpiece he sought to mold.

  As his intoxicating scent swam in my head, he unfastened my bra and tossed it to the floor. I hadn’t recovered before he raked his tongue up the column of my neck. I began to tremble in erotic anticipation.

  From the time he’d pressed me up against the door of his studio and kissed me senseless until the breathless moment we’d begun tangling in the sheets, Joshua’s eye had darkened, now a piercing shade of jade. His body, all sinewy and taut, hovered over mine. The muscles of his biceps bunched, and I quivered at the feel of his steely erection that lay hot and hard against my belly.

  Wheat colored hair fell over his brow. When I reached up to brush the strands away, he clasped his hands around my wrists and raised them over my head, pinning me to the mattress. As he did, a sexy smile tugged the corners of his lips. My belly clenched.

  His Dominant gesture made me catch my breath. The need to submit surged through my veins. I hadn’t been beneath the command of a Master for years. Still I could no longer accept this.

  I struggled against his hold and tried to break free of his grip, but he shook his head. “Easy, Mellie. I’m not going to hurt you.” His voice was like aged brandy, soothing my anxiety. “Tell me, little one, are you what I hope you are?”

  His actions, his ragged whisper, put a chink in my armor and made the burning pulse of surrender rise inside me. “What exactly is it that you hope I am?”

  “Don’t play shy. You know what I’m talking about. When you stared at the sub statue earlier, the glow on your face aroused my suspicions. But when you started to cry… well, it was as if you’d opened a window to your soul. I keep catching glimpses of it, but it’s elusive; like smoke. There one second - gone the next. It’s almost as if you’re trying to deny your feelings.”

  What. The. Fuck? Out of all the men I’d been with not a single one had ever sensed the sleeping submissive within. Yet, ninety minutes with the renowned Joshua Lars, and his Dominant radar saw straight through my painstakingly constructed walls.

  His lips brushed mine in a feathery-light kiss. “I want to taste your surrender.”

  His words unnerved me. “I… I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I lied. “Stop talking and fuck me.”

  To throw him off my submissive scent, I arched my hips and rubbed my pussy against his cock, aiming to coax him into a down-and-dirty, dazzling, wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am night. I could handle straight sex. Diving into BDSM waters—especially with Joshua—would be like jumping off a cruise ship without a life vest. I didn’t need or want the mind fuck.

  Lifting my head, I tried to force him to kiss me. He reared back with an arch of his brows. Disapproval lined his face. I’d never have the upper hand with the man, and it should have scared the hell out of me. Instead it turned me on even more.

  This is going to be tricky.

  “Ah ah ah, play nice, pet. I won’t allow you to top me. We’re going to take the path that’s got you so skittish because it’s the same one that has you wet and ready.” He bent and nuzzled his lips close to my ear. “I can smell your cunt, little one. It makes my mouth water.”

  I didn’t know what to say. He pinned me with a dissecting stare. His breath fluttered over my lips. Unable to look at him without wanting to melt in surrender, I cast my gaze to the golden patch of hair between his flat nipples. I couldn’t risk him seeing those submissive parts of me I’d hidden.

  “Yes, that’s the one. My, my, what a gorgeous little thing you are.”

  His low, raspy praise sent lashes of fire dancing up my spine. It felt as if the devil himself had licked me with his scorching tongue.

  Cinching both of my wrists into one hand, he skimmed his other down my body, pausing to roll each of my beaded nipples between his fingers and thumb. Shards of electricity shot south and gathered behind my already throbbing clit.

  “Your safe word is fantasy, because that’s what you are—a fantasy that’s been plucked straight from my dreams.”

  Lord help me. The man had seduction down to a science. Combined with his potent Dominance, I didn’t know whether to laugh, cry, or run for my life.

  Desperate to keep this encounter as vanilla as possible, I scoffed. “What the hell is a safe word?”

  Joshua narrowed his eyes. “Don’t lie to me, pet. Lie to yourself all you want, but I’ve already seen everything I need to.”

  He bent and pressed his lips to mine with a kiss so explosive it stole my breath. Surrender, like a long-lost blanket enveloped me, and for one brief moment I didn’t care if he saw through my mask or not. The need to please him cracked my walls, and the stroke of
his demanding tongue had my submission seeping through.

  My mind was still spinning when I felt the cool tip of his latex-shrouded cock slide between my heated folds.

  “Yes,” I gasped, arching in willing compliance.

  With a feral growl, Joshua thrust deep inside me as a cry of pleasure-mixed-pain tore from my throat. Blessedly endowed, he filled and stretched me with a captivating burn. Struggling to relax my passage he withdrew, only to impale me once again. My packed pussy fluttered and rippled around his shaft. A low groan of delight rolled off his tongue and vibrated onto mine. Squeezing my wrists—almost to the point of pain—he emphasized his control, and it sent my heart soaring.

  Joshua plunged in and out of my clutching cunt in a slow and steady rhythm. Arching to meet his thrusts, I held nothing back. The sounds of gasps, grunts, and slapping flesh filled the room. Tearing his mouth from mine, he gazed down at me. Sweat dotted his brow and his red swollen lips glistened. The epitome of rugged beauty and command, Joshua drew me in even deeper with the fiery lust dancing in his eyes.

  “Are you going to be a good girl and ask for it, little one? Beg nice and pretty for me?”

  Giving a quick nod, he thrust even deeper. Crying out, I wrapped my legs around his waist as every thick inch of him throbbed inside me. His glorious torture was sublime. Exhaling a savage hiss, he began dragging his bulbous crest over the sensitive bundle of nerves in a slow decisive rhythm. As if orchestrating a symphony, the swell grew to a turbulent crescendo sending lightning ricocheting through my cells. I cried out again, letting the sinful blaze burn me alive as he unleashed his potent sexual skills.

  “Harder, Joshua. Please, fuck me harder!” I begged.

  And he did. Hard…fast… and unrelenting, like a freight train thundering down a mountain slope. Joshua drove in frenzied thrusts as if his life depended on it. Sweat dripped from his face, mixing with mine as our harsh animalistic sounds echoed in the room.

  Wedging a hand between us, Joshua strummed my clit with just the right amount of pressure. My moans turned to screams, morphing into keening pleas that he’d allow the swell to pull me under and annihilate my blistering need.

  “Now,” he bellowed. “Come for me, Mellie.”

  Right on cue, as if eight years had been but yesterday, I responded—like I’d been trained—and shattered at his command. Rocked by the force of my powerful orgasm, dark spots formed behind my eyes. Pounding into my channel like a man possessed, Joshua suddenly froze. Fixed deep inside me, he let out a deafening roar before pummeling my cunt in a torrent of erratic strokes; he followed me over.

  Releasing my wrists, he dropped to his elbows. Panting, he pressed his face against my neck. Our coupled muscles twitched and pulsed until the sexual buzz faded. Easing from my pussy, Joshua collapsed to the bed alongside me. Both of us covered in a fine sheen of sweat, the heady scent of sex lay like a heavy blanket around us.

  It took several long minutes before our ragged breaths slowed and evened out, and all the while I lay staring at Joshua. His eyes were closed and a serene, sated expression lined his face. I wanted to pinch myself.

  I just had sex with Joshua Lars.

  Sex my ass! The man fucked your brains out. And did a righteous job of it, too.

  The little voice in my head was right. No lover before him had been capable of enticing an orgasm of that magnitude. Clearly, Joshua had more impressive talents besides gifted hands. Studying the sharp features of his handsome face, his rugged jaw line and the light blonde scruff covering his chin, I smiled. His golden hair, now dark and wet, lay plastered to his head. Still, he looked like sin on a stick, and I’d have no trouble whatsoever taking him on for round two.

  As if reading my mind, he opened his eyes. A quirky smile played over his lips. “Oh yeah, we definitely need to do that again, but give me a minute. I’m not as young as I used to be.”

  I laughed. “You’re not the only one, Sir.”

  Sir? Sir? Where the fuck did that come from?

  Joshua didn’t bat an eye at my reply. Obviously, he was accustomed to being called ‘Sir’ by someone—maybe a whole lot of someones. The inward prick of jealousy surprised me, but I was more concerned at how easily the honorific ‘Sir’ had rolled off my tongue. Unnerved, I realized that Joshua had picked the lock and opened the Pandora’s Box of my submission. A knot of fear began to unravel, and a surge of panic-laced adrenaline exploded through my veins. I leapt from the bed as if it were on fire.

  “Where are you going?” Shifting, he raised up on one elbow. A quizzical expression lined his face as he watched me race around the room.

  “Bathroom,” I replied curtly. Gathering up my dress, thong, purse, and shoes I raced away.

  “Wait,” he called to me. “I thought we were going to—”

  Before he could finish his sentence, I slammed the double doors of the bathroom shut and locked them. On shaky knees, I stepped into my dress, clutching the sink to steady myself. Catching a glimpse of my reflection in the mirror, I froze. My lips were red and swollen. My cheeks flushed in a ‘just fucked glow.’ Still taut, my dusky nipples tingled from all the attention Joshua had bestowed with his fingers and teeth. The elegant coiffured bun I’d worn to his showing was now wild and disheveled in vivid aftermath of how his urgent hands had snarled through my mane. Outwardly, I wore all the markings of a woman well satisfied, but gazing at my eyes, I could see the terror stamped within. A new, more potent wave of alarm slammed through me. I’d allowed Joshua Lars and his Dominant charm to touch me too deeply.

  “Jesus, Mellie. What the fuck are you doing? Get your shit together and get the hell out of here,” I mumbled to my reflection in the mirror.

  Stepping into my thong, I grabbed my purse and pulled out my cell phone. Scrolling an online search engine as I tugged the tiny scrap of material to my knees, I dialed the number of a local cab company. Tucking the phone against my shoulder, I fumbled through my beaded clutch plucking out the invitation as a gruff man answered. Rattling off the address, I swiftly ended the call, shoved everything back in my purse, and finished yanking up the thong still abandoned at my knees.

  A thunderous knock landed on the other side of the door. Jumping, I yelped in surprise.

  ”Mellie, open up,” Joshua demanded.

  “Just a sec,” I called out, my voice cracking with anxiety.

  “Mellie?” he pounded once again. “Don’t make me break this fucking door down. We need to talk.”

  Talk? Oh hell, no. There was absolutely nothing I wanted to say to the man.

  “Open. Up. Now.”

  I bit back a whimper. Shit! Why did he have to use that imposing Dom voice, now?

  “Okay,” I snapped. Cursing under my breath, I chided myself for letting him awaken my dormant submissive longings.

  Slipping on my fiery red stilettos, I yanked the door open and instantly wished I’d kept the sucker shut. Joshua stared down at me wearing nothing but his black tuxedo pants and a nipple-hardening scowl. His commanding mien nearly took me out at the knees.

  When he opened his mouth to speak, I raised my hand and pushed past him, surprising him into silence.

  “Thanks for a wonderful time, Joshua. I had fun.” The tone of my voice was so dismissive, I couldn’t help but cringe inside. I couldn’t even look at him. Coward. Plucking a business card from my purse, I held it out to him. “If you’re ever in Phoenix, give me a call.”

  When he didn’t take the card or utter a single word, I looked up at him. Both brows were arched in disbelief, and his eyes were steeped in ‘Dominant censure.’ Yes, the man had that look perfected, which further fueled the riot of panic inside me. He wasn’t happy. The barbs of shame for displeasing him pricked at the sub inside. She all but screamed to fall at his feet and beg his forgiveness—while the pragmatic parts of me wanted to reach up and slap him across the face for breathing life back into the woman I’d put to death.

  “Really? You’re actually going to tear out of here like your ass is
on fire and not tell me what’s wrong?”

  “Nothing’s wrong. It’s time for me to go.”


  A noise of disbelief rumbled in the back of his throat.

  “I had fun. We got to burn off some stress, but it’s late, and I’m tired. Besides, I need to get back to my sister’s house. She’ll worry.”

  “Worried, huh? Does she always treat you like you’re a teenager?” he chuckled in disbelief.

  I flashed him a sarcastic smirk and shook my head.

  “You have a cell phone, right?”

  “Of course.”

  “So don’t you find it ironic that it hasn’t rung once since we came to the loft?” He cocked his head and stared into my eyes, delving far deeper than he had a right to. “Tell me what this is really about, little one.”

  “Stop calling me that,” I hissed. “I’m not your little one. I’m no one’s little one.”

  I tensed as Joshua clasped his hands on my shoulders in a gesture meant to calm. World War III raged within and I had to force myself to stare at his face and not cast my eyes toward the floor.

  Shit! His very touch seduced my submission and threatened to reduce my walls to dust. He was living, breathing kryptonite to my self-restraint, and it pissed me off.

  Sucking in a shaky breath, I planted my fists on my hips. “Look, Joshua, the whole Dom/sub thing isn’t for me.”

  “Okay. I can respect that. But that still doesn’t explain why you’re dressed and running out the door like…” He frowned. “Like… I’m a one-night stand.”

  Busted. While I had no intention of making a love connection with him or any other man, I’d established internal rules about one-night stands. Knowing I’d have to cope with the onslaught of guilt afterward, I usually kept my hormones in check, shying away from casual bed-hopping. Not the case with Joshua Lars. No, star struck, I’d tossed my principles out the window and bedded the man without a second thought about the consequences for my actions. Shame would come—probably in the morning, if not sooner—and I’d have to swim my way to the top of my remorse. But first I needed to find a tactful way to get out of there without crushing Joshua’s fragile male ego even more.

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