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Shifter Romance: Werewolf Shifter Romance: Problem Child (Wolf Shifter Romance Baby Romance Shapeshifter Romance) (Alpha Romance Short Stories Romance Shifter Romance), страница 1


Shifter Romance: Werewolf Shifter Romance: Problem Child (Wolf Shifter Romance Baby Romance Shapeshifter Romance) (Alpha Romance Short Stories Romance Shifter Romance)

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Shifter Romance: Werewolf Shifter Romance: Problem Child (Wolf Shifter Romance Baby Romance Shapeshifter Romance) (Alpha Romance Short Stories Romance Shifter Romance)

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  Problem Child

  A Billionaire Werewolf Shifter Romance

  By: Terry Jade

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  Table of Contents

  Problem Child

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  Problem Child

  The crescent moon glinted in the clearness of the cold January night. Rebecca shivered and pulled her cloak closer around her.

  It certainly knew how to do bracing in Whitby. From behind her, the sea roared, like a drunk, spoiling for a fight, occasionally spilling its foamy white guts out onto the road where she was standing.

  Next to her, a notice spelled out caution. “Danger From High Seas”.

  Here, Rebecca almost snorted in derision. The chance of some danger would be a fine thing. Anything would be, she needed something to snap her out of her anesthesia. At the moment, the only danger she had was of dying from boredom.

  She sighed deeply, taking in the cold, crisp, salty air. It had been two days since she’d left the city. She had said she had wanted some space. Not just from Mark and his unflinching presence in her home, her heart and her head, but all the rest of it too.

  Coming from New York, she was of course pretty much used to the claustrophobia of city living. This was why it was such a mystery that she felt so drawn to this charming, but small, Yorkshire coastal town.

  Still, despite the attraction, Rebecca could not make herself really feel anything, real, pretend or otherwise.

  Better make the most of it anyhow, because it would only last a day or two, for the conference on human genetics and then she would be back to the smoke.

  In the meanwhile, she had thought, what the hell, and allowed a dating app to determine her fate for the night. Undoubtedly it would probably be a disaster, but even that might mean she had to feel something again.

  She ran her fing
ers through her thick, black curls that were automatically unraveling in the blast of this force nine gale. Hair grips and clips had categorically failed to tame them and now she was headed out to a date looking like she had had an encounter with the Van Der Graaf machine. Great.

  Young couples strode past her, seemingly impervious to the ice-laden temperatures blowing in from Holland, or Denmark, or whatever the hell it actually was out there. Rebecca was used to seeing clubbers wearing next to nothing in the city, but this display of brazen will against the might of the North Sea impressed her greatly.

  She really hoped she didn’t run into anyone from the conference earlier. She’d spied someone, just a moment before and that had been the push that she needed to propel her toward the hotel. If she thought about it for too long, she would talk herself out of going and then what? Become a sitting target for the guys at work? They were a nice enough bunch, but she’d had more than her fair share of pink-faced males blushing and gurning for one evening. She hoped to God that this dating service knew what it was doing.

  “Evening” An old couple greeted her, as she sped past. They were dressed sensibly at least, in matching quilted anoraks. Rebecca, to her shame, almost didn’t stop. Where she was from, only people who wanted something from you addressed total strangers in a friendly fashion.

  Her round face softened into a smile.

  “Hey. Good evening.”

  And just for a split second, she allowed herself to feel a chink of something, was it hope, or just curiosity?

  Jet clicked his fingers impatiently and summoned a black-clad waiter to the side table where he had been waiting for all of three minutes.

  Three minutes too long.

  He glanced at the Rolex on his arm.

  “Champagne and ice,” He said nonchalantly to the tall, nervous young server.

  He was used to being seen to – and fast. Perhaps he would have words with the management, let them know of his displeasure. Then that youngster would be picking up his P45 a damn site faster than he picked up his order pad.

  The cooler arrived more promptly than his order had been taken but didn’t cull Jet’s irritation. What was the point of an exclusive restaurant if one did not get treated with respect?

  The phone beeped and he picked it up irritably. It was Scot, his newest assistant.

  “How will I recognize the client?”

  Jet’s felt his temper rising. This guy was useless. What sort of psychic detective needed an E fit? Never mind the waiter, first thing tomorrow, that guy was history.

  His annoyance abated slightly as he became distracted by the restaurant doors which flew open, letting in a draft blast of salty night air and with it some customers. Unexpectedly, for a mid-week night in January, the place was actually beginning to fill up.

  An odd gaggle of disjointed males spilled into the dining area, standing in twos and threes awkwardly. Not in the usual male scrum of slightly pissed up bonhomie. Perhaps that would come later, although Jet got an instinctive feeling about this group, that somehow that was not going to happen here.

  A weedy, slightly bendy looking guy with a wart on his upper lip wafted over towards where Jet was seated, beckoning over his companion, wearing an uncomfortable suit and shiny loafers, that appeared to be causing him significant discomfort.

  At one point the slight, warty man, with dishwater hair almost caught his eye. But he soon dropped it. Jet knew who these nerds were. They were from the science conference that was in town. The place could barely move for the cloying scent of over applied after shave and fragile masculinity.

  Yes, these were the shifter chasers, although they would probably rather be known as scientists, men of reason.

  A callous smile played around Jet’s thin lips. These men would see themselves as rationalists, saviors even, but all they were helping to do was to –

  An arse.

  Cutting across everything, it came dancing into view. Wiggling splendidly, up and down, back and forth, rhythmically. Jet had a special talent for arses. This one had just entered stage left and was now weaving its very wavy way across the room in a slinky, yet slightly unsure fashion. Every thought he had previously been thinking just dropped out of his head.

  Please let this be his date.

  Jet wasn’t a man accustomed to praying but did find himself at that minute offering up an involuntary entreaty to the heavens.

  The hips bounded past him and seemed to be headed for the distance. Slink – slinking off towards the door and pushing down on it. No doubt about to disappear forever.

  Fuck you, God.

  “Is this seat taken?”

  He swiveled around in his seat in some confusion. Somehow, the hips were now right in front of him.

  He frowned slightly, puzzled but pleased by the sight of her all the same.

  The female’s voice was low and sultry, he liked that. It was also American, which was unexpected.

  “I.. er.. no please sit down,” Said Jet, getting to his feet.

  He was more than happy to assist the owner of such an ample behind to become comfortably seated, sad though it was to have to watch it disappearing into the chair. The female took her seat and squelched her fabulous buttocks on the chrome seat. She wouldn’t need any padding.

  “You must be Mr. Black I’m guessing” She breathed.

  “You guess right Rebecca,” He said, taking her hand and kissing it lightly. “Please sit down.”

  He almost drank in her light brown almond shaped eyes and slightly freckled complexion. She was of average height, but with far more than average curves. This was promising.

  Jet’s cool blue-grey eyes ran up and down over his companion’s frame and features as she studied the menu intently and then announced, in that slightly dusky voice, that she would only be having the salad.

  “You not hungry?” He asked, inquisitively. This girl seemed well nourished and not quite the type to skimp on meals by the look of her. And there was nothing wrong with that too, he thought approvingly.

  In fact, he would have been up for skipping dinner altogether and getting straight on with it. But his stomach had already filed its demands to his brain.

  Under the table, he couldn’t help noticing the way that Rebecca was shifting from one buttock to the other. Her legs had taken on a life of their own and were crossing and uncrossing themselves in a way that seemed completely involuntary.

  Jet felt himself buzz with a kind of low intensity.

  “Um… Not really.” She said. He thought he sensed a note of caution in her voice. He watched in curiosity as she appeared to be vanishing behind the menu she was holding. Was she avoiding something? Him?

  Then he sensed a presence on the back of his head. Without turning, he clocked the dishwater blond’s pale eyes burn into him.

  Oh right, so he’s the one bothering you.

  Amusement shot across his eyes for a millisecond.

  He wouldn't have been much of a private detective if he couldn't spot these things after all.

  He turned, for the briefest of tiny moments, as she shuffled pretending to look for something in her bag, desperately trying to avoid an interaction with the man. Then cast his eyes fulsomely onto the blond scrote’s face.

  Jet stifled the urge to growl that was rising in his throat, as he surveyed the terrified prick and it submerged into a cough. Instantly, the gnat backed away, suddenly finding some other table to his liking and dragging his baffled mate along with him.

  He won’t be bothering you now sweetie.

  Rebecca looked up, nervously, to find, problem solved. The creep who had been hitting on her all day long suddenly kicked into the long grass or, at least, the table by the kitchen door, where he was obscured by wait staff coming in and out.

  Then Jet met her eyes fully, she smiled but didn’t flinch or give any signals. Damn! Trying to read her was hard. She did not seem the type to go weak at the knees and if Jet was going to get what he wanted, he could see he was going to have to pull
out all the stops.

  Finally, she focused her attention on Jet. Now she was properly seated he had been brought into full HD view. Tall, maybe 6’ 4” and heavily built, with imperceptible eyes of a color she was yet to determine.

  He was dressed sharply and, Rebecca suspected expensively. She wasn’t very au fait with men’s fashions and grooming, but that suit was definitely Hugo Boss. But it wasn’t so much the clothing. Jet could have been wearing ripped jeans, but still would have had the scent of money and power.

  Nothing like Mark, this was a big plus. No matter where she went, she felt she was still somehow trapped by him. Even after their split, which had been painful, but not acrimonious, they were still living together, because of the stupid London rent situation.

  So yes, they were officially through, but rather harder to have a wild night of passion when one’s ex still occupied the sofa and you were face to face with his undies on the end of the radiator every day.

  In fact, Rebecca wasn’t even sure if she wanted a night of passion, not with any of the men she knew, anyway. But it would just be nice to do a face pack or watch some trashy TV without having to pre-empt his reaction to it. He wasn’t doing anything wrong and he had been a complete gentleman. Everything was perfectly pleasant between them.

  Jet’s labyrinthine eyes emitted a barely concealed heat.

  Rebecca did not want pleasant any longer, that much was clear now. She found she was being almost locked into the force field of vehemence that was flowing from him.

  Fortunately, the venom in them was not directed at her. The sharp placed glance was to the cowering waiter, who came running.

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