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Sharing Mia (Mia and the City Book 2)

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Sharing Mia (Mia and the City Book 2)

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  Sharing Mia

  Mia and the City

  Talia Echolls

  Published by Sugar and Spice Books, 2018.

  Thank you for reading. If you enjoy this book, please leave a review or connect with the author.

  All rights reserved. Aside from brief quotations for media coverage and reviews, no part of this book may be reproduced or distributed in any form without the author’s permission. Thank you for supporting authors and a diverse, creative culture by purchasing this book and complying with copyright laws.

  Copyright © 2018 by Invictus Media Group, LLC

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  THANK YOU TO MY READERS, who loved the Mia Culpa series at its earliest conception. Without your support, I would never have had the courage or inspiration to continue writing Mia’s story. Because of you, Mia Culpa evolved into the Mia and the City Series, starting with. Claiming Mia. Sharing Mia and Loving Mia will be the continuation of her adventures.

  Your words of encouragement mean more to me than you can ever know.


  THE DOOR BARELY CLICKS shut, and Jay cups my face with his hand and draws me in for a soft kiss. My head is still spinning when Xavier comes in with a kiss of his own—this one deeper. I’m pressed up against Jay’s chest, and he holds me while Xavier trails kisses down my front, pulling up my skirt in the process. His fingers tease the edges of my panties. “Someone’s hot down here.”

  Jay cups my breast with one hand, angling my head with the other so he can kiss me from behind. There’s no mistaking the hard bulge of his erection against my back.

  Xavier pulls my panties off and clamps his mouth over my slit, licking with fast, urgent strokes. My pent-up pleasure from today’s sexting builds quickly.

  I gasp into Jay’s mouth. I won’t be able to take much more. Jay unbuttons my blouse and snaps off my bra, the feel of his hands over my bare skin intoxicating. I arch into them and he pinches my nipples.

  I give in to the sensations and come. Jay kisses me, swallowing my moans and whimpers.

  Xavier plunges his fingers into me, wrenches out another wave of gasps. “Do you need to be fucked, Mia?”

  I love it when he talks like that. It makes me tremble. I nod stupidly. “Yes.”

  They maneuver me to my desk, and lay me out on it. Xavier has already taken his suit jacket and tie off. His nimble fingers fly over his shirt buttons, exposing his beautifully hard body. Then he drops his pants.

  My eyes go round when I see that he’s gone commando and I take in the sight of his beautiful cock standing straight up against his stomach. He plunges his length into me with a groan.

  Jay’s kept himself busy by taking his clothes off. The next thing I know, he cups my head in his hand and I’m eye-level to his massive cock. I lick my lips in anticipation.

  He skims the head over my mouth so I can lick and kiss the sensitive underside. I open my mouth and he slips inside. He thrusts lightly, barely testing my throat. I lick him, swirling my tongue over his head. He groans, pulling in and out of my mouth slowly. “You feel so good. I don’t want to come in your mouth, sweetheart.”

  He trails his fingers over my breasts, and teases my nipples.

  The two work me over in perfect rhythm. Xavier grasps my hips tighter as he pumps into me, his rigid cock impaling me over and over until he explodes inside me. I moan and gasp around Jay’s cock.

  “Bend her over the desk,” Jay growls out. He tears away from me, leaving me gasping, too sensitized by what they were doing to me. And then hands pull me and turn me over on to my stomach, while a firm hand on my back holds me in place. Jay shoves his penis into me from behind in one hard thrust and I cry out again, clenching around him. “Yes, that’s it Mia, milk me just like that.” He skims his finger over my hot, wet clit. “Get it lovely, I know you need it, come for me now.” His voice is desperate. Pleading.

  Heat flushes all over my body, centering over where we’re joined, and I explode in a violent orgasm that leaves me shaking and grinding my hips in time to his thrusts. He grips me tight a split second before he comes, ramming into me, the smacking of flesh echoing into the room.

  We are a pile of sweaty, quivering flesh.

  Xavier brushes my hair from my face and kisses my cheek. “We’re going to do more after dinner.”


  A FEW MONTHS AGO, I went out on a limb and asked my boss for a new assignment to help save my job.

  That one choice led me to new experiences.

  And it led me to them.

  Xavier and Jay.

  Or as my blog readers know them: Mr. Blue Eyes and Mr. S.

  I never thought I would find a serious relationship through my work. Hell, I never thought I needed to find any kind of fulfillment outside of work. Nor that I could find another level of happiness at my job. It was nothing short of a miracle.

  But with all the new experiences come new fears. Thoughts that I won’t be able to hold on to the great things that are happening for me. That it’s all a fluke. That I’m secretly being punked.

  Whenever these thoughts come up, I go back to the beginning, back to my very first lessons: be open to receive the gifts the universe wants to give me.

  Knowing these things doesn’t mean anything unless I act on them. And that’s a whole other lesson that I have yet to learn.

  I’m working on it, though.



  Thankfully, I had enough leeway with the magazine that I could telecommute whenever I wanted. Because of that, I’d been in my writing cave all day and finally caught up on all my projects.

  After showering for the first time at six o’clock this evening, I just wanted to stay home and call it a night. I was supposed to go out to eat, but my brain was mush. I sent Jay a text to say I’d like to reschedule.

  Instead of an answer, an invitation to video chat lit up on my phone. I blinked at it for a good five seconds before answering it on my computer.

  I should have thrown on some make up after I showered. My face on the screen looked way too pale as I waited for the video to connect. But then, I didn’t feel like going out and I hadn’t expected a video call.

bsp; Once the call connected, Jay’s face dominated my screen. Of course, he was beautiful without trying. His sculpted face and dark, brooding eyes were seriously sigh-worthy. When he smiled, though, like he was doing now, he was heart-stoppingly gorgeous.

  And from what I could see, he still had his suit on.

  “Hey.” I shifted in my seat, grateful that I had a blanket wrapped around me, since I was nipping so bad.

  “Hey yourself, lovely. Are you sure you don’t want to go out?”

  I bit my lip. If I said I’d go, then there was a possibility of some fun times, and man, those times would be worth it. But... the thought of actually dressing up and going out... “Yeah, I’m sure. I’m kinda tired.”

  His brow furrowed as he leaned closer to the camera. “You work too hard, lovely.” He said it like he was concerned for my well-being. It made my stomach flutter.

  I was still not used to this kind of intimacy.

  I wanted to tell him that if anyone worked too hard around here, it was him, even though I didn’t quite know what that work entailed. Owning businesses couldn’t be easy, though, and I’d lost count on how many he and Xavier—Mr. Blue Eyes—owned.

  “Yeah, well,” I said with a shrug, as if that was a logical thing to say. This was what I was afraid of: my brain was mush and the nonsense words falling out of my mouth needed to remain unspoken. Besides, I lived a pretty boring life. There were only so many ways to make “I sat around all day and typed on my computer” sound interesting.

  Jay, however, insisted on talking to me. “Tell me what you did today.”

  I snorted. “Seriously, all I did was sit around in my own filth, writing.” That got him laughing, so I continued. “The only reason why I even bothered cleaning up was the prospect of food.”

  “So, not for me?”

  I giggled. “Of course not. Food is my only motivator.”

  “At least I know where I stand.” He chuckled and I sighed out loud before I caught it. He noticed, acknowledging it with a little quirk of his eyebrow. “So you were writing all day? What did you write about?”

  My mind immediately flashed to the product reviews that I put up on my website in between phone interviews for the magazine. Heat scorched my cheeks, and I knew they were flaming pink.

  “Okay, now you need to tell me what that—” he gestured at my face “—is all about.”

  I bit my lip and hid my face in my hands, which only made him tease me more. I didn’t want to tell him, but I also didn’t want to make like I was hiding anything. I wasn’t. And it really wasn’t a big deal. There was nothing shameful or anything about sex toys.

  Only. Writing about it was one thing. Talking about it—out loud!—with someone else was another thing entirely.

  And the more I squirmed, the more he goaded me into telling him. Finally I shrieked through my laughter. “All right, fine. But you can’t laugh at me.”

  His eyes sparkled with excitement, but he had stopped laughing. “Never.”

  I skirted over how that vow made me feel.

  I sucked it up and reached down to grab one of the many vibrators that littered my bedroom floor. To his credit, Jay said nothing, though his lips twisted in a suppressed laugh. “So,” I said tartly, “this is what I’ve been doing all day.”

  His gaze darkened with lust. “My, my. If you needed a hand, lovely, all you had to do was call me.”

  I gave him a look and laughed. “You know for a fact I wasn’t using it, but writing about it, silly!” I dropped it on to the desk.

  His eyes followed it. “Sure, sure.” I could tell he was teasing me.

  “Seriously though, I’ve never used one. Didn’t think to.”

  “Wait, never?”

  “I’d never even masturbated for real until a couple of months ago.” The memory of doing so for him made my cheeks hot.

  The look that came over his face made me think he was remembering that night as well. “You wanna do something fun?” His voice was a seductive rumble in his throat.

  I played along. “Always.”

  “Use it.” He nodded at the vibrator currently on my desk. “Or one of your other toys that are out of view. Use one of them. I’d love to watch you.”

  “I absolutely cannot! What if the NSA is watching? The CIA?”

  “There are plenty of other people that will draw their attention. Here, I can help you out.” He got up, and without preamble, took his shirt off. His well-muscled torso looked delectable.

  My mouth watered. “Are you trying to turn me on so I’ll use one of these?”

  “Is it working?” He smiled mischievously, and it made him look so much... lighter.

  I flushed. Of course it was working. Hot liquid had started pooling in my panties as soon as he got on video chat, and since our conversation progressed.... Instead of admitting to it, though, I shrugged. “Meh.” But there was no hiding the catch in my breath, how I squirmed in my seat.

  “You know, if I were there, I’d check to see if you were lying.”


  He looked like he was thinking about it really hard. “I’d bend you over first. Check to see how wet your panties are, how they stick to you. Then I’d pull you into my lap. Run my hands over your body, between your legs. I’d spread you wide and plunge my fingers inside you.”

  Feeling saucy, I stood and took off my drapey, off-shoulder sweater. Dressed only in my lacy bralette and matching panties, I turned around with what I hoped was a seductive pop of my hip. I bent over my chair, giving him a view from behind.

  At his sharp intake of breath, I looked over my shoulder. He had a full view of my wet spot. I could feel my panties sticking to me.

  I turned around and slid my hands slowly over my breasts, ribs, waist, down over my hips, cupping myself. “You’d touch me like this, right? Possessive?”

  “Yes.” His voice thrummed over the digital space between us and settled over me like a touch.

  I pushed aside the thin fabric of my underwear and dipped my finger over my slick heat.

  “Are you wet?” His voice was barely contained.

  I nodded and started moving my finger, breaths coming in small gasps as I rubbed light circles over the tight bud of my clit. I could come soon, so I took it slow.

  He stood up, undid his pants, and let them drop to the floor. He took hold of his throbbing stiff cock. He’d gone commando, which turned me on even more. “Tell me how wet you are. How hot.”

  “I’m drenched and slick and hot.” My words came out between gasps, my fingers flying over my clit.

  “I don’t want you to come yet, you hear me, lovely?”

  Even without touching me, it’s like he knew my body as well as I did.

  I tried slowing down, but the sight of his hand moving up and down his huge dick was mesmerizing and I needed to match his rhythm.

  “Get that vibrator. Use it. Push it inside you all at once. You know I’d do that. I’d fill you with all of me in one deep, hard thrust. You know that’s what you like. What I like. Don’t come, not yet.” He could hear my breath hitching at his hot words. “You can only go once the vibrator is inside of you.”

  I ripped my panties off, grabbed the vibrator, and turned it on. Propping my leg on the chair so he’d have an easy view of my body, I played the head around my sex, biting my lip from the sensation, before sliding it home until it was fully seated inside me.

  I heard him hiss through his teeth and I realized I had closed my eyes. I didn’t want to miss a moment, and made myself open them. He pumped his fist faster now, his beautiful cock darkening, signaling that he was close.

  I slid the vibrator out and played it over my clit, then slipped it back in and matched his thrusts with my own. “Please.”

  His gaze held mine. “Go, Mia.” I closed my eyes in surrender and let the sensations overtake my body in rippling waves.

  When I finally came back to my body, I realized I’d somehow melted onto my chair without falling to the floor. Jay had his pan
ts on and his shirt draped open on his body. His dark eyes pinned me down. “Either you come here or I’m going there. Choose.”

  My stomach fluttered. “I’ll come over.”



  He emerged from the back of the car and caught me as I hurled myself into his arms. Once inside, I straddled him. He ripped open my trench coat to get at my body and stopped when he realized that I had worn my drapey sweater and not much else.

  Fire danced in his eyes. “Mia! Where are your clothes?” he said in laughing disbelief.

  I had been so affected by him and his look and his command that I hadn’t thought anything of just wrapping myself up in a coat and running downstairs.

  I answered him with a smile and slid the coat off. I pulled the sweater over my head. “They’re on the floor.”

  He rained kisses on my body, arching my back so that he could access my nipples and stomach.

  He laid me out on the floor and covered me with his body. I wrapped my legs around him, loving the feel of his weight on me.

  “I’m not taking you on the floor,” he said gruffly.

  I kissed and sucked his lips. “You can do what you want,” I said. Reaching down between our bodies, I touched myself with a groan.

  He barked a laugh and kissed me, then pulled me over his legs so that I laid across his lap, ass in the air. He cupped my butt cheeks and gave them each a swat, one after the other.

  I gasped in surprise before giggling a little, feeling naughty. I twitched for more. He obliged with a laugh, swatting and then caressing each cheek a few more times. I was writhing for him before long.

  The deep chuckle in his throat was sexy and inviting as he gathered me in his arms and nestled me against his chest. “There will be more time to explore that. But for now...” With a deep kiss, he dropped his hand between my legs, his cool fingers a thrilling contrast inside my molten heat.

  I rode his fingers, rubbing my clit against his thumb until he took his hand away. I was near tears.

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