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The Beast of Borneo

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The Beast of Borneo

  The Beast of Borneo

  Rosie Zweet

  This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

  Copyright © 2017 by Rosie Zweet

  All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof

  may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever

  without the express written permission of the publisher

  except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.

  First Edition: October, 2017

  Author’s note: This work is only for ADULT.

  All characters are 18+

  ** Individual pictured is model and used for illustrative purposes only


  Catherine Smith

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  Catherine Smith

  Seeing, her son’s blazing eyes made Catherine remembered him. For a flash, her son’s eyes glowed in unnatural silvery color, just like his. Catherine’s heart skipped a beat, oh god, no…

  Borneo, two decades earlier.

  Today, the sky was dark blue with many stars twinkling, splattering across its darkness. It was so beautiful and still so foreign to Catherine, all of this wildness of Borneo. She went here for the animal, the orangutan, but it seemed she fell in love with the land as well even though the wheatear little too hot for her taste, but still it was better than at home.

  Catherine was eighteen, a broken-hearted girl, so when she heard about the volunteering’s opportunity for orangutan foundation in Borneo, she didn’t think twice to apply. Her parents were worried, of course, they had never heard of the island before, despite it just located in the neighboring country, but finally, they relented.

  Tonight, Catherine felt a bit homesick, so she decided to wander outside the camp. She had made new friends here, but talking about the orangutan or people back home held no appeal for her. Besides she had been here for almost two weeks, yet she had never explored the ground properly. Many volunteers—the adventurous ones—had been familiar with their surrounding from the day one, but not Catherine.

  People said that their Conservation Camp was built on an ex-lab of mad Dutch scientist, Arnoud Hendriks. He had already died decades ago, shortly after the country declared their independence. But people whispered that his creations were still roaming the forest. Catherine wasn’t sure what was it, but it made her more excited rather than afraid.

  Slowly, Catherine walked through the muddy path. No rainfall today, but the ground was soft and muddy. Glancing up at the sky, she marveling how big the universe was, and how small and insignificance she was. Here, Brad—her ex-boyfriend—betrayal seemed insignificance as well. She was fine here. She even planned to give him her blessing when she went back to Sidney. Brad was her childhood friend after all and stayed sad forever only made her look pathetic.

  Catherine sighed loudly. She felt getting old fast in the last two months.

  Out of sudden, her ears picked a growling sound from bushes nearby. Catherine stopped in her track, her heart beat hard in her chest. With a trembling hand, she turned on her flashlight, trying to see in the darkness.

  Then, she heard another rustling sound. Hastily she turned her back, and there, she saw it—or him. His eyes were like two glowing slivers. Catherine was paralyzed, unable to move as the creature walked—crawled on all fours and slowly came closer to her. He bared his teeth at her menacingly.

  Catherine wasn’t sure what he was. He was naked, and his skin was slightly darker than Catherine’s. He looked like a human despite his glowing silver eyes, silver hair and canine teeth. He growled again, showing his fangs, making Catherine remembered her own puppy back home. But he was no puppy. He was big, she was sure he was more than six foot if he stood.

  Slowly, she craned her hand, trying to pet the beast’s silver hair, but he growled again and shied away.

  Catherine had heard a story about the pair of mad scientists. They were not really mad at first, but after his wife died in childbirth, the husband descended into madness, people said. He refused to bury her body and insisted that he would bring her back to life. He vowed to find the secret of life and death. And what happened to his twin baby, people didn’t know. But likely they were the first victim of their father’s quest for immortality.

  Suddenly, the beast jumped at her, tumbling her with him to the ground. Catherine closed her eyes, preparing for the worst. Instead of fangs, she felt a wet, hot tongue licked her face.

  Slowly, she opened her eyes. Abruptly, he stopped licking her. His silver eyes stared at her in wonder as if he had never seen an odd creature like her. And maybe, it was indeed the first time he saw a blonde girl with blue eyes like her.

  He made growled sound deep in his throat and bared his teeth slightly. Looking at him up close, with his square jaw and high cheekbones, he was a handsome man, Catherine thought. But Catherine couldn’t discern how old he was. It seemed he was older than she thought at first. He was a man at his early thirty perhaps, much older than her.

  Slowly, Catherine lifted her hand to stroke his long silver hair. And this time, he let her did it. His hair was soft, untangled. It seemed different than human’s hair. It was softer and silkier.

  He made a soft purring sound before he nuzzled her neck, making her nipple hardened involuntarily. It supposed to be innocent, but he was still a man, he looked like one. Out of sudden, he stopped licking her neck and drew back. They stared each other. Catherine’s breath was short and hard by now while her heart thudded madly below her aching breasts.

  Inch by inch, he leaned down to lick her full lips. Oh, God! Catherine closed her eyes. His curious tongue felt nice. Brad was the only one who ever did this to her, but it not quite the same. The beast’s tongue was tentative, not quite carnal, he just tested her response as he nibbled her lips slightly with his teeth. Seeing no protest from her, he continued licking her down to her jaw, her neck… making her body trembling, hot and restless.

  Suddenly, he stopped. Catherine heard it too. A rustling sound from nearby bushed. The beast growled and stared at Catherine’s blue eyes before swiftly, he leaped and ran, leaving her alone, still in a daze.


  Catherine’s a month stay in Borneo almost came to an end. She went to the forest every night, hoping to see the beast again, but he never showed up, much to her dismay. He was a curiosity to her.

  Tonight, for the last time, Catherine went to the forest. She wasn’t sure why she kept doing it, but her slender legs kept moving forward step by step, while her eyes stayed alert, looking for slight movement around the bushes.

  Night grew late, and now, she was seated on the big grey stone, looking up at the full moon above. The sky was light blue tonight, and the forest not quite so dark as usual. It seemed her last chance to meet the beast was dashed. He wouldn’t be out about in the full moon night, people said.

  Catherine had asked around about him, but what people told her seemed so absurd. It was more like a children horror story than fact. She couldn’t find a single clue until two days ago, she found an old note and a photograph in the old storage room. The photograph was the picture of the scientist couple, she was sure. But the picture was so old and blurry. She couldn’t see their face clearly. The only thing that clear was they both had light colored hair, maybe blonde like hers. And the wife seemed so young, maybe she was only a few years older than Catherine when she died.

  Out of curiosity, Catherine even visited the wife, Anneke Hendriks’, burial ground. It seemed her husband was failed to bring her b
ack, of course, no one could do that, mad or not.

  From the information Catherine could gather, she knew that their twin was a boy and a girl. At first, she thought that maybe the beast was the boy, but she quickly scrap that possibility, for the baby—if he was alive must be close to sixty, and the beast wasn’t that old, except if his father had succeeded in finding the secret of immortality. And it was highly unlikely. So, the beast was still a curiosity to her.

  Sadly, Catherine only knew a few local words, so it was kind of pointless to continue her little research.

  Catherine stilled immediately as she listened a rustling sound. She turned her head and there, she finally saw him again, still naked, his skin gleamed under the moonlight. He was crawling like a beast that he was. His eyes glowed like burning silver.

  Catherine stayed motionless, her heartbeat was racing. Slowly but surely, he came near her. He nuzzled and licked her neck.

  “You’ve come,” she muttered low.

  The beast stopped and glanced at her with his silver eyes, looking at her in wonder. He lifted his calloused hand up to her face, stroking it gently, making a shiver ran through her body.

  “Who are you?” she panted.

  But the beast just looked at her with his innocent silver eyes. He leaned closed to lick her cheeks, slurped and slurped, he went.

  She knew this was nothing sexual to him, but to her, it was different. His hot tongue brought a fever in her young body, making her tingled in odd places.

  Gently, he shoved her until she laid on her back. She could see his face very clearly as he was hovering close to her. His paw-like hand clawed her blouse, brushing her nipple, making it hardened in an instant. He tugged her clothes about as if he wanted to know what was inside. He bared his teeth when he failed to do so.

  Catherine didn’t want to distress him, so, with trembling hand she opened her blouse, revealing her bra to his burning gaze.

  He poked at her bra, making her ached more. Then roughly he tore it, baring her rounded breast. He growled in approval before he leaned down and took her aching nipple into his mouth.

  Oh, God! She felt the pleasure right into her pussy. She arched her back, feeding more of her nipple into the beast’s mouth. He growled again as he grazed her soft skin with his sharp teeth. Oh, this felt so nice. She never went this far with her ex-boyfriend. This was the first time a man did this to her.

  The beast suckled her faster, even as simple as he was. He knew how to suck a woman breast, sending butterfly into her stomach, making her core ached with need.

  With a loud pop, he released her breast. He stared at her with a hungry, curious gaze. Maybe, just like her, this was the first time he ever did this.

  Catherine brought her hand around his neck, drawing his face down and kissed him. He stilled for a moment, seeming not sure what to do. But soon, he kissed her hard. He plowed her lips with his hot tongue while his lips were shaping hers, molding her roughly, nibbling and biting her.

  Oh, God! She felt it. He ground his penis onto her jean-clad crotch. She was hot down there, and his grinding length made her throbbed more.

  She felt his hand clawed at her jean. He knew what he wanted. It seemed his basic instinct told him what to do. She helped him to undo her button and yanked her short-pant down.

  He crawled down between her legs. He sniffed her moist pussy. He panted as if he approved the smell.

  Suddenly, he tore her panty, revealing her naked, wet pussy to his hungry gaze. And swiftly, he licked her core, making her writhed and bucked her hips in need.

  This felt so good. His tongue felt so hot. It twirled around her nub, making it erect as her pussy pulsed. Oh, she couldn’t help but groan like an animal under his lapping tongue.

  Abruptly, he stopped. And she made a distressed sound, begging him to continue.

  “Please…” she moaned, and glancing down, their eyes met.

  Slowly, he crawled back up while his tongue licked her body, trailing wet spots on his way up. Once in a while, he stopped to suck and bite her unblemished skin.

  Finally, they were eyes to eyes. They both panted hard, staring each other in a daze.

  She sucked her breath when she felt his hot tip. He was grunted as she felt his penis nudged her pussy. She held his strong arm, her finger dug his taut skin when she felt his throbbing length slowly entering her small pussy, stretching her to the max. She closed her eyes. He was so big, too big for her. But it felt nice too, so, she let him entering her deeper. She could feel his broad tip final fully in. Oh, God!

  With a loud roar, he drew back slightly and then shoved in hard, shredding her maidenhead into pieces, knocking the wind out of her lung.

  “Ouch,” she yelped, but her voice drowned by his roar of pleasure. He was bucking in and out her madly now, stroking her wall frantically.

  She held his arm for dear life as he jostled her up and down in frantic speed.

  Roughly, he grabbed her hips, lifting and angling her hips for his needy pumps.

  It hurt so good. “Oh… oh…” she moaned.

  They panted together. She glanced down at his plowing penis. It was so big and her pussy was stretched so tight around his girth. And it was glistening with her cream, making it shone under the moonlight.

  She lifted her gaze. Their gazes met as his penis worked in and out her in a steady pace. His eyes seemed cleared, in a flash it dimmed, no longer blazing in a silver glow. He glanced up and down her young body in confusion.

  With guttural voice, he asked her in a foreign language she didn’t know, but oddly, she understood what he asked her.

  Who are you? he asked.

  She wanted to answer, but the heaven his pumping cock brought was too much. She could only moan incoherently. Now, she was the beast not him.

  “Anneke,” he whispered.

  Gradually, his eyes and hair color changed completely. His eyes were no longer silver but hazel. And his hair was no longer silver but blond. Her heart skipped a beat. Anneke, the wife. And him was… no, no, it wasn’t possible! He didn’t look that old!

  In blinding speed, he leaned down and took her lips in his. He was kissing her like a man kissed a woman while murmuring something, but again, she understood his meaning.

  I miss you, Love…

  But she wasn’t her. She should stop him, she was not his dead wife. But his penis felt so good inside her as it moved in and out her in urgent need.

  Catherine didn’t want to release him. She wanted to be loved like this Anneke… love that bound to madness, love that defied the time. She held him dearly as she clasped her legs around his undulating hips.

  She didn’t want to think, only feeling. His throbbing length was so good.

  “Yess… deeper, harder… yesss,” she moaned as she bucked her hips erratically, trying to match his.

  This was heaven. “Ohhhh….” she screamed. She felt her inside broke. Her pussy tightened around his length, drawing a pained moan in his throat until finally, he jerked hard and filled her with his hot release.

  They were twitched together for a long while. Their heart thudded in one rhythm. His body sagged, and his head nestled between her breasts.

  Oh, god, she had never felt like this, she thought. It made her didn’t want to go back home. She wanted to stay with him forever. A smile tugged her lip, yes, she would do just that.

  But as the dawn broke, like the morning sun under the sun, he had vanished. For few days, Catherine tried to convince herself that it was just a dream. Her denial didn’t last long, though, when she missed her period in the next months, she couldn’t deny that indeed he was real, so was the baby inside her womb…

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