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 часть  #2 серии  Road Rebels MC



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  Talon (The Road Rebels MC #2)

  Chapter 1 – Talon

  Chapter 2 – Gemma

  Chapter 3 – Talon

  Chapter 4 – Gemma

  Chapter 5 – Talon

  Chapter 6- Gemma

  Chapter 7 – Talon

  Chapter 8 – Gemma

  Chapter 9 – Talon

  Chapter 10 – Gemma

  Chapter 11 – Talon

  Chapter 12 – Gemma

  Chapter 13 – Talon

  Chapter 14 – Gemma

  Chapter 15 – Talon

  Chapter 16 – Gemma

  Chapter 17 – Talon

  Chapter 18 – Gemma

  Chapter 19 – Talon

  Chapter 20 – Gemma

  Chapter 21 – Talon

  Chapter 22 – Gemma

  Chapter 23 – Talon


  The End

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  Chapter 6

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  Chapter 16

  Chapter 17

  Chapter 18

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  Chapter 21

  Chapter 22

  Chapter 23


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  Chapter 14

  Chapter 15

  Chapter 16

  Chapter 17

  Chapter 18

  Chapter 19

  Chapter 20

  Chapter 21

  Chapter 22

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  Chapter 9 – Hawk

  Chapter 10 – Sydney

  Chapter 11 – Hawk

  Chapter 12 – Sydney

  Chapter 13 – Hawk

  Chapter 14 – Sydney

  Chapter 15 – Hawk

  Chapter 16 – Sydney

  Chapter 17 – Hawk

  Chapter 18 – Sydney

  Epilogue - Hawk

  The End

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  Talon (The Road Rebels MC #2)

  by Savannah Rylan

  Chapter 1


  My head was pounding as my eyes slowly opened. The crust was lining my eyes coupled with the sniffle I had told me I was probably getting sick. Fuck. I shouldn’t have gone out drinking last night.

  I rubbed the crust from my eyes before I stretched my arms into the air. The darkness of my apartment swallowed every despite the fact that the sun was trying to shine around my blackout curtains. I could hear my computer whirring from the main room, slowly bringing me out of the hangover that was threatening to swallow me back down into the sheets.

  I rolled over to grab my cell phone, and my chest descended into the back of someone in my bed.

  What the fuck?

  I studied the woman against my skin as the night slowly started coming back to me. The bar. The drinks. The way she looked at me through her hazy brown eyes. Her hand that kept creeping up my thigh while we discussed the inner workings of the Devil Saints.

  It was Calista, the old lady from the Devil Saint’s I’d purchased for intel during our operation.

  Her chest rose and fell while her salt and pepper hair spread out along the mismatched sheets of my bed. Memories of the way she rode my cock and moaned my name were swirling around in my aching head as I wrapped my fingers around my phone. My morning wood pressed against her leg, stirring her just slightly as she bucked her ass back into me.

  There it was.

  The reason I kept taking her home.

  I settled down onto the bed as Calista turned over. Her eyes never opened, but her arm did wrap around my waist. I held my hands up, wondering how in the fuck I was going to get out of this situation. She was a pretty woman for someone who was in her forties, but she most certainly wasn’t my type.

  There was no one that was my type...except her.

  The one woman I could never have.

  Her breathing settled out against the side of my body, and I slowly sat up. The blanket fell away from my chest, my eyes finally adjusting to the darkness of the room. I turned my phone on and squinted at the brightness, dimming the screen so I wouldn’t wake Calista.

  I had no feelings for her, but she did deserve the rest.

  She was an easy lay, but that was partially because she was supposed to be. The Devil Saints were pimping out their women and using them to run their fucking drugs, and it made me sick. Women and children were never supposed to have a hand in any of the bullshit the men had to deal with, and she was the one woman I found willing to roll over on her own fucking club. I’d promised her that I could help her as well as her daughter if she provided me with the intel I was asking her about.

  But every once in a while, I simply needed the release.

  She’d show up on my doorstep if I didn’t show up at the Devil Saint’s bar when she was there. She’d come seeking me out, looking to hop on my cock and ride herself into obliviousness. I let her, of course. I wasn’t gonna deny the soft, supple curves that blanketed her aging body. For a woman her age, she was spry and flexible in bed. She was up for anything I was willing to dish out, and if I didn’t wanna work for it, she would simply straddle me and do it all herself.

  But this was the first time she hadn’t gotten up to leave after I’d fallen asleep, and I was starting to worry that she was getting a bit too attached.

  Just then, a text
from Mac flew up onto my screen. That one word sent me into action, and I slid from Calista’s grasp while she continued to sleep naked in my bed.


  Mac was calling us to church.

  I slid myself into a pair of jeans and a white shirt before I threw on my Road Rebels cut. I slid out of the apartment, leaving a note behind for Calista to find. I wanted her to know that she was welcome to the coffee and food I had, but that she needed to clean herself up and get out.

  I didn’t want her to be there when I returned. If she stuck around too long, someone from The Devil’s Saints would come looking for her.

  And there would be hell to pay if they found me wearing a Road Rebels cut.

  I arrived at the mechanic's shop and saw everyone sitting in their respective chairs. Mac was at the head of everything while Fox, Snake, and Hawk were waiting for me. I slid my helmet off my head and sat down, spinning the chair backward and spreading my legs to sit.

  “Always gotta be different,” Hawk said, grinning.

  And all I did was grin.

  “I’ll get straight to the point,” Mac said. “Talon. You got any more intel on the Devil Saints?”

  “Nope,” I said.

  “You still in touch with that woman you bought from them?” he asked.

  “Could be,” I said. I didn’t need the rest of the guys knowing that I was fucking her still.

  “Get yourself in touch with her. Buy her again, or whatever the fuck you have to do. Since the drug case we planted against them got dropped, I wanna make sure there’s no blowback on us. From both their club and the DEA,” Mac said.

  “Syd’s worried, you guys,” Hawk said. “And I gotta say, I’m a bit concerned, too.”

  “This is all gonna blow over,” Fox said. “We just gotta lay low and keep our noses clean.”

  “Thank fuck that shipment of our drugs came in clean,” Snake said. “That fucking money score will last us for months.”

  “It’s gonna have to,” Mac said. “We can’t risk anything right now. As far as I know, they still think they did something wrong with the shipments. My intel says the Saints aren’t talking like they used to because they’re trying to keep their heads down.”

  “Doesn’t mean they aren’t planning something,” I said.

  “Which is why you gotta get in touch with that woman,” Fox said.

  “Let me know when you talk to her,” Mac said. “I want as much intel on those fucking Devils as I can get. We gotta protect our own. We need to make sure they don’t figure out that we were involved.”

  “Got it,” I said.

  “You gonna screw her for the information?” Snake asked, grinning.

  “If that’s what it takes,” I said, shrugging.

  “What’s she like?” Snake asked. “She one of the younger ones or, the older ones?”


  Mac’s glare shut him the hell up, and I was glad for it, too. It didn’t matter if Snake was a crude son of a bitch, he was talking about the women this nasty club was pimping out. There was no reason to entertain their debauched morals for our own entertainment, even if he did want a fun little sex story to wank his cock to later.

  “I got another thing to ask you, Talon,” Mac said.

  “What’s that?” I asked.

  “You still keeping up your computer skills?”


  “I want you to hack into the DEA servers and find out what they know. I wanna make sure neither side is suspecting we had anything to do with that night,” he said.

  “Shit, Mac. You sure that’s smart?” Fox asked. “I mean, Talon’s hacked into some shit, but that’s some government-level software.”

  “Just some firewalls and some proxies I’ll have to circumvent. Nothing big. Gimme through the weekend to gather all this together,” I said.

  “Seriously?” Hawk asked. “Just through the weekend? That’s like… what?... four days?”

  “Happens when you’re smart,” I said, grinning.

  “Oh, shit! He’s got jokes!” Fox exclaimed.

  “And apparently lays down some good dick,” Snake said.

  “Why you so obsessed with my cock, Snake? You want some?” I asked.

  “I see the women that frequent your apartment. Coming up at all hours of the night and leaving a few hours later. They’re thirsty for you. Get it.”

  I chuckled and shook my head but didn’t tell him it wasn’t multiple women. It was just one. Calista. A woman that couldn’t get enough and was slowly getting way too attached for my liking.

  “If no one has anything else, church is finished,” Mac said.

  I slid my helmet back on and made my way to my bike. I kicked it up and sped away, running to the grocery store to pick up a few things. I was out of milk and cereal, and I needed some rice and meat for the next few meals. I had plenty of frozen vegetables I could heat up, but I was getting sick and tired of eating ramen noodles and soups out of fucking cans.

  I kept to myself. Always had. When I was younger, I was the lanky kid on the playground. Everyone picked on me and chased me around. Beat me with sticks until some of the adults in the club noticed. My father and my mother met at one of those stupid biker weekends we always went to in California. Conceived me like most of the kids that grew up around me were. They had a fun night in a hotel after having way too much alcohol, and a few weeks later, Mom knew she was pregnant with me.

  Except my mother was associated with the club and my father was the one looking for some fun.

  He never came back around, and my mother never searched for him. She raised me as best as she could, but I’d always been a momma’s boy. That was another thing I was teased for on the playground, how I always wanted to be around my Mom.

  Really, I wanted to be around her because she wasn’t a raging dick like all those kids were.

  She was killed in the firefight spawned a few years back by the Devil Saints. Choked on her own fucking blood trying to cover me with her body. I backtracked into myself for months, not speaking or talking to anyone. I stayed in front of my computer and kept to myself, hacking into system after system just to prove to any fucking asshole who thought they could control me that I had them by the balls.

  The military.

  Educational systems.

  Politician’s websites and emails.

  The fucking Pentagon.

  I picked up my groceries and took them to my bike. I stuffed them down into the storage unit I’d attached a few years back, making this damn thing more functional than it needed to be. This bike had been my mother’s. One she’d ridden when she first started hanging around the club. It wasn’t a pussy female bike either. My mom was badass enough to ride the same bike that the rest of the guys did. I didn’t have the heart to dissect it or trade it in for a nicer one, though it was beginning to sputter in ways that were worrying me.

  After all these years, I still wasn’t quite ready to give it up just yet.

  I rode back to my apartment with my groceries and lugged them up the steps. I dug my key out of my pocket and opened my apartment door, the smell of stale coffee wafting up my nose. I turned on a light and saw the amount of dust flying around the room. It reminded me that I had to clean this fucking place up.

  I walked over to the kitchen counter and set the groceries down on top of it. I looked around for any sign of Calista, hoping that she saw the note and took the damn hint.

  But when I rounded the corner into my room, my eyes gazed upon the soaking wet women who had just shaved herself clean and was bare for my taking.

  “Trying to kick me out, huh?” she asked.

  “Not safe. You know that” I said.

  “Where did you get off to this morning?” she asked as she stalked towards me.

  “Church,” I said.

  “Ah, a little bit of… worship,” she said, whispering.

  Her fingertip trailed down the dip of my chest, her hands stopping at my jeans before she popped my butto
n open with just one hand.

  The bile that rose up in my throat caused me to cough. She was so fucking used to doing this for other men because of that bullshit club that she didn’t even need both her damn hands.

  “You need to go,” I said.

  “But we were having so much fun,” she said as she sank to her knees. “Besides, don’t you wanna know what I just found out?”

  “What?” I asked.

  Her tongue licked a stripe up my cock, and it forced my back against the wall of my bedroom.

  “Had a fun little conversation with my boss,” she said.

  “What did… ugh… he say?” I asked.

  She wrapped her lips around my cock, and I felt my legs beginning to tremble.

  “Come down my throat, and I’ll tell you,” she said.

  I braced my hands against the wall while her tongue wrapped around the swell of my cock. I knew it was wrong and I knew I needed to stop her. She was fucking good at what she did, but in the back of my head, I knew why she was so good. But my body was humming, and my cock was throbbing, and her lips felt so good pressing kisses against my skin while she deep throated my cock.

  My hand wrapped itself up in her hair as my hips slowly began to thrust.

  A decent come for the information I’d had to gather anyway didn’t seem like such a bad idea once her throat swallowed me whole.

  Chapter 2


  I was so excited to surprise my brother! It had been almost four years since I’d seen him, or anyone in my family for that matter. Jace and I, we grew up in a small in-between town that bordered two rival motorcycle clubs: The Road Rebels and The Devil Saints. There were always motorcycles whizzing by our house and trouble getting stirred up on our front lawns. It was a nice distraction honestly as a child. Our parents fought all the time, and yelling was a common occurrence at all hours of the day and night. Our mother worked as a dental assistant in town while my father drank his disability paychecks down his throat.

  There was a part of me that couldn’t blame my father. Construction had been his life. He was on his way to making general manager and pulling the paycheck he knew he deserved when the accident happened. Some rookie guy on a work site lost control of one of the smaller bulldozers and practically ran my dad over. Broke his back and took him completely out of the game in an instant.

  Jace dropped out of high school to help care for my dad. I tried to as well, but he wasn’t having it. He took my dad to and from his doctor’s appointments so Mom could still work, and whenever I wasn’t studying, I was trying to help him out. We ran around and picked up his medicine, got him to his physical therapy appointments, and held his hands while we tried everything in the book to get his back working. Heat therapy. Cryotherapy. Acupuncture. The works.

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