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Tank (The Bad Disciples MC Book 3)

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Tank (The Bad Disciples MC Book 3)

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  Another shipment of weapons had arrived from the Fallen Idols, and the guys and I had turned up to coordinate its storage in the warehouse. Glock, Gunner, and Hunter were working on sifting through the stockpile and storing the weapons in crates; while Sniper and I kept watch.

  The shipments had been arriving at a steady rate for the past two months, and we had fallen into a rhythm of working peacefully. As far as we knew, the Dragon Knights hadn’t managed to recuperate yet. We had busted their prostitution ring nearly six months ago, and the word on the street was that they still hadn’t managed to get themselves back up on their feet. Serves them right, the mother fuckers.

  It was a relatively quiet night, and Sniper and I sat on wooden crates at the mouth of the docks. The others were working away in the warehouse, unloading boxes from the ships.

  We worked in the dark, and now only the orange glow of our cigarette butts showed as Sniper, and I chain smoked. We were both carrying, but hadn’t felt the need to use our guns for some time. I put my cigarette down as I tied my long hair back into a ponytail.

  “So…that Paula huh?” Sniper began. I sucked in a mouthful of smoke and sensed the nicotine filling my veins. I grunted as a response, because even though I was one of the guys and they were my best friends…I didn’t exactly discuss women with them or anyone for that matter.

  “She has a flaming tongue, like her flaming hair,” he commented and laughed by himself, and I kept my eyes focused on the darkness around us. Sniper, like the others, knew exactly what I was like. I didn’t fuck the women they fucked. They were all just too easy, hanging over all of them at the Rusty Pelican. I liked my women to give me a bit of a challenge. Instead, I mainly kept myself to myself. But that didn’t mean that they weren’t all curious about who I was fucking. Especially Sniper and Hunter, who tried to barrage me with questions about the women I was seeing.

  “I’m sure she does,” I replied, in a quiet grunt and Sniper shook his head.

  “I can tell ya, she does!” he kept prodding. The truth was that my brothers would be deeply disappointed if they knew what my sex life was like. In their books, it would be considered boring. I couldn’t even remember the face of the last woman I fucked. Was it in the bathroom stall of the gas station two weeks ago? Did I even look at her face? Two weeks would have been considered a long time to go without a fuck, but these days, I was losing interest. All I really cared about was the job.

  “You should try her some time,” Sniper was speaking about this chick like she was an ice cream flavor, and I grunted again. I flicked my still-burning cigarette on the ground, and I had just booted it when I heard a click in the dark.

  “What the Fuck?” I growled and stood up, just when a fire rang out. I ducked, missing it narrowly by barely an inch as the bullet zipped past my ear. It had bounced off a wooden crate in the back, and I heard Gunner’s voice, cursing loudly.

  Sniper and I had pulled out our guns in a split second, and we ran into the dark, in the direction of the shot.

  “Are you two playing about? For Fucks’sake!” Glock was calling out to us.

  “Someone took a shot at us!” Sniper yelled back, as we kept running. The lack of lights was making it difficult for us to see, and we were proceeding with caution. We hadn’t seen anyone else yet.

  “Fuck. Who do you think it is? The Dragon Knights?” Sniper kept talking beside me.

  “Shut up, Sniper. You’re giving us away,” I growled under my breath. We directed our guns in all directions, still waiting to hear or see something.

  There was a movement in the dark, and Sniper shot his gun. Some guy’s voice rang out, someone who'd been shot and then a fire of bullets rained down on us.

  “Go. Go. Go!” I growled as Sniper, and I tried to run in opposite directions and take cover behind wooden crates. The bullets zinged past us, bouncing off more crates. I knew that Gunner, Glock, and Hunter would be coming to our aid now.

  I sank down on the ground behind a crate and tried to catch my breath. I couldn’t see Sniper in the dark, but I hoped that he had found cover as well. The firing stopped suddenly, and I took the chance to look over the crate and fired a few shots myself. I saw two guys zoom past between pillars. One of my shots caught a guy on his leg, and I whipped back behind the crate.

  In the distance, I could see the fuckers crouching, and trying to reach us stealthily. They had their guns pulled out and
ready for a shootout.

  “Sniper! You okay, brother?” I yelled out.

  “Yeah. I’m clean,” Glock called back, and I followed the direction of his voice to a crate some distance away.

  “They’re behind the pillars,” I said.

  “DK fuckers. I saw their patches,” Sniper replied.

  I looked over the crate again, and this time a bullet grazed past my ear, and I ducked down. It must have got me because I could feel a stinging on my earlobe.

  “Stay the Fuck down, Tank!” Sniper’s voice cut through the air, and I clenched my jaws. How had we not caught on to the fact that the Dragon Knights were building up forces? That they were planning a retaliation?

  I cursed under my breath and tried to force myself to remain down. I would have liked nothing more than to walk into the fire and take out all the DK assholes who were there. As of now, I assumed that there were only two. But it would have been stupid of them to send just two guys against us, so there had to be more. Unfortunately, they had caught us by surprise.

  Another shot rang out near us, and I couldn’t keep myself down any longer. I stood up from behind the crate and shot in the dark. I could hear my bullets hitting concrete and wood, and I growled as I shot, till two hands pulled me back down to the ground again.

  “What the Fuck are you doing, man? You’re going to get yourself killed!” Gunner’s voice hissed in my ear.

  “They’re going to close in on us!” I growled, but Gunner was keeping a firm grip on my arms.

  “Fuck Tank! You’re bleeding,” he yelled, just as we heard the sound of police sirens.

  “What?” I said and touched my earlobe, and I could feel the stickiness of blood on it. I pulled my fingers away from my ears and stared at the blood, which wasn’t that much. I looked up at Gunner with knotted brows.

  “Are you kidding me? You call that bleeding?” I snapped, as the sound of the police sirens filled the air.

  “Not your ear, Tank!” he hissed, and then grabbing me by my shoulders, he started heaving me up.

  “We need to get outta here. The cops are coming,” Gunner barked, and I got up to my feet and followed him.

  “Tank, fuck!” Hunter had appeared on my side as we ran towards the truck that Gunner had driven to the site.

  “What?” I snapped back at him and saw that he was looking at me bleary-eyed.

  “You’ve been shot, man!” he yelled back, and I looked down to see that my t-shirt had turned sticky and dark with a patch of blood on my stomach. A searing pain shot up my spine, a pain that I hadn’t felt till I saw the blood. I clenched my jaw to prevent me from screaming out in pain.

  “I’m fine,” I replied, in a softer voice, even though I could feel my voice choking in my throat. “Worry about those Dragon Knights taking our shipment.”

  “Fuck the shipment,” Gunner bit back at me.

  “Get in here, you two!” Glock yelled, and I looked up to find that the others had already gotten into the truck. Glock was holding the door open for us to get in, and I reached up and my arms buckled. Another shot of pain seared through my side, and my vision started to tunnel.

  Hunter caught me, pushing me forward and the sirens grew nearer and nearer.

  “Push him up,” Glock cried out, and Hunter did, pushing me with his full body force till I had fallen into the front seat with the others. He followed us in, and within seconds, Gunner was zipping us out of the docks.

  “Take off your shirt. Take your fucking shirt off!” Glock was still yelling, and Hunter ripped my t-shirt. I was hunched over on the seat, with my head resting against the coolness of the window. Gunner was driving at full speed towards the Rusty Pelican, our bar where the rest of the MC would have already congregated.

  Glock and Hunter were peering into my wound now, while Sniper sat slumped beside Gunner.

  “Is it in there?” Gunner asked, keeping his eyes on the road as he drove. I could feel the throbbing ache in my stomach grow out of control. Now every time I moved a muscle, I could feel the pain thumping.

  “I don’t see the bullet. We need bandages and need to make the bleeding stop,” Glock replied. None of them were willing to touch me yet, and I remained in the same position, gritting my teeth and clenching my jaws.

  “Can the girls help?” Sniper asked, and the others remained quiet. Sniper meant the other women, Gunner and Hunter’s girls and Axel’s old lady.

  “Do you think he needs to go to a hospital?” Sniper asked when nobody had said anything.

  “I’m not going to a fucking hospital. If the bullet’s in there, one of you can pull it out. Just give me something to bite into when you do it,” I hissed, and I could feel my eyes rolling in my head. I knew I was beginning to feel weak; it had to be the blood loss. But there was no way I was going to the hospital. The hospital meant questions on how I got shot, and I wasn’t prepared to figure out some story to tell them.

  The others were still silent, and I growled.

  “Did you guys hear me? No fucking hospital!” I barked, and Gunner stopped the truck with a jolt.

  “Get help!” Gunner yelled, and Hunter had jumped out of the truck in a flash, while I tried to cover the wound with my hand. My brothers sat with me in silence in the truck, watching as I writhed in pain. I knew they felt helpless, the same way I would have felt helpless if one of them had been shot.

  Kylie, Hunter’s girl, and Brooklyn, Gunner’s girl had come running out.

  “Don’t bring him down. Keep him there,” Kylie screamed when she saw me. I saw the worried expression on her face. Even though she wasn’t a doctor, she was a physical therapist and had medical training, so everyone considered her to be an expert in these things. She just didn’t know that I was feeling fine…that the pain was all in my head. I hadn’t even felt the bullet gone in, so the wound couldn’t have been that bad. Just a couple of minutes, a bandage and a quick pulling out of the bullet would do it…I felt my mind roll, and I pressed my eyes closed.

  “He’s lost a lot of blood,” I heard Brooklyn’s voice, but I couldn’t get my eyes to open again. I started to feel like I was underwater and everyone on dry land.

  “What should we do? Can you two do anything?” Glock asked, and I tried to flutter my eyelids to open, but it just wasn’t working. It was as though my whole body was protesting against me.

  “You need to take him to the hospital,” I heard Kylie’s voice again, and I groaned. I felt her hands press hard down on my side to try and stop the bleeding. I opened my eyes again everything seemed blurry and black spots crept near the edges of my vision.

  “Tank, you need to go to the hospital if you want to live,” Brooklyn added, and I growled and tried to slide myself off the seat of the truck. Sniper and Glock yanked me back again.

  “Tank, listen to the women. They know what they’re talking about. You need to go to a hospital,” Hunter was speaking into my ear now, while I struggled against the others’ grip.

  “We’ll figure out some story to tell them,” Gunner added.

  “No fucking hospitals!” I thundered, as loud as I possibly could. Even though I knew there was no hope of convincing them now. The decision had been made, and my brothers were going to take me to the hospital whether I liked it or not. There weren’t enough curses in the world that I could rain on them for it. Just as I was about to protest again, the blackness consumed me, and I felt my head roll to the side.



  When I looked at my wristwatch again, I saw that my break was nearly up. I’d been sitting in the nurses’ staff station for the past fifteen minutes, munching on a granola bar and sipping a cup of lukewarm coffee. I hadn’t finished either of them and now I emptied the remnants of the coffee down my throat quickly. I wasn’t exactly hungry or thirsty, but I needed the energy.

  It was nearly midnight now, which meant that the hospital was operating on half the staff and we were all on emergency standby. After working as a nurse for the past three years, anyone would h
ave assumed that I had gotten used to the midnight emergency shifts, but the truth was, I hadn’t. Despite my lack of energy, I still loved the job. Every day at the hospital was a hurdle and made me appreciate life. I was glad for the opportunity to be able to help people, and I knew that it was my only chance to experience something other than the cookie-cutter life that my parents had planned out for me.

  I sighed as I sat on the metal chair for the last two minutes of my break. I was thinking more and more about my life outside the hospital, these days. How I had been a model daughter to my parents for all my life. How I had followed every rule set down for me by my parents, and how they were proud of their well-mannered daughter, in the polite society that they mingled with.

  Working as a nurse was my little revolution. They couldn’t imagine the blood and the gore and the kind of scenes that occurred in the hospital on a daily basis. My parents imagined their daughter spending her days chit-chatting with kindly old ladies on their hospital beds, or cracking jokes with the other nurses in the break room. They had no idea that their little daughter was capable of holding a grown man down, while a doctor set back his dislocated shoulder with a crack.

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