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The Diary of a Side Chick 5 (SCD)

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The Diary of a Side Chick 5 (SCD)

  The Diary of a Side Chick 5

  A Naptown Hood Drama

  Tamicka Higgins

  © 2015


  All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law.

  This is a work of fiction. Names, places, characters and events are all fictitious for the reader’s pleasure. Any similarities to real people, places, events, living or dead are all coincidental.

  This book contains sexually explicit content that is intended for ADULTS ONLY (+18).


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  SNEAK PEEK: The Diary of a Side Chick 6

  Chapter 1

  When Tron finally pulled himself out of his deep sleep, he could hear Reese’s breathing. In the dim light of his bedroom, on the first Monday in September, he casually slid his hand down Reese’s back until the tips of his fingers dipped into the small of her back. After playing with the top of her panties, hearing them pop gently against her skin as he pulled the elastic away, Tron slid his hand back up to her thick, natural hair. He ran his fingers through it. She may not be the baddest chick, Tron thought to himself. But she sure got some good pussy.

  Tron smiled, looking back toward the ceiling then at his phone on the nightstand. It was a little after 7:30 in the morning. In the last several months, things had been getting somewhat serious between Tron and Reese. If things were not serious, then they were rather casual but on somewhat of a schedule. Now, Reese would come over and spend the night at Tron’s place when he got out of the club a few nights a week. While Tron definitely was not thinking of really taking the next step with Reese, he did consider her a possible candidate, should he ever be in that state of mind to want to go back down the relationship road.

  Reese spent the last couple of days at Tron’s place, since Saturday night, and the two of them had spent the better part of the weekend fucking in Tron’s bed. Because this weekend was Tyrese’s birthday weekend, Tyrese had actually made some plans to spend the weekend with his cousins in St. Louis and would be coming back tomorrow. There was no doubt in Tron’s mind that the weekend had consisted of clubbing, and someone (probably Tyrese) going back to his hotel room with a couple of bad chicks. Tron snickered from just thinking about it. He also thought about how he would have gone if someone didn’t need to be at the club.

  Instead, however, Tron wound up spending the weekend with Reese and didn’t regret it much. She had some good pussy and squirted until she couldn’t take any more of the pressure from him filling her up. No sooner than Tron woke up, he’d fallen back to sleep again. When he woke up from this dozing, the first thing he noticed was that Reese was not in the bed next to him. Rather, he could hear her, just a few feet away, using the bathroom. When the bathroom door swung open, Tron just so happened to be in the midst of a full morning erection. He grabbed the base with one hand while he slapped his shaft into the palm of the other.

  “Good morning,” Tron said, smiling.

  Reese, who hardly bothered to even look in Tron’s direction, allowed the words Good Morning to slip out of her mouth. Tron found her reaction strange. Especially because his manhood was up and at its fullest – something that was always sure to grab Reese’s attention. In fact, because this chick was so mesmerized by what Tron had to offer in his pants, there were mornings he’d wake up just from feeling Reese slide down onto his morning erection. Of course, like any man with a dick that needs to be pleased, Tron was confused as to why Reese was responding so coldly toward him.

  “What’s wrong with you?” Tron asked, sounding stern. “What the fuck is up with you?”

  “Why somethin’ gotta be up with me?” Reese asked. “Why you say that, Tron?”

  Tron snickered, shaking his head as he turned away from Reese. “I ain’t say that somethin’ gotta be up with you,” he responded. “A nigga is just sayin’ that upon wakin’ up this mornin’, I can see that somethin’ is clearly wrong with you. You actin’ all funny and shit.”

  “Me actin’ funny?” Reese said, shaking her head as she looked around the bedroom floor for her pants. “I ain’t the one who was on the phone last night like that.”

  “Ohhhh,” Tron said, wanting to burst into laughter. “I shoulda known that was what you would be mad about. You mad about me havin’ to talk to Desirae last night.”

  “I ain’t mad that you had to talk to her last night,” Reese said, denying it to the fullest. “I ain’t mad about that at all. I know that y’all got y’all’s family and stuff, but I was just wonderin’ why y’all was talkin’ for so long, is all.”

  “I can’t tell you that myself,” Tron said, sitting back down onto the bed. “I called her just to find out what time today we was supposed to be meeting up and stuff. And she’s the one who wanted to go on and on and fuckin’ on, try’na hold a conversation with a nigga and shit.”

  “Well, you shoulda cut that stuff off,” Reese said. “What I do with my clothes?” she asked, sounding as if she were tired from just looking for them.

  “You know we left that shit downstairs last night,” Tron said. “You was too busy on this dick, like you should be right now, and then we came upstairs so I could drop it in you, like I should be doin’ right now, we ain’t even think to bring them up.”

  Reese looked at Tron and grinned. “Nigga, shut up,” she said. “You act like all I’m supposed to want is your dick every night and day.”

  “Don’t act like you don’t,” Tron said. He then leaned his head back, looking up at the ceiling and began to make sex noises. Reese looked, slant eyed, at how Tron was supposedly imitating her during sex.

  “Nigga, stop,” Reese said, smiling. “I don’t be soundin’ like that,” she added, looking away. “I swear, I don’t even know where you dudes be gettin’ this shit from.”

  “Yeah,” Tron said, smiling and nodding his head. “Okay. So, you really mad about me goin’ over to Desirae’s in a little bit. Reese, you know I gotta deal with her so I can be there for my sons.”

  “I know, I know,” Reese said, wishing that she could really say more. “We both remember what she did to us all them months ago.” Reese shook her head as she remembered the night when she’d thought that Desirae was coming to allow her to make up to her for everything that had happened. Little did Reese know, however, that Desirae had somehow found out that she and Tron were messing around. After being Desirae’s victim on the side of the street, in the snow that night, all feelings of guilt that had once been on Reese’s mind were now gone. Since the incident, and finding out that Desirae had set Tron up to be surprise attacked by her father, Reese hadn’t reached out to Desirae to say anything. In fact, Reese was so mad that there were times over the last several months when she seriously contemplated getting a few of her cousins and heading over to Desirae’s mother’s house. The only thing that really stopped Reese from going through with this was the fact that Desirae was pregnant.

  Tron shook his head. Just thinking about the day Desirae’s father had knocked him unconscious out in front of her apartment building proved to be a quick way to kill his erection. Immediately, his dick deflated and was now hanging over the side of the bed as he looked at Reese.

  “Look,” Tron said. “You know
I don’t trust that chick no further than I can fuckin’ throw her ass. But I gotta do it. As much as I don’t want to, I gotta do it. I gotta meet her family and just keep her calm and shit so she don’t go actin’ crazy and shit.”

  “Just be careful is all,” Reese said. “And, please, don’t go brining up that I’m over here.”

  “What?” Tron asked, clearly surprised that Reese would even say anything like that to him. “Why the fuck would I bring up that you were over here? Plus, you parked on the outskirts of the parking lot last night, didn’t you?”

  Reese nodded. “Yeah,” she answered. “I did, over in the corner like you said.”

  Tron stood up. “Good,” he said to her. “Plus, you know Desirae has probably been ridin’ by all these months and shit just to see if you was over here or not. I told you, Reese. I think that’s how that bitch found out in the first place. Cause I know that I sure ain’t tell her ass, and I know that Tyrese sure ain’t tell her.”

  “I’m past all that,” Reese said. “I’m just try’na think is all.”

  Tron stepped up to Reese and wrapped his muscular forearms around her waist. He looked down into her face and smiled. “What you thinkin’ bout?” he asked.

  Reese broke away from Tron. She stepped over to the bedroom window, parted a couple of the blinds, and looked out at the parking lot. With it now being September, instead of snow covering the parking lot like a sheet of white paper, leaves blew about. The full effects of the fall season had moved in on Indianapolis, causing trees to slowly go bare as the daytime high temperatures slowly decreased from short and t-shirt weather to the necessity of pants and a light jacket.

  When Reese was finished checking on her car, she looked back at Tron. “What are we?” she came out and asked.

  Tron put his hands on his hips. His soft manhood swung back and forth, slapping against his inner thighs as he walked over to Reese. “What do you mean what are we?” he asked. “What you mean by that?”

  “I mean,” Reese said, clearly a little frustrated at having to find the words. “What are we, Tron? I been comin’ over here, fuckin’ you for the last several months while you have two babies on the way with who used to be my best friend. I just been thinkin’ is all.”

  “What are we?” Tron asked, sounding as if it were a rhetorical question. “What are we supposed to be? Why do we have to be anything? Why can’t we just be cool?”

  Reese nodded, thinking about what Tron had just said. “I guess,” she said.

  Again, Tron confidently stepped up to Reese and grabbed her by the waist. “Come here,” he said, forcefully. “Come here.”

  Reese didn’t object this time around. Rather, she allowed this handsome man to hold her close. She couldn’t lie to herself, either, about liking how it felt to have his manhood pressed against her stomach. “What?” Reese asked, smiling.

  “Come here, come here,” Tron said, his voice very low and soothing. “I know how you must be feelin’ and shit, Reese.”

  “And how is that, Tron?” she snapped back. “How am I supposed to be feeling?”

  “You worried about me try’na get back with Desirae, ain’t you?” Tron asked.

  Reese was silent for a few moments. Before she could even open her mouth to say anything, Tron cut her off.

  “I know that’s what it is,” Tron said. “And you ain’t gotta worry about that. I wouldn’t even wanna see this chick if I didn’t have to.” He shook his head, letting out a deep breath. “But I’mma have to keep her calm, so that I can be there for my sons.”

  “I know,” Reese said. “But you know she gon’ do whatever she can to hurry up and get her body back in shape.”

  “And you think that her body is what’s gonna make me wanna get with her again after she already trapped me with not one but two babies?” Tron asked, the expression on his face let her know that he thought that was a silly idea.

  “Well,” Reese said. “I know you don’t want her back, or at least that’s what you sayin’. But, y’all two do got them babies together, and I know how sometimes that can make people feel a certain way when they get in the heat of things.”

  “Look, Reese,” Tron said, smiling. “I know why you would think that, and a nigga ain’t try’na say that it ain’t no valid reason. But, I swear to God, there ain’t no way that I’mma ever get back with that bitch. She may be the mother of my two boys now, but that bitch is crazy and we both know it. I feel stupid for even lettin’ that body fool me.”

  Tron grabbed Reese’s chin and lifted her face up and out of his chest. “And about me and you,” he said. “Why don’t we just kick it?” he asked. “I been enjoying this shit over the last few months. I mean, for real.”

  Reese smiled at Tron. The two of them then softly kissed one another on the lips. “I know,” she said. “And I have too, Tron. I just… I just get to thinkin’ sometimes, wonderin’ if you like what you see.”

  Tron shook his head, now making a mental note that, like with any woman, he needed to remind Reese of just what she had. Sure, she may not have a body like Desirae. In fact, very few women ever would, at least without paying for it. However, Reese was surely a much more attractive person that Desirae. Desirae, even from day one, had this entitled attitude about herself – an attitude that soon erupted, as Tron learned, and caused him some major headaches in his life, not to mention was her driving force to purposely get pregnant by him.

  “Plus,” Tron added, his voice on a positive note. “Desirae ain’t got the pussy like you got and she can’t handle the dick like you can. On top of that, she was always try’na start shit and a nigga just ain’t got time for that.” Tron slapped Reese’s nice-sized backside. “Trust me, Reese,” he said, softly. “I like kickin’ it with you, doin’ the shit that we been doin’ by meetin’ up and shit. You remember when you was in high school and shit and you be havin’ that secret girlfriend or secret boyfriend and don’t nobody else in the school even know that you talkin’ to that person?”

  Reese nodded. “Yeah,” she answered.

  “Well, that’s how I feel right now,” Tron said, holding her tight. “I got a secret little thing goin’. You know what they say: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” He played with both of her ass cheeks. “I ain’t lookin’ to try’ta make things complicated and shit. I swear, I just wanna see Desirae today, get it all over with, and forget about that bitch until I gotta see her again.”

  Reese looked up into Tron’s eyes and smiled. “You want me to come back over tonight, when you get outta the club?” she asked.

  Tron looked up toward the ceiling, in a playful way. “Well, I don’t know now,” he said. “A nigga is gon’ have to walk around mad for the rest of the day.”

  “Mad?” Reese asked. “About what? What you gon’ be mad about that you’d be walkin’ around the rest of the day mad?”

  “That pussy,” Tron said. “What time is it and I still ain’t got no pussy? My dick gon’ be mad.”

  “Well, damn nigga,” Reese said, giggling. Secretly, she was turned on at the fact that she’d been able to keep a man as handsome and accomplished as Tron. In fact, he was probably the highest quality of man that she’d ever had the pleasure of being involved with for any length of time on an intimate level. She broke free from him and moved toward the bed. “Let’s fuck, so I ain’t got to worry about you bein’ mad for the rest of the day or nothing.”

  Tron smiled, liking what he was hearing. “Oh,” he said. “So now you want some of the dick?” He looked down at his swaying manhood. “When a nigga first got up this mornin’ and was rock hard, you ain’t even give it two blinks. Now you try’na jump on the bed and open your legs so you can get some.” Tron shook his head. “Females,” he said. “All they want is sex—just to use a nigga up and move on to the next one.”

  “Okay, whatever then,” Reese said, beginning to lean up. “Forget it then.”

  “I ain’t forgettin’ shit,” Tron told her. “Lay back on that bed and open that pussy
up so I can get inside of it. Afterwards, we can shower and shit and get dressed and go get something to eat if you want to.”

  “Okay,” Reese said, leaning back.

  Looking at Reese’s long, sexy legs, Tron could often see the discreet beauty that she had going for herself. She may have not been what people would call a “head turner,” especially in comparison to Desirae. However, there was something about Reese that made her more of the wife material, not that Tron was really thinking about going down the marriage path.

  Tron realized that he needed to really put in some work this morning so that Reese wouldn’t worry about whether or not he was going to get back with Desirae. He decided to surprise her by doing something that she probably wished he’d do for her more often. As Reese was preparing to be penetrated and stretched by Tron, she felt her knees push further back than what was normal during sex. As soon as she looked down to see what was going on, Tron’s hand was crawling up her midsection and holding her body down. Within a matter of seconds, Reese could feel the light touch of Tron’s ears, running down the insides of her thighs. Before she knew it, he was hard at work with his tongue between her legs.

  “Fuck!” Reese squealed. “Damn, that feel good.”

  “Hmm, hmm,” Tron said, pulling out all of his best oral moves. Every so often, he would look up at Reese’s face. Judging by how her eyes were closed as she moaned, she was enjoying what he was doing to her very much. “You like that?” he mumbled.

  “Hmm, hmm,” Reese responded. “Fuck, it feels good as shit.”

  Tron continued for the next several minutes. Things got so heated just from the tongue action that Tron wound up having to hold Reese’s legs as they shook, resisting her efforts to push his head away from her body. He was determined to put her tiny fears to rest, as there was no way he would ever do anything with Desirae again.

  Tron eventually stood up and, grabbing Reese by the arm. He led her to the bathroom where they turned on the shower and stepped inside. With the water running over their bodies, Tron lifted her up and slid inside of her. For the next twenty minutes or so, as the bathroom filled with steam from the shower and their breath, Reese bounced up and down on Tron. She enjoyed, to the fullest, the feeling of being up in the air and filled up. She really hadn’t had this sort of experience with any other guy.

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