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The Wrath of a Side Chick: A Chicago Hood Drama (Side Chick's Wrath Book 1)

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The Wrath of a Side Chick: A Chicago Hood Drama (Side Chick's Wrath Book 1)

  The Wrath of a Side Chick

  A Chicago Hood Drama

  Tamicka Higgins

  © 2015


  All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law.

  This is a work of fiction. Names, places, characters and events are all fictitious for the reader’s pleasure. Any similarities to real people, places, events, living or dead are all coincidental.

  This book contains sexually explicit content that is intended for ADULTS ONLY (+18).

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  SNEAK PEEK: Wrath of a Side Chick 2


  Breon bopped his head up and down as he listened to the radio. The station, Power92, had played a string of hot songs since Breon had climbed into his SUV and begun driving down the highway. With the windows cracked just a bit, the cold December air whipped into his SUV as he drove, keeping him from getting too hot and possibly sweating his clothes out. No matter how the music sounded to his ears, Breon still couldn't help but think about how Jayron was finally out of prison.

  “I remember when that nigga got arrested,” Breon said, shaking his head. He recalled how the two of them used to hang out when they were seniors in high school. In fact, they were part of a little group that did things together, like chilling after school or hanging out at the mall on the weekend. Now, at twenty-three years old, it all seemed so long ago. “That nigga did five years for some bullshit.”

  Breon had just left his mother’s house and was now on his way over to his buddy Wayne’s house. Wayne lived in a decent block, over on the south side of Chicago and not too far from Hyde Park. At his mother’s house, up on the north side, Wayne and a couple of his other friends had been blowing him up, trying to make sure that he was coming. Today was December 10th, Jayron had been released from the state penitentiary only a few days ago, and his family and friends were ready to celebrate. They spent their last dime to have a nice welcome home party over at Wayne’s house, since Wayne was one of Jayron’s first cousins.

  Breon switched lanes as he passed through downtown Chicago at around 10:00, both sides of the interstate lit up with high rises. Within the next ten minutes, Breon knew that he’d be getting off of the highway. At that point, he wouldn’t be too far from Wayne’s house. He only wished that his chick, Trina, could go. Things had been getting so serious between the two of them that Breon was more than ready to have her meet the rest of his friends, especially since she’d met just about all of his family at this point.

  Breon grabbed his brush and flipped the mirror above his steering wheel down. He looked at his smooth, caramel-colored skin as he brushed his sideburns and his goatee. After throwing the brush down into the passenger seat, he sprayed on some cologne – not too much, but just enough so that any chicks there would know he smelled good. “Yeah, buddy,” he said, out loud, his husky voice just so happening to blend in with the voice of rapper Young Jeezy playing on the radio at that moment.

  Upon exiting the interstate and zigzagging through the near south side of Chicago, Breon drove a couple of blocks past Hyde Park and pulled up outside of Wayne’s house. He shook his head and chuckled as he turned his car off and looked up and down the block. “This nigga stay ghetto,” he said. Breon took in the fact that even though the streets and sidewalks were covered with snow, it was very easy to pick up on which house had the “hood rats” in it. Loud, booming bass was the first thing that Breon could hear when he turned onto the quiet block. It took his attention away from the sound of crunching snow under his tires.

  Breon made sure he was good to go and stepped out of the SUV. After checking to make sure it was locked, he walked up the block. At Wayne’s front yard he pulled his phone out and sent a text to him inside: Open the door, nigga. It’s cold out here.

  Just as Breon was heading up the walkway, the front door to the two-story, blue house opened. Noise spilled out onto the brick front porch as Wayne stepped out, the light as a backdrop. Breon smiled and walked up onto the porch. “Wassup, my nigga,” he said. He and Wayne shook hands and hugged. “What’s been up with a nigga? Long time no see. I ain’t think you was gon’ actually have this party.”

  “Nigga, you know me,” Wayne said, chuckling. He shivered as he felt the cold wind rush right past his tall, slender body. If it weren’t for his massive beard and sideburns, there was no doubt in his mind that the sides of his face would be stinging badly. “You know how I feel about the family and shit,” he said. “I know this shit was last minute, but you know how everybody is happy to have him home.”

  “How he doin’, though?” Breon asked, thinking about some of his other buddies he’d known to serve time in prison. “I mean, is he coo and stuff? Or is there anything that I should make sure to avoid sayin?”

  Wayne shrugged his shoulders, glancing away for a moment. “I mean,” he said. “You know, just be careful about the usual stuff, is all. Don’t go askin’ about nothin’ that happened in there, ‘cause you know they sent his ass out to the worst one in the state of Illinois.”

  “Yeah, that’s what I heard,” Breon said. “I heard at first they sent him to a low-key one, but something happened in there to where he had to be transferred to a different place and shit. I really did hate to hear that, man.”

  “It’s all good at this point, man,” Wayne said. He felt another blast of wind rush in off of Lake Michigan. “C’mon, man, let’s head inside and shit before I freeze my fuckin’ balls off and my chick be mad and shit that she can’t get none of the D.”

  “Nigga, you stupid,” Breon said, chuckling under his breath.

  Breon followed Wayne into the house and pushed the door closed behind him. The living room was full of furniture with coats and other winter attire spread over the tops and the backs. Ready to reunite with old friends, Breon slid out of his coat and tossed it on top of a couch. He made his way around the furniture, following Wayne into the dining room. There, his name was yelled probably dozens of times by different people. Before he knew it, he was enveloped in hugs and handshakes. Breon couldn’t help but smile as he enjoyed all the love that he was receiving, seeing faces he hadn’t seen in years—people he hadn’t thought of in so long.

  Once Breon had hugged just about everyone in the dining room, he could see that there were more people in the kitchen. He looked at Wayne as everyone went back to their conversations. “Is he in there?” he asked.

  Wayne nodded as he pulled a chair out and sat down next to his chick. “Yeah,” he said. “He in there with his mama and stuff. Just go on and help yourself. We got plenty food and shit in there. He be happy to see you.”

  Wayne squeezed by various people sitting in the dining room and stepped into the kitchen. There, after greeting several family members, with whom he wasn’t all that close, he saw Jayron,
sitting on the other side of the table. He smiled and nodded his head as he hugged the woman everybody called Aunt Brenda, who was Jayron’s mother. Jayron, who had clearly not eaten well in years, stood up. He pushed his three plates of eaten food further back onto the table as he made his way around to the other side. Breon noticed the big scar on the side of his face and wondered how he got it. The two men hugged and shook hands. “Good to see you made it out alive and shit, man,” Breon said. “Good to see you back out.”

  “Yeah,” Jayron said, looking down at the floor. “Sometimes I ain’t think a nigga was gon’ make it and shit, but I did. That was the longest five years of my life and shit, but I made it. I made it. I promise I ain’t goin’ back to that shit. I swear to God I ain’t.”

  As the night went on, Breon had gotten himself a plate of food and found somewhere to sit in the kitchen. He caught up with Jayron, listening to the different things he’d seen and done since only having gotten out on Monday. The two shared a laugh when Jayron pulled out an iPhone he’d gotten from his sister, Tanya. He had only seen them on the news from inside but never thought he’d actually have the chance to have one. All the while, the two of them chatted. Breon couldn’t help but think how his life could have very well ended up like Jayron’s. Sure, he still moved a little work every now and again. However, what he did now was nowhere close to what he used to do when the two of them were in high school.

  Breon remembered the situation clearly. Jayron and a couple of his boys had done some foul shit that they very well could have gotten away with – could have – if one of them hadn’t been caught up in something. This led the one to ratting out the other two so that he could get a deal or a lighter sentence. The dude that snitched on them was named Cameron, and nobody in the hood had seen or heard about him since the word got around that he managed to get one year in lockup and probation, while Jayron and his other boy, Tikie, got five years. A hard stint of probation was to follow.

  “Oh shit!” Wayne announced from the dining room. Breon looked into the doorway and out into the crowded room. Weed smoke filled the air, prompting a woman, who Breon did not know, to stand up and turn on the ceiling fan. “Nikki comin’ over too.”

  Breon noticed the way some of the women in the dining room rolled their eyes at this announcement. He couldn’t help but chuckle, always finding it funny the way women responded to certain situations. While the name Nikki didn’t necessarily ring a bell with Breon, simply because he’d known so many chicks with that name in Chicago, he would soon find that this party had another blast from his past. When Wayne had gotten up to open the door, this chick that Breon used to have a thing for came walking through the door. Whatever Jayron was saying to Breon in one ear was officially flowing out of the other. Breon’s eyes were glued to Nikki’s body, as it was so hard to ignore. Damn, he thought. That bitch has only gotten better with time.

  Wayne escorted Nikki into the dining room where he introduced her to people she didn’t know, then reintroduced her to people that she hadn’t seen for years. The atmosphere in the room had definitely chilled, as there was a visible discontent toward Nikki. Breon noticed the way she moved – the arch in her back. He came to the conclusion that Nikki seemed to be the only chick in the room who was wearing her real hair, and it flowed down to the middle of her back, whipping around as she church-hugged different people and told them how great they all looked. Her full lips were covered in red lipstick; her peach-colored skin had just the right amount of freckles on her face for them to be considered beauty marks.

  Jayron noticed that Breon’s attention had drifted elsewhere. “Damn, nigga,” he said. “I’m the one who ain’t had no pussy in five years. You sure you don’t need to excuse yourself?”

  Breon snapped out of his daze and looked back at his boy Jayron. “My bad, man,” he said. “My bad. Damn, she look good.”

  “Yeah,” Jayron said, nodding his head as Nikki made her way into the kitchen. “That bitch look good as fuck.”

  Nikki stepped under the staircase and into the light of the kitchen. There, a few people at the other end of the table introduced themselves to her. After speaking to them briefly, Nikki looked up and noticed Jayron and Breon at the other side of the table. She looked into Breon’s eyes for a couple seconds too long, causing the both of them to remember how they’d almost gotten together in high school but could never really make it happen. Nikki eventually came around to the other side and hugged Jayron, telling him how good she felt when she’d found out that he was being released.

  As Nikki leaned in to hug Jayron, Breon’s eyes were glued to her big ass. Nikki was known for many things in high school, one of them being her big ass. Breon nearly shook his head as he looked at it, wondering if his eyes were fooling him or if it had really gotten bigger since the last time he’d seen her, which was when the two of them were eighteen years old and about to walk across the stage to get their high school diplomas. As Breon was lost in thought, wondering what her ass looked like under the clean, wrinkle-free white pants, Nikki turned around, catching him off guard.

  “Well, hey you!” Nikki said, smiling.

  Breon stood up and smiled. “Wassup, Nikki?” he said, his voice deep and a bit raspy. “Long time no see.”

  Nikki leaned in and hugged Breon, wrapping her arms around his back and patting him just a few seconds too long. She looked Breon up and down. “I see you still look good,” she said, noticing how Breon was still built like a football player. She liked the few tattoos she could see above the collar of his shirt as if they were climbing his neck. She noticed the jewelry Breon had on; she loved a man with swag and style. “Yes, real good,” she added.

  Breon unapologetically looked Nikki up and down. His eyes showed no mercy in looking at her wide hips and thick, round thighs. “I see you stayed in shape yourself,” he said. “I thought I heard that you had a baby or somethin’.”

  Nikki shook her head right away. “Hell naw,” she said. “I ain’t had no baby yet. Gotta find a nigga that’s worth havin’ a baby by first and shit, and then we can go from there. Came close once, but oh well. But, naw, nigga. I don’t know who told you that, but not me, honey. Not me. So, what’s been up with you?”

  “Just life,” Breon said, licking his lips. Nikki looked so good that his girlfriend, Trina, was so far to the back of his mind. He knew she existed, but that was about it. There was too much in front of him for him to think about anything else.

  Breon and Nikki chatted for a few more minutes before Nikki did the respectable thing and went back to catching up with Jayron. Breon grabbed his plate and stood up, insisting that Nikki take his seat. As Nikki sat down, once again Breon’s eyes were drawn to the arch in her lower back. He could feel himself nearly get an erection when he saw the way Nikki’s ass spilled out of the back of the chair. Knowing that he’d better go be social before he got himself into any trouble, Breon pulled his eyes away from the masterpiece that was Nikki’s body. He went into the dining room and found somewhere else to sit and socialize.

  The party went on smoothly for the next couple of hours. More people came in off of the street, filling the dining room and kitchen. Eventually, Wayne had to rush down into the basement and set it up for extra room. Some of the savages from the nearby hoods, Wayne’s friends, came over around 11:00 or so. It seemed that two dudes knew several of the chicks in the dining room already – two dudes who had come in at separate times but lingered in the dining room. Soon, they moved on to the kitchen to make themselves a plate and speak to Jayron.

  The conversation in the dining room was eventually overshadowed by what was happening in the kitchen. Curse words spilled out of there, with two dudes speaking the loudest. Within seconds, Breon could hear Aunt Brenda, being as loud and ghetto as she’d always been, saying, “Awe hell naw! Don’t y’all niggas come up in here and be startin’ no shit! Not today, you hear me.”

  “Naw,” a dude said, clearly very angry. “Fuck that nigga! Why the fuck he lookin’ at me and
shit like he got a fuckin’ problem and shit? All a nigga did was come in here and speak and shit and now he wanna come in here and start some shit that he know he can’t finish.”

  “Nigga, fuck you!” the other man said. “You know you just a bitch ass nigga and shit.”

  People in the dining room jumped out of their seats and hurried to the kitchen doorway. Everyone became silent as Wayne rushed back up from the basement to see what was going on. Breon, too, at this point, had gotten out of his seat and was now looking into the kitchen. There, the table had been pushed back with Jayron and Nikki standing on one side and a few other people standing on the other as the two guys shoulder bumped. Their arms were down to their sides as they balled their fists and looked over the other’s shoulder.

  “Naw, naw, naw!” Wayne said, stepping into his kitchen. “Y’all niggas can’t come over here startin’ this shit and shit! Not to-fucking-day. This party is for Jayron coming home and he don’t need no stuff like this right now. Cut that shit out nigga or go outside!”

  Aunt Brenda stepped between the two men, something she was so familiar with doing from her younger days. She was wise enough to know at this point that everybody standing around and watching them fight would not lead to anything. “Just cut it out, y’all,” she said, calmly. “Just cut it out.”

  Breathing heavily, the two men backed away from one another and went back to making their plates. People moved on with their conversations from before. Wayne stepped into the dining room and asked what happened to cause them to get into it in the kitchen like that. Several guests pointed at this chick that Breon had never seen, who was now sitting across from him. Apparently, she used to talk to both guys at the same time and they’d found out about one another only a couple of weeks ago. Since this was the first time and place they’d seen one another, the tension between the two had snapped.

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