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The Diary of a Side Chick 4: A Naptown Hood Drama (Side Chick Diaries)

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The Diary of a Side Chick 4: A Naptown Hood Drama (Side Chick Diaries)

  The Diary of a Side Chick 4

  A Naptown Hood Drama

  Tamicka Higgins

  © 2015


  All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law.

  This is a work of fiction. Names, places, characters and events are all fictitious for the reader’s pleasure. Any similarities to real people, places, events, living or dead are all coincidental.

  This book contains sexually explicit content that is intended for ADULTS ONLY (+18).


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  SNEAK PEEK: The Diary of a Side Chick 5

  Chapter 1

  Desirae was actually starting to feel proud of how she was handling things, despite everything that had been going on in the last couple of weeks between her and Tron, not to mention the falling out with Reese. She was getting used to this being pregnant thing. In fact, she no longer craved smoking a blunt the way she did before. A glass or two of wine? She did not need or want that either. Rather, every morning, when she would wake up and look at herself in the mirror and see how her body was slowly but surely changing, everything that she did was for the best interest of her unborn child. There were moments, however, that she wished Tron would do the same – think about the best interest of the baby and do things differently.

  After working with her mother to get back onto her health insurance, Desirae just so happened to wind up getting her first doctor’s appointment on February 14th – Valentine’s Day. She remembered how she shook her head when she was on the phone, calling the office to set up an appointment. While she and Tron were never actually together on a Valentine’s Day, the very thought of going to the doctor on that kind of day did make her feel some kind of way. Nevertheless, when she woke up that morning, now getting used to lying on her back as she slept, she rubbed her stomach. Desirae, out of instinct from knowing that she was a strong woman, would rub her stomach before she slid her legs off the bed and onto the floor. There, she would sit for a few minutes. Some mornings she felt alright, while other mornings she would sit and then the feeling would come over her – the feeling that she was about to throw up and needed to rush to the bathroom as quickly as possible.

  Today, February 14th, Desirae woke up and was actually feeling okay. While much of her situation was still uncertain, mainly because she no longer was working at Clarke’s up at Lafayette Square Mall, she still felt as if she was heading somewhere. She admitted to herself that she sort of missed the job, even if her only reason for missing it was for the consistent paycheck and relatively easy workload that she had. That was all behind her at this point. Now, she has to look forward – move on. And she was going to try to make the best of it, regardless of her feelings.

  Desirae slid into her robe and got officially under way with getting her day started. Out of instinct, as she always did, she grabbed her phone off of the pile of her clothes on the floor next to her bed. She checked to see if she had any text messages or missed phone calls. A number had called in the middle of the night that she was not familiar with. She shrugged it off, thinking it was probably just another wrong number. In her text messages, she saw that Reese had messaged her around 1 a.m., which was shortly after Desirae remembered going to sleep.

  “Fuckin’ bitch,” Desirae said to herself. She shook her head and sat her phone back down, this time onto her bed. Never in all of her life had she known what it felt like to really be betrayed. Sure, on one hand Tron truly had done her dirty. How he treated her was absolutely inexcusable, and Desirae, deep down, was not totally passed that anyway. However, walking into the club and seeing her very best friend, Reese, was a fucking blow to her system. Never had she felt as angry as she did when she thought about all of the things she had confided in Reese about. To turn around and find that she would try to walk a mile in her shoes was just disgusting.

  Disgusted with that thought, Desirae dropped her phone onto the bed. Just as she was starting to stretch and open her blinds to let some of the morning light inside, she could hear her phone vibrating. Quickly, she picked it up and saw that it was her mother calling. While Desirae and her mother, Karen, were definitely different kinds of women, Desirae could not deny how appreciative she was that her mother was being so helpful with her pregnancy. It was a blessing that she was about to get onto her health insurance and use it while she was pregnant, with her mother paying whatever would be the difference for adding her onto the plan.

  “Hey, Mama,” Desirae answered, smiling.

  “Well, good orning, Desirae,” her mother Karen said, clearly sounding as if she was smiling. “How are you this morning? How are you feeling? You sound like you’re in a good mood, Desirae.”

  “I am,” Desirae said. “I just got outta bed and was getting ready to start getting ready and stuff. Bout to look at what I’m gonna wear to the doctor’s office.”

  “Well,” Karen said. “You don’t have to go trying to look cute to go to your first doctor’s appointment for this baby. You’re not going in there to catch a man. You know that, right?”

  Desirae let out a deep sigh, shaking her head. She then rolled her eyes and smiled. “Mama,” she began, “I don’t know why you just can’t get on board with how I dress. You wanna be young again so bad, don’t you? C’mon now, why don’t you just say it?” Desirae giggled.

  “Girl,” Karen said, snickering to herself. “I’m more than twice your age and three times as cool as you. You can’t talk. Anyway…”

  “Yeah, right,” Desirae said. “Yeah, I go down there at 11 o’clock.”

  “That’s what I was going to ask you,” Karen said. “I was just thinking of that because I forgot what time you were going. I just got to my desk, myself. So, I thought I would call you. Don’t forget what I told you. I can take my lunch at that time if you tell me enough in advance that you want somebody to go with you since this is your very first appointment. I can do that and it wouldn’t be a problem.”

  “Thanks, Mama,” Desirae said. “But I’mma go on my own. I think I just need to do this on my own.”

  “Okay,” Karen said. “No problem.” Karen paused. The sound of her typing on the keyboard of her computer at work came through the phone for a few seconds. “I always wanted to ask: Did you ask the father if he would like to go? This Tron person I’ve been hearing about for about a month, who is having a child with my daughter, and I still have not met. Did you ask him if he would want to go? Sometimes a man just wants to be included, and he should be given that right. In all my years of teaching and social work, I can definitely tell you this: too many of these mothers purposely try to keep the father away. Don’t be that woman, Desirae. I swear, not only will you live to regret it, but when your child gets older and either learns the ways of the world or begins to have a relationship with his or her father, you then have to worry about them learning what mama did back when they were younger.”

  Desirae thought about what her mother was saying to her right then. She stood at her window, feeling hugged
by her favorite robe – the white robe – that she still looked good in. Beams of light came in through the blinds as she looked out at the parking lot of her apartment complex. The tops of cars and trucks were covered in snow while the wooded area that was behind the apartment complex was simply a white-washed winter wonderland. Desirae turned away and walked out into her living room.

  “Yeah, I talked to him, Mama,” Desirae said. “He said he didn’t want to go, so I’mma just go on my own. Something about he had something to do that day, or something.”

  Desirae had practically had this story already prepared, in a way. She had kind of thought that her mother would ask about Tron and if he would be going to the doctor’s appointment. After she went to jail for aggravated assault, luckily Tron didn’t press charges and the judge decided to let her free because she could prove that she was pregnant, Desirae had called her mother back after two days of not talking to her with a story about something being wrong with her phone and that she was sick. Her mother bought that, no problem, which Desirae was so happy about. She knew that she would never hear the end of it if her mother knew what all happened at Honeys East. Now, with the idea of Tron going to the doctor with her, she had never even sent so much as a text message to him about it. At this point, it was really none of his business.

  “Yeah, he’s busy or something,” Desirae said. “And, Mama, like I told you, we really not together.”

  “And?” Karen said. “That still doesn’t mean that he doesn’t want to be involved. Also, when are you moving back in over here? When are you planning to move out of your apartment, again, so I can be prepared for that? I looked in the garage and looked at where you could put your stuff until you’re back on your feet and found a new job and whatnot. I think it can work so you don’t have to spend money on a storage unit. Plus, we got the basement, so you can put stuff down there. I don’t care.”

  “In about a week, Mama,” Desirae answered. She walked across her living room and into the kitchen to get something to drink. She poured herself a glass of tea and leaned against the counter. For whatever reason, with where she was standing, she could not help but to think about the times Tron would lean against the counter, in this very spot, and lean back while Desirae was on her knees and pleasing him in ways that his chick Shawna obviously never could. Quickly, because she was talking to her mother, she put those thoughts out of her mind. “The landlord lady down at the office said that I could move out on Friday, depending on the weather.”

  “Okay then,” Karen said to Desirae. “I can be free to help you. What about Reese? You think she can help you? She helped you move into the apartment back whenever, didn’t she?”

  Desirae cringed. In many ways, she felt as if she wanted to scream at just hearing someone say Reese’s name. In fact, her emotions reacted to the very thought of Reese way differently than they had when she thought about her in her bedroom. Without even thinking, Desirae’s eyes slanted to the side as she sipped her tea.

  “No, Mama,” Desirae said. “I told you that me and Reese ain’t cool no more.” Desirae’s head shook. “Nope,” she said. “I don’t want nothin’ to do with her, Mama.”

  “Hmm, hmm,” Karen said, in a very flat tone. “Interesting. I wonder what happened there.”

  Desirae stood silent, choosing to not say anything. She remembered that she had already told her mother that she simply was not going to talk about why she and Reese had had a falling out. It was not that she did not want her mother to know why, per se. However, Desirae also knew that with the way her mother analyzed stories and situations, she would find any little hole in the story. And these holes would be stretched to the point where her mother would figure out that something went down that night that had Desirae facing charges.

  “Okay, well,” Karen said, knowing that she was not going to get anything else out of her daughter. “I better go on and get to work. I’ve got to head down to the south side to meet with this family – trashy white people. You know how that is. Text me or call me or whatever when you get back and let me know how it all went.”

  “Okay, Mama,” Desirae said. “I will. Talk to you later.”

  The two of them said bye and hung up. Desirae then set her phone on the counter and headed to the bathroom. Sitting her cup of tea onto the counter of her bathroom sink, she opened her robe. Desirae faced the mirror and took a good look at her body. Her shape was still definitely killing the scene, as she knew when she went downtown a couple of days ago and had men still losing their minds to look at her when she walked by. However, as the days went on, she spent a few moments of every morning looking at her reflection in the mirror. She was now getting to the point where she could see her stomach starting to stick out a little further than it used to – having a round look that had PREGNANT written all over it. The one thing she was definitely excited about, with going to the doctor for the first time, was finding out how many months along she was. She also looked forward to knowing her due date, remembering that sometimes that would be her favorite part about her friends having their babies.

  “I’m still gon’ look good,” Desirae said to herself as she turned side to side in front of her bathroom mirror. “I’m not gon’ be one of them raggedy, tired pregnant chicks that you see walking around, looking like they need to get their life.” Desirae already had maternity clothes ideas that she knew would turn into cute outfits. For now, though, she could continue to wear her normal clothes and not look pregnant, especially since she walked around covered up in a coat because it was the middle of February.

  After a brief few minutes of looking at her body in the mirror, Desirae turned on the shower, to a really nice, warm temperature, and climbed in. For the next twenty minutes, she cleaned every part of her body as she sang songs that she had heard on the radio yesterday. When she got out of the shower, she wrapped a towel around her body and walked back out to her phone on the counter in the kitchen.

  “Fuck, it is cold as shit out here,” Desirae said to herself, shivering. She checked the time and saw that she had better go ahead and start getting ready. There was a good chance that she might have to scrape some ice off of her car and let it warm up for a few minutes before she could head up to the north side, to where her doctor’s office was located. She turned the television on, waiting until the news butted in with weather updates about the day, then decided what she would wear. She slid into some cute blue jeans, a black sweater that had the perfect turtle neck, then a leather jacket that her mother had given her as a present just a couple of Christmases ago. She brushed the arms of the jacket before she looked over her hair and got it together. When she knew that she was looking good, Desirae grabbed her purse and phone and headed out the door.

  Desirae sat in her car for a few minutes while it warmed up. The temperature was kind of cold today, but the sun was out, so that made a difference. When she turned on the radio, she could not help but to think about how it was Valentine’s Day. The DJs on the radio stations let people call in and give shout-outs to whoever is their “Valentine,” then some callers could request a song. Soon enough, Desirae had just heard enough of all of that love mess. She turned the radio off, the silence now leaving her to think about how she was single and carrying some nigga’s child, who never had any intentions of being serious with her like she had said. Desirae pressed her lips together as she backed out of her parking spot, thankful that she did not need to scrape any ice off of her windshield, windows, and mirror. She headed out to the stop light and turned left, heading toward the interstate.

  It took Desirae about twenty-five minutes to get across town to her doctor’s office. The office, which was located in a little subdivision of offices that surrounded a retention pond, was on the opposite side of the city, near Castleton Mall. When she pulled into a parking spot outside of the glass doors of the mid-rise brick building, she saw that she had an extra thirty minutes to kill before she even needed to head into the building. To kill time, she pulled her phone out of her pocket
and looked through her messages. After responding to a couple of text conversations with her cousins that she had left open, forgetting to go back and respond if she would be at the next family function or not, she found herself scrolling through her conversations with Tron. Her feelings were mixed, for many reasons, as she could see that there had been no communication from him since he declined to press charges on her from the incident at Honeys East. She was so enraged that not that even to this day, she could not and would not regret that. Her entire life was basically changing before her eyes because of Tron. How could he not at least give her the time of day and the respect that she knew she deserved?

  Desirae got out of her car around 10:50 and headed into the building. She felt a little nervous, but also a little excited. Once inside, however, her mind could not help but focus on what she saw around the office. After signing in and letting them know that she was there, Desirae sat down in the small waiting room. She noticed that other women, who looked to be a little older than her, but not by much, were sitting next to men – men who were either their husband or the father of the child. After a few minutes, Desirae could not stand to look around the room and see this. Even though she had never really been big on dreaming about weddings and whatnot like a lot of other girls, now that she was pregnant she started to notice more and more when she would see another chick with the father present. It really sunk in on her when the chick was the same age as her, and even more-so when the chick did not look half as good. Part of her, even though she did not want to admit it, felt like if the Plain Janes could have it, then she damn sure should have it.

  Within minutes, a plump, smiling white girl yanked open the door to the back and yelled Desirae’s name. Desirae instantly stood up and smiled as she walked over to the door. The nurse, whose name tag said Becky, welcomed Desirae and told her that Doctor Adair is ready for her to come on back. Desirae stepped into the back where the nurse asked her some questions and weighed her.

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