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Tamed for Their Use

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Tamed for Their Use

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  Tamed for Their Use


  Ivy Barrett

  Copyright © 2018 by Stormy Night Publications and Ivy Barrett

  Copyright © 2018 by Stormy Night Publications and Ivy Barrett

  All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher.

  Published by Stormy Night Publications and Design, LLC.

  Barrett, Ivy

  Tamed for Their Use

  Cover Design by Korey Mae Johnson

  Images by Dreamstime/Stryjek, Dreamstime/Jasminko Ibrakovic, and Dreamstime/Luca Oleastri

  This book is intended for adults only. Spanking and other sexual activities represented in this book are fantasies only, intended for adults.

  Chapter One

  Annoyed by yet another interruption to his busy day, Minister Sintar Orellian crossed the spacious office and took the seat across from Chancellor Savator’s desk. Sintar nodded to his brother, who had also been summoned, then focused on their boss. As well as commanding the Ventori Protectorate, Bronsen Savator was one of Sintar’s closest friends. The dynamic made meetings like this a bit complicated. Had he been summoned by his friend or his commanding officer?

  “I now have the results of the tests you requested,” the chancellor told Tarlon.

  What tests? Sintar whipped his head around and looked at his brother. Tarlon hadn’t mentioned anything about requesting tests to him. And they were podmates. Members of Ventori pods were supposed to work together and share everything, including females.

  “What’d you find out?” Tarlon sprawled in the chair, looking at ease, even bored. He was the most exasperatingly laidback person Sintar had ever known. It was one of the reasons they’d formed a pod. Their opposite personalities balanced each other out.

  “You were right,” the chancellor said. He was definitely in chancellor mode. “Nichole Romano is a potential mate for both of you.”

  Sintar turned back to the chancellor, shocked by his casual news. Had he heard correctly? “We’re genetically compatible with one of the human females?” His heartbeat tripled and his orvatta, the subdermal markings on his torso and neck, began to tingle in anticipation. He glared at his younger brother. “Why didn’t you tell me about this?”

  Tarlon shrugged. “I didn’t want to get your hopes up in case it wasn’t true.”

  Like all the Ventori, Sintar had given up on the infinitesimal possibility that he would ever find a mate. Ventori females, and all the males who weren’t in the military, had been annihilated by the Skarilians. So when the Skarilians targeted Earth, the Ventori had offered the helpless humans protection in exchange for female companionship. The often reluctant volunteers were called carnal companions.

  But this was something different, something much more important to a species on the verge of extinction. The chancellor wasn’t offering a carnal companion. He was offering a possible mate, a lifelong partner, a female capable of bearing Ventori young.

  A long, and somewhat strange, series of events had led to the discovery that human females with a negative Rh factor in their blood were able to bear Ventori offspring. A small group of Rh-negative women had been rescued a few days ago and brought to Protectorate Headquarters. Apparently, Tarlon had sensed a connection with one of them and this was the result.

  “Don’t get too excited,” the chancellor warned. “Your pod is not her only option. In fact she has several thousand matches. They all do. However, you and Tarlon have near perfect compatibility scores, so it’s your right to court her first.”

  Sintar’s cock hardened and his palm itched. He couldn’t wait to begin. She needed to understand the rules and accept their authority over her. They would protect and care for her, shower her with affection and tenderness, but first she would have to submit. He would tolerate nothing less than total surrender.

  “Is she attractive?” he asked his brother. Not that it mattered. They would be thrilled with the homeliest female alive if she was willing to give them a child.

  “She’s stunning.” Tarlon grinned, accenting the dimples in his pale cheeks. “At least to me. Light brown hair and big dark eyes. Her shape is perfect, nice full curves. I know how you hate bony females. And she’s feisty enough to give us lots of reasons to spank her, but I suspect she won’t stay defiant for too long. Wait until you smell her. I just about came in my pants when her scent hit my nose.”

  Another wave of carnal hunger washed over Sintar and he groaned. “Where is she?”

  “Not so fast.” The chancellor’s sharp tone cut through the sensual haze. “Nikki isn’t the only reason I summoned you two here. You’re both being reassigned.”

  “Why?” Tarlon shot up out of his chair. “It took me almost a year to get this assignment. I don’t want to leave.”

  “Well, unfortunately for you, I need your brother at Camp Accord and you go where he goes. Now sit down and listen.”

  With obvious reluctance, Tarlon returned to his seat.

  Sintar tensed; he wasn’t any happier about the reassignment than Tarlon. “I thought Drey pod had the settlement under control.”

  “Drey pod was acceptable when Camp Accord was a semi-amusing attempt at integration. The situation has changed drastically thanks to Fortar pod’s discovery. The potential mates are now our top priority. We need a safe place to send these females until they’ve bonded with their pods. Camp Accord makes sense. It’s isolated and will be easy to fortify. Because of the heightened value of these females, and the political implications of a breeding program—”

  “We can’t call it that,” Tarlon stressed. “Human media will spin it into something horrendous if we use the word ‘breeding.’”

  “Another reason I want him there.” The chancellor turned back to Sintar. “Regardless of what we call it, the settlement must be run with discipline and strict order. As of this moment, you are Governor Sintar Orellian, the ultimate authority at Camp Accord.”

  “Thank you, sir.” The response was expected, but Sintar felt anything but honored. The conditions at Camp Accord were primitive at best. He and his brother were highborn. They might be part of the military, but they were used to luxury.

  “The good news is, you’ll be taking Nikki with you,” the chancellor continued. “Claim her as quickly as she’ll allow it. I have plans for you,” he pointed to Tarlon, “and she plays a vital role.”

  Tarlon relaxed a bit, but he was obviously still annoyed. “Do tell. I was afraid you were going to stick me on some governing council. We all know I’d go insane.”

  “You’re a field agent and I intend to continue using you in that capacity.” He glanced at Sintar then continued, “As Sintar already knows, there’s a traitor on the high command.”

  Sintar hadn’t been sure if the chancellor would share the discovery with Tarlon or not. Everyone they told increased the chances that the traitor would find out and the element of surprise was their only advantage. Sintar trusted Tarlon implicitly, but the chancellor seldom trusted anyone. In fact, Sintar had been surprised when the chanc
ellor had confided in him.

  “A traitor?” Tarlon was clearly surprised by the news. “What’s the traitor hoping to accomplish? The vast majority of the defenders respect and like you. Even if this coward succeeded in neutralizing you, it’s doubtful anyone would accept him as chancellor.”

  The chancellor offered Tarlon a rare smile. “I appreciate the vote of confidence, but there are ripples of discontent that we’d be foolish to ignore.”

  “There’s a growing number of Ventori that feel we should move on rather than negotiating treaties with the humans,” Sintar explained. “They feel that revenge is more important than—”

  “The survival of our species?” Tarlon shook his head. “Nothing is more important than that.”

  “We both agree with you,” the chancellor stressed, “but there are some who would rather pursue the Skarilians until they’ve been wiped out of existence. One of my ministers is organizing these rebels into a potential mutiny.”

  “And how can I help?” Tarlon finally relaxed enough to listen rather than argue, which allowed Sintar to relax as well.

  “I’ve been unsuccessful in determining the leader’s identity from this end, so I’d like you to come at it from a different angle.”

  “And that angle is?” Tarlon prompted.

  The chancellor rested his forearms on his desktop and leaned slightly forward. “The traitor was involved in rounding up the compatible females. I have correspondence establishing the connection, but the messages fall short of identifying the minister who’s involved. I need you to come at this from the opposite direction. We’re relatively certain that Dr. Hienam Narrn has formed an illegal alliance with a human female named Roberta Nunez.”

  “Aren’t they the ones who examined all the captured females?” Sintar remembered seeing their names in several of the reports the chancellor loved to write. At times his determination to keep everyone well informed just muddied the waters with details.

  “They are, which is why we need to find out what they’re doing down there and what the traitor is hoping to accomplish. Narrn and the woman operate out of the El Paso induction center. We could do a mind probe on Narrn, but we need concrete evidence to gain jurisdiction over the human. Right now all the evidence we’ve found is circumstantial.”

  “What’d you have in mind?” Tarlon asked, scooting to the edge of his seat.

  “After you’ve claimed Nikki, or at least fucked her enough to saturate her with your scent, take her to Narrn. Tell him you and Sintar are both in rut and can’t figure out why. By then it should be true with a compatibility score as high as yours.”

  “Is it wise to reveal to Narrn that we know about human compatibility?” Sintar asked, not at all sure that was the best strategy.

  The chancellor shrugged. “I’ll leave the details to you, but we have to catch them in the act and take them alive. Speculation and supposition are not good enough for this situation. Interrogating Narrn is our best chance of identifying the traitor.”

  “Understood,” the brothers chorused.

  “Good.” The chancellor pushed back from his desk and stood. “Then I won’t keep you. Claim your female, govern the camp, and solve the mystery.”

  “In that order?” Apparently accepting his fate, Tarlon smiled.

  “You can’t do the second two until you’ve accomplished the first,” the chancellor reminded.

  “Then we better get started.” Sintar tried not to sound excited, and failed. He slapped his brother on the back. “Take me to our mate.” And they headed for the door.

  * * *

  Nikki Romano sat on a vinyl upholstered chair in the shabby lounge at Protectorate Headquarters, formerly known as Fort Hood. This room was the only place she and the other eleven captives were allowed to spend time with each other. They took their meals here and tried to keep each other from dying of boredom. Supposedly this was temporary, and supposedly they were guests of the high command, not prisoners. But someone needed to explain that to the armed guards stationed outside the only door.

  She should probably be grateful, not annoyed. After all, the Ventori had rescued her and the other females from a Mexican drug lord with doubtlessly nefarious plans for them. The Ventori had swooped in and saved the day, but instead of delivering each female to the defenders who had contracted her services, they’d brought the women to Protectorate Headquarters.

  The reason for the high command’s sudden interest was almost as bizarre as everything that had gone on before. Apparently, Nikki and her fellow captives were Rh negative—whatever that meant. It had something to do with a protein in their blood. Females with the protein were incompatible with the Ventori, while women without it had a much better chance of carrying a hybrid baby to term. It was a polite way of saying they’d make good breeding stock. Nikki shuddered, disgusted by the entire concept.

  There had been sixteen of them in the very beginning, but four had already been claimed or were currently being courted by their potential mates. Nikki missed Jessica’s calm wisdom, but was thrilled to see the last of Tracy, a foul-mouthed hooker with a horrible attitude. Hopefully her pod would teach her some manners.

  With nothing to occupy her mind but frustration and negativity, Nikki looked at her companions. Their reasons varied greatly, but all of them had volunteered for the Carnal Compensation Program. A few were escorts, so trading sex for money was nothing new. Oh, sure, the program dressed it all up in patriotism and civic duty, but the facts were the facts. Volunteers agreed to trade the use of their body for planetary protection and monetary compensation. By most definitions, that was prostitution.

  She sighed at the disquieting thought. Her disdain was hypocritical. Her reasons for joining the Carnal Compensation Program might have been very different from theirs, but she’d signed the contract just like everyone else. Trying to soften her attitude, she continued her assessment of the room. A bunch of the women were strippers or ‘internet performers,’ meaning they slinked around naked in front of a camera, so their customers could jerk off in the privacy of their own homes.

  Nikki was fascinated by the way each group gravitated toward others of their kind. The strippers congregated by the folding table in the far corner of the room, while the internet performers always gathered near the useless TV. She hung out near the door with the other women who hadn’t been in the skin industry at all. They were by far the minority.

  And then there was Erin and Kyla. Those two were the only true victims in this room.

  Nikki looked at the sullen redhead and pity squeezed her heart. Erin sat in a chair identical to Nikki’s, but she had her legs drawn up, heels resting on the edge of the seat. She’d wrapped her arms around her legs and dropped her forehead to her knees. She hardly spoke anymore and only ate when someone, usually Nikki or Kyla, made her. Nikki was really worried about her, but the fucking aliens didn’t seem to care.

  Erin didn’t even look up when Nikki moved to the chair beside her and lightly touched her arm. “You awake in there?”

  She finally lifted her head and looked at Nikki. Erin’s baby blue eyes were bloodshot from crying, as usual. “They’re not going to let me go. Chancellor Savator told me this morning. The high council voted unanimously to force me to stay.”

  Nikki shook her head, furious for the younger woman. “That’s so wrong.” She reached over and rubbed her back. “I’m sorry, hon. They have no right to—”

  “Apparently, I’m the one without rights. They claim it’s a matter of survival and that I won’t be forced to bond with anyone, just meet a few of my potential mates.”

  “So play their game. Meet your potential mates and tell them all to go to hell. Then they’ll have no choice but to let you go.”

  Erin shook her head, bright red hair swishing around her shoulders. “I have to escape.” She leaned closer and her voice dropped to an urgent whisper. “Will you help me escape?”

  Nikki sighed; she didn’t want to give Erin false hope, but this spark of rebellion w
as the only life she’d seen in Erin’s eyes for many days now. “Let’s say we sneak past the guards.” Which was unlikely. “How do we get off the base without anyone seeing us? This is Protectorate Headquarters. Any female is going to stick out like a sore thumb.”

  “I have to do something,” Erin cried. “I can’t just give up and let this happen.”

  Apparently hearing Erin’s outburst, Kyla left the table where she’d been playing poker with three of the strippers and sank onto the seat on the other side of Erin. The two were close friends and had been kidnapped outside a nightclub in Austin, Texas. They were both younger than the rest of the women and Erin was significantly more innocent. Though barely twenty-one like Erin, Kyla was more experienced. She’d spent the past two years on her own, which made her seem much older than her emotionally fragile friend.

  “I thought we had this settled last night.” Impatience sharpened Kyla’s tone. She knew Erin better than the others, so she put up with less of her melodramatics. “I know you’re scared. We’re all scared, but there is no way to escape from this situation. Your only option is to go through the motions. Smile and flirt with your suitors, then politely tell each one to fuck off.”

  “Ventori Defenders don’t take no for an answer,” Erin argued, her lips trembling.

  “How would you know?” Kyla challenged calmly. “Have you ever spoken to one?”

  A bit of Erin’s bluster dissipated. “No.”

  Nikki was amazed by the exchange. Everyone walked on eggshells around Erin, treated her like she was a fragile china doll. She was a freaking virgin, and those were rare in this day and age. Still, Kyla’s strategy was very different. She called Erin’s bluff, forcing her to dial back the drama. And it seemed to work much better than coddling her.

  The door banged open and a Ventori Defender strode proudly into the room. He was tall and brawny. Weren’t they all? And his strange black lips and slashing brows made his skin appear even whiter. Unlike most of the Ventori, who had dark hair and red squiggles in their dark eyes, this man’s hair and the marbling in his eyes were a shimmery silver blue. He was one of the ministers, but Nikki didn’t know his name.

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