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Taking All The Prisoners Gay M/M Erotic Menage

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Taking All The Prisoners Gay M/M Erotic Menage

  Taking All The Prisoners


  Alex is a 21 year old white boy. He is tall, slim with an athletic build and very good looking. He's just a normal guy who likes partying, getting girls, playing sports, and hanging out with his fraternity brothers. But after a night out on the town with the boys, he get's busted for a DUI and drug paraphernalia in the vehicle and is sent to jail. Alex is terrified, he has never been in trouble before, and now he is going to jail? Inside that jail cell he finds out that dropping the soap in the shower isn't just a stereotype for no reason. Alex learns he loves the feeling of having multiple muscular prison bad boys taking turns with him all at once.


  Alex is an every-day college white-boy. He is in a fraternity. He doesn’t study very often, but he does go and drink a lot with his friends. He sees nothing bad in that. And there isn’t anything bad, as long as you are aware of what you are doing and what might happen if you drink too much.

  He has never passed out or anything like that, but he was saying some stupid shit and has gotten into a lot of fights because he was not able to control his behaviour. The girls he slept with have almost gotten pregnant because they were both intoxicated and didn’t know what they were doing. Those few days of thinking if he is gonna become a father, without actually wanting to be one, were very stressful and nerve racking. But again, he learned nothing from it. Luckily, none of the girls ended up pregnant and he could breath again.

  His parents were telling him that he has to focus on the studying but he naturally didn’t listen. Everything they wanted him to do, he would throw on the side and do what’s the opposite from that. He acted like a teenager who likes to make his parents angry. They have then threatened him that they are not gonna pay for his studies, since he is not studying at all, and that he will have to go back home and start working with his father in a restaurant.

  His father owns a chain of restaurants where you can eat only vegan food. Alex wanted to be no part of that. He isn’t even vegan like the rest of the family. He likes eating meat and drinking dairy milk. He didn’t understood why would anyone be a vegan or even vegetarian. It’s even worse if you are a vegetarian, because you just look like a hypocrite. You don’t eat meat but you can eat eggs and drink milk? Really?

  No. He was not gonna be a part of that. If you are going to eat any part of the animal, you might as well eat all of it. And vegans... they are just overly obsessed with animal “rights”. Animals are lower species if compared to humans. Humans are the real alpha beasts. Of course they are gonna kill animals and eat them to survive. It’s the natural order. Same happens with just animals. They kill each other to survive.

  Alex was saying that to his family very often but they did not listen. They heard it all before. If he didn’t want to be vegan like them, fine, he doesn’t have to be. He is 21 years old. He can do what he wants. But if only he could do what’s right, it would be much easier for everyone.

  So, Alex didn’t care for what his father told him. He knew that he was gonna pay for his college no matter what. Alex is their only child. They want to see him succeed. If that means paying for his drinking until he decides to stop, then that’s what is going to be.

  He would also go to the gym two times a week. Before college, he would go three or four times. But when he started his first year, he completely zoned out from the reasoning. He stopped studying, he drinks every night, he doesn’t take care of his body anymore. Yes, he goes two times a week in the gym, but he doesn’t really work out. He just goes there to pick up some sexy girl, or to just take pictures of himself. He is an egomaniac. He likes to be in the center of the attention and he knows how to attract people to him.

  There is no party where he wasn’t the main event. No matter if somebody else was celebrating their birthday, or they were just the hosts of the party... Alex would always be the one to whom would everyone look at. Eyes were immediately drawn to him. He knew that and liked it a lot. Doesn’t matter if they were looking at him and admiring, or if they found him disgusting. As long as he is in the spot light, everything will be alright.

  “Are you going out tonight with us?” his college roommate asked him.

  “Yeah dude”, he replied enthusiastically.

  “I don’t know why do I even ask”, guy answered and laughed. “You never miss out on a good party.”

  ”Why would I miss it?”

  ”Exactly! Are you gonna go with us or?”

  ”No. I’ll come with my car.”

  ”Okay. See you there”, roommate said and left the room.

  Their friend Bobby was celebrating his 21 birthday. Bobby is a good friend of Alex. They know each other since high school. It’s just that Bobby has a bit more refined sense for obligations. He also likes to go out and party, but he knows when to stop and study. Because of that, them two did not hang out as much as before the college, but they were still good friends who just happened to go in another direction.

  Alex has looked at his phone. It was nine o’clock. He went in the bathroom and stripped naked.

  Alex has a nice, athletic built body. Despite his often drinking, he does still look good. He is tall, slim, he has a six packs and nice biceps. His legs are strong and his shoulders are straight and well defined.

  He stepped into the shower and let the water run down his body, sliding over the muscles and hitting the floor. He soaped up his arms and torso, and then legs and private areas as well. He took an extra time to rub his manhood. He liked touching himself almost as much as he liked sleeping with girls. Even though he was probably gonna pick up some new college girl at the party, he still wanted to jerk off in the shower. So he used soap as the lube, as he often liked to, and started to move his hand across his hard cock. He squeezed him firmly and started to move his hand faster. His cock was getting bigger and bigger as he was getting closer to cumming.

  “Fuck!” he yelled and started to cum in big splatters. He ejaculated four big shots and a few smaller ones before washing himself thoroughly and continuing his way to the party.

  Upon his arrival, his friend Bobby welcomed him.

  “Happy birthday man!” Alex congratulated.

  “Thank you”, they hugged. “I’m glad you came.”

  ”You know me. I won’t miss a good chance to get drunk”, Alex said and laughed.

  “I know”, Bobby answered and smiled. “Come, help yourself. I have to run around, you know how it’s like.”

  ”Sure, go. I’ll be fine”, Alex said and winked.

  And so the drinking began. Alex started of with a few shots of tequila, then he moved on the beer and whiskey, only to mix a lot of different drinks and he gulped them all down like it was water.

  Then he started to approach the girls. Some of them were sober enough to move away from him. Some were too drunk and couldn’t really do anything so he decided to move away from them. And some were just drunk enough to want to party even harder.

  “Hey”, he said to one girl.

  ”Hey”, she replied.

  “I’m Alex.”

  ”Nice to meet you Alex. I’m Jessica.”

  Jessica was very good looking black-haired girl. She seemed like she was maybe second year of college. She was very attractive and Alex wanted to have her. He already began to imagine fucking her in his car.

  “Wanna leave Jessica?” he asked.

  “Yeah, why not”, she said and they went out. “Where are we going?”

  ”To my car”, he answered.

  “And then?”

  ”What do you want?”

  “To go to your place”, she said and smiled.

Well then that’s where we will go”, he confirmed and they started to drive.

  “Take this”, she said and moved her hand closer to his face.

  “What is that?” he asked.

  “Just a bit of cocaine. It’s all I have left. I don’t usually do it but I had a pretty shitty day so...”

  ”I don’t think I want to.”

  ”Oh come on”, she said and snorted a bit. “Take it.”

  He thought that that maybe isn’t such a bad idea. They are only a few minutes away from his place, so he snorted it quickly and continued to drive.

  Then, a flashing, waving light started to become bigger and closer to him.

  “Cops!” He said and slowed down. “Act naturally”, he said but she fell asleep. “Fuck!”

  He pulled over as they told him to and the cop moved to his car.

  “Good night Sir”, Alex said.

  ”Licence, please”, the cop said. Alex gave it to him.

  “Have you been drinking anything?”

  ”No”, Alex lied.

  “Sir, you smell from here. And is that girl alright?”

  ”Yeah, she fell asleep. I’m driving her home.”

  ”If you are drunk you shouldn’t be driving.”

  ”I only had two drinks”, he said.

  “Step out of the car please.”

  ”Do I have to? She needs to be home soon”, he was saying nonsense.

  “Step out and back away from the car”, the cop repeated and Alex listened to him this time.

  “Blow”, the cop said and Alex began blowing in that thing, knowing that he is busted.

  “Enough”, the cop said. The second he took the device from Alex, Alex started to run.

  Of course, he was drunk and he didn’t think clearly. There was no need to run away from them. If he was just to stay put they would have probably gave him a fine to pay and then escorted him home, if he was to act nice and convince them to let him go. But no, he had to run away. He made himself even more suspicious. So they quickly ran after him and took his ass to prison. Jessica was escorted home.

  But, his problems didn’t end there. The cops noticed his behaviour and how his eyes looked. They suspected that he might have been doing more than just drinking. He was probably doing drugs, they thought. So they ordered testing. When the blood results came in, it turned out that they were right. Alex was doing drugs, cocaine precisely.

  He was so stupid. He just needed to say no to Jessica and everything will be fine. But no. He had to snort that ridiculously small amount of fucking dust on her hand.

  After he went in the court, the judge found him guilty. It didn’t take much time to do that. He was sentenced to spend a year in the prison. If he was to have a good record, they might consider letting him go sooner but he will have to stay away from the alcohol and drugs.

  His parents weren’t shocked when they found out what has happened. They never thought that Alex would do such a thing, but when they found out about it, they were not surprised. It all seemed logical and expected.

  They visited him a few times while he was in jail, but they didn’t want to give him much attention nor they wanted for him to think that they are okay with what has happened. Alex was wrong. He was so wrong. And he was getting punished for it. Nothing strange about it.

  He often wondered how dumb he could have been. How many times has he been drunk and how many times has he been driving drunk. Police never pulled him over. But only one mistake that night was enough for them to throw his ass in the prison. Ridiculous.

  In the prison, he obviously had nothing in common with other people. They all looked buff and strong. They were members of gangs, killers, robbers... Alex was none of that. He didn’t fit in nor he wanted to fit in in such place. He wanted to leave as fast he could. He didn’t want to do anything that would ruin his prison record. He intended to behave well and go home soon.

  Fights in the prison were often. Alex would see a couple of men being taken over to a hospital. They were not rarely wounded. A blood trail would be left behind them.

  Thinking about how he could end up like one of those guys would send the chills down his spine and cold sweat would run all over his body. He was afraid. He didn’t want to be there nor to be friend with any of those people. Luckily for him, they weren’t trying to be his friend. Badly for him, they weren’t trying to be his friend.

  “Don’t let the soap hit the floor”, someone said behind him.

  “What?” Alex asked.

  “Keep your soap with you.”

  “What are you talking about.”

  ”Watch yourself. Don’t say I didn’t warn you”, prisoner said and left. Alex was thinking of going for him but he thought that that guy might be just a crazy dude. Alex was safe in his spot at lunch. No one approached him. Why would he risk going after someone who he doesn’t know. He decided to stay put.

  “Wait”, he thought, “is he saying...? No. That’s not it”, he said. He was thinking about all the movies where he has seen that when a prisoner looses his soap in the showers, he gets banged by the prisoners. There are a lot of jokes about that kind of stuff. But they are just jokes. Right? There can’t be nothing more to it.

  That day has passed and prisoners have been woken up. They know that it is time for a morning shower. Entire night, Alex was not able to sleep. He was thinking about what that prisoner has said to him the other day and was there anything that that guy knew and wanted to warn Alex about. But Alex has been showering for some time now and no one has done anything to him. They never touched him, they never teased him nor called him by any insulting word. It was like they didn’t even notice him. That was a bit strange maybe, but Alex was glad that no one showed any sign of interest in him.

  Outside, in the normal world, he wanted and craved to be the one in the spot light. But once he got in the prison, the need for being in the center of everyone’s attention has completely shifted. He didn’t want anyone to notice him and talk to him. He didn’t care about what other prisoners have thought of him. He only cared about getting out of there as soon as possible. He even realized that he really need to change his ways of living. He has promised himself that he is not gonna drink anymore nor that he is going to give in into something that’s not good for him but might be fun to try once or twice. He really wanted to get back out there and continue his life as a good, responsible person.

  He turned the shower on and stream of water started to flow across his slim, fit body. It ran down his torso and legs right on the tiles. At first, he just stood there, thinking about how relaxing that is and how much he enjoyed showering back home. He also wanted to jerk off like he usually did when showering, but once he felt his dick growing he had to stop thinking about that. He snapped out of the trance and looked around him. There were still a few men who didn’t seem to care that he is there with them. But his hand was on his crotch. He knew he needed to jerk off but couldn’t dare to do so. Instead, he stood there and waited a minute to relax and then continue with showering.

  When one more man left the showers, Alex has stretched out his hand to grab the soap. As he touched it, the soap, slippery as it was, did not stay in his hands. Instead, it fell on the tiles, moving away from Alex a few steps. Not thinking about it, he went to pick it up, and as he bent down, he felt someone’s hands touching him from behind. He quickly backed off and turned around. Some hairy Hispanic dude with big dangling cock was standing in front of him, looking at him and smiling.

  “What the hell?” Alex said. But three other men that didn’t left the showers has moved their way closer to Hispanic man and stood by him.

  “What do you want?” Alex asked.

  “You know”, Hispanic man answered. Alex was just looking at them, not being able to come up with anything smart to say.

  “I told you to keep holding your soap tight”, guy with a wolf tattoo said. Alex then realized that that was the guy from yesterday who warned him about what was going to happen. He actually told him w
hat not to do if he wishes to remain untouched. But Alex has dropped the soap, and that was the sign they needed to proceed with their intentions. Perhaps, that was their plan, and Alex needed to figure out what they were trying to say. Maybe he should have dropped the soap on purpose if he wanted to be fucked by them, but if he keeps holding onto it, it would mean that he wants no part of their plan. Badly, he didn’t get it, if that was the case, and now he has to pay for his small mistake, once again.

  “You will need to do something for us”, guy from yesterday said.

  “No!” Alex answered.

  “You have no choice”, Hispanic man stated and stepped closer to Alex. “If you wish to live, you will do what we ask.”

  ”Grab him”, tattooed guy ordered and two other prisoners grabbed Alex’s hands. He tried to fight them but they were stronger. They quickly brought him to his knees. He started to scream but water from the showers were making more noise.

  “We need to fill that mouth so you won’t scream”, Hispanic man said and got closer to him. His dick was right in front of Alex’s face.

  “Open your mouth.” Alex didn’t want to. “Open!” two men kicked him in the kidney areas and Alex obeyed the order. He opened his mouth.

  “Wider”, Hispanic guy said and he opened his mouth as much as he could. Cock from that guy was big and thick and unlike from the others, it wasn’t circumcised. It was really pleasant to look at, with smooth shaft and nice hardness.

  Alex closed his eyes and soon felt the dick going inside of his mouth. It was thick, hard and hot. It’s smooth skin began to slide across Alex’s tongue but he felt no taste. It wasn’t salty like it was maybe supposed to be. At least that is what girls have been saying to him, so he thought it’s gonna be salty. But it wasn’t. Probably because they have just showered.

  But, before he was able to get used to the feeling of a man’s dick going inside of his mouth, he felt a salty taste all over his tongue. That dick must be releasing some of it’s juices like dicks usually do. Some more than others. But this dick was very wet.

  “Good, good”, Hispanic guy said.

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