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  Gino “G” Lawrence. I almost don’t know where to start. So many words can be used to describe him; my man. G is fine as hell. He’s about 6’3 in size, has a caramel complexion, jet black wavy hair, deep mesmerizing dimples, a deep baritone voice that allows his words to just roll off his tongue and he walks with a swagger that gets me soaking wet every time he walks through the door. But---he’s not for sale and he damn sure ain’t for free.

  He’s married and has been for the past 3 years. I mean it’s a pretty complicated situation. He’s my man for sure he’s just technically still married. That didn’t prevent me from fooling around with him though. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a hoe but if you were in my shoes then you would be on familiar terms with how I feel right about now. I’m in love with this man and I know it’s wrong to pursue anything with him seeing as how he’s married and all but I have my needs too. I know I'm already in too deep. I also know he loves me, wants to leave his wife, and start a family with me.

  There were several times I wanted to pull out of the situation and pretend that he never existed. However, it’s not that easy. Yes, I might have mentioned that G is married but what I failed to tell you is that he's married to my best friend Princess. We've been friends since we were only a mere six and seven years old. As the years progressed we shared everything from clothes, and shoes, to jewelry, make-up, and secrets. But this is one secret that I will always vow to keep to myself. I swear that I never intended on pursuing any kind of relationship with G, let alone having sex with him; but it happened.

  I just hate the actuality that I'm consistently smiling in her face as if everything is all peachy keen whilst I'm sleeping with her husband behind her back. I can't help the fact that I fell for him the way that I did. Hell she sees him and she's with him on a day-to-day basis so I don't apprehend why she doesn’t keep a close eye on him. If I was her, I'd never even let GINO out of my sight because I'd fear that some thot is going to come and sweep him right from underneath my feet; the same way I've done to her. She's completely clueless though. All signs of him cheating are there but she doesn't notice any of them. I'm not complaining though.

  Yes, I sometimes feel a tad bit of guilt but if she knew how to take care of her man then he wouldn't be coming home to me every night and telling me he loves me every chance he gets. Hopefully everything is going to change after I drop this bomb on him. Our anniversary is coming up and I've just discovered that I'm pregnant. I wasn't too sure at first because those home pregnancy tests are never really precise. Visiting the doctor’s office on my way home from work, I confirmed that I am undeniably and undoubtedly pregnant. I wonder how he's going to take the news though.

  Oh, by the way I’m Kiara Jones. There’s no need for an intro you’ll get to know me, love me, cry with me and sometimes even hate me. This is not a story, fib, lie, or made up tale this is my life and shit just got real. Are you sleeping with your best friends’ man too? Well then I’m sure you can relate. If not, I’m sure that you’ve all committed some type of sin so please don’t judge me. Anyways let me stop blabbering and let’s get to the juicy stuff.


  Gino "G" Lawrence. His name is uncommonly spoken in the streets. When you're in his hood if you even dare to let his name roll off your tongue "rumor has it" that the next day they'll find your lifeless body minus a tongue. He's one of the biggest drug lords in the Ft. Lauderdale/Miami area and has connections from everywhere you could imagine. But making money isn't the problem; his disloyal "co-workers" are his major problem. Hell, anyone disloyal is his biggest pet peeve. His very own cousin Maurice worked for him for almost six years and things were going smoothly until some of the money came up short. All fingers pointed to Maurice.

  Gino took the liberty of handling the situation his self. Not only did he break all of Maurice's fingers but he cut his dick off and made him give himself a blow job. After he was done torturing him he had his boys finish him off; If you know what I mean. Blood isn't always thicker than water when it comes to G. He doesn't even sample his own work either. He says that there’s no point in doing so. I once heard him say “The fuck I need that shit for? All I really need is some good pussy and a bad bitch that's going to ride or fucking die for me. If I have that---then I'll be straight."

  I'm not sure but I think that something might have happened to him when he was a child; and that's why he acts the way he does. He doesn’t open up much to me about his family or past. Its like when he's in the streets he's an unrestrained maniac who wants what he wants and expects everyone to give it to him. He has power and he definitely knows how to use it to control just about everyone. When you look deep into his eyes you can tell that he's not the cold hearted nigga that everyone thinks he is. It's just a front that he puts on. His persona is different when he's around loved ones. Especially his niece. He loves that little girl to death and he helps take care of her the best way he knows how. His sister was killed in a drive-by shooting. Yes, he got revenge.

  I don't know how he managed to find the perpetrators but he did; and trust me he made them pay. No police officer has ever been able to trace any type of crime back to him because he cleans up his footsteps. Plus, he has connections. But anyways, when he's around his niece I guess you can basically say that he gets soft. That's how I know he's going to be a wonderful father once the baby is born. I know that deep down he doesn't like the man that he's become but it's hard; once you’re in the game there's no turning back at all.

  Now back to the topic at hand. The summer breeze blew throughout the neighborhood causing all of the trees to sway; it was almost as if they were dancing to their very own music. Clutching my jacket tighter to my somewhat fragile body I followed my cousin Whitney and my best friend Princess up to his front door. Whitney who was in town visiting for a month and a half wanted to so called finish some un-finished business with some dude she used to fuck with. She used to live around the corner from me until she and her parents moved due to a promotion at her mother's job. So now every summer she visits and each time she always has something up her sleeve.

  This time she managed to drag Princess and I into it. I was a little apprehensive but Princess on the other hand had a look of excitement in her eyes. I smirked and pulled my hooded jacket lower to protect my hair from the tiny droplets of rain that had begun to fall from the now sun setting sky. “Oh shit. I forgot something in the car.” Whitney stated already making her way back to the car that she'd parked on the side of the street. She soon spun on her heels and yelled “Knock on the door for me.” I don't see why the hell she couldn't just knock on the door her own damn self. I was already upset with her for borrowing my mother's car. She went on a 3-day business trip and made me promise not to drive it. But Whitney insisted on driving it. So if she even gets a little scratch on it I hope she knows she's taking the blame for it as well. Before I could even protest Princess knocked lightly on the door.

  “Here we go.” I mumbled as I heard the locks on the door being unlocked. “Who the fuck sent you?” A voice declared and I could tell that whoever said it had a bad temper and would go off if we didn't answer the question soon. I spun around to come face to face with the barrel of a gun. Princess and I instantly put our hands up in a feeble attempt to show him that we had no clue what he was talking about. I'm pretty sure he could tell by the looks on our faces; well that's what I thought until he cocked the gun. “Damn Gino Chill.” Whitney said over my shoulder with a hint of laughter in her voice. “These my peoples. This my cousin Kiara and her friend Princess.”

  I was almost afraid to put my hands down but once he put the gun back in the elastic waist of his pants under his shirt I was finally able to breathe again. “The fuck you doing here and why are you bringing people to my
crib? You know I don't play that shit.” he said with a scowl on his face. “Boy hush.” She pushed him aside and walked in so of course we followed. “You know damn well I ain't come to see your ass. Where is Ryan at anyway?"

  “Shit I don't know. Am I his fucking keeper? Walk your stupid ass in the back and see if he’s back there.” He said prior to stretching out on the sofa and grabbing the remote. “You know what----fuck you Gino. With a limp dick okay.” Whitney said giving him the finger before she disappeared into the back. I could tell that he wanted to retaliate by the look on his face but once our eyes locked I looked away. Princess was staring at him with lust in her eyes but I just shook my head and proceeded to sit down. So he's the infamous “Gino” I thought to myself. There are millions of stories going around the hood about all of the grimy things he and his crew have done. I'm not sure which part is true and which part is lies but from the way he's acting now I can tell that all of the so called stories, myths, and rumors are one hundred percent true.

  “Don't even listen to anything that he says. Punk ass Gino.” I turned to see Whitney accompanied by some mystery person who I'm guessing was Ryan.

  “Whitney why don't you just shut up sometimes? I'm sick and tired of hearing your irritating ass voice. But I'm only going to say this once---if you keep disrespecting me in my own house imma bust you in your damn mouth. I bet you won't talk shit no more.”

  “Nigga please.” She declared with the roll of her eyes. “Anyways. I'll be right back you guys. I got some business to take care of.” We all knew what she meant but I don't understand why we had to wait down here while she went upstairs to get some dick. Hell, I don’t even know why she brought us with her.

  “I want him.” Princess whispered to me. I scrunched up my face before responding. “He aight.”

  “Aight? Bitch are you blind? He is all that and a bag of chips." She said biting her bottom lip.

  “Like I said, he’s aight." I lied right through my teeth. I politely asked Gino where the restroom was but he gave me so much attitude that I had to bite my tongue just so I wouldn't say something that got me held at gun point again. Rude ass nigga. I wasn't too surprised when I came back to see Princess basically all over him. She was damn near sitting on his lap. I slightly huffed and took my same position on the couch. He whispered something in her ear that had her giggling every two seconds. He better be a damn comedian. I could see her place her hands in his pants from the corner of my eye. After attempting to ignore them by pretending to go through my phone eventually they hopped up hand in hand. “We'll uh…be right back.” Princess stated and as they were walking upstairs I caught a glimpse of him cupping her ass with every step they took. He briefly turned around and winked at me while a smirk tugged at his lips.

  From that moment on I knew that it was I that he really wanted and I was always jealous of the fact that she got him first. They didn't really end up together after that night. Somewhere along the way things happened and their relationship grew. They dated for about 3 years and the next thing I knew I was the maid of honor at the wedding and fucking him behind her back. It's not my fault that he'd rather have lobster instead of steak.

  Chapter 1 (Kiara)

  My head was pounding with every moment that passed. I'd been crying ever since G stormed out of my house after I dropped the bomb on him. If you don't already know what’s going on, don't worry I'll inform you. I got all dressed up and spayed my whole body down with Gino's favorite perfume, cooked his favorite meal, and awaited his arrival. I was so excited that I could barely contain myself. “Maybe now he can leave Princess like he promised and start a family with me.” I thought. But I was so wrong. When he arrived at my house he already had a funky attitude and I could tell that he wasn't really in the mood for anything. He wanted to be alone. I never expected him to react the way that he did though; and the look in his eyes was a look that will never be forgotten.

  “I’m pregnant.” I muttered while he was sitting on the couch starring at a Miami Heat VS Pacers football game on the television.

  “So. The fuck you telling me for?” He acquired in a harsh tone with his eye brows raised.

  “Excuse me?” I was confused as to why he was taking that tone with me.

  “What? You stupid or you just slow? I said why the fuck are you telling me?” He repeated never removing his eyes from the TV.

  “I just----I thought that you'd be happy.” I said with my head down while I played with my fingers.

  “Happy?” There goes that harsh tone again.

  “Yes. Happy. Happy that you and I are having a baby together. Happy that we can start our own family.”

  “You and I aren't having shit. That's not even my damn baby.” I couldn't believe those words were even rolling off his tongue. The same tongue that was swimming in my pussy last night before he went home to Princess. Anyways, the next thing I knew we got into a big argument resulting in him not only hitting and bruising my eye but he also stormed out and left me all alone. I stood at the window watching the same spot he drove away from only hours before. I was hoping that he’d come back and tell me that it was all a joke and that he didn't mean anything that he'd said before. The only word that crosses my mind is the word abortion. Can you believe that this nigga wanted me to get an abortion?

  That means that he lied to me about everything. He lied about wanting to have kids with me, starting a family, and especially leaving Princess. I can't believe I was so stupid. I can't believe that I put some nigga above my best friend in the first place. Now I'm stuck in a situation that I don't know how to get out of. Pregnant by a man who not only disclaims my baby and wants me to get an abortion; but a man who’s a cold blooded killer, drug dealer, and a married man. I was trying to get some sort of sleep and also trying to forget about all of the events that had recently taken place when I felt the presence of someone else in my bedroom. I sat up quickly. Before I could even speak I felt something hit me in my already bruised and sore face. It was a wad of cash.

  “Get rid of that shit” was all he said and as he walked out the door I regretted ever meeting and falling in love with a monster.

  “He doesn't deserve me---. I don't need him” was all that I kept repeating. A lone tear cascaded down my cheek as I threw the money against the wall.



  Standing in the doorway is the woman that I despise with all of my heart. I hate the sight of her, the smell, the way she laughs, talks, and walks. Everything about that bitch irks the fuck out of me. Being around her is something that I rarely do. I always try to stop by when I know she’ll be gone but today she just had to come home early. A moment ago, over my shoulder, I heard the faint sounds of her dragging her feet up and down the hall. At this moment I can now feel her in my presence; standing in the doorway. She cleared her throat as if I’m supposed to turn around and acknowledge the fact that she’s here. If she thought that shit, then she's really as crazy as I thought. She cleared her throat again.

  “I need about five hundred dollars Gino.” She stated but I ignored her by continuing to play with my niece.

  “Didn’t you hear what I just said?” I could hear the irritation in her voice however I’m the one who should be irritated.

  “Does it look like I care about what you said or not?”

  “What did you just say?” She acquired as she walked closer to me.

  I spun around to face her. “You heard what I said. Bitch I ain't stutter.”

  “Watch how you talk to me young man. I am still your mother!” She yelled.

  “Yeah right.” I slightly chuckled. “I don't have one of those.”

  “You are in my house. So that means you can’t talk to me any way you want to. Nigga I made you. You came out of my pussy.” She said with a chuckle but I didn’t see anything funny about that.

  My intentions were never to come over here and get into an argument with my so called mother but she always pushes me to my limi
t. It was only a matter of time before I snapped. “Man don't even play with me. I ain't come out of that dusty, dirty, loose pussy of yours. I came out of my daddy's dick! I still don't know what he was thinking when he married you either. He must have been drunk, high or both. You laid on your back so many times and spread your legs for so many dudes that it's no telling what in the hell is crawling around in there. All I know is that you better get out of my face. You will never get any money or anything else from me so stop begging. I don't even have respect for you so why would you think that I would do you a favor after all the shit you put me through?”

  “But I apologized and Maria forgave me so why can't you?”

  “Don't fucking bring Maria into this.”

  Maria is my sister. She died in a drive by shooting and I still regret that I never even got a chance to say goodbye to her. This happened over five years ago; I can't help that I miss her so much. We were so close. After all the mental and fucking physical torture our mother put us through we became closer than close. When she left this earth I was devastated. I didn’t let anybody know how I felt though. If I do, then it would probably ruin my reputation. I'm not just this cold blooded, cold hearted nigga that everyone thinks I am.

  “It doesn't work that way mommy dearest! You can't just expect me to forgive you and move on with my life that easy. What you did was foul and you know it! I would never even wish that shit on my worst enemy! YOU MADE ME LIKE THIS! YOU MADE ME THE WAY I AM!”

  She laughed. “Oh please! Calm the fuck down. It's not even that serious. It kept money in my pockets and food on the damn table. Not to mention clothes on you and Maria's back!”

  “But we didn't want to. You forced us to do it!”

  “Boy hush! Just give me the five hundred dollars and we can end this conversation right now. I have places to be, men to fuck, and----.” Her sentence got cut short when I punched her in her mouth. She damn near flew into the wall holding her mouth in the process. “You know what I should do?” I questioned getting in her face while removing my gun. I pointed it directly at her temple. “I should put a couple of holes in your worthless ass. Then maybe you'll feel the pain that we felt and all that we had to fucking endure.”

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