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  Daniela Jackson


  Scarlet Empires Book 2

  A Sci-Fi Fantasy Romance Saga

  Copyright © 2018 by Daniela Jackson

  All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other non-commercial uses permitted by copyright law.

  This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

  Table of Contents

  Chapter 1

  Chapter 2

  Chapter 3

  Chapter 4

  Chapter 5

  Chapter 6

  Chapter 7

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  Chapter 9

  Chapter 10

  Chapter 11

  Chapter 12

  Chapter 13


  Chapter 1


  Nausea courses through my stomach as my heartbeat speeds up. My surroundings shimmer and blur, as though I’m in the desert. My father had once taken me there before Maya was born.

  I feel like I’m drifting on a sea wave. On a cloud. A hand strokes my cheek, and I blink a few times. My vision clears, and I see his eyes—his irises are violet-blue, glittery. The Fiolika cacti flowers have such a unique colour. On the first night of wyasna, the flowers of the cacti blossom, and they glisten like the gems my father buys for my mother each time he visits the Scarlet City.

  The haze in my head clears. A scream of fear escapes my mouth. As I jerk my body away, Wuylir grips my arms and immobilises me. His thick black eyebrows form a line. His eyes darken and blaze like a real fire that threatens to consume me.

  “Tania,” he says. There’s a warning in his deep husky voice. “Tania, calm down.”

  He is so massive compared to me. His hand could crush my head.

  “Tania,” he repeats with a hint of softness. “My little goddess.”

  Dread surges through me, and I feel like an animal facing death.

  Giggles bounce off my ears and the whispers follow. The whispers in a strange, sharp language I can’t speak. My eyes travel to the source of the sounds, and I see three women. They look like triplets—their skin is as blue as the sky on Earth, eyes purple, eerie, and very curious. They’re tall and slim. Translucent fabrics of a grey colour envelop their bodies, and I see their large breasts and shaved mounds. My cheeks heat up.

  “Your mother told you about Earth?” Wuylir asks.

  “Yes,” I murmur.

  My eyes sweep over my surroundings. I see stone walls, arched windows, and colourful ornamentation on the ceiling. My eyes roam over the huge mattress I’m lying on. Wuylir is perched on the edge and the women are clinging to his back.

  I take a deep breath and the air irritates my throat. It smells strange. I cough, and Wuylir strokes my cheek with his rough knuckles.

  “Do you want to see Earth?” Wuylir asks.

  I nod. “I do.”

  I guess my curiosity is stronger than my dread.

  Wuylir rises to his feet, shaking off the women, and he tugs me out of the bed. I sway as his arm wraps around me, and he moves me towards one of the windows. It’s ajar. We stand by it and I push it wide open. Then I look out.

  The cold, stinky air whips my nostrils. My eyes sting. A thin stream of watery fluid trickles down from my nostrils, and I sniffle. My mother calls this condition a runny nose. Funny. I’ve never had a runny nose. I wipe my nose with the back of my hand.

  I absorb the view outside with my whole being. I guess my adventurous side is stronger than my cowardly side.

  I see trees; they’re as tall as mountains and so green that their fresh and intense colour blinds me. Everything is so crystalline—stinky but clear—crisp but rich. The enormous ball of brightness in the sky makes my eyes hurt. I blink a few times. My eyes travel to a strange vehicle, or a machine, parked by one of the trees two stories below where I’m standing.

  “The trees are called oaks,” Wuylir says, “and the vehicle is called a motorcycle.” He stands right behind me, pulling me to him so my back rests against his hot naked chest.

  His skin almost burns mine. It’s like being immersed in a hot spring. It’s weakening but in a pleasant way. I feel his massive erection rub against my ass even though he is wearing a pair of strange blue trousers.

  “The motorcycle is mine,” he continues. “You’ll love it when I take you for a ride.”

  “Where are we?” I gasp.

  “On Earth, Tania,” he says as he plants a wet hot kiss on my cheek. “You’ll love it here.”

  “I want to go back home.”



  He tightens the grip around me. “You’ll love it here, sweetheart, I promise.”

  His women surround us again, and one of them strokes the back of my hand with her velvety fingers.

  I growl with fury.

  “You don’t want them?” Wuylir asks, his voice sounding amused. “I thought you’d like them. They’re clones engineered for our entertainment.”

  “No,” I say. “I don’t like women. You should know this since you love digging around in my head.”

  He kisses my cheek. “I don’t want to dig that deep. I want to give you some privacy.” He growls something in the sharp language and the women back up. “Only you and me then. Like your mother and your father.”

  I hear a hint of respect in his voice and that intrigues me. “What do you want from me?”

  “Tania,” he rasps. “My little gem. You’ll be very happy here. Earth is quite modern.”

  “And smells of shit.”

  “You’ll get used to it.”

  “I want to go back home.”

  “You are my wife, sweetheart.” He grunts into my ear like an animal. “You’re gonna stay here but we’ll visit your family from time to time, I promise.” His enormous palm rests against my breast, and he squeezes it. “I can’t wait to bury my dick in your cunt, sweetheart.”

  I wriggle in his arms as a punnica would wriggle in a trap.


  I drop onto the low stone wall that encircles the shed near the winery.

  “Went good, huh?” My eyes shift to Arnau’s. “My mother doesn’t suspect a thing.”

  “You’ll be my wife,” he says.

  His eyes start blazing and my heart flutters. It’s so awkward between us now. We’ve been best friends since forever, but the prospect of our marriage seems to be changing everything.

  “Your tribe won’t listen to me if I’m not one of you,” I say. “If your people don’t join the resistance, we will never get rid of the gods. It’s time to stop this once and for all. To make everyone free. Free to live, free to love, free to choose a way of life. The gods treat foreigners like they are objects. This must end.”

  I realise I’m pacing around Arnau. He grins at me and glides his palm over his shaved head.

  “I’ll take you to my tribe,” he says. “They will let you spe
ak. I doubt they’re going to listen to you though.”

  Heat rushes to my cheeks. “Don’t you want your people to stop living in fear? Don’t you want all Zaria’s people to stop dreading that the hunters will come to claim their freedom, innocence or life?”

  “I want that, Isabella. I just think you and your school-mates are too young and too crazy.”

  “That’s why I need you.” I grip his arm. “You have experience, knowledge, honour. You’ll guide us.”

  There’s thirty of us—insurgents in my school. We gather in the cave buried under the hill near the abbey. Dmistri’s son is our leader. His father is a dick, but Nikolai is a good man. I came up with the idea of asking Arnau’s tribe for support, and he agreed. More than that, he was excited with the prospect of uniting with them.

  Arnau leans towards me as his hand lands on the back of my neck. “I will be your husband.” There’s an eerie seriousness in his voice.

  “That’s the plan, right?”

  He squeezes my neck to the point of pain as the hairs on my back rise.

  “You can divorce me as soon as I achieve my goals,” I say, my voice squeaky like I’m a my’shi.

  We have talked about it so many times. Everything is clear. The baby was his idea—a very brilliant one in my opinion. My mother was so stunned that she couldn’t think rationally.

  “What if I don’t want a divorce?” Arnau asks, his face rigid.

  I sense menace and wildness from him.

  “But we talked about it and you agreed…” My voice falters. “That’s the plan. I need you to marry me and brand me as yours.”

  He pulls my long almond hair together and winds it around his fist. My primal instinct screams to escape from him, but my feet turn into stone. Something violent and unstoppable grows between us like a bad storm that will flood, cleanse and change everything forever.

  Arnau’s lips slam on mine.

  I yelp into his mouth. My body sways. My mind spins out of control. Heat surges through my veins as his arms wrap around me and his lips crush mine.

  I push at his chest and tear my mouth off his. “What the fuck are you doing?”

  He pulls my hair down and my skull seizes with pain.

  “Listen to me, Isabella,” he says.

  I cringe into myself at the tone of his voice.

  “I will marry you,” he continues. “I will take you to my tribe, I will help you and those kids from your school, but you’ll be a wife to me, do you understand? A good and obedient wife.”

  “You mean…?”

  “Yes, I mean you in my bed, underneath me with your legs spread for me.”

  My hand jerks up to slap him across the cheek, but I restrain myself.

  My heart thumps in my ears. “Is this what you want?”



  “This rebellion must be very important to you.”

  “My cunt must be very important to you, Arnau.”

  He rests his forehead against mine and inhales me. “You are everything to me.”

  Chapter 2


  I wiggle out of Wuylir’s embrace and move back. My eyes never leave his. He smirks as my back rests against a black room divider.

  “I don’t want to be your wife,” I say.

  I try to sound menacing, but it comes out in a screech. I’m only eighteen. I can’t end up as a god’s wife.

  Wuylir’s eyes bore into me. “There are nice clothes in the wardrobe. The bathroom is behind the white door. We’re going out to have lunch in an hour. Hurry.”

  I stifle the urge to leap at him and claw his eyes out. I’m not his prisoner. I’m Vahan’s daughter. My father is the strongest man on the Continent. Nobody is allowed to hold me captive. Not even a god.

  I hate them. We, the people of Zaria, are lower beings to them. They came in their spaceships, threatened us with their advanced weapons and made themselves our ultimate authority. My mother taught me to hate them. She told me they had torn her out of her homeland and had thrown her into the desert. She had almost died. My father had saved her.

  Well, my father likes Wuylir, but that doesn’t change the fact that the bastard is one of them. He just proved it. He kidnapped me from my father’s house and disrespected his best friend.

  “You’ve got your clones,” I say. “You can eat lunch with them.” Strange, but the moment I mention them, heat pours out onto my cheeks and my core pulses. “They’ll do a perfect job as your triple wife. I don’t fucking want to be a god’s wife. Ever.”

  I watch his fingers roll into fists. “I do what I can.” There’s a hint of resentment in his voice. A translucent torment sharpens his face for a moment.


  “I love humans both on Zaria and on Earth. I do what I can. The Council, the others…” He grunts like an animal. “Put nice clothes on. Put make-up on. And behave.”

  The bastard can’t stop invading my mind. I feel like I’m naked.

  “Why do you need me?” I hiss. “You’re so powerful that you can have every woman in the universe.”

  “I’m lonely,” he growls.

  “There are millions of women to choose from.”

  “There’s only you.”

  The raw emotion in his voice sends ice to my veins. I feel tiny, intimidated. Scared as fuck. He is crazy.

  One corner of his full lips crooks up, and his eyes flicker. It takes the whole godness off him. Something boyish, mischievous radiates from him. My stomach flutters.

  Wuylir tilts his head then leaps at me. His arms encircle me as his lips slam on mine. I yelp into his mouth. Heat rushes through my veins. My legs wobble. His lips crush mine as his tongue thrusts in.

  He knows how to kiss a woman. His lips mould to mine, tease, enchant. It’s like a dance—more and more ardent. My heart races as his smell invades me like a cloud of intoxication—wind, spices, and danger. I want to taste that alluring danger.

  I open my mouth wider for him and dig my fingers into his arms. My mind spins out of control. My tongue mates with his. It’s wet, hot and wonderful. Yes, kissing is awesome.

  Wuylir tears his mouth off mine and hooks me under my arms with his hands. “Tania.”

  “You… you…”

  “Have that fucking lunch with me.”

  “You don’t have to ask. I’m your prisoner. You can just order me.”

  He pulls me into his arms. “We’ll have lunch and go for a walk and then we can go sit in a pub.”

  “Get rid of the clones.”

  Fuck. What is wrong with me? Am I jealous? That’s absurd.

  Yes, I think I’m jealous. Jealous enough to get rid of the clones myself.

  “Only you and me,” Wuylir says. “No clones.”

  I sigh with relief and then feel embarrassed by myself.

  I hate him, right?

  He should fuck clones, and I should hate him.


  I push her gently away and everything inside me screams to bury her in my arms back again. I want to wind her long curly hair of a dark brown colour around my fist and see her blue eyes burn with need. I want to see her full cherry-coloured lips swollen from my kisses. I want to see her body bruised from my kisses.

  I found her again, and she’s much sweeter than her previous incarnation. Something stabs my heart like a dagger. They took her from me, but I found her again. And I’m well prepared this time.

  She’s gonna stay here on Earth, far from their attention. They’re not very interested in shitholes like this. The Universe 367 is just a pile of trash for them. They send trash like me to supervise it. And that gives me a lot of freedom.

  Of course, there are others with me here, but I put in a lot of effort in order to make them unaware of my forbidden undertakings.

  My eyes sweep over Tania. She’s so human now, so fragile and ethereal, but I love her even more. She got her looks from her father, Vahan, with yellow flickers in her eyes, but I know it’s her.

; I’ve been searching for her for two millennia. I never expected to find her at my best friend’s house.

  A sense of shame surges through me.

  I kidnapped Vahan’s daughter as a caveman would have, but the moment I saw her, I just went mad. It was like an instinct. I pressed my broche and took her to Earth. The ride between two planets put her down for six hours. She’ll get used to it eventually. Not to mention that I’d gone to the nearest shop to buy some stuff for her, and I had ordered the clones.

  I lean in and kiss her forehead. “Hurry.”

  I walk out of the bedroom, go down the spiral staircase and enter the library that’s next to the great hall. The clones are sitting on the brown leather sofa. Right. I have to get rid of them. I should have predicted Tania might be different to Fyslene. Fyslene loved fun with women of all shapes, Tania doesn’t. Fyslene loved having fun with human men even more.

  Tania is only mine. Humans bond like this, and I love it. I need only Tania.

  I walk towards the desk, press the button on the portal unit and send the clones back to the seller. A white mist envelops them and they disappear. I don’t demand a refund. Why would I? I have enough credits to buy three universes.

  I’ve never fucked a clone. It’s kind of creepy to use them in my opinion, but other gods like them. I love Tania for not liking them.

  Hope washes over my heart and my excitement follows—Tania is like me. We’ll be happy together. We just need to get to know each other better.

  I go to have a shower in the bathroom that’s situated in the other tower, and I put a pair of jeans and a t-shirt on. Grabbing my leather cut from the chair that stands by the window in my bedroom, I freeze for a moment. Tania is a human. She may want to sleep in one bed with me. Heat rushes to my dick.

  I fucking am more of a human than the humans. Right. I’ve spent too much time among them.

  Every night I’ll have my wife naked in my bed. We’ll fuck to the point of total exhaustion. We’ll sleep naked, clenched together.


  I loved like a god.

  Now I want to love as a human man would.

  I put my cut on. The logo on the back says ‘The Cold Storms MC’. It’s a small human motorcycle club—a bunch of old gits who are retired private investigators. I help them search for missing people when the police are helpless. They work for free and so do I.

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