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Three Soldier Salute (Curvy Menage Military Romance)

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Three Soldier Salute (Curvy Menage Military Romance)







  Curvy Tiffany Richards is a naughty girl with a chip on her shoulder. Too much to handle, her father sends her away to live with his old military buddy, Conner, hoping he can drill some discipline into her.

  But from the moment she moves in, the chemistry between them sizzles! She is blown away by the muscular, tattooed older man, and he is equally seduced by the younger woman’s flagrant, cock-teasing ways.

  So when she is sent to her room one evening because of her lascivious behavior and leaves her dirty diary behind, her mischievous ways are exposed, leaving Conner no other choice than to punish her.

  What is a military man to do? Break her spirit in the only way he knows how: with the help of his drill sergeant buddies, hard fast and without protection!

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  Conner shifted uncomfortably, his dick pressing hard against his zipper. He took another sip of his beer, trying not to notice the nineteen-year-old vixen that was splayed out in front of him.

  Conner wondered what his friend, Bryce, was thinking sending his daughter to live with him? Just because Conner was a marine, didn’t mean he had any parenting skills. He was just as clueless as Bryce about what made Tiffany tick, but ever since her mother died Bryce hadn’t known what to about her increasingly disruptive and childish behavior. Finally reaching a breaking point, Bryce called up his marine brother and begged for his help.

  Fortunately for Conner, other than the fact that Tiffany paraded around in shorts that showed off her round ass, he wasn’t entirely sure what Bryce was so worried about. She was fairly well behaved, and spent most of her time writing in her journal. And she was up front and honest with him about where she was going and when she’d be home. After a couple of weeks Conner began assuming that Bryce was like most fathers: overly protective and worried that his baby girl was going be knocked up by some young punk, which, truth be told, was pretty much the story of her father and mother. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  Just then, the doorbell rang, bringing Conner’s attention to something other than Tiffany’s ass.

  “I’ll get it,” she chirped, crawling to her knees seductively before standing up; she gave him a little wink before bouncing out of the room.

  Tiffany was playing with fire, and she knew it; she knew she had him wrapped around her little finger.

  What Conner needed to do was give her a strict dress code that spelled out in no uncertain terms that she was to dress properly like a grown up woman. The problem, however, was that Conner was a man, and if she continued to keep up her cock-teasing ways she was going find out sooner rather than later what happens to a slutty girl when she provokes the wrong man.

  “Hey, Connor!” Matthew canted his head and lifted a brow towards Tiffany’s ass as she disappeared into the next room. “Let Bryce know that I’ll straighten her out if you won’t.”

  Eric walked in behind him, jerking his hand as if he was stroking his cock. “She’s nice,” he grinned.

  “She’s also only nineteen, you horny bastards,” Conner scolded.

  “Nineteen’s legal—I’ll straighten her out,” Matthew growled.

  At that moment Tiffany came back into the room with a couple of beers for Matthew and Eric. She let her eyes rake over each of them tantalizingly as she handed them their drinks. They weren’t boys like she was used to…no, these were men: big, muscular, tattooed, sexy beasts.

  She smiled inwardly to herself. She realized her father attempted to discipline her and keep her away from the young boys in the neighborhood by sending her to Conner’s house to live; but little did her father know, that all he succeeded in doing was take her out of the petting zoo and threw her straight into the lions’ den. She had practically forgotten about the scrawny boys she’d once found attractive; their memories were now replaced by the hard-bodied marines that came in and out of Conner’s bachelor pad daily. Tiffany blushed and licked her lips at the naughty fantasy of being picked up and fucked hard, fast and without protection by the older men.

  “Let us talk alone,” Conner waived Tiffany away. “And put some damn clothes on.”

  She threw him an irritated glance as she stalked towards her room. It wasn’t the first time he’d embarrassed her like this—sending her away like some sort of a child. She swung her hips even more than usual, knowing that Conner hated it when his friends ogled her.

  She looked back just as she rounded the corner into the other room and flashed a wicked little smile to Matthew and Eric. As she suspected, they were both staring at her ass, and damn if it didn’t make her wonder what it would be like to fuck guys like that. She closed the door to her bedroom, fell back on her bed, and spread her legs wide.

  “Don’t you wonder what it would be like to fuck my tight little pussy?” Tiffany pouted quietly as she fantasized being fucked by super-ripped, tattooed marines. She traced her fingers down her stomach and under her short cut-off jeans.

  She thought about the naughty videos she’d found in Conner’s closet…and thought about what it would be like to to reenact them with him. It was a mad desire she’d been having ever since she found them. He was downright sexy—tall, with broad, strong shoulders and one hell of a body; there wasn’t a day that passed that he didn’t go for a run and lift weights, and it showed.

  Her panties were soaking wet by the time she slipped her fingers underneath them, slowly tracing her slit before dipping them up to the first knuckle. The feeling of being filled made her nipples tighten into little knots. She slid her other hand up her shirt and tugged and twisted them.

  If it were up to her, it would be Conner doing the work that her hands were now busily performing. But he was her father’s closest friend, and by the way he looked at her, she doubted he saw her as anything but a child. It was like she didn’t even exist in his world—despite the fact that every other guy she came across noticed her.

  Running her fingers over her full breasts she felt her ego deflate. Maybe he was one of those guys who liked stick-thin women who looked like they lived on bread and water. She wasn’t like that, never had been. Honestly, she could hardly understand why anyone would be attracted to a woman that didn’t even have hips to grab on to. She had every curve a guy could want, and more.

  She bucked her hips harder, sinking her slender fingers further into her canal; a little whimper escaped her lips as her body began to shake.

  “Make me cum,” she breathed, “Make me come, Conner!” She was so close, just another second and her body would release…

  “Goddamn it, Tiffany! Get the hell out here right now,” Conner’s voice exploded from the other room just before she was about to cum.

  She pulled her fingers out in a guilty start; whatever she had done, Conner was mad…real mad.

  “Yes, sir?” she said weakly as she stood before him.

  By the look on Conner’s face, she knew well enou
gh that this was one of those times when she needed to truly straighten up her act and show respect.

  Matthew and Eric sat at the other end of the room as Conner lambasted her.

  “What the hell is this?!” he demanded, holding up her red diary; she must have forgotten it in the living room when he sent her to her room.

  Her stomach sank. If he had read her diary, then he knew that she had been out the night before partying and drinking. His eyes were boring holes right through her.

  “I…um.” She looked down at her painted red toenails, unsure of what to say. She promised him last week that she wasn’t going to screw up again.

  “I’m sorry,” she pouted her lower lip in a last ditch effort to pacify his fury. Conner was strict with her, but he’d given in before, and she knew exactly how to play him. She mustered her biggest alligator tears and said, “Really, I’m sorry. I promise it won’t happen again.”

  “Honestly, Tiffany, if your dad had any idea the sort of shit you’ve been pulling… Screw it! I’m calling him! If I was your father I’d want to know if my wayward daughter was out gallivanting and getting drunk at nineteen.”

  “Please don’t tell him,” she begged instantly.

  But he was serious this time. Conner picked up the phone, despite her tears and protests. She tore the telephone from his hand and begged him once more. “Please, Conner.”

  Conner’s eyes smoldered with irritation and his hands shook. She had pushed him too far this time. She lied every chance she got, and goddamn it if he was going to fall for her puppy dog eyes again. What the girl needed was a good old fashion ass whipping like his father used to give him when he stepped out of line as a boy. Without thinking he grabbed her arm and pulled her down over his knee so fast that she let out a scream.

  Slap! Slap! Slap! he pounded her bottom. ‘This is for her own good,’ he thought.

  Tiffany fought back, writhing against him. But he was far too strong for her to break free. Her ass was turning bright red, and her little hands were trying to get in the way of his.

  Matthew and Eric watched with wide eyes, enjoying the view of Tiffany’s bare ass receiving a hard spanking.

  “Should we stop him?” Eric asked, his eyes never leaving Tiffany’s bottom.

  “Nah. That’s just what the brat needs. A good ass-whuppin’.”

  By the time Conner got control over himself, it was too late. Tiffany’s ass was bright red and covered with handprints…his handprints. His dick throbbed hard between his thighs. He hadn’t meant to enjoy punishing her, but he had always liked being in control of his women, and her plump ass bent over his thigh was sexy as hell.

  His dick pulsed harder at the sound of Tiffany whimpering as she pulled at her wrists that were held in his grasp. He had unconsciously gripped them at the small of her back when she tried to use them as a shield. But right now, it looked a whole lot like the way he held onto a woman as he fucked her from behind.

  He was losing control of himself. This girl had been teasing him from the moment he’d taken her in. She’d flaunted her sexy curves, practically begging him to fuck her. She deserved to be punished. And punished in the way that only a marine could deliver.

  Conner reached down and gripped a full handful of her thick ass, pulling her ass cheek wide with his thumb. He could see her little pink pussy slipping out of her tiny little cut-offs, just begging to be pounded.

  ‘What the hell are you doing?’ Conner thought shaking his head, realizing that he had went too far. But just as he was about to release her, Tiffany arched her back and let out a sound that made his cock stand at attention.

  “Please…don’t stop,” she whimpered, as if she could read his mind, trying to draw him back to the dangerous, wild sexcapade that he had initiated.

  He knew what he should do—which was to get the hell out of there. But his cock wanted something entirely different. And from the sounds Tiffany was making, it was clear that she did, too.

  Matthew and Eric, not feeling the same responsibility for the girl, were more than ready to help make the decision for him. So when Matthew marched over, slid his hand between her thighs, and drew the sound of the devil from her, he gave in. Conner drove his thick fingers under the little string of jean and lace between her thighs and pulled down hard.

  Her pussy bucked against the back of his fist and her wetness covered his fingers, reminding him again of her age. She was aching to be fucked—the anticipation alone was almost strong enough to make her cum. He gave a second, more forceful tug, this time drawing his fingers up and slamming them down hard into her tight little pussy, drawing out a moan.

  Matthew bent down, gripped her ass cheeks, and spread them apart, stroking his own cock as he watched Conner finger Tiffany hard. She was just his type: long hair, sexy little pout, and an hourglass figure with a curvy ass that could drive him lustfully mad.

  “Fuck her harder,” Matthew growled. He enjoyed hearing her moan, but what he really wanted was to make her scream.

  Tiffany let out a startled gasp as she felt Conner’s thick fingers plunge deep into her tight little hole. He certainly wasn’t being gentle, and her body reveled in the feeling of being manhandled. She whimpered with each skilled twist of his fingers. From the pleasure she was feeling now, she quickly realized that he knew more about her body than she did.

  Tiffany’s clit rubbed against her jeans as Matthew began massaging her ass cheeks. She was so wet that she could hear the smacking sound of her pussy opening and closing around Conner’s fingers with each knead of Matthew’s hand. The thought of the two of them, working together, was too much. She felt her body shudder and shake, and as Conner picked up the pace she came hard around his fingers, gasping and moaning in ecstasy.

  Matthew gripped her thighs and lifter her to her feet, easily holding her weight in his thick, muscular arms. He was just as tall as Conner, but his eyes burned with a darkness that screamed bad boy. Her body shook with desire as he lowered his lips to hers, diving his tongue into her mouth so far that it felt like he was claiming her as his own.

  She felt a set of hands wrap at her waist, unsnapping her buttons and peeling her shorts and panties off. Turning, she found Eric pressed up against her backside, cock in hand, hard, long and raging.

  Matthew gripped her thighs, pulling her up until her legs were wrapped around his waist, and in one swift move thrust his cock up into her so hard that she felt her lungs collapse.

  “Oh fuck,” she wailed, a bolt of pleasure screaming from within her.

  Matthew’s lips drew up into a smile. “You like it hard, baby? You want me to make you scream?”

  Tiffany looked up at him and nodded. She had never felt anything so powerful; this was the difference between fucking a boy and fucking a real man!

  She squirmed as she felt a wet finger slide up her crack. Eric pressed two fingers hard against her ass. “Relax, baby,” he soothed, rubbing a soft circle and coaxing her body into softening for him. “You’re going to like this.”

  Her eyes met with Connor’s just as Eric’s fingers disappeared within her.

  “Oh,” she winced, her body slowly adjusting to the two of them working both of her holes.

  Conner was leaning on the side of the sofa, his eyes raking up and down her body. He had his cock in his hand and seemed to be enjoying the show—which was about to get more interesting.

  Tiffany held her breath as she felt Eric press his thick cock against her backside. His hands gripped her hips, slowing down Matthew’s rapid rhythm. She could feel every inch of her stretching, making way for his thick cock.

  “Ooo-oh!” she screamed as Eric’s dick plunged through and filled her to her limit.

  The two of them gave her no time to adjust, both of them thrusting hard and fast, Eric pulling her shirt up over her head and Matthew popping her bra off as she shook and shuddered between them.

  She had never felt anything so intense, and these men were relentless. They would come together in rhythm, drilling he
r so hard her tits would bounce, and they would fall out of rhythm until she seemed never to be without a cock deep inside of her.

  “I’m going to cum,” Matthew growled, his hips flexing upwards and pumping her vigorously three more times.

  Eric made a guttural sound as he, too, lost himself, the two of them pulling her hips down so energetically that Tiffany thought she would split in two as her body gave in to pleasure. Her pussy spasmed and shook, drawing up Matthew’s thick cum deep into her womb. Matthew’s lips met hers as he unloaded the last drops from his cock.

  “Goddamn you can work those hips,” he whispered breathlessly, the two men releasing her to the floor between them.

  Weak in the knees, Tiffany turned towards Conner. She’d never felt so exposed in her life, yet somehow the feeling was invigorating. Conner raked his eyes over her full chest and deliciously curvy thighs.

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