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Will You Marry Me?

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Will You Marry Me?




  Andre’ Mwansa


  This eBook is a work of fiction, any resemblance to actual people living, dead or in between is pure coincidence.



  ‘’Your actions always follows your intentions in life….’’ unknown

  ‘’Babe, I’m pregnant’’ Nancy said to Adam her boyfriend when they were eating dinner.

  He almost choked, luckily there was a cup of water nearby. He drunk the water and said: ‘’Huh?’’

  ‘’I’m pregnant’’

  ‘’I didn’t hear that one either’’

  ‘’Not funny Adam, I said I’m pregnant’’ she said.

  ‘’Great, I’m proud of you’’

  ‘’What do you mean, you’re proud of me?’’ she said ‘’it’s not like I got myself pregnant’’

  ‘’Right, I’m proud of you, and whatever that got you pregnant?’’

  ‘’You mean your penis’’

  ‘’What don’t you dare blame it on my willie, it never misbehaves, that’s how my mama raised me’’

  ‘’What are you trying to say, that I sleep around with some other guys?’’

  ‘’I don’t know, you tell me’’

  ‘’I never sleep with other men babe, you the only one, only one’’

  ‘’Then how are you pregnant, why? I thought you were on pills’’

  ‘’C’mon I might have forgotten some time back, I’m only human’’ she said ‘’besides how many times have you worn a condom when having sex with me’’

  ‘’What kind of worn,’’ he asked ‘’worn as in torn or worn as in wear?’’

  ‘’Wear, worn as in wear’’

  ‘’I don’t know,’’ he started counting with his fingers ‘’maybe never?’’

  ‘’That’s the why?’’

  ‘’And the how, how did you get pregnant?’’

  ‘’What’re you six? You really want me to start explaining to you how people get to make babies?’’

  She continued. ‘’let’s get married babe, let’s start our own family’’

  ‘’I don’t think I’m ready for that staff babe’’

  ‘’Yeah, I don’t think you will ever be ready’’ she said ‘’guess it’s time I moved on now, I want you to leave my life, my house and never come back’’

  ‘’Are you firing me?’’

  ‘’If you put it like that’’

  ‘’C’mon babe, it hasn’t come to that,’’ he pleaded ‘’you know I’ve nowhere to go, just wait for me to be a successful author and I promise to pay you back’’

  ‘’Yeah right, good luck with that, for all I know is that the only word that ever exist in your brain is bang, what word can you put on paper. Just leave Adam’’

  ‘’Are you sure about this, are you sure you don’t want me in your life?’’

  ‘’Not anymore’’

  ‘’I’ll make it Nancy, I’m sure I’ll and when I do. Get ready for that in your face word’’

  Nancy walked to the front door opening it. ‘’Good bye Adam’’


  Outside, Adam waves for a taxi. The taxi pulls up in front of him and he hop in. ‘’Get me out of here’’ he said to the driver.

  With a screech the car gets in the motion.

  ‘’Destination sir?’’ the driver asked.

  ‘’I don’t know’’ he said.

  Adam pulled out his phone from his pocket trouser and dialed Chris his old mate line.

  He hesitated before hitting the call button, remembering what had happened on their last encounter.

  ‘’How could you?’’ Chris had said to Adam.

  ‘’I’m so sorry mate, I never knew’’

  ‘’You fucking liar!’’ Chris said ‘’you knew how much I loved her, and you dare sleep with her’’

  ‘’I thought it was her twin sister’’

  ‘’Oh, C’mon!’’ Chris said ‘’not that crap, you and I know that she has no twin or any sister. We’re through man, you screwed up’’

  And that was that.

  He finally got the courage and touched the call button.

  ‘’Hello,’’ a voice said from the other end ‘’who’s this?’’

  ‘’Hey, Chris man it’s me, your old mate, remember?’’




  ‘’Hello,’’ Adam said ‘’hello, Chris? Are you there?’’ No answer ‘’damn I really screwed up’’

  He dialed another line, this time it was his ex-girlfriend called Eve.

  He again hesitated before touching the call button, remembering their last exchange of words.

  ‘’You promised Adam,’’ Eve had said ‘’you promised that you and I will change the bible history’’

  ‘’Seriously Eve, not even a dumb like you, could believe us being the first people, who won’t eat the fruit, so that we can love and live forever. They are just names for Christ sake’’

  ‘’You lied to me’’ she cried.

  ‘’Guess I did’’

  He as well got his courage back and touched the button.

  ‘’Hello,’’ a female voice answered, Adam realized immediately that it wasn’t Eve’s but her best friend Grace.

  ‘’Hello, can I please speak to Eve?’’

  ‘’I’m sorry,’’ the voice said ‘’who’s this?’’

  ‘’Its er…. Adam, remember?’’

  ‘’How could I ever forget, you don’t even have to mention your sir name, which I don’t remember anyway’’

  ‘’Great, can I talk to her now?’’

  ‘’You never heard?’’ she asked.

  ‘’Hear what?’’ he asked back.

  ‘’She died a couple of months after the breakup of you two, she died screaming how much she hated you and how much she wanted to see you dead’’

  Well, guess who ended up dead? Adam thought.

  She continued. ‘’Doctors said she had a mental problem of some sort that might have contributed to the cause of death, but I never believed them anyway’’

  ‘’Do you think she died because of the breakup?’’

  ‘’It’s obvious’’

  Adam’s heart sank as he disconnected the call. Both remorse and guilt killing him for he had not being a better person.

  He sat quiet, thinking how easy it could be to become what you hate. He recalls not having ever seen his mother in his whole 20years of life, and how his father could bully, abuse, insult, and how he had run away from home when he was just seventeen. He remembers the three words his old as in elder mate, sort of his guru had said: never, ever, give-up! Remember that you were a champion even before you were born. Do you know how much effort and power it took, for you to be number one and fertilize that egg when you were just a sperm? He had said.

  ‘’Destination sir?’’ the driver asked again.

  ‘’I still don’t know’’

  ‘’Well, tell you what sir, there will be an extra charge after this’’

  Adam said nothing, and luckily, to his luck anyway, there was a traffic ahead.


  Five minutes later, still in the traffic, Adam decides to call his elder mate guru called Drake.

  He answered by the third ring. ‘’Hello Adam, is that you?’’

  ‘’You have my line?’’ Adam said ‘’I mean hey, how’s it going? I really need your help mate’’

  ‘’What is it?’’ the Drake said.

  ‘’I cannot really say on the phone, can we meet somewhere, like right now if you not busy?’’

I’m never busy for you dear,’’ he said ‘’meet me at Texaco Bar in Northmend’’

  ‘’Meet you there mate’’

  He hang up.


  Adam walked in the bar to find Drake sitting beside the counter with a cup in one hand, chatting with the girl behind the counter. Adam marked her the seller (or whatever crazy looking bar attendants are called).

  ‘’Hi mate’’ Adam said as he sat down beside him ‘’thanks for coming’’

  ‘’Great to see you man’’ Drake said ‘’want a drink?’’

  ‘’A bottle of Castle Lite will do’’

  ‘’How many?’’

  ‘’Just one’’

  ‘’Hey Memo,’’ Drake called to the counter girl ‘’three bottles of Castle Lite for my man here please’’

  Adam smiled not saying a word, he really needed a drink.

  It was only when they had drained two and half bottles, when Drake spoke up. ‘’What is it man?’’

  ‘’Really need your help mate,’’ Adam said ‘’really need your advice’’

  ‘’What is it?’’ Drake asked again.

  ‘’It’s my girlfriend, she’s pregnant’’

  ‘’Congrats man!’’ he hit him on the shoulder, as he looked at his straight face.

  ‘’Now what?’’ Drake asked.

  ‘’She wants me to marry her….’’

  ‘’So? Go ahead’’

  ‘’I don’t think I’m ready for the devotions, cries, running ups and smell of diapers man’’

  Drake looked up at him touching his shoulder. ‘’I understand it just so early in your life for you to be a dad and everything, but there comes a time in life when you need to take responsibility for your actions.

  He continued. ‘’It’s like this, If an alcoholic stops drinking, it does not stop him being an alcoholic. He needs to find out what has made him turn to drink, and then put that right. If it wasn’t alcohol, it would be something else: drugs, gambling, video games… it’s a matter of getting to the root cause of a problem, not just dealing with symptoms.

  “In your case, it seems to me that you haven’t totally given yourself to Nancy and the baby that is to come. There are alternative universes that still sway you whenever they appear. And so your Soul, your higher self, keeps putting these in front of you from time to time - just to give you the chance of either going down those avenues, or putting them aside for once and for all. If you merely shun these opportunities in action, nothing has changed. It just means that you have other emotions which prevent you going down those roads - guilt or fear of discovery for example. If you are to make a change, it must be a change in attitude and intention, not merely action. Once you change your intention, those scenarios will never be presented again - you won’t need them.

  ‘’So you don’t have to be afraid of losing your dreams and career, you won’t lose them, both you and Nancy will just be held back a little bit’’

  ‘’Or is it how you want it?’’ he said ‘’your child to grow up with only one parent? Come on man, you of all people know this better’’

  Adam thought this through. ‘’Thanks for the wisdom words man, you really are a friend’’


  Thirty minutes later, Adam was at Nancy’s house knocking on the door.

  She opened the door. ‘’You again, did you forget your boxer shorts or something?’’

  ‘’It’s not just that’’

  ‘’What else?’’

  ‘’I left you’’

  ‘’Ugh!’’ she banged the door in his face but he managed to put in his foot before it closed.

  She opened it and said through tears. ‘’What do you want Adam, what do you exactly want from me’’

  ‘’You, I want you,’’ Adam said ‘’I want to marry you’’

  She crossed her arms looking at him in the eye. ‘’And want makes you think I would agree to that?’’

  ‘’Because you love me Nancy, and I love you too, you are an angel in the shape of my mom’’

  She wiped away some of her tears. ‘’I thought you said you’ve never seen your mom before’’

  ‘’It was just an expression’’

  She almost smiled. ‘’I’ll forgive you on one condition’’


  ‘’Ask me to marry you right now, with the people passing and everything, in fact ask me in the middle of our street road’’

  Adam pulled her by the arm to the street road, there in the middle with cars hooting, Adam knelt down and said: ‘’Nancy my Angel, will you make me the happiest man in the whole universe’’

  She sighed. ‘’Universe?’’

  ‘’World, happiest man in the world’’

  ‘’Where is the ring?’’ she asked.

  Adam stood up, walked to the small girl with ribbons in her hair watching. He removed one from her hair and knelt down beside Nancy again. ‘’Nancy my angel, will you make me the happiest man in the whole world?’’

  With her watery eyes, Nancy helped him stand up, as she screamed ‘’Yes! Yes! I accept!’’

  But Tough luck, no one clapped. They all stood there, blank faced, watching at them.

  It’s only when they kissed, when most of them, appreciated the scene (mostly kids anyway, for their eyes were wide open).

  THE END…..

  Note from the author:

  God bless you or whatever you believe in, and oh, please care to leave a review if you enjoyed this story.


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