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99 The Assassination of Dark Poetry

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99 The Assassination of Dark Poetry





  to my parents who always showed me support and put up with my ways for so long







  ©1994 - 2010 Anthony William Brooks. All rights reserved.


  No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by any means without the written approval of the author.

  ISBN-13: 978-1456325459

  ISBN-10: 1456325450



  The assassination of dark poetry


  vol. 1



  by: anthony william brooks

  Table of Contents:


  Making love to an angel 10

  The gay orgasms of Jesus Christ 12

  The caresoul carousel 14

  Diary of a leader 16

  The truth of our president (2004) 18

  Revolution of dead poetry 19

  Christ killed Religion 21

  Silly Poets 23

  Knock of Probability 26

  The Carrion and the Vulture 29

  The Motherless Child 31

  Cold Sweats 32

  The Pumpkin Queen 33

  The White Lin of Co-Pain 34

  The Ease of Her Mind 35

  Beating Heart of Darkness 37

  Back From the Dead 38

  Halloween Me 39

  Chainlinks Son 40

  Racist Heaven 41

  Crossing the Picket Line in Heaven 43

  The Light turns to Dark 44

  Ravens Past 46

  The cLOWns last smile 47

  Poets Assassin 49

  Migraines 50

  Bird of Pain 51

  Persistence of death 53

  The ageless War 55

  The Game of Chess 56

  The Last Brick 58

  Anger is my Friend 60

  Skool of Atheist 62

  Small Equals Sin 65

  Revenge of the Soldier 67

  Can’t please the Devil 68

  Back for Good 69

  On the Seventh Day God Created Kryptonite 71

  Good vs. Good 73

  Poetry must Die 74

  The Language of Dark 76

  Dear Africa 77

  Friends That Bled 79

  Life Cheater 80

  The 100th Seed of Destruction 82

  Comment on This 85

  Wait that is Not Me 87

  The 8th Deadly Sin 88

  4 Degrees from Darkness 90

  Back For Good 92

  God Is 94

  Cold Sweats 96

  A New Hope (not star wars) 97

  Cry me a River 99

  Time Travel Through Thoughts 101

  For Mickey 103

  Sleep 105

  Nostradamus’ Apprentice 107

  Beat it My Brother 108

  Baby Jesus’stuffed Animal 110

  Battle of the two Giants (poetry vs. hip hop) 112

  My Childhood Dreams 113

  The Second coming of God 115

  Time Marches On 116

  Cowards 117

  Mankind’s Friendship 119

  Playing Blackjack with the Devil 121

  Father Times Trap 123

  The Ease of Her Mind 125

  Anticipation of the End 127

  Poetry must DIE 128

  Mother Natures Timex 129

  Eyes of Glitter 130

  Light of Rain 131

  The White Horse 132

  Victims Peace 133

  Killers Remorse 135

  Harmony of Peace 136

  Heavens Election Day 138

  The Death of a Mime 141

  The Dead Angel in my mind 143

  The Prism of Almighty returns home 144

  The death of our Maker 146

  ytirucesnI 148

  Faith of a Follower 149

  Status of the Lonely 150

  Just let me be ME 151

  Who in the Hell needs YOU 152

  Golden Tower of Light 153

  Insecurity of the Devil 155

  The Petal of Life’s Rose 156

  Oceans Judgment Day 157

  Victims of Vain 159

  Heavens Times the Weekend Edition 160

  The Dreams That GOD has 161

  Satans Rolex 163

  Dreams of Reality 165

  Rain of Fire 167

  Time no More 168

  Making love to an angel



  I lay asleep in fields of dreams

  Waiting for her to make her scream

  I felt a chill across my spine

  She entered the room of her divine

  My eyes still closed she rubbed my back

  I felt her nails though as a tack

  Compress my pain into her chest

  Releasing my undying stress

  Her feathers draped along my legs

  As she climbed on my lonely bed

  For it was vacant only for her

  As the angel of darkness now my cure

  Her soft lips so tenderly

  Caressed my back in ecstasy

  The feeling she instilled in me

  Was that of pureness and vanity?

  As she sprawled out as a porcelain doll

  I felt the warmth turn into cold

  Her nails grew long and sunk so bold

  Straight to my heart removing my soul

  Her feathers grew black when my life entered her

  Her eyes so true now dark as she tears

  Me limb from limb and devours my pride

  I must die now as the Angel is alive

  She lives off souls so desperately

  Seeking love they turn and wait for greed

  To find the one so sooth their soul

  While removing the passion God only knows

  The love from her was long over due

  Her kiss was pure until she saw my truth

  Devour me please and release my kind

  As the Angel of Death made love to my mind


























  The gay orgasms of Jesus Christ



  I sit in glee and watch him dance

  He floats as though a charmless romance

  The cheap velour caressing his spine

  Reveals a man of the shameful kind


  I lay upon
a board of tack

  My wrists of blood keep smiling back

  As though I’ve felt this love before

  The love I knew of the gay Lenore


  She shave's her beard for me alone

  I call my love for her my own

  I smile with lies behind my robe

  I cry with spies we laugh and pose


  Please say no more when our eyes meet

  We both know this is forbidden and bleak

  But care I not I love another man

  For share I will not he is the son of the grand


  I feel his warmth as his eyes of pain

  Hang down his face from his dying shame

  The book of all says this is disgrace

  You will leave my heart with this heavenly place


  You shame my name and darken my bliss

  I create mankind for mistakes such as this

  But I never would think it started with you

  My son loves another but not a lady anew


  How dare you follow my name and praise

  Your orgasms glisten with evil haze

  You sleep with the devil my shameless act

  You die alone as you relive my tact


  I look in the mirror my son and see

  A tear falling down this old man’s glee

  As he is now shamed from the dying son

  And he is now blamed for the trying glum


  I bury him alone and see his smile

  The love he once knew was all awhile

  A moment in time where I hated him so

  A moment in shrine where I now die alone














  The caresoul carousel



  The music chanting with no sound

  The circles spinning round and round

  Things are blurry from either end

  Your vision lost in upper suspend

  The horses flair with no despair

  They see him coming as they prepare

  To take him to his enchanted land

  To take him away from the evils hand

  The clownish music making fun

  Of real life clues for the end of sun

  As horses spin to help the one

  Escape all hell of grown up pun

  They spin and neigh and free his mind

  Forgetting how the world is mine

  Forgetting how his thoughts are bound

  Releasing prisms of light bended sound

  The barrier they do constantly break

  The circles spin at a faster rate

  The child’s laughter turns to one of hate

  The horses turn to bones of deaths smiling face

  The circle now spinning faster to one

  Becoming a blurred vision of boy vs. none

  It spins so fast you can no longer see him

  He has become a part of the blurry evil den

  From his view he does not see sin

  He sees the horses grow strong with men

  The knights of good bestow his land

  As the carousel takes him to this grand

  The horses grow a pair of wings

  This must be for the flight of kings

  As clouds they part in the land of good

  This boy has met his version of pure

  Our view the circles spinning has stopped

  Nothing left inside the horses have rot

  The boy no longer laughing out loud

  His stare now a gaze with nothing of proud

  He mind has left his core still around

  The carousel took his soul below ground

  The carousel brought this boy to his knees

  But the one that knows is the one that see
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