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Breaking Love (Broken Love #4)

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  Anger flared, hot and ready to burst. I wanted to know how she could be such a cold bitch as if we didn’t share the same feelings over the summer.

  I didn’t care that it had been exactly what I was supposed to do when I returned. Long before it was ever time to return, I decided I wanted to be with her and damn the consequences.

  Apparently, she did not share my feelings.

  I knocked once and after mere seconds of waiting, I began to beat on her door. Finally, the door opened and I held my breath, waiting to see if it would be her.

  My gaze finally locked with hers, and I could see the shock written in her green eyes. She barely had the door open before she was telling me to go away. “You can’t be here.”

  “Too late. I already am and I’m not leaving.” Because I couldn’t not touch her, I gripped her waist tight and lifted her as I stepped inside.

  “My parents are home.”

  “They left five minutes ago.”

  “Buddy is home.” She was grasping at straws, and it couldn’t have been more obvious, much to my amusement. I knew what my nearness did to her. I could practically see her knees weakening. She needed me gone, but it wasn’t happening.

  “Buddy is next door, screwing the neighbor.”

  “Fine. I don’t want to see you, now get out.”

  “Not until you talk to me.”

  “About what?”

  “Why you’re shutting me out?”

  “Please don’t do this.”

  “What? Do what?” I hadn’t realized I had shouted until she jumped.

  “Don’t pretend what we did was more than just a thing. We had fun. It’s over, right?”

  “You’re a cold piece of work, you know that?”

  “Are you mad because I said it first?”

  “Fuck no. I’m crazy mad that you said it at all.” This girl, with little effort, had managed to turn me into some lovesick puppy. My hand left her waist to grip her shirt in my fist. We were turning and her back was suddenly against the door. I needed to touch her in every way so I leaned down letting my breath fan across her neck knowing how much it affected her. “I told you when I took you the first time not to fuck with me. Do you remember?”

  “I do. I could certainly see how you were known for your charm,” she answered sarcastically.

  “I’m not going to give up, Angel.”

  She didn’t answer and was almost catatonic while her eyes shimmered with emotion. I picked her up and carried her upstairs. With little effort, I found her room since the door was left open. Her room was decorated very much like her typical choice of attire. Bold and completely wild. I set her on the bed, but then caught sight of Pepe asleep next to his cage rather than inside it, so I picked him up and placed him inside. When she told me she had a ferret, I couldn’t believe it because who really has pet ferrets? They looked like overgrown rats.

  When I turned back, Willow was sitting up and watching me. “We can’t do this,” she protested, finally finding her voice but my hands were already removing her clothing.

  When she was completely naked, I fingered the charm bracelet I’d given her the night of our first date and the first time I took her. “When we fuck, I only ever want you to wear this.”

  She shivered and I knew it was from the harsh way I said ‘fuck’. The third time I took her, she revealed, rather bashfully, how hearing me use the word to describe sex made her crazy. I had teased her about having weird fetishes and then told her the many ways I planned to fuck her, ensuring I used the word each time. She had been soaked on the verge of coming by the time I took her, just as I knew she would be now. It had even become my new favorite word.

  I trapped her chin and bent my head low to whisper against her neck. “I’m going to fuck your pussy so hard, you won’t be able to breathe.” My hand slid between her thighs and found her sex drenching the sheets below, signaling she was ready.

  I wanted inside her in the worst way, so I quickly slid on protection and positioned myself between her thighs. Her breath caught from the first sharp thrust of my hips, plunging my cock into the very depths of her. I couldn’t get enough. I needed my hands and mouth everywhere so I obliged.

  “Dasher.” She moaned my name, secretly asking for more, and I would give her what she wanted but first I had to know…

  I held my upper body above hers and locked her gaze with mine. “Are you my little angel?”

  “Yes,” she whimpered.

  It was all I needed to hear to drive forward.

  I moved inside her so forcefully that her body lifted from the mattress as I drove her upward. I followed, not willing to let her get away, and when I found my rhythm, hard and unyielding, so did the headboard. I sent a quick prayer hoping her parents wouldn’t return because there would have been no way to conceal the throes of passion.

  “You drive me wild, Dasher Chambers.”

  “I could say the same, Willow Waters. Hold on to me.”

  For once, she obeyed without hesitation, locking her legs tighter around my hips. Her hands grabbed my ass, pushing and pulling and silently asking for me to go deeper, so I did.

  She threw her head back in ecstasy and let out a long cry. Right then and there, I was going to tell her but a small sound from behind us snatched my attention. My head whipped around and I found Lake Monroe, Willow’s best friend, and Keiran’s obsession, frozen in the doorway. She was the ultimate reason I was feeling this way and no longer myself. The look on her face was a mixture of disbelief and hurt at finding her best and only friend willing in the hands of the enemy and loving it.

  The decent and benevolent thing to do would have been to stop, but I wasn’t feeling either of those things. I wanted this girl to share my pain so I kept giving Willow every inch of me and smirked at the bitch who was responsible for my ruin.

  Her eyes grew even larger and then she stepped back, closing the door behind her. Willow was mine. I knew it and now her friend did, too.

  Willow had gone completely still and then trembled the way she did when she came, and with a few more thrusts, I followed her over, coming inside her and sealing my fate forever.

  She had me completely gone.

  Head over heels.


  It was on the tip of my tongue to tell her the true extent of my feelings as well as the truth about it all, but I couldn’t. I had to know first that she even felt something for me at all other than lust.

  Keiran had sent me on a mission to make a girl fall in love and sacrifice her heart, but it seemed the only one who had been sacrificed was me.

  * * *


  “Do you think they’re done?” Willow asked after sitting in the car for fifteen minutes. I had been tempted to just drive away and take her to my bed, but I stuck around. I occupied the time remembering my downfall and plotting how I could make Willow completely mine once and for all.

  I knew the desire to be with me was there, but she wasn’t giving in, and once again, I wondered what was holding her back. It had to be something to do with where she’d ran off to four years ago.

  Jealousy ran free at the thought of another guy.

  Just as I was ready to question her and demand the truth, my phone rang. It was Keenan.

  “Hey, man. We’re on our way with Kennedy. Sorry I’m late. She couldn’t fall asleep at her usual nap time and then fell asleep at the last minute.”

  “Don’t bother. I’m outside. I came to check it out when you guys hadn’t shown up.”

  “Sweet. How long have you been waiting?”

  “Oh, about fifteen minutes or so.” An awkward silence filled the line so I decided to fuck with him. “Just bring the baby outside, Daddy.”

  I held my stomach and fell out laughing when the line disconnected. Angel watched me from her seat as if I were crazy.

  “Now why would you let him know we saw them?”

  “Because I witnessed what no brother should ever have to see. Payback’s a bitch.” She
smiled and shook her head but said nothing.

  Not long after, her smile had faded away and she stared out the window, appearing lost and even frightful. Something was up with her and pissed me off that she wouldn’t confide in me, but I knew anger and making demands wouldn’t get her to respond in any other way than anger.

  I reached over and undid her seatbelt and then lifted and brought her over the console and straight into my lap. Instead of fighting, she clung to me and buried her head in my chest. “What’s wrong, baby?”

  “I’m drowning,” she whispered.

  “Who’s hurting you?’

  “Everyone. It’s everywhere. No matter how fast I swim or how far I go, the water is always there.”

  “It sounds like you just need to head in the right direction. Your life is there waiting for you to take it and so is your salvation.”

  “It’s too dangerous.”

  “It too dangerous not to.”

  She started to protest but I took her lips with mine. She fell into it immediately, seeking comfort in the distraction. I’m not sure how long we kissed, but it seemed to go on forever until we heard…



  “UNCLE AND WILLOW sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G.” We both snatched away at the sound of Kennedy singing. Dash lifted me over the console and I settled into my seat. He stepped out to take Kennedy and help her in the car seat he already had situated in the back.

  “Did you hear that?” Keenan yelled. “Kennedy just spelled her first word!”

  “Are you sure she spelled it or garbled sounds that sounded like it—Keenan, where are you going?”

  “We need the encyclopedia,” he called back. “Who knows what else she may know?’

  “But she’s only three and she barely pronounced the words in the song.”

  “Laugh now, but Kennedy will be a rocket scientist by the time she’s ten if I have a say in it.”

  He disappeared inside the house and Sheldon looked at us exasperated. “Sometimes I wonder how I had a child with him,” she mumbled as she shook her head and followed him inside.

  I turned in my seat and found Kennedy watching me. “Hi, Kennedy.”

  “Hi,” she breathed in that angelic voice of hers. “Uncle and Willow kiss again?”

  “Yes,” Dash answered as he got in and started the car. “But you won’t be around to sing about it.”

  I couldn’t believe when the little thing actually protested. She and Dash had a natural dialogue going built from a bond that I regrettably had not been here to gain with her. They had all pulled together to help Sheldon overcome the strain of single motherhood and I had not been here. For that¸ I believed I had betrayed Sheldon.

  When we got back, Kennedy tore through the apartment. She managed to turn it upside down in less than an hour. It all started with the mac and cheese incident.

  She had decided to play a game of hide and seek with it and dumped her dinner under the couch cushions.

  I considered it an isolated incident but had no idea what was coming.

  * * *

  By the end of the night, Dash undressed us both and carried me to his bed where he put his arms around me and made me forgot all about my sorrows. His cock had been hard and I had been more than willing, but soon after we lay down, we had drifted to sleep. Kennedy had worn us both out. When morning came, however, I found myself being woken up with soft kisses and caressing hands.

  “Turn over,” he demanded, his voice soft. I obliged and flipped onto my stomach. He chuckled and slapped my ass once. “Not what I meant.” He pulled me on top of him and I look down at him with confusion. “Ride me.”

  “Why are you whispering?” I would never admit it to him, but I always appreciated the gruff way he commanded me to please him.

  “Because my niece is always a light sleeper at the wrong time.”

  I looked at the door nervously and found it locked, but I still hesitated. “Do you think we should? She’s in the next room.”

  His only response was to lick my naked hips enough to slip inside me slowly. I gasped at the feeling of being filled. “Then I guess it means you can’t scream.”

  His red-brown eyes challenged me and like the wanton I was, accepted. Bracing my hands against his chest, I held his eyes as I lifted my hips. I took him by surprise when I slammed back down. The pleasure in his eyes was unmistakable, but he tightened his grip on my hips to keep me from repeating the move.


  He guided me this time and we rocked together. Keeping quiet made the act feel forbidden and before long, I lost control again. I rode him hard and fast to a pleasure that took Dash a few moments to snap out of. He flipped me over on my back, taking over and punishing me with slow, deep strokes.

  I quickly realized the benefits of making love to fucking. We were able to look into each other’s eyes and see more than just lust and the need to release. We were able to communicate. To say what we weren’t brave enough to say out loud.

  “I missed you,” he whispered against my lips. He continued to move inside me slowly. The pace allowed me to feel every inch of him.

  “Me too,” I found myself admitting. Maybe it was because for once there were no threats or accusations between us. Later, I might regret it but at this moment, I could only admit what beat in my heart. To avoid making any more mistakes, I took his lips and lost myself with him until we both came.

  Quietly, of course.

  No sooner had we caught our breath than a soft knock interrupted the silence we rested in with content. “Uncle Dash, I made a mistake.”

  His body stiffened a second before he sprang into action. He snatched his black basketball shorts from the floor and hastily stepped inside them, hopping from one foot to the other.

  I didn’t understand what the big deal was. Kids went in the bed all the time. He tossed me his shirt from last night and I slipped it on. Once I was decent, he snatched open the door and picked up a scared Ken. “Where is it, huh?”


  He then carried her to the bed and placed her beside me. She curled into my lap and watched her uncle leave with wide eyes. “I in trouble,” she told me and shook her head.

  When I heard him curse and what sounded like water running, I got curious. I pecked Kennedy on top of the head and followed the string of curses into the spare bedroom. The room was smaller and held a smaller bathroom inside. I saw him inside fiddling with the toilet and walked in without paying particular attention to the floor. Water quickly rushed around my feet. “What the—”

  The entire bathroom was flooded. Some of the water now traveled from the bathroom and into the carpeting in the bedroom.

  “What happened?”

  “Ken happened.” I moved closer to see what made the toilet overrun and was surprised to see the bottom end of a Barbie sticking out of the mouth inside the toilet. He stuck his hand inside the toilet and pulled the doll loose, but the water kept coming.

  “I think you need a plumber,” I offered lamely. He shot me an impatient look and pushed past me.

  “Stay with Ken. I forgot to put the gates up.” He disappeared inside his office, and I stood in the hallway long enough to hear him speaking on the phone, ordering a plumber.

  I found Kennedy lying on her stomach looking content with the world around her. She was holding the TV remote and had turned the TV to Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles.

  Her attention shifted when I entered the bedroom, and she assaulted me with her bright smile. “Willow, I made a swimming pool for Barbie.”

  “So you did.”

  It took half the Saturday to fix and clean the destruction Kennedy had caused. I dubbed it the Great Flood of Ken.

  Dash did not share my amusement.

  Sunday came but uncle and niece-bonding time had quickly turned into Dash preparing for the meeting that was taking him out of town tomorrow. Eventually, he left the apartment altogether, leaving Kennedy and me alone.

sp; It didn’t take long for me to fall head over heels in love with the little tyrant. She had a devious mind and I constantly found myself suspicious of her whenever she would flash that signature grin but by Sunday night when it was time to return her to her parents, I found someone new to love.

  And protect.

  * * *

  Monday came and Dash announced he was scheduled to fly out later that evening. He also announced he would be taking me with him and that the trip would carry out over the rest of the week.

  By lunch, I was in full panic mode.

  I couldn’t leave.

  I had yet to figure out a way to get Keiran here a week early.

  When I suggested that Celesha accompany him since she was more experienced, he pointed out that since she was dealing with a difficult pregnancy, she could not fly. Since I had caught on quick under her tutelage, she was expected to enter maternity leave much earlier than planned.


  I looked up from the computer screen to see Dash towering over the desk, looking powerful with his tall frame. The muscles in his arms, chest, and legs complimented his suit perfectly.


  “You looked ready to cry. Is something wrong?”

  “No not all. How can I help you, Mr. Chambers?”

  He groaned and planted his hands on the desk, leaning over and completely invading my space. “I love when you call me Mr. Chambers. It makes me want to bend you over this desk and make you scream it.”

  I don’t know what I was thinking, but I heard myself say, “So, why don’t you?”

  His grin was predatory as he pulled me up from my seat. I quickly came to my senses and reminded him that Celesha was due back from lunch any minute. “She can watch,” he growled.

  The next moment, my dress was around my waist, my panties were lowered, and he moved inside me slowly. His strokes were only hard enough to tease, but for some reason, my release was a thousand times more intense.

  “So how many times have you tried that?” I asked when my clothes were back in place.

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