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  Stacey Thompson

  Stevie Trinity

  Copyright 2016 @ Stacey Thompson, Stevie Trinity. No part of this work can be copied in any way without the authors consent.

  Published by Fire Spirit Publishing



  She watched the glass shatter around her, but it felt good to get the release of all the emotions that had build up since he died. Lexa glanced at the man, Eryx, watching her. He wasn’t moving, but he was watching her as though she was an amazing creature created just for him. Lexa felt like finally there was someone that didn’t see her as weak or lost. He saw her for what she was.

  “She’s perfect for you, Eryx.” The man sitting in the desk in front of her said without taking his gaze from her. She wasn’t sure who he was, but she understood he was important.

  “She’s a time mover, but she has more than that lurking inside. She has all that anger and darkness.”

  “What am I doing here?” She asked, watching for a response.

  “You, my dear are the one we’ve been looking for.” He stood and put his hand out to her. “I’m Kingsly, the one who runs this place. This is Eryx. He’s special like you.”

  “I’m not special. I’m like everyone else here. My family died and I’m just here, waiting.” Lexa watched for Kingsly’s reaction.

  “We’ve been looking for you for a long time. We are going to save the world and we want you to be a part of it.” He smiled as he spoke. “There’s got to be something you want.”

  “Nothing you can give me,” she snapped.

  “Are you sure?” Eryx finally spoke. “I have friends that are very powerful.”

  “There is only one thing I want and he’s not coming back.” Lexa turned her back to them and walked towards the windows on the far side of the room.

  “I know people that can get him back for you, but it comes at a cost,” Eryx said walking up behind her.

  “What kind of cost?” She didn’t look at him as he spoke.

  “The kind that is binding for life,” Eryx put his hand on her shoulder.”You can have your son back and you will be pledged to us.” He turned her around to face him. “We’re going to save the world, but first you have to show your loyalty.”


  She watched out the window of her little room. She had a perfect view of the camp outside the walls. She watched as the people walked back and forth trying to stay alive or figure out what was going to happen next. She was in the same position not twenty four hours ago. Lexa knew in her heart she was doing everything wrong, but she also knew she didn’t have a choice. She could say no and turn on them, but what did that mean for her and the possibility she could have her son again. That was all she wanted.

  “There is only one way to prove yourself.”Eryx laid a manila envelope on the table behind her. “You have to kill this person.” He said it simply like they were just going to do something simple, not take a life.

  “What did they do?” Lexa asked looking at the envelope.

  “That’s not your concern,” he said watching her.

  “It is if you want me to do this.” Lexa met his gaze.

  “She is an enemy. Her alliance with the Fae world could take everything we are working for. It’s your job to take that out of the equation,” Eryx said, picking up the envelope and handing it to her.

  Lexa took it and looked it. This manila envelope in her hands was so light, but it meant so much just to snuff out a life. She slid her finger under the tab and opened the envelope. Lexa pulled the photo from it and glanced at it. The phot was old looking, but since the war, they’d gone back to the older photo options. The woman was young, maybe in her late 20’s. She had reddish blonde hair and deep brown eyes. She looked as though she’d been through a lot and was now just starting to see the scope of what was happening in the world she was now living in.

  “So, this is the woman I have to kill,” she said quietly. Running her finger over the photo.

  “Yes, and then we can move on to the next step,” Eryx said watching her. “The next part will be far easier.” He smiled and ran his hand through her hair. She tried not to pull away, but it wasn’t something she enjoyed.

  Just think about Grant, she thought to herself.

  “When do I start?” Lexa said without looking at him.

  “Now,” he said pulling some potions from his pockets. “You know your potions, right?” She nodded. “Good. These are travel potions. You use them to get where you need to go.”

  “How do they work?” Lexa had seen these potions and created some of her own in the past, but she had never done something this complicated.

  “You think about a place or a person. As long as it’s not protected, you will be transported there. We use them a lot. It helps to keep us moving.” Eryx cocked his head to one side.

  She felt like he was trying to read her expressions. Lexa smiled and took the bottles. She was tired of waiting for someone to tell her what to do. She wanted to take control over her life. This was the first step in that for her.

  She met Eryx’s eyes and thought of the woman in the picture. She broke the bottle against her chest and closed her eyes. She felt the ground melt away and then her feet were on grass again. She opened her eyes to trees all around her. She took a breath of clean air and glanced around her. There was no one there she could see, but she could feel someone close by. Someone powerful.

  She moved closer to the feeling until she could see a few people in a small clearing. She saw a young girl, with red hair braided down her back. She was humming something as she picked flowers. Lexa also saw another woman who was older with short grey hair. She was picking up kindling for the fire in front of the home made hut. She looked as though she was peaceful and happy with everything. Lexa was about to take all that away with one choice.

  Think about Grant. You want him back.

  She watched until the woman she was to kill came from the hut. The red haired woman glanced at the girl and then she met Lexa’s gaze. She sighed and rushed the girl into the hut along with the older woman.

  Lexa didn’t move as she made her way towards her. Lexa waited until the woman was in front of her.

  “You’re here to kill me,” she said watching Lexa.

  Lexa swallowed hard and then nodded.

  “I knew it would be you, Lexa. You want something that they will never be able to give you. Grant is not coming back.” The woman said.

  “He is. They will bring him back, they can,” Lexa insisted.

  “Lexa, you are more important to the world than you think. Grant isn’t your only concern.” She sighed. “They will lie to you to get what they want. You are more powerful than you realize.”

  “How do you know me?” Lexa said with more force.

  She smiled. “I can see the future, and I can see your part in it just as I can see what will happen after this point.” Lexa watched her. “I will die today and you will make a choice. That same choice will bring you to another who will save you from it.”

  “I don’t understand,” Lexa said.

  “You will. Now it’s time for me to die. I only ask one thing.”

  “What?” Lexa said.

  “Don’t lose yourself completely to them. Keep your eyes open to who you are. Travel the dark path and come to the light one when you are ready.” The woman said.

  “What’s your name?” Lexa wanted to know the name of the woman she was making this kind of promise to.

  “Abby and that girl in there is Bree.” She hesitated. “You aren’t going to kill her too, are you?”


  “Then let's get on with this,” Abby closed her eyes.

a dropped her gaze to the ground. She didn’t want to do this, but she didn’t have a choice. If she was going to see Grant again, she would have to. She had to take her life and hope she was wrong. Lexa bit her lip and closed her eyes. She opened them and saw Abby laying on the ground, blood running from a wound in her neck. Lexa looked at her hand holding a large dagger. She didn’t even know she’d done it, but it was over. Lexa glanced back to the hut Abby had come from. She only thought of the girl with the long red hair. She was without a mother and it was Lexa’s fault.

  “I’m sorry,” she whispered before breaking the bottle at her feet and thinking of London.


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