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PARANORMAL ROMANCE: Pregnant by the Dragon Shifter (Shapeshifter Protector Pregnancy BBW Romance)

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  A few stray pieces of burning boat still sparkled on top of the water.

  David made another sweep of the scene, easily, deftly, he landed onto the Island. She turned and watched his body transform, change. The thought of the gun, of the man who shot at David, made her move. He could be hurt. He could be bleeding. She’d heard at least four shots.

  She drove the boat forward, her hands and body trembling. She barely noticed when she’d pull in, too fast, and clambered onto the small dock. She ran to where she’d seen David touch down. The light was going and he appeared more as a shadow then as a person. A glint of red tee shirt sparked on the green ground.

  Iona ran to him, throwing her body down close to his own. He was lying still.

  “David?” His skin was fiery hot, but she did not see blood, did not see bullet wounds. “David,” She yelled his name and his eyelids flickered open.

  He smiled.

  “Iona,” He breathed out.

  “Are you ok? What do you need?” She placed his head in her lap.

  “I’m just fine,” David looked up at her with a peaceful smile. “We’re all just fine.” She looked down to see his hand over her belly.

  “Yes,” Iona smiled. “We’re all just fine.”

  He rolled over and lifted his torso up and Iona watched, ready to help should he need it.

  “It takes energy from me, that’s all, I’ll be fine with some food, sleep.”

  She reached forward and helped him to his feet. The two limped slowly forward toward the castle.

  “I didn’t know you could do that,” Iona said, looking over David’s body, wondering what other things it might be capable of.

  “It’s why your father hired me,” David laughed.

  “You mean my father knew?”

  “I believe he went looking specifically—“ David leaned on Iona and she felt herself grow stronger under him. “Now you know how right he was to hire me.”

  “My father is a very smart man—and a good judge of character.” She looked up at his profile, perfect in the setting sun.

  “I probably shouldn’t let you out of my sight…maybe…ever.” He turned his gaze and looked into her eyes. Iona smiled.

  She nodded, “I think that would be wise.”

  The doors to the castle opened and Lettie came out, her apron covered in cooking remnants.

  “What took you two so long? I’ve had dinner ready for over an hour.” She smiled at them both and wiped her dirty hands on her dirty apron. “Will Mr. Kilgore be staying for dinner then?” She winked at Iona and Iona tried not to blush.

  “Mr. Kilgore,” David responded in the third person, “will be staying for a very long time indeed.”

  “I’ll have to start buying more food, the way you two eat…” Lettie made a knowing sound and walked them through the doors.

  “What’s for dinner?” Iona smelled a heavenly aroma roll over her.

  “I thought you might be spoiled with all sorts of cosmopolitan food out there,” She pointed vaguely back into the world. “So, I’ve been learning some Japanese food. I made sushi,” Lettie looked at Iona’s face for a reaction. Iona nodded carefully, she’d never had sushi before. Lettie walked with a smile back to the kitchen as she said, “We’re having dragon rolls.”

  Iona and David stopped walking. They both looked at the other. Then they burst into a peel of laughter.

  They heard Lettie grumble from the doorway, “…Don’t know what’s so funny about that.”



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