The Innocent Adventures

The Innocent Adventuress

Mary Hastings Bradley

Romance / Historical / Historical Fiction

"Maria Angelina Santonini, youngest daughter of an Italian count, is sent to America with the avowed purpose of securing a rich husband. Maria is extremely beautiful, as all heroines should be...[S]oon after arriving upon these fair shores [she] meets a handsome young journalist. The gay life of New York is a surprise to Maria, who has been brought up in that old-fashioned Italian way and has never talked to a young man alone. This gives the author opportunity to have a lot of fun at the poor little heroine's expense...Mrs. Bradley commands a sprightly albeit thin style and makes the best of the rather meager plot...[A]n obvious little sugar-plum of a book, it is to be read for enjoyment only." New York Times, 20 Feb 1921. Publisher's note: This work has been previously published and carefully edited by humans to be read digitally on your eReader. Please enjoy this historical and classic work. All of our titles are only 99 cents and are formatted to work with the Nook. Also, if it is an illustrated work, you will be able to see all of the original images. This makes them the best quality classic works available for the lowest price. So enjoy this classic work as if it were the original book!
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