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Scarlet Tie Episode 1 Book 1
The Scarlet Tie – Episode One “Brother In Need”

  By Michael Edwards

  Copyright 2015 M.L. Edwards

  All Rights Reserved


  Cleveland, a city going through renovations. The casino bringing plenty of business, revenues that were put to use tearing down old, ugly buildings. Replacing them with more modern influence. Wealthy influence. Cleveland had once been paradise for the rich. Until the recessions, and change of polices had them move elsewhere. Cleveland became a haven for crime, drugs, disease, and corruption.

  It stayed like this for almost four decades, if not a tad longer. That was changing. The police were being better paid slowly and surely. The politicians made plans to move out the undesirables, add a new shine to the city to make it inviting for the wealthy elite again.

  So some civil rights abuses could be overlooked. Jael Stern being beaten by three police officers. Because he carried cigarettes on him. Because he was in his neighborhood no longer. The neighborhood belonged to the puppet-masters pulling the strings. Passing money around like morals didn't matter. Jael was already unconscious. Soon he would be dead if they kept hitting him like they were.


  By a force unknown, two of the officers felt their ankles yanked as they fell hard onto their backs. Knocking the wind out of them. The third cop stopped in mid-kick, gobsmacked by the action until he felt something hard strike his stomach. Knocking the air out of him. He collapsed to both knees. The teen disappeared, his blood being the only sign that he had been there.



  The Closet, hang out for LGBT youth to hang out and enjoy others like them. The owner Terrel Gibbs, a wealthy businessman, knew what it had been like growing up different. Not being attracted to girls, not interested in sports as much as other boys of his age group. He felt with Cleveland's rebirth. There needed to be a safe haven for LGBT youth to meet others their age. It also allowed Terrel to do something else.

  Walking through the secret entrance to his lair, the Scarlet Tie came in with Jael in his arms. Bleeding and needing medical attention. The Scarlet Tie had a complete inventory of medical equipment on hand. He was doctor himself, always helping wealthy clients last longer to make more and more of their wealth and spending lavishly. He set Jael on the table, going to work on treating Jael's broken bones and cuts. Several minutes stretched by until The Scarlet Tie was sure that Jael was safe from danger. He removed the bright red tie from around his neck, and took off the Oni mask he wore. Revealing a clean-shaved, bald head, and the face that would definitely attract the attention of the opposite sex. He took off the rest of his suit and changed into the attire he laid out before leaving. A white T-Shirt, slacks and loafers. The T-Shirt had the graphics of Dr. Dre in black on it. Terrel walked up the stairs leading to the private entrance that lead into the game room. The club would be opening soon and Terrel had to be there to meet them.


  Girls, boys alike came in to the club. Saturday and Sunday being special with upper middle class and rich families needing somewhere to dump their kids so they don't have to deal with them when they are not in school. Terrel had the drink machines all set-up. The electronic games were on and so were the classics like darts, pool, checker, chess. The building had a basketball court for those that liked to play. The basketball court went 35 feet across and 15 feet wide. There were seats to occupy for those that wanted to watch.

  With Terrel's help, Sidney came in through the employee entrance in the back and dropped her bags on the table of the employee lounge. Terrel came in through the door leading from the game room to the lounge. On the far wall, a television programmed with the feed of the different cameras making sure the teens were behaving.

  “Sidney, I need you to keep watch for a few. I got something I need to take care of.”

  “Fine, I'll watch the little brats. But you owe me, ho.”

  “Ho? You get more action than I do, girl.”

  “Last night I didn't.”

  “Tell me all about it when I get back.”

  “Trust me, I'll give you an earfull.”


  Terrel came back into his secret lair, checking on Jael's injuries. Making sure the boy was comfortable. The boy's pulse appeared strong, his breathing relaxed compared to labored. Terrel set up an IV drip to keep the kid hydrated and stable. Terrel memorized the names of the officers that beat Jael and he got their addresses. Cleveland would not become more corrupt as long as the Scarlet Tie lived.


  Officer Byrom, Jacks, and Lennon sat in a local coffee shop. Each had their cup of coffee in front of them, a couple of donuts on the table in-between.

  Byrom looked at his two friends, sitting his cup of coffee down. “I don't know what happened, I don't want to dwell on it either.”

  “That kid, where did he go?” said Officer Jacks. “I wasn't finished with him.”

  “None of us were, for the time being. We keep an eye out for him.”

  “If somebody helped him, they have to deal with us.”

  “We'll crack as many heads needed boys, this city is getting shook up and we can make a lot of money if we push out the bad influences.”

  Officer Lennon held his coffee cup out. “To making more money.”

  The three officer clinked their cups together, taking a sip.


  Sidney did her best to break up the fight on the basketball court, the two boys in the argument were just too strong and too big for her to hold them apart.

  “That was a foul, you were double dribbling!”

  “No I wasn't!”

  “Yes you were, that point doesn't count!”

  “Bull, you just mad because I'm ahead by two points.”

  “Boys!” Terrel said entering the court, his face hard as he approached the two. “What is the rules about fighting here in the club?”

  “That there is no fighting tolerated here, Mr. Gibbs.”


  “And, if we do fight we could be banished from coming back.”

  “Right, this club is about making friends and building a community bound to help you guys deal with the bullying you face outside these walls.”

  “Sorry, Mr. Gibbs.”

  “Sorry,” said the other boy.

  “Good, now apologize to each other and put it past you.”

  The two youths shook each others hands and apologised. Sidney stood back, still stunned after all these years. Terrel had a gift of dealing with people. Making them get long. Many of his peer group looked up to him because he cared about them and actually listened to their problems. He never smoke or drank. His laid back attitude made him easy to get along with.

  “You have many gifts, Terrel.” Sidney said to him when they were alone. “One of them is getting these kids to want to be here and enjoy each other’s company.”

  “I just do my best, that's what they need. Someone who cares and takes their time with them.”

  “That is just the kind of guidance they need. Someone who cares and wants to spend time with them during their darkest periods.”

  “Lots of parents don't have the time, not with how things are with the economy and the way it is being run. Some parents have to work two or three jobs just to make ends meat.”

  “Superheroes might be fake, Terrel. You are the closest thing they have to one.”

  Terrel blushed, opening the door to the lounge for her.


  Jael slowly opened his eyes. The pain in h
is side and his arm caused him to groan. The aches of his head kept him from sitting up but it was his arm that hurt the most. He felt like he got into a fight with a linebacker. Unable to get up because of the dizziness, he closed his eyes hoping for it to go away.

  When he opened his eyes again, he realized that he must have fallen asleep. He had no idea where he was. His headache had subsided a bit so he took a chance and sat up slowly. He was in a clean and finely furnished room. With a comfy reclining chair in the corner. A desk with with a Mac Pro computer and wheelchair. To his right, a kitchen with many
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