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The Key-Master and Tyke The Teen Of Tomorrow

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The Key-Master and Tyke The Teen Of Tomorrow
The Adventures of Key-Master and Tyke The Teen Of Tomorrow!

  Episode One: “Action is the Reward”

  To Amy, for being the big sis I needed at a crucial time. I will always treasure my time with you, Peggy, and the gang at Rainbow Camp.

  To Tony, for shaking me free of the immaturity I still harbored and being one of the first to believe in me. I hope I am doing you proud.

  ~The Adventures of Key-Master and Tyke The Teen Of Tomorrow are copyrighted by Michael Edwards and cannot be used, resold, or copied without expressed permission from the author. All characters mentioned in this story such as Fletcher the flying sky prince, Doctor Spacewarp, Captain Amazing, and The Phantom Lantern are also copyrighted by Michael Edwards and cannot be used without expressed permission from author.  Their likeness cannot be used in merchandise without their author’s permission. All characters are fictional and not intended to mirror existing persons. Such similarities are coincidence and not intended by the author.~

  “Keep him busy, Tyke!” said Key-Master, running his hands along the nuclear device. His costume, skullcap, gloves and boots were black. He wore a silver medallion with a black key in the center with red outline.

  Tyke fought with the mechanized telescoping henchmen of Dr. Mad Bradshear. Using his gifts of supernatural strength, agility, and speed to keep them off-balance. Tyke laughed at the machines futile attempts to confine him. His black outfit with the white trim and lack of belt.  He wore a white domino mask and white boots. Leaping about like a child on a heavy sugar rush.

  Using his ability to manipulate any form of barrier. Key-Master opened the bomb and saw the timer. He created a smaller barrier in the timing mechanism blocking the electrical flow, causing a short out.  His limited magic power a gift from birth.

  Key-Master turned, seeing Tyke standing on top of the telescoping henchmen, holding Dr. Mad Bradshear by his belt.  An embarrassing sight for the mad scientist. Being defeated by a future boy with a great potential that would unlock one day and lead mankind beyond the stars and heavens.

  “Good job, son. With them defeated, we can safely contact the local authorities and let them know where they pick up Dr. Bradshear.”

  “That was fun boss,  can we go at it again.”

  “Not now, Tyke.”



  Since the days of the Gods Age, many cities and forms of technology were destroyed. When the dust settled, many countries had the difficult task of rebuilding, burying their dead, and moving on. New Detroit was no different. Built from the ashes of Old Detroit, the city bustled with activity not seen before.

  Auto Industry took a huge hit. Ford, Chrysler, GM fell. In the rebuilding of the world’s infrastructure. Foreign car companies took over the world’s needs for automobiles. Clean running, and a different form of working system. The world had to become more globalized. People going to work where the work was. They got a government check that covered their travel and move to where the job was.

  Life started to normalize, people knew those godlike beings were still around. Content to not level the world again. The work, the simple enjoyments gave people a peace of mind despite the dangers.

  The gods were not the only heroes to pop up. The Scarlet Tie in Cleveland. The flying prince of the sky, Fletcher. The soul claimer Phantom Lantern and many others. Key-Master claimed New Detroit his home. Using his intelligence instead of his fists to solve problems. His ward, Tyke provided the violence necessary for Key-Master to use his keen mind.

  The Keyhole, a nexus dimension that leads to any keyhole in the world. Allowing Key-Master to appear anywhere. The nexus dimension had immense space for his lab, living quarters, kitchen, and various trophies.

  Key-Master sat on a sofa, his mask off to reveal his red hair and green eyes.

  “Hey, Kirk, I made us some sandwiches.”

  “Thanks Tyke,” said Kirk taking one of the per-offered plates. “Did you do your homework?”

  Tyke grinned sheepishly.

  “Tyke, it’s important to hone your mind. You know your destiny, you must shape your mind as your body continues to evolve. Else you will never know how to fully wield your great powers.”

  “You don’t want to be like Captain Amazing do you?”

  “Gosh, no. Seeing what he did…”

  “I showed you only one of the surviving vids of his power. No one knows his reasons for being so reckless and I doubt none care.”

  “I’d hate to see you become a monster like him, Tyke.”

  “I’m sorry, Kirk. I will get right on it after I finish my sandwich.”

  “Good, I have to attend the grand opening of the new filtration plant that will hopefully clean our tainted water supply  and expand our drinking sources.”

  “Professor Kirk Job, resident science nerd.” Tyke chuckled forgetting his manners.

  Kirk fixed him with a glare.

  “Sorry, Kirk.”

  “Just do your homework. I’ll be back later.”

  “Yeesh,” said Tyke once Kirk was out of sight.


  “Today marks the day that we clean up the water that was spoiled by the titans that brought the world to its knees. Doctor Kirk Job’s invention will give us greater drinking water for all and our population can grow again with no more restrictions!”

  The cheers from the gathered crowd nearly deafened Kirk. He pulled lightly on the little flap of his lower ear. Wishing he could be in his lab working on his various theories, the spotlight suited the politicians.

  “I turn the podium over to Doctor Job so he can explain how his life saving invention works!”

  Kirk cleared his throat.  “Before the collapse, we knew certain forms of algae had the ability to nullify poisons and toxins. Following that train of thought, I bred a special algae that kills all of the unsafe elements in the unused water and it will not have any harmful effect on living beings. Gone is the great water shortages, now we can ease the restrictions.”

  The crowd became louder. Kirk tried to speak over the crowd, it took moments before they settled down.

  “My lab staff and I are not done. We are working diligently on a process to build back up our food supply. We hope to by next year have the results, and then we can ease the food restrictions.”

  The crowd clapped and Kirk turned the podium over to the Mayor of New Detroit. He found himself a spot in the background, tuning out the showmanship of the mayor and running through his head the ideas that came to him last night. If he hadn’t discovered the bomb threat, he probably would have gotten some work done on at least one of the ideas.


  Tyke’s boredom reached such a level that he kept changing the channel on the dimensional viewer swiftly. It being a discovery made by Kirk when exploring his key-magic. They access to a variety of television programs in other dimensions. Something that people of their world didn’t have since television technology lagged behind.  Most of all the stored books and knowledge of the past sciences had been destroyed in the Gods Age. Deep and meticulous study had managed to rediscover these sciences and diligent work to bring them back to prominence.

  Television deemed least important. Most everyone read books these days. Print books, not the tablets of old.  Or IPAD’s.  The days of mindless reality television and other televised entertainment fell to the wayside.

  “God, I wish I had been born before the Great Fall. All of those video games, television, and stuff Kirk told me about. Instead I have three thousand channels on this dimension viewer and none of them grab me.”

  “Read a book, then.”

  “Kirk, you’re back!”

u know I hate being in front of crowds. I prefer the secluded comfort of my studies.”

  “Kirk,” said Tyke. “Why don’t you tell people your key magic is why so many of your discoveries have been possible.”

  “Because, people still remember the fear of Captain Amazing and those other godlike beings that wrecked the world. My magical control of boundaries will only hamper my reputation.”

  “Besides, not all of my inventions required my magical gifts.”


  “Tyke, what have I told you about respecting your elders.”

  “Sorry, Kirk.”

  “I know it is difficult for you to control your emotions because of your stunted condition. That can be no excuse to misbehave.”

  Tyke lowered his eyes. His face whitening, he thought of the circumstances of his birth. Kirk finding him, helping find his way. Kirk put a hand on the boy’s shoulder.

  “I’m only hard on you because I care, Tyke.”

  “I know,” said Tyke. “I think I’m going to hit the gym and bed afterwards.”

  “All right. Show me your homework after you finish your work out.”


  Kirk watched the boy, his hand shaking because he felt bad.
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