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Words in Poetry from the Bible

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Words in Poetry from the Bible

  Words in Poetry

  from the


  Ronald Feasel


  The following poetry reflects my beliefs and emotions about my Savior the Lord Jesus Christ. The poems are written with regard to God’s word hopefully to rightly express the true meaning that I feel in these poems.

  I`m not pastor or an educated theologian but I simply study the Bible. I pray that my poems reflect the interpretation and essence of God’s word.

  My goal is to share my feelings and beliefs through my poetry. I believe that Jesus Christ is Lord and God raised him from the dead. All who believe this will be saved by the grace and mercy of God through faith as it declares in Romans 10:9.


  When I die

  When I die don`t have sorrows,

  for I will be with Christ for an eternity of tomorrows.

  His promise I will have received,

  so have joy and don`t be grieved.

  Remember what the apostle Paul wrote.

  To live is Christ and to die is gain,

  it`s that simple and very plain.

  We struggle all our life with sin,

  But when we die our new life begins.

  If you believe you will see,

  you will be with all of us that are set free.

  Though I will be gone from here,

  I will be alive in a wonderful sphere.

  These words I leave behind,

  accept Jesus and eternity you will find.

  Caught in the Clouds

  I was caught up in the clouds,

  there were many in the crowds.

  In the twinkling of an eye,

  we were taken up so high.

  The Lord said he would come,

  he came for us and now I`m numb.

  The feeling is beyond belief,

  he came and I received this miraculous relief.

  For many will be left behind,

  and to the Tribulation they will be consigned.

  So many will not accept,

  they will be left behind with great affect.

  Before this terrible event takes place,

  consider Gods promise and his grace.

  The clock is ticking and time is short,

  you can the tribulation abort.

  Accept the salvation of Christ right now,

  don`t hesitate do it this hour.

  It`s the most important choice you will make,

  it`s free for you to take.

  do it before it`s too late.



  What are your roots,

  do they result in fruits.

  When suffering arrives,

  is it the beginning of your demise.

  There is a way that is wise,

  it can bring you a wonderful prize.

  You need to plant your roots in God,

  you will be surprised and awed.

  He came to offer a gift,

  and through it your spirit it will lift.

  We all were born into sin,

  and it hinders us to our chagrin.

  The acceptance is a new life,

  but that doesn`t mean no strife.

  But the gift will give you strength,

  to overcome your suffering at length.

  Salvation can give you Gods grace,

  to weather suffering anyplace.

  The Son did come to offer this,

  so you will have eternal bliss.

  You Will Have

  You will have trials in this life,

  it will come and give you strife.

  But faith can carry you through,

  you will be comforted and it is true.

  The Lord has told us that when we believe,

  your against the world so don`t grieve.

  But remember this as you will find,

  this world is against you and they are blind,

  The gate is narrow to find salvation,

  and this is your personal elation,

  so hold your faith when trials arrive,

  with your hope and salvation you are always alive.

  Greater is he in you then the one in the world,

  your faith will keep from being unfurled.

  The love for God drives out the fear,

  so hold fast and keep his word near.


  Hell and Heaven

  God is explicit about Heaven and Hell,

  his words in the Bible he clearly did tell.

  There is a place for those that believe,

  and those that don`t a place where they will grieve.

  Heaven is for those that are redeemed,

  they accepted the gift and are esteemed.

  The ones who rejected the gift,

  go to Hell and for eternity there do they drift.

  In Heaven sin, death, and pain are no more,

  Jesus Christ has opened the door.

  In Hell torment, anguish, and pain,

  last forever without a future gain.

  The choice is there each daily dawn,

  But if you die then the choice is gone.

  Don`t wait for or delay your choice,

  scream out now with your voice.

  Don`t trust time but accept the redemption,

  through Jesus you will get an exemption.

  The second you wait the time moves on,

  you might miss and go to Hell and gone.


  This is a curse on a person’s mind,

  it can remove your will to live and make you undefined.

  Everything you do you will not look forward to,

  even getting out of bed you will not want to do.

  Your self esteem isn`t there,

  it has evaporated into thin air.

  Your loved ones will you they will try to avoid,

  they escape so not to be annoyed.

  Even your dog will see the difference,

  they will surely keep their distance.

  Your friends will feel the gloom,

  They will leave if you’re in their room.

  Your appetite will be gone,

  From the table you will be drawn.

  Your tears will betray your constant grieve,

  as you pray for the depression to leave.

  But if you hold on and wait,

  and pray to God your depression to abate.

  It may not happen right away,

  but linger on and not seem to sway.

  But prayers from those that know your plight,

  will give you strength to hold on and accept the fight.


  Isaiah 40: 31

   But those who wait on the Lord

  Shall renew their strength;

  they shall mount up with wings like eagles,

  they shall run and not be weary,

  they shall walk and not faint.

  This is scripture that will sustain,

  if depression has from your life did drain.

  To wait on the Lord can be the cure.

  then pray and wait for sure.

  God loves you with all his heart,

  he can uplift you and a new life impart,

  Accept the gift through his son,

  then your new life has begun.

  The trials of life can drag you down,

  can cause you depression and make you frown.

  But if you accept this life changing gift,

  you will no longer be adrift.

  Then his Holy Spirit will in you abide,

  you will be in for a wonderful ri

  Others can help you with their prayers,

  God will answer them because he cares.

  No Obstacle Too Big

  There isn`t no obstacle too large,

  where you can`t take charge.

  The Lord can help you with anything.

  give you peace and hope that he will bring.

  You may not you think can withstand,

  what life throws at you that’s unplanned.

  But don`t disregard,

  that the Lord has a playing card.

  He knows that life can bring.

  a disaster to you a terrible thing.

  The loss of a loved one may be the disaster,

  but God is in control the headmaster.

  You might be angry and upset with tears,

  that your loved one was taken confirming your worst fears.

  Your heart aches with this sad feeling,

  It will send your desire to live a reeling.

  But the lord can assure your mind,

  that soon your loved one you will find.

  The time will come when you will again see,

  your loved one in Heaven with joyful glee

  You have to grieve your loss that happened,

  and your loss will cause your heart to be blackened.

  But hold on to this thought,

  eternal life for you and your love one has been bought.

  He is God and Man

  He came in the flesh as man,

  but he is God too you understand.

  He took on the flesh to be,

  a mediator to make us free.

  He and the Father are the same,

  a truth that Jesus Christ did claim.

  He walked the earth without sin,

  so our salvation he would win.

  As a sacrifice for our redemption,

  he died and the Father resurrected him in the ascension.

  He took all our sins with his sacrifice by his death,

  to give us eternal life with his last breath.

  It had to be this way,

  only a God in the flesh this truth could he convey.

  If you believe his claim,

  then your salvation you will gain.

  The Word of God

  The word of God is like a hammer,

  the words can strike you and make you stammer.

  But also his words can heal and save,

  touching your heart with the words you will crave.

  His words are sharp and powerful,

  loving yet wonderfully masterful.

  It divides the soul and spirit at the start,

  revealing the intent of the heart.

  The scriptures are the truth of living,

  these words can bring fruitful giving.

  Loving others will be your future fruit,

  it will be your new found root.

  The future will be told,

  the words foretell and they are bold.

  The forecast of the end times,

  you will know from the given signs.

  Read the words from the Bible,

  you can know these words are reliable.

  No other book can give the future,

  and give you a life living booster.

  The Power of the Cross

  The power of the cross,

  saves us from our loss.

  We are headed to damnation,

  because of our sinful causation.

  The Lord took our rebellion,

  on himself for all human civilians.

  The cross is the symbol,

  his crucifixion is the shingle.

  Put it on your bumper,

  be a Bible thumper.

  Spread the gospel around,

  in every village or town.

  The message will be eternal,

  it should be in every journal.

  Life in heaven is the result,

  be ready to consult.

  Keep any from Hell,

  do not the gospel quell.

  Each second is dear,

  death can be very near.

  To die and never choose,

  then eternal life with God you will lose.

  Don’t hesitate or put it off,

  or shake your head and scoff.

  They Rejected Him

  They rejected him in every way,

  they did this every day.

  He could heal sick with disease,

  without prejudice you see.

  He could deliver any from demons,

  he would send them a screaming.

  He could feed many by the power of his might,

  food for all was easy and forthright.

  He could raise any from the dead,

  giving them life instead.

  He could give any a way to Heaven,

  give them hope which is the leaven.

  But most rejected his love,

  they couldn’t believe he is from above.

  Don`t reject such a one as this,

  accept him and eternal bliss don`t miss.



  First you need to repent,

  acknowledge your sins then vent.

  Too realize you’re spiritually dead,

  it`s only then you can get ahead.

  Then you have one who can save,

  can redeem you and a new life he can pave.

  He came from above and put on flesh,

  walked on Earth to give you eternal life a fresh.

  Born by a virgin through the Holy Spirit,

  by which he made you a spiritual adherent.

  Now you became one of his,

  saved and taught to be a love whizz.

  Putting others first is your mission,

  bringing to each this spiritual transition.

  This is your most important function,

  to preach the gospel without compunction.

  If you did nothing here on Earth,

  but teach the gospel with mirth.

  Then you will experience great joy,

  Your heart will be full with abundant cloy.

  Concern yourself with these things

  but the Holy Spirit in you will give you the wings.

  Pray each and every day,

  for Jesus to keep you from going astray.

  One Gospel

  Believers only have one message,

  it`s the gospel and it`s presaged.

  It gives each eternal life,

  it`s the truth and it`s rife.

  Believers only have one book,

  the Holy Bible you need to take a look.

  It tells us what is going to happen,

  if you read your life will not be blackened.

  Believers preach the message of salvation,

  through Jesus Christ with great acclamation.

  The time to accept is right away,

  don`t hesitate but do it and don`t delay.

  The result of your choice is eternal,

  to not accept is a place that is an inferno.

  The Bible is very clear,

  the message can bring joy or fear.

  The creator wants no one to suffer.

  he wants all to join Christ in his marriage supper.

  There is only one God and one way,

  accept and be there on feast day.

  Forget what the world can give,

  say yes and eternal life with him will he give.

  But first repent and acknowledge your sin,

  accept salvation and your new life will begin.


  All sins are derived from pride

  it`s a ruin of many on this ride.

  Because we became lovers of self,

  we grabbed other sins off the shelf.

  Humility is what we need,

  it offsets pride indeed.

  Humility is needed at first,

  or you will never quench your thirst.

  Repent and become humble,

  or you
will surely stumble.

  Christ is humble but yet is God,

  he put others first he is no fraud.

  All the sins came from pride,

  it has been our daily guide.

  Rebuke your pride and start anew,

  accept salvation and join the few.


  When we are born we enter weakness,

  it`s the sin that causes this dark deepness,

  We often try to do good,

  but in our mind sin will we overcome its understood.

  The battle wages on each day,

  evil or good is at play.

  But the sin in us will always win,

  try as we might sin wins to our chagrin.

  Oh wretched man is our feeling,

  this thought will send us a reeling.

  If only there was some way,

  to keep our sin at bay.

  I feel I can never rid,

  the sin in me that can`t be hid.

  I sense that I will be forever lost,

  never to be higher or aloft.

  Then I read of a great salvation,

  that God would accept me in his eternal nation.

  The offer came through his son,

  forgiveness of my sins and eternal life has begun.

  Once I accept my hope is secure,

  Jesus Christ is my only cure.

  The Abomination of Desolation

  There will be this event that will come,

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