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Selected Poems

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Selected Poems


  Selected Poems


  Ronald Feasel


  Part One

  Messiah Prophecies


  The Nemesis (Genesis 3:15)

  God said to Satan in Genesis with dread,

  through a woman I will bruise your head.

  This foretold of the Messiah,

  even though he would be a pariah.

  Gods plan was set,

  and Satan knew it was a viable threat.

  Mary became with child,

  and she was beguiled.

  Satan’s future was now told,

  and he was no longer bold.

  His deception would be thwarted,

  and his control aborted.

  The Blessing (Genesis 12: 30)

  Through Jesus all who accept will be blessed,

  those who reject will not enter Gods rest.

  This applies to all mankind,

  seek the Lord and do not be blind.

  Eternal life is the goal,

  don’t reject Christ and end up in a dark hole.

  God does love all,

  don`t reject or forestall.

  His mercy and grace,

  will allow you a place.

  The time is ticking away,

  don`t put it off don`t delay.

  The Lamb (Genesis 22: 8)

  God would provide a lamb,

  it would be a grand slam.

  A sacrifice that would be complete,

  and would forgive your sins forever what a feat.

  He came in the flesh to be the lamb,

  it is grand do you understand.

  Escape the curse and get eternal life,

  end your misery and ongoing strife.

  Accept his love and sacrifice,

  don`t reject and don`t think twice.

  A Virgin (Isaiah 7:14)

  A virgin would be with child,

  no human touched her that is wild.

  Mankind can`t accept this,

  can`t happen does it the truth miss.

  She could be scorned and lose her place,

  her family would suffer disgrace.

  But an Angel told her it would be,

  do not worry and do not flee.

  God ordained this and it will bring,

  a newborn savior who will be King.

  Joseph was chosen to wed the bride,

  the savior would come from his lineage with pride.

  They married and Jesus was born,

  and the Angels in heaven shouted glory that morn.

  Now the stage was set and defined,

  No longer to hell would repentant sinners be confined.

  Bethehlem ( Micah 5:2)

  From this little town,

  a King will be born to wear a crown.

  Born to Mary and Joseph

  and his ancestor is Moses.

  He will walk the Earth for thirty three years,

  and bring to many joyful tears.

  He will suffer and die,

  be resurrected and be lifted to the sky.

  Our sins he will forgive,

  and with him we forever live.

  So from Bethlehem in a manger,

  came our redeemer it was an eternal game changer.


  Isaiah (Isaiah 53)

  He took up our pain,

  he had no gain.

  He was pierced for our transgressions,

  that was his confession.

  He close his mouth through this,

  so we could get bliss.

  He suffered that we may live,

  eternal life did he give.

  On him our inequity was laid,

  through him our sins were paid.

  As a lamb he was slaughtered,

  so our lives would be altered.

  He was assigned a grave with the wicked,

  yet we sinners were gifted.

  In the end he had the fulfilled Gods plan,

  the salvation of woman and man.

  Part 2 Poems

  End Time Prophecies



  The Return (Ezekiel 37)

  The dry bones will be made intact,

  the people of God will he bring back.

  To the land from whence they were dispersed,

  they were spread across the earth.

  The fig tree started to bloom,

  the end of days had become to loom.

  The prophecy said this generation,

  would see the Tribulation before it`s cessation.

  The Lord would come in his glory,

  with his believers and Angels a true story.

  A treaty will be sighed to mark the start,

  the Tribulation but take heart.

  If you don`t believe,

  repent now or forever grieve.

  Take the offer of mercy and grace,

  accept salvation and secure your place.


  Gog and Magog (Ezekiel 38)

  This prophecy is not yet,

  the alliances are being set.

  Russia and Iran are the keys,

  destroy Israel quickly with ease.

  Ezekiel gave us this prophecy,

  and Gog and Magog will commit this atrocity.

  But God will foil their plan,

  he will by his people stand.

  They will attack with a mighty force,

  God will destroy them of course.

  On the mountains surrounding the land,

  they will be demolished by Gods hand.

  Then world will then see,

  that God is supreme as it should be.

  Damascus (Isaiah 17)

  Isaiah tells us about Damascus,

  how it will rubble and ashes.

  The city will be barren,

  no people or anyone caring.

  The oldest city from the past,

  but woe it didn`t last.

  Gods’ prophecies will occur,

  when he said that`s for sure.

  The Bible is always right,

  God’s word has changing might.

  The Tribulation is God’s wrath,

  for a rejecting world you do the math.

  The Mount of Olives (Mattew 24)

  The Disciples with Jesus had to ask,

  the end times can you unmask.

  When will you return,

  we want to know this we yearn.

  Many will come in my name,

  ignore them they are lame.

  There will be rumors of war and wars,

  and earthquakes on many shores.

  Pestilence and disease will increase,

  these things will steal your peace.

  Famines will spread all over,

  it will be like a vicious rover.

  All these are the beginning of pains,

  like a woman in birth with pain that is plain.

  But don`t be alarmed or be glum,

  The end is still to come.

  Many will be persecuted and put to death,

  for my sake they will take their last breath.

  Many will turn from their faith,

  turn cold with mounting wraith.

  Wickedness will increase,

  and the love of others will cease.

  But stand firm until the end,

  your salvation will be your friend.

  Taken Away

  Don`t fear the end of days,

  Jesus will come for you with praise.

  He will remove his church,

  he will provide
you a new perch.

  Scriptures tell us that his bride will escape,

  the coming wrath of God so have faith.

  The Angel will shout and the trumpet will blow,

  and you will taken up this you should know.

  The believers will then be with the Lord,

  the groom will collect his bride and be adored.

  The marriage feast will take place,

  and believers will experience Gods grace.

  Toward the end of the seven year Tribulation,

  believers will come with Jesus to start a new nation.

  Part Three

  Thoughts about God

  and life

  I have lived here on earth for over three score and ten years and I will share my thoughts about God and life in this section.

  I have no affiliation with any theological institution and I have studied the Bible and listen to many sermons concerning Gods written word.

  Personally I have accepted Jesus Christ as my savior that he is the Lord and God has resurrected him from death. I believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible and that we are nearing the end of days and the seven year Tribulation is close.

  I believe in the pretribulation rapture and that all believers in Jesus Christ will be removed from the Earth in the twinkling of an eye.

  There believers will be the bride of Christ and he will be the groom. We will have the wedding feast and return with the Lord at the end of the tribulation. Then Satan will be defeated and Jesus will set up the Millennial Kingdom for one thousand years.

  I pray to the Lord that my words glorify Jesus and my heart and mind writes with true conviction.


  We are all born into sin because Adam and Eve disobeyed God. We each have the old man of sin on our back throughout our days. We that believe are forgiven our past, present, and future sins because of the mercy and grace of our creator.

  Even after we are saved we still have the possibility of sinning since we have the inherent capability of sin in us.

  As Paul wrote in Romans seven verses fourteen through twenty one we are slaves to sin and our propensity to sin is still in us.

  Through prayer and confession to God we can daily walk with God and be conformed to the kind of believer that glorifies our creator.

  Even our thoughts can betray us like anger, hate, forgiveness, lust and coveting to name a few can cause us to be less then what we should be.

  But take heart through our salvation, prayer, and the empowering of the Holy Spirit we can walk with God.


  Understanding Others

  Everyone has a different set of circumstances that they have to deal with in life. Where they were born, how they were raised, any disabilities or diseases they have, any addictions or weakness they may incur, and any mistakes they have made. We all have our personal problems but through Christ we can accept and love each other despite these things.

  The sin in us is always there waiting to bring us down and fill us with guilt. Even believers fight this after they are saved. The walk with God will help you through the Holy Spirit and strengthen you as you try to suppress sin.

  Our thoughts are bombarded my Satan’s demons trying to pull us away from God. But scriptures tell that not one who has accepted Jesus as savior will be lost or taken away. These scriptures tell us that we belong to him through his Son.

  Romans chapter eight verses one through four tells us that we belong to God. Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit who gives life has set you free from the law of sin and death. For what the law was powerless to do because it was weakened by the flesh, God did by sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh to be a sin offering.  And so he condemned sin in the flesh, in order that the righteous requirement of the law might be fully met in us, who do not live according to the flesh but according to the Spirit.

  And again in Romans chapter eight verse thirty seven God confirms his love for us. No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

  So if you fall and sin take heart and confess your sin which is forgiven before you sin. Pray with God through Jesus and fight the good fight.

  What About Prophecy

  As it says in 2 Peter 1: 21--For prophecy never had its origin in the human will, but prophets, though humans, spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit. God has declared events before they happened to tell us that his word is true and to give us strength and hope and to build up our faith.

  It is through Prophecy that God confirms his omniscience or all knowing ability and therefore comforts our heart and mind which increases our hope and faith.

  There are approximately over eighteen hundred prophecies in the Bible which includes those prophecies repeated by different prophets and those told by the great men of the Bible like David, Moses, Solomon, the disciples, and the Lord Jesus himself.

  These prophecies strengthen our faith and give us the confirmation that the Bible is the truth and gives us the peace that passes understanding.



  Part Four

  Miracles of the Bible



  The miracles of the Bible transcend the laws of

  nature and cannot be explained by any of the laws

  that govern the normal results of our ordinary activities

  that occur in everyday life.

  The Bible records many miracles that have occurred

  Since God created the universe, earth, animals, plant,

  and mankind.

  The following poems are about many of these


  The Flood (Genesis 7 and 8)

  God told Noah to prepare for a consuming fountain,

  the Earth will be covered above the mountains.

  It will rain for forty days,

  the clouds will cover the Suns rays.

  Take the animals two by two,

  build an ark to hold this crew.

  Take your family and be prepared to float,

  when I tell you get in your boat.

  For fifty days Noah, his family, and animals,

  didn`t drown which is understandable.

  One hundred and fifty days the water abated,

  slowly the water faded.

  The seventh month the Ark rested,

  Noah’s faith had been tested.

  Noah built an altar to glorify their creator,

  sacrifices to the one and only dictator.

  Tower Of Babel

  The people all had one language they spoke,

  they decided we will build a building in one stroke.

  It will reach into the sky so high,

  we will be Gods in the sky.

  God saw their plan,

  he knew their plan needed to be banned.

  He confounded their language,

  and took away their vantage.

  The tower of Babel was stopped,

  their goal was blocked.

  He then dispersed thought the land,

  after their building was banned.

  Then through Terah Abram was born in his nest,

  and through him the Jews were blessed


  Pillar of Salt

  Two Angels visited Lot,

  in Sodom and Gomorrah it was an evil spot.

  The citizens there wanted to defile lots guests,

  and defile them with their tests.

  Lot barricaded the door,

Angels blinded them and stopped their evil score.

  Take your daughters and wife and flee,

  leave this place and be free.

  Don`t look back as you run,

  the sight you will shun.

  His wife in disregard looked back,

  she was turned to salt in her track.


  Sarah did conceive a son,

  of Abraham and the story was spun.

  Abraham was one hundred years old,

  as the miracle did unfold.

  He kicked out Hagar and Ishmael her son,

  they left on the run.

  God said of Ishmael a great nation I will make,

  Ishmael I will not forsake.

  Isaac was circumcised by eight,

  his path would be straight.

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