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Poems Rapture-Salvation-Prophecy

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Poems Rapture-Salvation-Prophecy




  Ronald Feasel



  He was a profound Jewish prophet,

  he was for God and never lost-it.

  Hananieh,Mishael, Azzariah are his friends,

  they remained true to God when fire threatened their end.

  An Angel stood with the three,

  in the fire they stood unburned they could see.

  Then Daniel would not to Darius bow,

  only to God would be bend his brow.

  The edict forbid any God to be spoken,

  But Daniel prayed to God and the edict was broken.

  Darius had to punish this princely dissent,

  into the Lions den was Daniel sent.

  The den was covered with a stone,

  all thought he would be eaten to the bone.

  When Darius went back to the den,

  Daniel was alive and untouched-Amen.

  Then Darius was glad and issued a law,

  fear the God of Daniel and him awe.

  Heaven is real

  Heaven is real; it’s beyond my ability to express,

  There`s no suffering or sin or need to impress.

  The Lion will lay down with the sheep,

  the baby will with a viper sleep.

  Your ancestors will be present,

  from Adam to you it will be pleasant.

  You will have a new body that`s young and firm.

  no marks or blemishes not one germ.

  Jesus will be there with his father God,

  You will be amazed and greatly awed.

  Joy and happiness will fill your days,

  You will want to love and praise.

  The sin you were born into will be no more,

  a perfect spirit to you will he restore.

  So look forward to that day,

  when you will be with Jesus to stay.

  He goes to the Father

  He came from above from his Father,

  it was a short time but he did not need to go farther.

  The message was clear and true,

  love is giving your life for a friend you knew.

  He came and he died for us all,

  then he rose but left his loving call.

  The world did not understand his purpose,

  they will scoff and ridicule his purchase.

  It was so long ago,

  that he walked the Earth with his glow.

  Now the time is near for his return,

  look up and watch and reveal your concern.

  Don`t hesitate or wait it can be soon,

  it could be before tomorrow’s noon.

  You have heard the message and you must decide,

  say yes to Jesus and in him abide.


  Foreknowledge from God is a part of his character,

  he offers salvation he`s the right barrister.

  Some say this can`t be,

  free will and foreknowledge don`t agree.

  Can God know us in his wisdom,

  is this a doctrine that causes a schism.

  Is free will and foreknowledge a part,

  or do they agree from the start?

  Because God knows all that doesn’t change,

  if you think about it that’s not strange.

  Free will and foreknowledge can exist,

  together in agreement that is the gist.

  There’s so much we need to learn,

  our hearts are eager and want to discern.

  But one thing to keep in our mind,

  we were born into sin and started life blind.

  But through our Lord we gain our sight,

  our eyes are opened and we see the light.

  Now we know our salvation is sure,

  foreknowledge and freewill are no longer obscure.

  The One Body

  What does it mean the one body,

  it seems strange even gaudy.

  It’s mentioned in the Bible,

  is it physical maybe tribal.

  God’s word says it concerns the Holy Spirit,

  is it a song or just a lyric.

  The Bible tells us it’s a new way,

  it fills our heart and keeps sin at bay.

  But what does this one body mean,

  is it new does it keep us clean.

  Where does this one body originate,

  will we always have it or will it dissipate.

  In the scriptures I found it there,

  the fruit of Jesus is for believers to bare.

  Now I know it’s the one body in Christ,

  its a free gift and it’s not priced.

  Take it freely and be assured,

  your spirit in Christ will be cured.


  He was born an laid in a manger.

  but soon he would be a well known stranger.

  Three Kings visited him with praise,

  they saw the Son of God to their amaze.

  In his youth he honored God the Father,

  but of salvation he would be the author.

  John the Baptist he did the baptism,

  he knew he was the messiah without skepticism.

  He knew he was the Son of God,

  he was blessed and was no fraud.

  He was crucified and arose from the dead,

  those that accepted his gift defeated the death that they dread.

  The offer exists to any who will accept,

  his promise of eternal life will be kept.

  So now you see why we celebrate Christmas,

  the birth of Jesus Christ is our eternal witness.

  (Merry CHRISTmas to all)


  He wrote about Jesus,

  he wasn’t trying to please us.

  At first he defined the Word,

  some thought he was absurd.

  The word he said is Christ the Son,

  him is the light so to him you better run.

  He purifies us from our sin,

  now we can have fellowship again.

  If we claim to be without transgression,

  Then we need to repent with heartfelt expression.

  This was from the beginning,

  we were born into sin and kept sinning.

  Now we have an advocate,

  Jesus our savior our sin can he amputate.

  So listen to the apostle John,

  take heed and bring about your new dawn.


  Power of prayer or POP,

  start praying never stop.

  The direct message to our Father,

  will he answer will he bother.

  The scriptures say pray at all times in the Spirit,

  talk to God and he will hear-it.

  If someone is in need of help,

  pray for them even if you have to yelp.

  When two pray together,

  the prayer is stronger tougher then leather.

  A group praying to God,

  strengthens the request like a prayer squad.

  So if a brother or sister needs a prayer

  send it to God he is a supreme conveyor!


  The Rapture

  He will take us up in the twinkling of an eye.

  a trumpet will sound and believers will fly.

/>   When the fig tree blooms and summer is near.

  then you know he is at the door so don`t fear.

  A generation will not pass,

  before he takes the believers in mass.

  Don`t let your heart be troubled,

  Jesus will your faith be doubled.

  We will not all sleep,

  because he loves us we are his sheep.

  We will all be changed,

  from mortal to immortality will we be arranged.

  The Lord himself will come down from above,

  with his power he will gather by his love.

  We will meet him in the clouds,

  you will be one of a miraculous crowd.

  When the hour of testing arrives,

  He will take you so don`t fear for your lives.

  So guard your heart well,

  keep your spirit in Christ and in him dwell.


  Moses was a prince to a king,

  but the Jews to freedom would he bring.

  He struck down an Egyptian man.

  it was in anger and was not his plan.

  He was rejected and sent away,

  to the desert and became a stray.

  Soon he found a tribe to join,

  he got a family and saved some coin.

  Then God told him to set his people free,

  go back to Egypt and with your people flee.

  God forced the Pharaoh to comply,

  Moses and his people said goodbye.

  In the desert they did travel,

  sand and hills and gritty gravel.

  They were stopped by the Red Sea,

  they were trapped and not yet free.

  Moses raised his staff and the sea parted,

  his people gasped and were faint hearted.

  In the desert Moses received the Law,

  his people were in awe.

  Finally they made it to the Promised Land,

  But Moses stayed behind by Gods command.

  The Chosen

  God spoke to Abraham,

  he didn`t need a cablegram.

  From Abraham a nation shall rise,

  but the world this nation will despise.

  Through the chosen he will come the word,

  and by this will many spirits be stirred.

  But the chosen will reject his Son,

  then they be dispersed and be on the run.

  Then God by his power and might,

  will restore to the promised land which is his right.

  Back in the land they were restored,

  but still they rejected the Lord.

  The time is near for Jacobs’s trouble,

  God will act and pop their bubble.

  The tribulation is drawing near,

  the chosen people will have no fear.

  Then a remnant will repent and follow the one they rejected

  and from the Tribulation they will be collected.

  And when he comes they will see his scars,

  the they will wail and curse the stars


  He was a tax collector by trade,

  hated by his fellow Jews with a tirade.

  Jesus picked him out,

  even though he was a lout.

  Matthew left his wealth and past life,

  to join his savior and end the strife.

  He realized that the pleasure of this world,

  were no comparison to eternal life unfurled.

  He preached the Gospel for many years,

  and those that accepted shed joyful tears.

  Before he left his former estate,

  he threw a banquet for Jesus at his place.

  The summation of this tale,

  although a wealthy sinner he did hightail.

  So don`t let riches suppress,

  to follow Jesus and get blessed.


  Luke was the Arthur that was a gentile,

  he was also a scientist with a mental.

  Paul called him-my beloved physician,

  and he loved Jesus by his own admission

  He attended to Paul and the two were a team,

  together they spread the Gospel with a full head of steam.

  They preached salvation in many places,

  those that accepted had joyful faces.

  In the end Paul was taken to heaven,

  Luke was there and saw the leaven.

  All the Apostles were faithful to the end,

  so all that believed would live in eternity again.


  A fisherman he was and his name was Simon,

  Jesus changed his name to Peter since it was his timin.

  He was gruff and shabbily dressed,

  but through Christ he was fully blessed.

  Jesus said simply follow me,

  and so he did with bountiful glee.

  Peter was first to claim Jesus was the Son of God,

  he knew who he was and he was no fraud.

  The crow signaled three denials,

  it was a test a spiritual trial.

  Peter witnessed the spectacular transfiguration,

  he was humbled by this transliteration.

  At supper Jesus gave the Great Commission,

  Peter acknowledged and it became his mission.

  Peter was the first to preach on the day of Pentecost,

  the Holy Spirit was given to strengthen the lost.

  Peter was persecuted, imprisoned, and beaten,

  this only increased his commission it deepened.

  In the end Peter was crucified upside down,

  and he received the martyrs crown.

  No God

  I often thought how it would be with no God,

  life here would be such a fraud.

  It is so false that life here is it,

  there would be no hope what a pit.

  To think we came from an accidental stew,

  I think some scientists drank too much home brew.

  The creation around us is too complicated,

  to think we evolved from an explosion is very dilapidated.

  To die and be gone is very depressing,

  no more life after this is so distressing.

  So many think that we evolved,

  then we die and just dissolve.

  To be with no promise or hope,

  how can nonbelievers cope.

  Can you really love and care,

  if your end brings despair?

  I am so glad that I believe,

  in Jesus Christ to him I will cleave!


  An Angel told Manoahs wife,

  you will have a son with great strength and strife.

  He will have long hair so don`t cut,

  God has a plan for him but he will strut.

  He will want to marry a Philistine,

  a meeting was arranged and he thought she was pristine.

  So God tested him,

  he sent a Lion to tear him limb from limb.

  Sampson tore the beast apart,

  his great strength was just the start.

  The Philistines were filled with anger,

  but Sampson returned their slander.

  He tied 300 foxes tails then set them on fire,

  this destroyed their fields so revenge did they conspire.

  Delilah the Philistines paid,

  how did he get his strength how was it made?

  Then Sampson told her and said,

  I get it from the long hairs on my head.

  She cut it while he lay,

  then the Philistines took him away.

  They took him to the arena one day,

  With his strength regained all of them he did slay.


  Love is a wonderful thing,

  to the bearer it can joy bring.

  Can love sooth your heart,

  if given it is a start.

  When given to others,

  it’s like a love give
n by mothers.

  When love is given to you,

  it can lift you from the blue.

  Jesus said love your enemy,

  its hard but it is a remedy.

  What is the greatest commandant,

  love the Lord God be adamant.

  Will God take his love away,

  fear not his love will stay.

  Can love conquer an offense,

  it can turn it around it will be past tense.

  How can we get this love,

  it will come from God above.

  Here is the final word about giving,

  seek it and never stop living.


  What makes a prophecy real,

  if it happens then it has great appeal.

  What are these true predictions,

  are some merely fictions.

  The word of God never fails,

  his prophets give predictions with details.

  Isaiah gave the best,

  his prophecy about the messiah stood the test.

  In Genesis twelve-three,

  the messiahs lineage was given to see.

  Isaiah seven-fourteen,

  Jesus was born of a virgin its clearly seen.

  Micah five-two,

  he would come from Bethlehem its true.

  Jeremiah twenty three-five,

  he came from the lineage of King David and arrived.

  Psalm one hundred and one you will be awed.

  Jesus will sit at the right hand of God.


  In Enoch’s day he was a man, who took a stand,

  he followed God while others God did they ban.

  Then God told Noah I want you to build,

  an Ark and with animals it will I fill.

  For 120 years he slaved,

  and he built the Ark and the way was paved.

  The flood came and covered the mountain tops,

  destroyed all the sinners and their crops,

  They floated for 150 days,

  then rested on Mount Ararat to stay.

  Then Noah built an altar,

  A sacrifice for God he didn`t falter.

  So God left a sign,

  a rainbow that would appear oftentimes.

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