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Creation and Salvation Poems

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Creation and Salvation Poems

  Creation and Salvation



  Ronald Feasel

  Life Creation

  Life is a gift from God,

  we should applaud.

  The form starts in the womb,

  then life begins to bloom.

  Then the time draws near,

  we see the different parts very clear.

  Soon the birth pains begins,

  will it be one or maybe twins.

  The day arrives when the blessing comes,

  there ought to be someone playing drums.

  The new life is cute and cuddly,

  and wriggles and is bubbly.

  The days go by and soon the new one smiles,

  the life inside gets cuter all the while.

  Then you really begin to see,

  the miraculous creation you agree.

  Years go by and the changes are great,

  and soon another is added to the birth rate.

  Universe Creation

  The size and wonder is beyond comprehension,

  it deserves our complete and full attention.

  We can`t see the end,

  it is impossible to comprehend.

  God did in his power create,

  this universe and its great.

  The stars and planets stretch beyond,

  even new stars are being spawned.

  Then here we are in this little planet,

  of dust and sky and granite.

  Why did God create this Earth,

  to give us a place of birth.

  Can it be God uses the small,

  to raise us up and make us tall.

  He has wisdom beyond our reach,

  there’s something here he`s trying to teach.

  So lay back and rest his glory,

  there`s is more to this story.

  Animal Creation

  The animals are so many,

  all different and there are plenty.

  The variety is great and can`t be numbered,

  even their reason can`t be encumbered.

  Why did God create so much,

  with his creative touch.

  But in his grace he created mankind,

  and to us salvation was assigned.

  He wanted a creation to love,

  for fellowship to return to him above.

  The choice is then left to us,

  do we want to return his love.

  Each one of us has to choose,

  if you say no then you lose.

  So gird your mind and answer yes,

  join God through Jesus and pass the test.

  The clock is ticking as time goes on,

  don`t hesitate and by Jesus be drawn.

  Dog Creation

  A dog has much to offer,

  he can be a good walker.

  He can fetch your shoes,

  or newspaper if you choose.

  He will follow you all day,

  Then be ready to play.

  He might lick your face,

  so be ready it might take place.

  He will protect you from any harm,

  he`ll Bark to send an alarm.

  A dog is an unusual pet,

  he makes a great vignette.

  Get a dog and enjoy all this,

  start to have this pet for bliss.


  The Gift

  The gift was the plan,

  from God you understand.

  He laid it out in Genesis twelve,

  you find it if you delve.

  To Abraham he made a covenant,

  that would be binding and relevant.

  Through Abrahams seed will all be blessed,

  through a son who will be accessed.

  This man came from God,

  who will be perfect and not flawed.

  He will offer his life for you,

  and there is nothing you have to do.

  Just accept this free gift,

  don’t worry about your condition you get my drift.

  Then you will receive the peace,

  that surpasses understanding and will never cease.

  This promise came from God,

  from the beginning so be awed.

  Your days may be hard,

  but this blessing will never be barred.

  It`s given to all that accept,

  and your eternal life with God will be kept.

  Through Abraham, Isaac, and Joseph,

  your life will be peace and not hopeless.

  Now you know the truth,

  so receive the gift and don`t be uncouth.


  Don`t wait it might be too late,

  the offer still stands but don`t tempt fate.

  Salvation is only good if you are alive,

  if you miss the gift your eternal life will be amiss.

  You`ll spend your life in eternal hell,

  I’m trying to wake you up and ring your bell.

  It`s because of love I’m writing this,

  I want to share this eternal bliss.

  God loves you he always did,

  he wants to adopt you into his family grid.

  He came in the flesh through his Son,

  say yes then your wonderful eternity has begun.


  People often need to escape,

  maybe they made a mistake.

  Or they could have been abused,

  and by others were used.

  They then are filled with guilt,

  it attacks them to the hilt.

  Their life seem to be a dead end,

  and into depression they descend.

  They turn to alcohol or drugs,

  they are searching for love and hugs.

  Then they get trapped and addicted,

  then their life gets worse as predicted.

  There is a way to escape,

  a new life can take shape.

  It’s there for any to find,

  it can give sight even to the blind.

  It will lift you out of your despair,

  renew your life give you fresh air.

  He came to offer a new beginning,

  accept his gift and start winning.

  His name is Jesus Christ,

  his gift is free and not priced.

  He will send you a spiritual gift,

  that will guide you and give you a lift.

  Then your escape is now achieved,

  Your heart and soul are now relieved.

  No need for the drugs and booze,

  take the gift and the new life choose.


  What is a believer’s responsibility,

  are we given some kind of ability.

  We have the good news in our heart,

  to share it is the start.

  The commission is very clear,

  share the salvation to everyone near.

  We were loved with this free gift,

  and many are lost and adrift.

  If we keep it to our self and don`t give,

  then others won`t know how to really live.

  We pray and to be ready to spread,

  the good news to those that are almost dead.

  Then a new life is added with joy,

  our heart is nourished with this ploy.

  We have the truth given to us in our heart,

  share it and spread it and do your part.

  Our savior died on the cross,

  so we would help others at a loss.

  After Life

  We sometimes think is there life after death,
r />   what happens when we take our last breath.

  Many have had a life after a near death experience,

  raised above their body and seen their appearance.

  In our minds we know it is true,

  there is more to this life there is no argue.

  If life exists beyond when this life ends,

  will there be any friends.

  We pray some of our friends will be there,

  so eternal life with them we will share.

  Our loved ones we pray will appear,

  It`s a thought they won`t we fear.

  So be sure they know the way,

  tell them or convince them today.

  With love tell them about salvation,

  keep at it without cessation.


  He was a profound Jewish prophet,

  he was for God and never lost-it.

  Hananieh,Mishael, Azzariah are his friends,

  they remained true to God when fire threatened their end.

  An Angel stood with the three,

  in the fire they stood unburned they could see.

  Then Daniel would not to Darius bow,

  only to God would be bend his brow.

  The edict forbid any God to be spoken,

  But Daniel prayed to God and the edict was broken.

  Darius had to punish this princely dissent,

  into the Lions den was Daniel sent.

  The den was covered with a stone,

  all thought he would be eaten to the bone.

  When Darius went back to the den,

  Daniel was alive and untouched-Amen.

  Then Darius was glad and issued a law,

  fear the God of Daniel and him awe.

  Heaven is real

  Heaven is real; it’s beyond my ability to express,

  There`s no suffering or sin or need to impress.

  The Lion will lay down with the sheep,

  the baby will with a viper sleep.

  Your ancestors will be present,

  from Adam to you it will be pleasant.

  You will have a new body that`s young and firm.

  no marks or blemishes not one germ.

  Jesus will be there with his father God,

  You will be amazed and greatly awed.

  The sin you were born into will be no more,

  a perfect spirit to you will he restore.

  So look forward to that day,

  when you will be with Jesus to stay.

  He goes to the Father

  He came from above from his Father,

  it was a short time but he did not need to go farther.

  The message was clear and true.

  love is giving your life for a friend you knew,

  He came and he died for us all,

  then he rose but left his loving call.

  The world did not understand his purpose,

  they will scoff and ridicule his purchase.

  It was so long ago,

  that he walked the Earth with his glow.

  Now the time is near for his return,

  look up and watch and reveal your concern.

  Don`t hesitate or wait it can be soon,

  it could be before tomorrow’s noon.

  You have heard the message and you must decide,

  say yes to Jesus and in him abide.


  Foreknowledge from God is a part of his character,

  he offers salvation he`s the right barrister.

  Some say this can`t be,

  free will and foreknowledge don`t agree.

  Can God know us in his wisdom?

  is this a doctrine that causes a schism?

  Is free will and foreknowledge apart,

  or do they agree from the start?

  Because God knows all that doesn’t change,

  If you think about it that’s not strange.

  Free will and foreknowledge can exist,

  together in agreement that is the gist.

  There’s so much we need to learn,

  our hearts are eager and want to discern.

  But one thing to keep in our mind,

  we were born into sin and started life blind.

  But through our Lord we gain our sight,

  our eyes are opened and we see the light.

  Now we know our salvation is sure,

  foreknowledge and freewill are no longer obscure.

  The One Body

  What does it mean the one body,

  it seems strange even gaudy.

  It’s mentioned in the Bible,

  is it physical maybe tribal.

  God’s word says it concerns the Holy Spirit,

  is it a song or just a lyric.

  The Bible tells us it’s a new way,

  it fills our heart and keeps sin at bay.

  But what does this one body mean,

  is it new does it keep us clean.

  Where does this one body originate,

  will we always have it or will it dissipate.

  In the scriptures I found it there,

  the fruit of Jesus is for believers to bare.

  Now I know it’s the one body in Christ,

  its a free gift and it’s not priced.

  Take it freely and be assured,

  your spirit in Christ will be cured.


  He was born an laid in a manger.

  but soon he would be a well known stranger.

  Three Kings visited him with praise,

  they saw the Son of God to their amaze.

  In his youth he honored God the Father,

  but of salvation he would be the author.

  John the Baptist he did the baptism,

  he knew he was the messiah without skepticism.

  He knew he was the Son of God,

  he was blessed and was no fraud.

  He was crucified and arose from the dead,

  those that accepted his gift defeated the death that they dread.

  The offer exists to any who will accept,

  his promise of eternal life will be kept.

  So now you see why we celebrate Christmas,

  the birth of Jesus Christ is our eternal witness.

  (Merry CHRISTmas to all)


  He wrote about Jesus,

  he wasn’t trying to tease- us.

  At first he defined the Word,

  some thought he was absurd.

  The word he said is Christ the Son,

  him is the light so to him you better run.

  He purifies us from our sin,

  now we can have fellowship again.

  If we claim to be without transgression,

  Then we need to repent with heartfelt expression.

  This was from the beginning,

  we were born into sin and kept sinning.

  Now we have an advocate,

  Jesus our savior our sin can he amputate.

  So listen to the apostle John,

  take heed and bring about your new dawn.


  Power of prayer or POP,

  what can prayer be said to stop.

  The direct message to our Father,

  will he answer will he bother?

  The scriptures say pray at all times in the Spirit,

  talk to God and he will hear-it.

  If someone is in need of help,

  pray for them even if you have to yelp.

  When two pray together,

  the prayer is stronger tougher then leather.

  A group praying to God,

  strengthens the request like a prayer squad.

  So if a brother or sister needs a prayer

  send it to God he is a supreme conveyor!

  The Rapture

  He will take us up in the twinkling of an eye.

  a trumpet will sound and believers will fly.

  When the fig tree blooms and summer is near,

  then you know he is at th
e door so don`t fear.

  A generation will not pass,

  before he takes the believers in mass.

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