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Poems Rapture-Salvation-Prophecy

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  “You must have been moved when Jesus had favored you?”

  “I was scared though when he said I would be taken up to Heaven. Scared because I wouldn`t be good enough to be there.”

  “After you arrived did you feel better as you experienced Heaven?”

  “I did and I realized that God had forgiven me of my sins!”

  I could tell Enoch was a good man that feared and loved God and understood why God took him to heaven. I think that God was sending a message to all of us that if we fear God and love him then there is hope. Especially since his Son Jesus came to Earth to offer the free gift of salvation. I had another question to ask Enoch that had bothered me since I was saved. “There were thousands of mankind killed during the great flood and it grieved me that so many died and were separated from God. And in the life after the flood so many have died that wouldn`t be going to heaven. Does God grieve the lost that comes with rejecting him?” I asked hoping that Enoch might shed some light on my question.

  “I Think I can answer that by talking about his Son, Jesus, who wept many times while he was walking on Earth. When Jesus gathered with the sisters and others mourning Lazarus`s death he wept from the weeping and wailing of Mary, Martha, and others even though he knew he would raise him in from the dead. Surely the compassion that God has for all sinners was expressed here.”

  “True, even Jesus knew that he would resurrect Lazarus to life he still wept for the mourners.” I said as I began to see the compassion of the creator.


  “When Jesus visited Jerusalem the last time before he was crucified by his people he wept at the future destruction of Jerusalem and that a stone would not be left upon another and many will be killed by the surrounding enemies.” Enoch said as a tear ran down his cheek.

  God does mourn over those that reject him and he cares for each and every one of his creation, I thought. Enoch is truly a man after God`s heart and I`m excited to visit others that were written about in the Bible. I had to visit Paul and ask him questions about some tough doctrines in the word of God.

  Ch.7 The Apostle Paul

  I know that Paul had written thirteen of the twenty seven books of the New Testament. He was a Pharisee leader of the Jewish people and he was commissioned to find and imprison or execute any Jew who had confessed Jesus Christ as the messiah. He was then known as Saul of Tarsus and he searched out these followers of Jesus with a vengeance.

  But then on the road to Damascus Paul had a miraculous conversion and it changed the course of history forever. I finally found Paul walking along a meadow and the two of us engaged in conversation.

  “Paul, can you describe your conversion that day over two thousand years ago on the road to Damascus?” I said, waiting eagerly to hear his response.

  “It was a miraculous event sent to me to become a disciple that I would preach the salvation of God through his son Jesus Christ. A light surrounded me and my entourage that lit up with a bright glow that brought me to my knees. Then I heard a voice say to me; Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me? Who are you, lord? I asked. I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting, he replied. Now get up and go into the city, and you will be told what to do”. Paul said as he told of his life changing encounter with Jesus Christ.

  “As a gentile I thank the Lord that he changed your life, for your writing inspired by the Holy Spirit enabled millions of gentiles to be grafted in to the grace and mercy of God!” I said and I felt humbled as I spoke with the apostle that called called the father of the gentiles. I have always

  humbled as I spoke with the apostle that has been called the father of the gentiles. I have always marveled at why God chose certain people to write his holy words.

  “Why do you think God chose you to be an apostle?” I asked with reverence to Paul. “That’s a humbling question and 1`m not sure I can really answer with any degree of finality. The reason being no one can know the mind of God for he only can answer for his reasons.” Paul said.

  “This brings up the doctrine of predestination which causes some dissension with many.” I said waiting to hear Paul’s response.

  “Predestination simple means that God knows that a person will accept his grace and mercy through is only begotten Son and will be conformed to the likeness of his Son.”

  “But doesn`t contradict free choice which God ordained for his creation”

  “No, God knows the heart of every man and woman therefore he knows who will accept his grace even before that person is born. Just because knows this it doesn`t nullify the freedom of choice. Remember he is our creator and he will work out his will through his creation!”

  I had to digest this thought and think about what Paul was saying. Romans 8: 28 says for whom he did foreknow he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren. The fact that God knows beforehand who is going to be saved and who isn`t going to be saved doesn`t determine who is going to be saved and who isn`t. God knows all things or he wouldn`t be God. God knew that his creation would fall into sin and that some would have the spirit to seek him and these would be the ones predestined. Since God knew this he formulated his plan and his outcome is predetermined.

  My next apostle I wanted to visit is John.

  CH. 8 The Apostle John


  The first chapter I read as a new believer was 1st John in the New Testament. He was the last apostle and he wrote the last book of the Bible, Revelation. I found John and we talked.

  John, you`re one of the apostles that I dreamed about talking to before the Lord took up into the air!” I said as I hugged him in my joy.

  “It`s been heartwarming to see all the believers enter into fellowship here with our Lord. How can I help you?” John said with love and brotherhood jumping from his eyes.

  “When you wrote 1st. John how did you write such an edifying book about our Lord Jesus Christ?”

  “The inspiration and words came from the Holy Spirit. I was merely a tool of the spirit and as I wrote my pen was moved by the hand of God.”

  “That`s exactly what 2 Timothy 3: 16 tells, that all scripture is inspired by God. When you wrote the book of Revelation you had a vision when you were imprisoned on the island of Patmos. Tell me about that if you will?”

  “Theses visions were given to me to show the things which must come to pass. It was the word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ. The book reveals the end of one world and the beginning of the next.”

  “But who was the message intended for?” I asked.

  “The Revelation is intended for the Jews and for Jerusalem in particular.” John said. “The believing church or the gentiles aren’t mentioned after chapter four which indicates the restrainer is removed. Now God is fulfilling the promises he made to Abraham.”

  “Your right the last week of the prophecy or the time of Jacobs’s trouble is the seven years of the tribulation! God has removed his believers and the Tribulation will be the time he will restore a remnant of his chosen people.”

  “But the restrainer has been removed, how does that work?”


  “144,000 selected Jews will be selected and not be affected by the Tribulation or can Satan’s demons have any effect on them. They will evangelize many during the seven year period.”

  “Have any prophesies been fulfilled since the rapture of the believers or church?”

  “Yes, Damascus, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, and part of northern Israel have been ravaged by war since the Rapture.” John said.

  “How did this happen?” I asked thinking about Psalm 23 and Isaiah 17 prophecies for the end of days. “The United States of America suffered an economic meltdown due to its debt and subsequently couldn`t be of any significance in the crisis in the Middle East. Israel’s border neighbors saw this as an opportunity to attack Israel and wipe the nation off the map. Israel responded and
literally defeated the attack. Damascus was literally destroyed and was reduced to a heap of ruins, fulfilling Isaiah prophecy chapter 17: 1-3.”

  “What about the Ezekiel 38 and 39 prophecies” I said.

  “The Russian coalition which included Russia, Iran, Turkey, Ethiopia, and Libya realizing an opportunity to attack and destroy Israel combined forces and mounted a formidable attack. As prophecy predicted God intervened and completely destroyed the invading armies on the mountains surrounding Israel.” John said.

  “Now, the stage is set for the Anti Christ to appear!”

  CH. 9 Deep Thought

  I left John and I needed to think over all that has happened since I walked on the cloud. Many things have happened to me since God has taken me up in the cloud. I met my loved ones and friends that were saved after I was taken up in the air.

  The appearance of my savior was exciting and glorious. To see the throne of God in its entire splendor took my breath away. Meeting my ancestors that were in my past was exhilarating and stimulating. Then my talks with some of

  the people in the Bible were an eye opener in our talks. Their feelings and reactions to the will of God were based on their love for the creator.

  The beauty and wonderment of Heaven is beyond my imagination and comprehension. The animals even were changed to reflect the love and caring that is the character of God. No more aggression or the law of survival among animals was needed. All creatures here no longer depended on the eating of other animals for their survival.

  My new body in the likeness of Jesus is amazing. To be young and vibrant forever is a peaceful and comforting thought. The internal spirit is void if sin and is replaced with love and caring for others. My mind is now enhanced and my intellectual capabilities are increased well beyond the mind I had while on Earth. I pray with all that I am that those remaining on Earth going through the Tribulation will find Christ and receive the hope of their salvation through him.

  I sat down and leaned against a tree and wrote some poems that flowed from my heart.

  Heaven is Real

  Heaven is real; it’s beyond my ability to express,

  there`s no suffering or sin or need to impress.

  The Lion will lay down with the sheep,

  the baby will with a viper sleep.

  Your ancestors will be present,

  from Adam to you it will be pleasant.

  You will have a new body that`s young and firm.

  no marks or blemishes not one germ.

  Jesus will be there with his father God,

  you will be amazed and greatly awed.

  Joy and happiness will fill your days,

  you will want to love and praise.

  The sin you were born into will be no more,

  a perfect spirit to you will he restore.

  So look forward to that day,

  when you will be with Jesus to stay.


  Foreknowledge from God is a part of his character,

  he offers salvation he`s the right barrister.

  Some say this can`t be,

  free will and foreknowledge don`t agree.

  Is free will and foreknowledge apart?

  or do they agree from the start?

  Because God knows all that doesn’t change,

  if you think about it`s not strange.

  Free will and foreknowledge can exist,

  together in agreement that is the gist.

  Theres so much we need to learn,

  our hearts are eager and want to discern.

  But one thing to keep in our mind,

  we were born into sin and started life blind.

  But through our Lord we gain our sight,

  our eyes are opened and we see the light.

  Now we know our salvation is secure,

  foreknowledge and freewill are no longer obscure.


  The One Body

  What does it mean the one body?

  it seems strange even gaudy.

  It’s mentioned in the Bible,

  is it physical may be liable.

  God’s word says it concerns the Holy Spirit,

  is it a song or just a lyric?

  The Bible tells us it’s a new way,

  it fills our heart and keeps sin at bay!

  But what does this one body mean,

  is it new does it keep us clean?

  Where does this one body originate,

  will we always have it or will it dissipate?

  In the scriptures I found it there,

  the fruit of Jesus is for believers to bare.

  Now I know it’s the one body in Christ,

  it’s a free gift and it’s not priced.

  Take it freely and be assured,

  your spirit in Christ will be cured.

  The Birth

  He was born and laid in a manger,

  but soon he would be a well known stranger.

  Three Kings visited him with praise,

  they saw the Son of God to their amaze.

  In his youth he honored God the Father,

  but of salvation he would be the author.

  John the Baptist he did the baptism,

  he knew he was the messiah without skepticism.

  He knew he was the Son of God,

  he was blessed and was no fraud.

  He was crucified and arose from the dead,

  those that accepted his gift defeated the death that they dread.

  The offer exists to any, who will accept,

  his promise of eternal life will be kept.

  So now you see why we celebrate Christmas,

  the birth of Jesus Christ is our eternal witness.

  The Seed

  The seed broke through the earth,

  the green blades rising like a new birth.

  Upward reaching for the sky,

  a small bud opened to reveal its eye.

  It opened wide and revealed a beautiful sight,

  each petal colorful unfolding its might.

  Each day it grew in beauty and strength,

  until it was full and complete it its length.

  A new believer we can call a seed,

  from Gods word he listens and takes h

  Each day new scriptures unfold from the Bible,

  then the believer learns he is no longer liable.

  This promise fills the believer with praise,

  for from death did Jesus raise.

  Now you see like a seed in new birth,

  a believer grows and strengthens his girth.

  for from death did Jesus raise.

  Now you see like a seed in new birth,


  a believer grows and strengthens his girth

  The Wind Blows

  The wind blows,

  where it goes no one knows.

  We work-we love-we play,

  we live our life each day.

  But we feel there is more,

  can we know what is

  Then something inside touches our heart,

  something says this life is but a start.

  The creation around us screams there is a next life,

  will it be good will it be absent strife?

  I found the answer in Gods holy writing

  he has prepared a place for us and it is exciting!

  So as the wind blows let the spirit seal,

  and be lifted up and let your hope b

  He put on flesh and he came to Earth,

  through his resurrection he gave us new birth.000

  Romans 10: 9-- If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved

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