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Vampire Cop (The Vampire Legacy, Book One)

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  The Society Hill airport was once a small airport for private planes in a remote area. It was just renovated to accommodate military aircraft. Meaning the runway was extending longer and cutting off one of only three entryways used by the four maybe five homes that are located here. Other than the airport and the few homes here, most of the area is either woods or farm land. There is very little traffic here.

  While leaving the airport, Beth noticed the police cars pulling into the parking lot. “Shit. I’m going to have to move fast.” Beth says to herself as she sped off to the home of an ex-convict her father gave her the address and phone number for during their last phone conversation.

  Beth drove for about ten miles before she found the hidden driveway leading to a secluded wooden area with a small single wide mobile home. In front of the mobile home sat a rundown 1988 Ford Ranger. An old hound dog sat on the front porch and began to bark as Beth opened the door to the black 2012 Chevy Malibu she had rented a few days ago and left at the airport to wait for her.

  As she walked around the car, a rough looking man wearing nothing but a pair of jeans and a chest full of tattoos, walked out of the home. A lump formed in her throat as fear began to fill her. Facing Shawn would be easier than facing this guy. At least she knew who and WHAT Shawn was. All she knew about this guy was that he just got out of prison for a number of charges. One of which was why she was here and the other was for beating the shit out of his girlfriend. Bret Thomas was not a man to cross if you were a woman. And that is just what she is. How she wished her brother hadn’t gotten himself killed and he could be the one to do this.

  “Hello Bret. How are you?” She asked as she stopped at the foot of the stairs leading to the porch.

  “Do you have the money?” He didn’t look like he was in the mood for formalities.

  “Yes. Do you have my request finished? I’m sure my father would be unhappy if you were to rip me off.” She was acting tougher than she felt but she knew from working with the Sheriff’s department for so long that showing fear was a big mistake.

  “Here it is.” He tossed the envelope onto the porch right in front of her.

  After picking it up she opened it to examine the contents. She found a South Carolina driver’s license that now named her as Teresa McCormick. There was also a birth certificate and passport that matched.

  Feeling sure these documents would pass as real, she pulled the envelope with the $ 10,000 he charged for these types of documents and handed it to Bret.

  Without hesitation, she said thank you, got back in her car and left. Her next stop was going to be a little harder to get to. With the cops showing up at the airport she knew Shawn had found out she had left Laurinburg and had flown here. This also meant road blocks. She was going to have to go around her ass to get to her nose when it was a straight shot to Bennettsville from here. It was time to make a visit to her dad. She was hoping the papers she had just gotten would work.

  Beth chose to drive through Darlington and take the long way from there to get to the prison. When he had told them last year to find a way to use the fact Shawn was a vampire and frame him by committing murders and making it look like a vampire attack, he hadn’t taken the risk she and her brother were taking into consideration. Or he just didn’t care about them. She had known that if… no, when he found out they were the ones setting him up, she would not only lose her job but go to prison herself, along with her brother. None of them had thought about the risk of one of them dying. She wasn’t sure if she should tell her father about her brother being dead yet. He may put a stop to the plan. With everything that had happened with her brother and Shawn knowing she was involved, she figured if she was going to prison then she might as well try to finish the job. She was already facing life in prison for murder. What was more charges added on going to hurt? Besides, she now had her brother’s death to avenge.

  After driving for an hour she decided to pull over and put on her wig, colored contacts and glasses so she would become the blue eyed, red haired woman her new identity said she was. She also added a pillow under her dress to make her look seven months pregnant. That was something she decided on. No ID could be used to prove or dis-prove that. No one would be looking for a pregnant woman when in reality she couldn’t have kids. The department knew this bit of information. Plus, the ID said she was seven years younger than she really was. With the makeup she added and her skin complexion she could pass as being in her twenties.

  Thirty minutes later, Beth pulled up to the guard house of the Bennettsville Prison parking lot. Beth smiled to herself as she drove through the gate, having passed the first guard with her new ID. She chose a parking place that was close enough to the doors she could get back to her car quickly but not too close to be seen by anyone inside.

  With butterflies in her stomach, Beth walked through the doors to the guard at the desk. “I’m here to visit Charles Henderson.” She said as she handed over her new ID and signed the log book.

  The guard checked the log book to verify that the names matched and to find that Teresa McCormick is the niece of Charles Henderson.

  “Have a seat in the waiting area Ms. McCormick. Someone will come get you when he’s ready.” The guard commented as he picked up the phone.

  The longer she waited the more nervous Beth became. She started to wonder if Shawn had anticipated her visit and had warned the prison. She was just about to get up to leave when a mean looking guard opened the locked door and called her back.

  Beth was led down a caged hallway that was lite up as bright as day. They entered a room that had around twelve tables and twice as many guards. She followed the guard to a table on the far side of the room. Five minutes later she was sitting across the table from a man who looked very confused.

  Leaning over the table in a gruff voice Charles whispers the question she knew was coming. “Who are you? I don’t have a niece.”

  “It’s me Dad. Deputy Anderson found out it was us trying to frame him and is now looking for me. He knows I flew down to Society Hill so I had to use the fake IDs before our plan required me too.”

  “Well when the hell did you get knocked up?”

  “You know I can’t have kids. So does everyone at the department. Right now only my height is the same as the person they are looking for. This was the only way I could come see you.”

  “Well shit. I guess we’re going to have to get you another ID for when you leave after the job is done. How’s the plan going anyway?”

  “Like I said, he found out we are behind the murders and we know he’s a vampire. He’s told Sheriff Anderson the truth and the Sheriff sided with him. Now the entire department, the police department and highway patrol are on the case. Plan B is in motion. I have a bullet with his name on it. I’m going to kidnap his niece, Samantha and use her to bring him to me. By the way, how did you find out about Shawn being a vampire?”

  Charles leaned back in his seat and chuckled. “After I was told he survived the attack, I hired someone to find out why. He snooped around those buddies of Deputy Anderson’s and overheard them talking about it. It was sickening. He said they never once said anything bad about the blood fiend. They have stayed true to him from the start. Gag. After he told me about it I started to work up my plan for payback. Only I couldn’t do it. I had to get you and your brother to do it for me since I’m in here. Where is Will anyway? Why didn’t he come? This will be our last time to see each other and he didn’t come.”

  “He’s taking care of some other business right now. He wants you to know he loves you and the job will be finished as planned.” She couldn’t look him in the eyes while lying to him. If she had, he would have known the truth. She never could lie to him.

  Charles leaned forward in his chair again. “What are you not telling me?”

  Beth cringed as she realized he wasn’t fooled by her story. “It’s not something that will harm the plan. Shawn will die for what he’s done. On
ce he is dead, I’ll leave the country. I only need to use the new ID while I’m here. I don’t think I’ll need a new one. Besides, Bret kind of scares me.”

  “Only you will leave the country? So Will isn’t helping you. I knew he was useless.” Charles was looking mad now. She had to get him to calm down before the guards noticed.

  “Don’t talk about him like that. He died trying to follow your plan. When you ordered us to do this, you never once considered what could happen to us. I had a great job I loved, working with great people. You cost me that. I lost my brother because you had to go and beat Mom to the point she was almost dead.” She was getting beyond angry and knew she had to get out of there.

  “Leave the country now. Make yourself another life in whatever country you choose.” He leaned back in his chair and stared at her. The look he gave her was like he was shooting daggers from his eyes.

  “I will avenge my brother’s death and nothing more. If you want revenge then you need to find someone else to do it and hope they get to Shawn before I do.” Beth got up from the table and walked away without another word.

  As soon as she walked out of the prison doors, she ran to her car. When she drove past the guard at the gate she noticed she was getting a strange look from him. Her next stop would be to the parking lot of a mall to drop off the car she has now, to retrieve another. By now, Shawn must know what she was driving.

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